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Monday, January 25, 2016

This Week for Dinner #22: Gabrielle Blair

This Week for Dinner Podcast #22: Author and Lifestyle-Parenting Blogger Gabrielle Blair

Today on the podcast I am talking with Gabrielle Blair, a.k.a. Design Mom. Gabrielle started her blog Design Mom nearly 10 years ago to write about the intersection of parenting and design. She has since written a New York Times Bestselling book and co-founded Alt Summit, a bi-annual conference for lifestyle bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. Gabrielle’s blog has garnered all kinds of accolades over the years and is a great resource parents and, really, anyone! I’ve known Gabrielle for 9 years, ever since I started my own blog, and she’s always been a supportive friend in the blogging world. In our little chat we discuss the birth of Alt Summit, Gabby’s obsession with national parks, and her award-winning recipe, plus she has a really great kitchen tip for parents. Be sure to listen!

Quick note: In the episode, we talk about how people should sign up for the next Alt Summit. Welllll…I forgot we mentioned that and the summit happened LAST WEEK and I obviously did not time the publication of this show properly. So, my apologies. You missed it. Alt Summit is over. BUT…Alt has great things in the works, so you haven’t missed out completely. Promise!


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