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Monday, February 1, 2016

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Ann Miura-Ko Talks Life, Work and Food (Ep. 24)

This Week for Dinner Podcast Episode #24: Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Ann Miura-Ko

It’s Monday, which means it’s interview day on the podcast! Today I talk with Ann Miura-Ko. Ann is co-founder of Floodgate, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley that backs digital companies before traditional VCs are ready to invest. Essentially they’re really good at figuring out what the next big thing is. Ann has been called “the most powerful woman in startups” by Forbes and is a lecturer in entrepreneurship at Stanford. You can read more about Ann here and follower her on Twitter here.

I asked Ann to be on the show because I knew she would be fascinating to talk to, funny and have great things to share related to food. Ann delivers on all counts and I love this episode. Enjoy!


  • Ad Hoc at Home by Thomas Keller (recipes Ann loves from the book: prime rib, buttermilk fried chicken, savory bread pudding)
  • A Hero in the Family (the real reason I wanted to be an astrophysicist as a child)
  • Ann’s kitchen tip originated from Michael Mina (you’ll have to listen to the show to get the tip!)
  • And…pictures of Ann with sumo wrestlers making mochi. She wins.

This Week for Dinner Podcast #24: Ann Miura-Ko makes mochi with sumo wrestlers in Japan

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