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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time for a Kitchen Counter Makeover!

I know I always brag about how awesome my mother-in-law Pat is and you’re probably sick of hearing it, but she really truly is amazing. I seriously would have no problem living with her. That’s saying something, right?

Wilsonart HD was one of our SocialLuxe Lounge sponsors last year. They were great to work with and it was fun learning about their product. Because I was a VIP (in other words, I worked my tail off throwing that shindig), I had the chance to get some new kitchen countertops. Happily I was able to give the counters as a gift to Pat. Because she needs them. Because these were the counters she had forever:

before wilsonart hd counter makeover |

before wilsonart hd counter makeover |

before wilsonart hd counter makeover |

before wilsonart hd counter makeover |

She even had the edges of the counter taped down in one spot. Pat is in the kitchen a lot, so she deserves to have nice, high-tech counters to work on!

The counters were just installed, but we’re not quite ready to share the ‘after’ pictures. Once the backsplash is done we’ll have the big reveal, along with the reasons Wilsonart HD is a great option when you’re on a budget. Stay tuned!


  1. 1

    so nice of you Jane! I can’t wait to see the after photos!

  2. 2

    What a nice D-I-L you are. I’m still jealous about the dishwasher, now counters…I need to start a blog and get famous so I can get some loot! That was very sweet of you to donate them to your M-:-P. Congrats.

  3. 3
    Kim from PA

    I am looking forward to seeing the “after” pics!

    How long did the installation take?….and how long was the wait from ordering to installation?

    This looks like a great option for our kitchen too!

    • patinnh

      Hi Kim – This installation took one day! They did some prep work before arriving, so things went quickly despite the many quirks of our kitchen which was put together with bits and pieces by the builder (who was a contractor) using up spare parts from other jobs! The wait for us was longer than normal due to vacations, etc. I will ask- and let you know- about the average time between ordering and delivery. We are very happy with our update!

  4. 4

    It turns out that the average wait is 2 weeks from ordering, measuring to installation. They may fabricate some pieces at the factory, which speeds the install considerably. Typically installation is
    1-2 days.

    • Kim from PA

      Thank you! This is a very viable option for our very old kitchen which is in great shape, but the counters and backsplash could use a “pick-me-up”.

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