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Thursday, January 15, 2015

It’s About Time We All Got a Baker’s Blade

If you bake at all (cookies, bread, whatever), then today’s post is for you.

why you need a baker's blade from @janemaynard

Last month I bought my very first baker’s blade. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t owen one until now. I think I just never thought about it until I was smack dab in the middle of making a recipe and couldn’t just pop off to the store to go shopping. Anyway, I went to Michaels (my least favorite store in the history of the world) about 3,148 times this past December. About the only good that came out of that torture was that I happened to grab a Wilton baker’s blade on one of those trips.

why you need a baker's blade from @janemaynard

I love my new baker’s blade! Seriously, it’s awesome. It comes in super handy when making bread and cookies and other stuff, too. For example, it even came in handy when I was forming marzipan veggies for Anna’s birthday cake. The baker’s blade is perfect for scraping your floured surface clean, cutting dough up, moving stuff around, whatever. The baking world is your oyster if you’ve got a baker’s blade at the ready.

So, if you’re like me and haven’t ever happened to buy one, hop to it! Amazon sells the one I bought and love, which means you can buy it NOW and don’t have to torture yourself with a visit to Michaels. You’re welcome.


  1. Haha, what’s wrong with Michaels? I worked at JoAnns during high school, so I also dislike Michaels (JoAnns has so much more!).

    I have a baker’s blade (I didn’t realize that is the technical name for it). We used it all the time when I worked at the dining hall in college (but mostly for cleanup). The only use I really have for mine is cutting pizza dough in half. I should make more breads to get more use out of the thing!

    • oh, michaels, how I hate the…let me count the ways…every michaels I’ve ever been to never has enough parking. then, once you get inside, it is impossible to find anything! and there is ALWAYS a line, no matter what time of year or day I go! it’s kind of miraculous, really. 😉 practically every time I go I end up calling my friend marie from the blog make and takes and tell her how I don’t know how she has a craft blog, which would certainly necessitate many trips to this place!!! 😉 I know, I”m a little bananas. 😉

      clean up is another great use – I’m going to pull it out for that, too! and, yes, you should definitely bake more bread just because, fresh bread! 😉

  2. 2

    I want one of these every single time I make biscuits. Still haven’t bought one for some reason.

  3. 3

    Mine gets pulled out of the drawer several times a week. I also love a bench scraper (aka baker’s blade) when I have a lot of chopping / dicing / mincing to do. It can really save a knife blade to use the bench scraper to push around whatever herbs or veg or tartare is getting chopped, and it often helps transfer food into the pan, too. Add that to all the ways it’s helpful for actual baking (and pizza making) and it’s hard to imagine not having one.

    • so glad you commented…it really is SO awesome and wondering how I’ve lived without it all this time! very cool using it when chopping stuff, to save the blade…love it! thank you!

  4. 4

    Why the hell would you go to a store you absolutely despise 3,148 times?

  5. 5
    Donald Raymer

    I found one in my drawer an was wondering just what is this thing, Now I know. I got all kinds of uses for it from chopping salad stuff veggies to making biscuits an fresh pizza dough. Thanks everyone your comments were very informative. Cant wait to start chopping. and scraping on my cutting board. It’s kitchen time booyah ️

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