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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Market, To Market!

Summer is upon us…which means the farmers’ markets are in full swing all across the country!  Living in California means there is an abundance of farmers’ markets, many of which run throughout the year. Sadly, I rarely take advantage of these fun, tasty, and oftentimes economical local treasures.

Here in lovely Menlo Park we have a year-round farmers’ market that Nate says is great (I trust him!). We’ve also been to the Palo Alto Farmers’ Market (seasonal), which is also great fun and has live music. Cate could not tear herself away from the blue grass band playing when we went. It was adorable. She showed her appreciation afterwards with a toss into the violin case. 

I love getting fresh flowers at farmers’ markets, but there is so much more to be found. What are your favorite farmers’ market finds?

Feel free to share your favorite farmers’ markets, as well! Please list your city and state so it’s easy for people to figure out which markets are close to home, wherever home may be!


  1. 1

    I’m in Portland, Oregon so there’s no shortage of farmer’s markets, with everything from soup to nuts – literally. My two favorite things to buy at the PSU Saturday market are fresh crab (Linda Brand) and artichoke tamales (Salvator Molly’s). It is also where we pick up our CSA from Sun Gold Farms. Additionally, we frequent the Sunday markets in Vancouver (great crafts and playground) and Milwaukie (awesome omelet stand and cheap knife sharpening dudes), and the year-round market in the Hillsdale neighborhood is, though limited, very nice. Oh yes, and the Westmoreland market on Wednesdays is awesome (and in walking distance), but has very short hours. I’m off to there this afternoon for more berries. There are about a dozen more markets in the area, operating all week long (just Google “Portland Farmers Markets” for a list.) Get out there and buy local!!

  2. 2

    I live in atlanta and my favorite market finds are the different types of herbs they have. Dozens of different types of basil, most I never knew existed! It’s so much fun to look through and try new things.

  3. 3

    On Cafe Johnsonia blog, there is a great recipe for rhubarb/strawberry ice cream…but even better is the lemon curd ice cream. Just sayin’

  4. 4

    I am in Texas. I love to get watermellon and cantalope at the farmers market in Prichett. Always so sweet and they will help you pick a good one.

  5. 5
    Jessica Hansen

    Cuyler took Abby to the Provo Farmer’s Market last Saturday. She, like Cate, loved the music. I have yet to go this season, but I have hopes of snagging a deal on a tie-dyed shirt for colby this year. Tie-dyes are always so inviting- freesprited, cheerful, & camoflauges otter-pop stains perfectly. I think it fits his personality better than Abby’s. So he will be the only kid to get one. 🙂 So I know that is not about food- but we get fabulous bread and fruit at our market.

  6. 6

    I’m in Seattle and our favorites right now are the fresh ripe strawberries and pretty sweet peas. The entire market smelled like strawberries and flowers on Sunday!

  7. 7

    Here in Cleveland,OH, we have the West Side Market, right across the street from the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Its open all year and supplies a little bit of everything from fresh fruit and veggies to all different types of fresh meat. I personally like the smoked beef sticks that can be bought by the half pound. When I was going to Ohio University in Athens, OH, There was a small but good Saturday morning farmers market where we would buy homemade tortilla chips and salsa. Mmmmmm…

  8. 8
    Jane Maynard

    fresh herbs! great idea to look for at the market!

    have to check out those cafe johnsonia recipes…I’m sure they are divine.

    I think I need to take a road trip and visit all of your farmers markets!

  9. 9

    Try the Los Altos farmers market on THursday evenings…so good! Haven’t found anything great or that compares to the Bay area ones here in SD. So sad.

  10. 10
    Nikki CB

    Yay for Farmers Markets! We have one a block away on Sat and Sun here in DC. It’s nothing compared to the San Francisco Ferry Bldg market, but we’ll take what we can get until we return in September to the land of real farmers markets.

  11. 11

    La Jolla, CA (San Diego, CA) – The La Jolla Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings from 9am-1pm at the La Jolla Elementary School on Girard Ave (Just south of Pearl Street). They have a great selection of fruits and veggies, but also a great prepared foods area and tons of arts and crafts as well. The fresh flowers are also amazing, a great treat each week.

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