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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One More Travel Post…Warwick, New York

My parents recently moved to northern New Jersey, very close to the New York border. It is absolutely beautiful where they live, complete with rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. This is the third summer that we’ve visited them at their new home but the first summer that we made two really great discoveries – Dairy Swirl in Vernon, New Jersey and the little town of Warwick, New York.

absolutely wonderful ice cream shop dairy swirl in vernon, nj by @janemaynard

First, let’s talk ice cream. Dairy Swirl is literally five minutes from my parents’ home but, for some reason, we never went until this year. And that is a crime because it is awesome. They serve homemade ice cream in all kinds of wonderful flavors that are creative but make total sense. You know, nothing crazy, just all completely wonderful combinations of ingredients. And just outside the shop there are these giant rocks embedded in the side of the hill that are perfect for sliding. The kids could have stayed there all day. If you’re ever in northern New Jersey near Vernon, be sure to stop in!

a visit to warwick, ny by @janemaynard

After you hit the Dairy Swirl, keep driving north about 30 minutes to the town of Warwick, NY. Again, I don’t know why we never ventured to Warwick before but I’m so glad that we did! The town is adorable, with lots of little shops and restaurants, a cute town green where they play live music on the weekends, farmstands and more. I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the fall when the leaves are aflame!

a visit to corbett's cookie bar kitchen in warwick, ny by @janemaynard

My dad and I spent a few hours in Warwick with all three kids, so we kept the visit simple: lunch, dessert and a visit to the local bookstore. After lunch at Eddie’s Roadhouse (the filet sliders were awesome, the ribeye steak was just okay according to my dad), we hopped over to Corbett’s Cookie Bar Kitchen, where we had a really fun chat with the owners. They’ve been open about a year and only serve cookie bars. I love talking to small business owners who are so passionate about what they do – I really admire them because I am too chicken to do anything like that! The carmelita was our favorite flavor – it was like taking a big bite out of the best cookie dough. And the Mexican brownie was my other favorite. One bar is enough for 2-3 people, by the way, so pace yourself!

a visit to ye olde warwick book shoppe in warwick, ny by @janemaynard

After stuffing ourselves silly, we took the kids to Ye Olde Warwick Book Shoppe. This bookstore is tiny and like a maze of book shelves, which I love. The kids’ section is tucked in a back corner and the kids and I spent a lot of time back there. Basically, we loved it.

Quick side note: another 10 minutes north there is an even smaller town called Sugar Loaf that also has some really cute shops, where you can buy things like handmade candles and soaps.

So, this fall when you east coasters are wondering where you should take a drive to enjoy the leaves, head over to the Warwick Valley. You can’t go wrong! (For that matter it was perfectly fun in the summer, too!)


  1. 1
    Kris Sather

    I grew up in West Milford NJ which is not far from these areas. I now live close to Seattle so it was a treat to open your post. I agree–beautiful areas. I miss Jersey autumns. Plus I remember as a kid driving thru there and stopping to get tomatoes and corn at farm stands. Thanks for bringing back great memories. 😉

  2. 2
    Rachel U

    What a fun trip!!! I want to visit all these places!

  3. I have not been further north than Manhattan in New York, but I’ve always wanted to! With this much dairy goodness, I have to add it to the list soon! 🙂

  4. 4

    I have a recipe for Carmelitas if you ever need a fixin’. 😉

    Looks like a great part of the country!

  5. 5

    Hi Jane,

    My name is Cheryl Corbett and I am the owner of Corbett’s Cookie Bar Kitchen. A customer came to my store because of your blog. It was the first time I have seen it. I want to apologize for not seeing it sooner. Thank You so very much for promoting small business. It is people like you that give entrepreneurs the momentum they need and the lift for up and coming entrepreneurs. I hope you are dropping by again real soon and please give me a heads up so I do not miss you. It is people like you who make the world spin a little smoother. And as for you being too chicken, remember you have the strength, courage & soul more than you realize. Do not underestimate your magic.

    Love, Cheryl Corbett

    • Hi Cheryl!

      So nice to hear from you and no apologies necessary! Love that someone came in because of the post. You are so welcome for sharing!

      Much love!!!

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