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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 101 Menu

I’m back!  What a perfectly lovely week it’s been.  Now it’s back to the grindstone…but no biggie. I’ll be able to eat homemade frozen yogurt and ice cream while I grind away, thanks to my new Cuisinart ice cream maker. I’m so excited, people, I can’t even stand it!

Before I forget…I made these White Chocolate Strawberry cookies (pictured) for Cate’s birthday party last week and they were a hit. You can find the recipe here.

Time for a REAL menu with some healthy{er} food!  Gotta love the holidays…

Oriental Chicken Salad

– Chicken paninis (toppings TBD)

– Happy New Year!
– Oh my, another holiday on which to indulge. I’m gonna get together a bunch of snacky food – artichoke dip, chicken tenders, some sort of salad, etc…I’ll share the real plan later this week.

– Leftovers

– I’m going to try a recipe from my Sunset magazine, which I just started reading and LOVE, by the way…still need to choose the recipe!

– Eat out

Kitchen Sink Quesadillas
Guacamole & chips

Can’t wait to see what you are cooking up this week!  Share your menus!


  1. 1
    anne marie

    love your 24th post:) very cute.

    Monday: tilapia (tj’s FINALLY had it stocked so i loaded up) w/honey lime glaze, broccolli,rice

    Tuesday: My twins turn 3! I’ll serve easy chili/bread for family b-day party. I’m going to attempt to create my first racetrack b-day cake. taking your towel wrap idea. thanks!

    Wednesday: New Year’s Eve! I’m still searching for something. like the app’s idea;)

    Thursday: I want a cool dinner to start the new year right:) Don’t want to do crab… Will look at other’s ideas:)

    Friday: Turkey Pasta Bake/salad

    Saturday: Leftovers

    Prospero Ano Felicidad!

  2. Monday: Chicken and Garlic Potatoes and Peas
    Tuesday: Veggie Black Bean Soup and Cheese Crisps
    Wednesday: Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic and Green Beans
    Thursday: Lasagne and Spinach Salad
    Friday: Super Nacho with Guacamole and Pico de Gallo
    Saturday: Left Overs
    Sunday: Left Overs

  3. I love your site! It’s inspiring.

  4. 4

    Trying to get my act together after the holiday craziness so planning dinner for the week seems like a good place to start!

    Monday-Pizza and salad
    Tuesday-Turkey florentine meatballs and pasta
    Thursday-Chicken tikka masala, sesame green beans, naan
    Friday-Chicken corn chowder with sweet potatoes, yummy bread and salad
    Saturday-Enchiladas, spanish rice

  5. 5

    This weekend we drove down to the Milk Pail in Palo Alto and bought a ridiculous amount of fresh fruits and veggies for CHEAP! Have you been there? It’s on San Antonio. So my week’s menu is all about the produce…which, by the way, is in keeping with some New Year’s resolutions around here. 🙂

    Mon: Parmesan chicken with marinara and balsamic vinaigrette salad
    Tues: Black bean soup with pomegranate fruit salad
    Wed: sesame chicken and bell peppers and onions on brown rice
    Thurs: Asian spinach salad (how I love this recipe–thank you!)
    Fri: pepperoni pizza loaded with veggies

  6. Maybe we’ll have something other than cheese and crackers this week. If only I can get the motivation to go to the store. . .

    M: something frozen from trader joe’s

    T: crockpot italian chicken

    W: pork red curry or eat out

    TH: leftovers

    F: pizza

    S: eat out or curry

  7. 7

    I love Sunset magazine too, even though I no longer live in the west. In case you didn’t know, their recipes are at, along with recipes from Cooking Light, Real Simple, and some others. A great resource for new recipes. Love your blog!

  8. 8

    Look at me delurking. Love your site!

    We have a Cuisnart ice cream maker and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to freeze juice. Sounds simple, but it is oh so good and easy. All I do is add chilled juice. We have frozen just about every type with great results. My favorite is the Welch’s White Grape Raspberry juice (from frozen concentrate).

  9. 9

    I’ve been reading it for several weeks and feel in love with the idea to plan a menu each week. I tried it for the first time and here is what I came up with.

    Monday: grilled hot dogs with baked potatoes

    Tuesday: homemade pizza

    Wednesday: Happy New Year! Trying a new recipe for Soy Ginger Slow Cooked Chicken. Wish me luck!

    Thursday: my husband will be in front of the TV most of the day to watch football, so appetizers (meatballs, spinach dip, veggies & dip) for dinner

    Friday: leftovers

    Saturday: chicken quesadillas

    Sunday: spaghetti with side salad & garlic bread

    Looking forward on sharing more menus & recipes with you. Thanks!

  10. 10
    Jane Maynard

    awwww…thanks for all the nice words everyone! I’m happy we have some new menu-makers…I love it when people “convert” to menu planning. 🙂

    Heather – how long do you run the juice in the ice cream maker? same as ice cream (like 25 minutes or so)? can’t wait to try it!

    erica – thanks for sharing – I’m am totally going to the milk pail – someplace in silicon valley that’s cheap? who would’ve thunk?

    valarie – glad to know about – cool!

    thanks everyone for your comments!!! keep ’em coming!

  11. 11

    The strawberry cookies u made…were they crispy? I read some.coments on the recioe og that it was like not crispy

    • Jane Maynard

      it’s been a while, but as I recall they were NOT crispy – just had regular cookie texture, maybe even on the softer side. and hopefully my memory is serving me well right now! 🙂

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