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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week 108 Menu

I went to Utah last week for a QUICK trip. The brevity of the trip didn’t stop me from eating more Provo Bakery donuts than any person should eat in a year. Or ever. Come to think of it, my trips to Utah always involve me eating oodles of delicious (and usually not so nutritious) food. I love it!

Orange Chicken
– Rice
– Veggie

– Margherita Pizza


– Leftovers

– Tacos

– Eat out

– In-laws in town!
Green Noodles
– Salad

The last few weeks have been GREAT in the way of menus…I love how many people are planning and posting!  Keep it coming…please share your menu for the week!


  1. It’s always about food when I travel! I was in Oregon two weeks ago and went to Sonic six times! And, bought back Hawaiian bread and See’s candy.

  2. 2

    Sunday – Chicken Spaghetti
    Monday – Baked Ziti
    Tuesday – Bistro Chicken
    Wednesday – Beef Taco Skillet
    Thursday – Chicken & Stuffing
    Friday – Stir-Fry Beef & Asparagus
    Saturday – Swedish Meatballs

  3. Monday: Gyros and Salads
    Tuesday: Sesame Noodles with Chicken
    Wednesday: Spaghetti and Salads
    Thursday: Chicken Tikka Masala
    Friday: Pasta and Ground Lamb Casserole
    Saturday: Greek Chicken with Cheese
    Sunday: Left Overs

  4. 4

    Mon: spinach lasagna and salad
    Tues: meatloaf, oven fries, green beans
    Wed: mommy’s night out (daddy and kids get leftovers)
    Thurs: crock pot chicken curry over rice
    Fri: pizza and salad
    weekend: gone to Tahoe!

  5. 5

    M: Bean Burritos
    T: Polish sausage supper (carrots, potato, sausage & cabbage layered & steamed in a dutch oven – super cheap & easy yet delicious!)
    W: Cuban Black Bean Stew – Everyday Food
    Th: Leftovers or pasta
    F: Pizza

  6. 6

    M: Chicken paninis with chips and pickle
    T: Caesar salad with shrimp
    W: Chicken fetuccine alfredo
    T: Grilled hammies with provolone and loaded baked potatoes
    F: Hamburger casserole with side salad

  7. I am glad you had fun in Utah! We do have great food here:)

    M: Veggie Paninis
    T: Tortellini Veggie Soup
    W: French Bread Pizza
    Th: Breakfast for dinner:)
    F: Maybe go out for Sushi!

  8. 8
    Jen Schulte

    I could just bite that picture of the doughnuts – they must be great!

    Here is our plan:
    Monday – inlaws bringing homemade Chicken Parm (yum!)
    Tues – leftovers (also have homemade Mac & Cheese from Sat)
    Weds – Pot Roast in crockpot with potatoes & carrots
    Thurs – balsamic pork chops, rice, spinach
    Friday – either pizza or leftovers
    Saturday – I’m considering corned beef & cabbage
    Sunday – leftovers!

  9. 9

    Jane, those donuts look AMAZING!!! I’m sure you enjoyed the trip out to Utah! Anyway, here’s my first menu..thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

    Monday-Pork chop skillet, string beans, rice
    Tues-Thai Coconut chicken, brown rice, salad
    Wed-Chili-Beef Tacos & yellow rice
    Thurs-Roasted pork tenderloin, salad, steamed veggies
    Friday-away for weekend!
    Saturday-away for weekend!
    Sunday-Sausage & Tomato Rigatoni with fresh bread

  10. Provo also has more fro yo/ice cream shops than almost any other town i’ve visited. it’s crazy!

    m: chicken enchiladas/salad
    t: chicken enchiladas leftover (I’m at book club)
    w: crusted shrimp salad/bread
    th: veggie rice stir-fry
    f: *cilantro chicken with peanuts/broccoli
    sa: pulled turkey tenderloin style sloppy joes
    su: pulled turkey leftovers (I’m at oscar party!)

  11. 11

    M: Chicken Cordon Bleau; garlic mashed; corn
    T: Chili; cornbread
    W: Brown sugar crusted Pork Tenderloin; mashed sweet potatoes; spinach
    Th:Stuffed Shells (meat/eggplant); salad; garlic bread
    F: Appetizer night
    S: Out
    Su:Roast Chicken w/gravy; stuffing; vegetable

  12. 12

    This week is a LOT of repeat from last week, but I am off to Africa in a few days, so I figure why not make life easy! Here’s our menu:
    Monday~ Puffed pancakes w/mixed berries, Scrambled eggs
    Tuesday~ Turkey Paninis and Soup
    Wednesday~ dinner with friends
    Thursday~ Chicken and Black Bean Burritos with salad
    Friday~ Date Night out
    Saturday~ Off to Botswana for 16 Days!!! No more menus for awhile!!
    Thanks to everyone for the great ideas every week :o)

  13. 13

    I just started a new thing with my family. I’m getting tired of planning meals only to have my eight year old daughter and five year old son tell me they’ll have nothing to do with them. So I told them they have to start choosing one meal a week. Son’s night is Tuesday, daughter’s is Thursday. It’s nice not to have to decide on those nights! I still have to cook though… someday that will change!

    Monday: Shredded beef enchiladas (leftover from yesterday’s roast)

    Tuesday: Spaghetti with yummy crusty bread from Paradise and a salad

    Wednesday: Salmon, (from Costco, no less! LOL), asparagus, brown rice pilaf

    Thursday: Mexican Mix-up (basically taco “stuff” layered over broken up tortilla chips)

    Friday: Creamy veggie and ham soup in bread bowls.

    Saturday: date night – kids get pizza!

    Sunday: Roasted chicken and veggies with herb-roasted potatoes. Homemade wheat rolls.

  14. 14

    Katie, I love that idea. I think I’m going to start that with my kids. My almost 6 year old son eats almost anything, but my 3 year old refused to eat more that a bite of dinner 5 nights of the week.

    I haven’t been shopping for a while so here’s what’s coming out of my freezer and panrty.

    M: Turkey noodle soup
    T: Either Fajitas or Leftoever Pasta with Marinara from Sunday, depending on how long Kindergarten homework takes
    W: Either the Fajitas or Pasta (see Tuesday)
    Th: Breakfast night — German pancakes with warm strawberry sauce
    F: Hawaiian Pork with glazed sweet potatoes
    S: Leftovers
    S: DH is cooking!!!

  15. 15
    samantha from maine

    Yesterday – Chicken Parm with Orzo with Asparagus and tossed salad
    Tuesday – Dogs and Beans for the hubby…
    Wednesday – Shake and Bake Pork Chops, green beans, stove top stuffing (creative week so far!)
    Thursday – Out for dinner
    Friday – Pizza!

  16. 16

    next time in Utah – check out Pizzeria 712 – Awesome all around but yesterday I had the chocolate cheesecake and it was to die for. Moussey in a way with a little tender crust, choco. nibs and a warm chocolate sauce over it. I am drooling again. It’s in Orem about 320 S. State St.

    Going to try a butternut squash gratin this week and something Thai. I bought some lemon grass and want to make SOMETHING with it…don’t know what yet.

  17. M-15 bean soup
    T-Homemade Pizza
    W-Breakfast for Dinner
    R-Leftovers / I am going to a pot luck and am taking Taco soup w/ Chips
    F-Spaghetti w homemade sauce

  18. 18

    M- pizza party with kids friends
    T- maple balsamic chicken and parmesan carrot risotto
    W- chicken paprikash
    T- pulled pork and homemade rolls
    F- baked ravioli
    S- grilled chicken wraps

    Have a nice rest of the week!

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