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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 117 Menu

I was {finally} going through pictures from my dear friend Karen’s baby shower last November (yes, I’ve held on to them a little long).   I forgot how beautiful the cheese was at that party.  Seriously, look at that cheese!

On to the menu for the week!

– Pork chops (we didn’t eat them last week)
– Rice
– Salad

Chicken Salad sandwiches
– Fresh fruit
– Chips

– Tacos

– Leftovers


– Eat out

– Meatball Subs
– Salad

Alright, people.  The holidays are over…get back to planning and let’s see your menus!  Remember, we accept all kinds of menus here at TWFD.  It’s called equal opportunity menu planning. 😉


  1. 1

    Oh dear does that cheese look tasty! What a great idea for a baby or bridal shower.

    Monday: Ham, Blue Cheese and Apple Paninis

    Tuesday: Summer Squash Spaghetti

    Wednesday: Sloppy Joes

    Thursday: Leftover Sloppy Joes on Baked Potatoes

    Friday: Eat Out

    Saturday: Chicken and Rice (maybe a casserole)

    Sunday: Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas

  2. Monday~Grilled Tilapia with Grilled Sesame Asparagus
    Tuesday~Pork Steaks with Mushroom Rice
    Wednesday~Applesauce Meatballs with Amish Egg Noodles
    Thursday~Tacos with Guacamole
    Sunday~Hot Dogs, Mozzarella Garlic Chicken Sausages, Three Bean Salad, Chips, Cake & Ice Cream…my daughter’s 7th birthday party

  3. 3

    Monday: Baked Chicken
    Tuesday: Meatloaf
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Tortellini with Zucchini and Sauce
    Friday: Take out pizza
    Saturday: Coconut Chicken

  4. Monday: Tacos
    Tuesday: Chicken Kiev and Green Beans
    Wednesday: Beef and Tofu Lo Mein
    Thursday: Chicken Casserole and Corn on the Cob
    Friday: Macaroni and Cheese and Apples
    Saturday: Chicken Fried Rice
    Sunday: Left Overs

  5. 5

    Mon- chicken pot pie
    Tues- tacos
    Wed- date night
    Thurs- I am at work;probably waffles at home
    Fri- pizza
    Sat- steak, baked potatoes
    Sun- manicotti, crusty bread, salad

  6. 6

    Monday-Leftovers, we hosted an Artisan Bread in 5 pizza party, still have veggie pizza left! Yahoo!
    Tuesday-Soba noodle salad
    Wed-Spinach salads
    Thursday-Nothing-have to fast for a procedure, NOT fun!
    Friday-Hopefully eating out somewhere good, I will be starving!!!
    Saturday-Pasta of some sort!

  7. 7

    mon: roast chicken, mashed potatoes & salad
    tues: green chile chicken enchiladas, black beans
    wed: baked tortellini & salad
    thurs: grilled steak, baked potatoes & salad
    fri: nacho spuds
    sat: pork fried rice

  8. All the recipes can be found on my blog. You might like to check out my Free Menu Planner as well!

    Baking: Anzac Biscuits – ANZAC day is this Saturday!

    Monday: Pumpkin Soup

    Tuesday: Fried Rice

    Wednesday: Left Overs

    Thursday: Creamy Chicken and Tomato Stew

    Friday: Lamb Chops With Steamed Vegetables

    Saturday: Tacos

    Sunday: Chicken Schnitzel and Steamed Vegetables

    Have a great week.

  9. 9

    We are doing some grilling this week and I am sooo excited!

    M- Chicken salad, green salad and fruit
    T-out to eat for my daughter’s b-day
    W-grilled ribs, grilled zucchini, pasta salad
    TH- grilled chicken, leftover pasta salad, grilled corn on the cob
    F-hopefully grilling again with friends! Yay!

  10. 10

    Monday: Meatball subs and salad
    Tuesday: Whole Wheat pasta bake
    Wednesday: Smokey tacos, cheesy corn casserole, salad
    Thursday: Spaghetti with spinach and cherry tomatoes
    Friday: Baby shower–hopefully with lots of cheese!
    Saturday: Eat out

  11. 11

    Monday: Chick-fil-A for an adoption benefit for friends
    Tuesday: Tacos, veggie rice
    Wednesday: Peachy chicken, potato mash with onions, peas and corn
    Thursday: Sweet potato and roasted pepper soup, homemade bread, salad
    Friday: Braking out the grill! burgers, potatoes, veggies
    Saturday: Carrot Risoto
    Sunday: Chicken curry, brown rice

  12. So glad to get this written out, maybe I’ll feel more organized this week!

    Mon – We had Raviolli
    Tues – Grandma’s Enchilada Casserole
    Wed – Going away party for The Man’s cousin
    Thur – Pumpkin soup, salad & rolls(anyone know of a crescent roll recipe that doesn’t call for eggs?)
    Fri – Taco rice

    Weekends – whatever my honey cooks up.

  13. 13

    Everybody’s got great ideas this week – I’m making notes for my menu next week! Here’s my plan this week:

    Mon – meatloaf
    Tues – homemade sausage pizza
    Wed – chicken fajitas
    Thurs – Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Pork Loin (new recipe to try)
    Fri – breakfast for dinner
    Sat – crockpot pot roast
    Sun – pot roast sandwiches

  14. 14

    Monday: Salads
    Tuesday: Sloppy Joes
    Wednesday: Vegetable Lasagna (from the freezer)
    Thursday: Brats
    Friday: Homemade Pizza or Calzones (from the freezer)

    We have company this week, so I’m trying to keep it classic and simple. Recipes are linked on my blog.

  15. 15
    Jen Schulte

    This will be my last post for a couple of weeks, moving day is next Weds/Thursday so it will be scrounging for whatever (lots of pizza probably) for a while, until we are unpacked and I can function again!

    This week the theme of “eat everything from our freezer/fridge” continues.
    Monday: Pasta e Fagioli soup (from freezer), crusty rolls
    Tuesday: Sloppy joes, oven fries, green beans
    Wednesday: Stir fry chicken & noodles (also frozen)
    Thursday: Tomato soup & grilled cheeses
    Friday: Pasta & meatballs(freezer strikes again)
    Saturday: Eating out to celebrate our anniversary, I can’t wait!
    Sunday: Either hot dogs or burgers on grill

  16. 16

    Monday – Tilapia & sauteed zucchini & onion
    Tuesday – Hotdogs & Birthday Cake (my son’s 3rd birthday!)
    Wednesday – Turkey Sausage Lasagne w/Salad
    Thursday – Asparagus & Eggs on Toast (from Real Simple: looked so yummy!)
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – Chicken Tortilla Soup (I’ve been looking for a great recipe)
    Sunday – Paninis

  17. 17

    Monday- Leftover Southwest Pasta Bake with Salad and crusty bread
    Tuesday- Dinner out (in-laws are gone – let’s celebrate)
    Wednesday- Parmesan Tilapia with Mash pot and veggies
    Thursday – Chicken pot pie with salad
    Friday- Leftovers
    Saturday – B for D (hubby at work)
    Sunday – Spaghetti with Italian sausage, salad, & bread

  18. 18

    You take such beautiful pictures! Keep them coming:)

    M- beet and orange salad, miso chicken
    T- agretti, polenta lasagna
    W- broccoli and carrots w/ beans, brown rice
    T- veggie burger
    F- veggie tortilla soup (from the lunch suggestions, thanks!)
    S- spring vegetable risotto
    S- maple glazed pork tenderloin, salad, brown rice

  19. 19

    su – pork chops and applesauce, cauliflower with cheese sauce, asparagus, bread, grilled peppers, pumpkin choco chp bread
    m – zucchini and rice gratin
    t – beet and orange salad sounds good with miso chicken by Renee…I will check that out.
    w – salmon, more grilled peppers– can’t get enough
    th – eat out
    f – baked potato bar with ground turkey topping, broccoli and maybe some grilled bacon and fixins
    s – I want to try homemade corn tortillas and beans, if I have the energy, otherwise maybe grilled burgers or leftovers or a chef’s salad…so wishy-washy, I know.

  20. M – Picnic at the Park with PB & J or Deli Sandwiches, Cut carrot sticks, cupcakes, sliced apples
    T – Chicken and Dumplings with Strawberry Jello
    W – Baked Potato Bar, Canned Peaches
    Th- Mozzarella Meatball Subs, crunchy salad
    F – Gyoza, Sticky Rice & Green salad
    S – Twice baked potatoes, Canned pears, green beans
    Su- Homemade focaccia with hearty vegetable soup

  21. 21

    Fish Tacos
    Brown rice pasta with clam sauce
    Stir Fry
    Italian sausage soup
    Spanish Tortilla

  22. M linguine with broccoli rabe
    T Mushroom Pie
    W Dinner Out
    T Dinner Out
    F Dinner on the road
    S BQ (weather permitting) usually veggies and such
    S Huge Salad made from leftovers of veggies from B/Q (again weather permitting and fingers crossed!)

  23. I’m too hot to think of cooking in my kitchen (I’m just bein’ a wimp…)

    m: turkey bake
    t: turkey bake leftover/farmer’s market something
    w: BBQ chicken salad- fire up that BBQ!
    th: lettuce wraps
    f: Rin’s Thai take out
    sa: BBQ at Stinson beach

  24. 24

    Hey Jane! Thanks for checking up on me, ha. I’m just starting to get back into the kitchen after an intense house hunt, move, and first round of minor improvements. Finally got my new kitchen in working order, more or less, so I’m glad to be getting back to cooking. I’ll be coming by more and more to get some menu inspiration! And thanks for adding me back to ol’ blogroll. 🙂

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