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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 126 Menu…Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Hope it’s been a great day!

Cate and I got up early this morning and made Nate’s grandmother’s blueberry muffins for him. The muffins were divine, as always…and the batter was pretty darn good too. This is honestly my favorite batter (yes, I’m a dough and batter eater), even more than chocolate cake mix. And that’s saying something.

– Spaghetti (I know, we’ve been eating this a lot lately…but BOTH girls actually gobble it up, so gotta run with it)

– Nate’s Birthday…celebration meal TBD!

– Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Asian Spinach Salad

– Hot Dogs
– Fresh Fruit

– Eat out

– Nachos Supreme, whatever that means 😉 

This isn’t the fanciest menu, but keeping it real for a busy week.  

PLEASE SHARE YOUR MENUS! And don’t worry if your menu gets posted later in the week.  I peruse them the following Sunday, so keep ’em coming all week!


  1. 1

    My son and I made a yellowcake with frosting and strawberries for Papa, and my son said “The batter is better than the cake”.
    Now I’m posting my first menu after getting inspiration from you guys for a while.
    Mon: Janssons Temptation(I’m Swedish and it was Midsummer last Friday)
    Tues: Italian Sausage, broccoli and pasta.
    Wed: Chicken with dried cherries, nuts and couscous.
    Thurs: Our pizza night.
    Fri: Leftovers
    Sat: Steak quesedillas with sallad.
    Sun: Something made with cod…suggestions?
    Have a great week!

  2. We made German Popup Pancakes in muffin tins for breakfast with strawberries and syrup (recipe from Marie at YUM!

    Monday – Pesto sauce with whole wheat pasta and grilled veggies
    Tuesday – Shrimp and Mango Salad
    Wednesday – Orange Thai Beef Skewers and Sugar Snap Peas from our Garden
    Thursday – Dinner & Tour at Sonic
    Friday – Sorta Soba Noodle Bowl (without the shrimp & with extra veggies)
    Saturday – leftovers

  3. 3

    How about fish and chips with the cod?

  4. 4

    Monday: Cheeseburger pizza (sounds strange, but it’s good!), salad
    Tuesday: Turkey meatballs with spaghetti squash
    Wednesday: Tilapia, veggie veggie couscous
    Thursday: Zucchini pasta, salad
    Friday: Chicken wraps, veggies, chips
    Saturday: Father’s Day Rewind- so whatever my husband wants!
    Sunday: Spicy grilled chicken thighs, grilled veggies

  5. 5

    Monday – B for D
    Tuesday- Grill out – burgers/hot dogs
    Wednesday- Eat out
    Thursday- Tostadas with Spanish rice
    Friday – SW Pasta Bake with Salad
    Saturday – Leftovers
    Sunday – Egg salad sandwiches

    Happy eating : )

  6. 6

    Fish tacos with cod?

    I had cheeseburger pizza this weekend and it was good! Even had pickles on top!

  7. 7

    Monday (tonight): Ricotta gnocchi with golden beets and zucchini

    Tuesday (June 23): Tomato risotto

    Wednesday (June 24): ??? ”” Depends on what looks good at the fish market

    Thursday (June 25): Chard with garlic, olive oil and lemon; plain egg omelette, baguette

    Friday (June 26): Polpetti (beef and pork meatballs) simmered in broth, served with angel hair and vegetables

    Saturday (June 27): Depends on what looks good at the Greenmarket.

    Sunday (June 28): ??? — This is dependent on what gets bought Saturday.

    Recipes are posted on my blog. (sorry for the shameless plug. :))

  8. Monday:
    -Grilled Trout
    -Sauteed Zucchini, Peppers, and Tomatoes

    -Mashed Potatoes
    -Roasted Asparagus

    -Black Bean & Corn Stew

    -Whole Wheat Spaghetti & Tomato Sauce

  9. 9

    Monday – Sweet and Sour Chicken
    Tuesday – Sweet Pork Enchiladas
    Wednesday – Sticky Finger Chicken
    Thursday – Chicken Parmesan
    Friday – Eat Out
    Saturday – Steaks on the Grill

  10. 10

    My hubby is out of town this week, so it is just me and the girls. We keep it simple and I make enough for two meals.

    Honey-mustard Chicken Tenders (double-batch)
    Corn on Cobb
    Tomato, Basil, Fresh Mozzarella with Balsamic Dressing

    Leftover Chicken Tenders
    Horseradish Potato Salad

    Green Salad


    Homemade Pizza

    Dining out


    I also put out fresh fruit with every meal. It depends on what is on sale or I pick up at a local stand.

  11. M – “Twisted” chicken Caesar salad (remake from the Red Robin menu; regular Caesar salad with grilled chicken (leftover from this weekend), penne pasta and quartered Campari tomatoes) T – Grilled cheese and tomato soup
    W – Curried Waldorf Salad w/ grilled chicken (I’ve been meaning to try this for a long time ”¦)
    Th – Pizza Vissana basil pesto pizza w/ mozzarella
    F – Out
    S – Grilled salmon sliders
    Su – Leftovers

  12. 12
    Jen Schulte

    Monday: leftovers from weekend (we seem to have a lot!)
    Tuesday: I’m in a meeting, so either frozen pizza or pigs-n-blankets, whichever my husband can manage
    Wednesday: Meatball sandwiches, steamed cauliflower on side
    Thursday: The pigs-n-blankets if we don’t have them Tuesday – or cheese ravioli’s and salad
    Friday: Friends over for pizza, salad
    Saturday: 2nd attempt at the zoo (it’s been raining too much to go)
    Sunday: Bbq ribs on the grill, baked beans, corn on cob

  13. My husband’s out of town again, so our menu is pretty basic this week 🙂
    Monday: Mac and Cheese and Grapes
    Tuesday: Chicken Fried Rice from a box 🙂
    Wednesday: Pot Roast
    Thursday: Lasagna and Salad
    Friday: Shrimp Scampi and Peas
    Saturday: Chicken Casserole and Green Beans
    Sunday: Garlic Rosemary Roast Chicken and Broccoli

  14. 14

    It’s been awhile since I’ve joined in but, I’m back for now. 🙂

    Monday- Hot dogs on the grill, grilled corn on the cob and fresh strawberries
    Tuesday- Gazpacho and Grilled Cheese sandwiches
    Wednesday- Samosas and steamed green beans
    Thursday- Balsamic Chicken, Buttered orzo and peas
    Friday- Waffles and fruit
    Saturday- Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Salad
    Sunday- Chicken and veggie wraps

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