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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week 13 Non-Menu

13 is a lucky number and I’ll tell you why…I don’t have to plan a weekly menu! Woo-hoo!

If you have a menu for the week please post it! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, post WHATEVER menu you have! Especially this week as I offer no ideas. (Quick thanks to Jessica and Jenny for faithfully posting menus every week!) And you can click here for past weeks’ menus.


  1. 1

    Thanks for having a place to share it!

    Monday- Homemade Pizza

    Tuesday- Crustless Broccoli Cheddar Quiche w/ Pigs In Blankets

    Wednesday- Meatball Subs w/ salad

    Thursday- Black Bean & Corn Stew w/ cornbread

  2. 2

    Happy Earth Day!

    Monday- applesauce pancakes & eggs

    Tuesday- spinach lasagna & glazed carrots

    Wednesday- bookclub, bringing mango lassi (we’re eating Indian food)

    Thursday- Kitchen Sink Quesadillas (Real Simple)

    Friday- turkey burgers and sweet potato fries

    Saturday- southwestern Corn Chowder

    Sunday- leftovers (lame, I know. But we have church until four and after that never ending struggle with toddlers I’m not in the mood)

  3. 3
    Emily Wignall

    Here’s my menu!

    BBQ steak sandwiches

    roasted chicken provencal

    Breakfast Burritos

    Chicken spring rolls

    Pasta Carbonara Florentine

  4. 4
    Liz Findlay

    Can I just give a shout out to the one and only, Emily Wignall. THis girl is amazing in so many ways. Now I know why Chris always looks so madly in love with you– you keep him very, very, well fed!! Your menus always impress Emily. Looking forward to seeing you soon when we crash at the Maynards.

  5. 5

    First time I actually got around to posting my own menu, instead of just stealing ideas from everyone else…

    Monday – Grilled chicken with Black Bean and Corn Salad

    Tuesday – Enchiladas with a side of Dirty Rice

    Wednesday – Spaghetti, Garlic bread, Salad

    Thursday – Chalupas

    Friday – BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Saturday – Leftovers

    Sunday – Pork Roast

  6. 6

    Everyone elses sounds yummy… I may be making some changes, but here is what is planned:

    Monday – Crockpot Cranberry Turkey
    Tuesday- Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas
    Wednesday – Ranch Pork Chops
    Thursday – Sweet & Sour Meatballs
    Friday – Homemade Pizza

    Thanks everyone for all the great ideas! I LOVE IT.

  7. 7

    It’s been months since I’ve successfully planned and executed a weekly menu. I’ve got the plan (and all the food) now it’s time to execute. . . good luck to me!

    Monday – BBQ chicken sandwiches, veggies & dip, fruit salad

    Tuesday – TACO Tuesday! Corn bread, fruit salad

    Wednesday – Left overs

    Thursday – Lasagna, bread, green salad, fruit

    Friday – Bookclub Chicken Salad (new recipe!), Rolls

    Saturday – eat out!

  8. 8
    Jane Maynard

    thanks for all the awesome menus…definitely will be stealing ideas!

  9. 9
    Emily Wignall

    Liz…seriously, don’t judge a woman by her menu. It just sounds good on paper. Ask Chris about all the experiments…he has some stories. Can’t wait to see you!


  10. 10
    The Mommy Chef

    Monday- Herb baked chicken
    oven roasted cauliflower
    brown rice
    Tuesday- Kielbasa and chicken pasta
    garlic bread
    Wednesday- Parmesan tilapia
    Steamed veggies
    Thursday-Ropas Viejas
    Black Beans and rice
    Friday- Pizza- bnq chicken for
    adults ham and pineapple
    for kids
    Saturday-honey roasted pork
    herbed ptatoes and onions
    garlic sauteed spinach
    Sunday-shepards pie

  11. 11

    Monday – Rubios: tacos (one chicken, one fish), side of beans and rice.
    Tuesday – Panda Express: orange chicken and chicken with string beans, brown rice.
    Wednesday – Regents pizzeria: one large cheese pizza (NY style)
    Thursday – leftover pizza
    Friday – Chipotle burrito (undecided what kind)
    Saturday – Donovan’s steakhouse: juicy steak or more panda.
    Sunday – waiting for a dinner invite.

  12. 12
    Jane Maynard

    this is what happens when I go out of town? you better save that trip to donovan’s for my homecoming dinner.

  13. 13

    Friday is our Chipotle day too! I look forward to it all week long.

  14. 14

    Nate is invited to Sunday dinner at the Smith’s.

  15. 15

    Sunday: Ricotta Calzones
    Monday: Asian Chicken Salad
    Tuesday: Grilled chicken, potatoes, glazed carrots
    Wednesday: Enchilada style burrittos
    Thursday: Split Pea Soup
    Friday: Date night!
    Saturday: Some kind of pasta, not sure what…

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