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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week 130 Menu

Coming this Saturday I’ll be flying straight from the craziness of Chicago and BlogHer to Cape Cod and VACATION. I can’t wait to be with family, relax and eat lots of vacation food…like s’mores. Yum!

Now that SocialLuxe Lounge is here and vacation is starting soon, I’m not really going to be cooking much. Yippeeeee! But I’ll still post menus, even though they may not be all that inspirational. So, please share your menus! You definitely are going to have to rely on one another for ideas!

– Hot dogs

– Spaghetti

– I’ll be in Chicago!

– Party time!

– BlogHer

– Flying to Cape Cod

– Who knows? I’ll be on the beach, so I think anything will make me happy. 🙂


  1. 1

    Those smores look yummy!!
    Mon- Sauerbraten over noodles
    Tues- Family BBQ
    Wed- Pizza
    Thurs- I work–hubby in charge
    Fri- Chicken salad w/ creamy tomatillo dressing
    Sat- out
    Sun- ham and funeral potatoes

  2. 2

    Sa – Black bean enchiladas and corn
    Su – Penne with bacon (

    M – eating out

    Tu – falafel pitas

    W – homemade pizza and salad

    Th – leftovers

    Fr – pesto grilled chicken over fettecine and salad

  3. Monday: Chicken Kiev and Green Beans
    Tuesday: Roast Pork with Rosemary and Garlic and Potatoes and Zucchini
    Wednesday: Macaroni and Cheese
    Thursday: Herbed Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    Friday: Shrimp Scampi and Salad
    Saturday: Basil Cream Chicken and Peas
    Sunday: Hot Dogs and Fruit

  4. 4

    M- Apricot chicken quesadillas with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes with grilled salad
    T- Tuscan chicken with beans & broccoli
    W- Leftovers
    Th- Tortilla soup
    Fr- Leftovers or dinner out
    Sat- Pizza night
    Sunday- Grill out

  5. 5

    Monday-Beef roast in crock pot, herbed potatoes, green salad
    Tuesday-Taco salad
    Wednesday-Summer vegetable minestrone, zucchini muffins
    Thursday-Grilled lemon shrimp, veggie tray and fruit salad
    Friday-Homemade pizza
    Saturday-breakfast for dinner
    Sunday-Russian chicken, wild rice, spinach salad

  6. Have fun Jane!

    -False Alarm Veggie Chili

    -Huevos Rancheros
    -Cumin Rice & Beans

    -Rosemary French Toast
    -Balsamic-Roasted Pearl Onions

    -Pasta & Tomato Sauce

    -Pizza night?

  7. 7

    m-I have to go to the DMV after work…tortilla pizzas?
    t-breakfast burritos and smoothies
    w-marinated steak or beef kabobs
    t-honey mustard chicken
    f-dinner out
    s-burgers on the grill
    s-asparagus ravioli

  8. 8

    This week my husband and I are moving into a new place, so my menu is not going to be spectacular… I can’t wait to finally start cooking again!

    M-Frozen pizza
    W-Grilled cheese sandwiches
    S-moving day
    Sun-hopefully unpacking my kitchen so I can cook something easy like spaghetti ala prego (jar sauce… i know so bad!)

    Jane, love the picture of the smores. I’ve been in a HUGE smore kick since the 4th of July. YUM!

  9. Trying to keep it easy this week, mostly because I need a break from clean-up! I’ll probably grill up a bunch of chicken today so that I can use it in a few recipes later in the week.

    Mon: El Pato hard-shell tacos
    Tues: Jalapeno Avocado wraps (w/ grilled Cajun chicken)
    Wed: Grilled chicken balsamic salad
    Thurs: Spaghetti & crusty bread
    Fri: BLTs

  10. I am determined to stay out of the grocery store this week and eat what we have so I planned my menus this week around the pantry and fridge. Also I am involved in a big sale in Atlanta this week and so I’m not really available on Friday or Saturday to cook and need to keep things simple this week.

    Monday-Pasta with Italian Sausage & Fresh Mozzarella w/Tomato & Cucumber salad
    Tuesday-Chicken with Rosemary & Lemon (So easy from Rachael Ray), Brown Rice, & Roasted Green Beans (Frozen from Trader Joe’s)
    Thursday-Trader Joe’s Frozen Fettucine with Roast Beef added and Green Peas
    Friday-Eating Out

  11. M – Leftovers from yesterday’s birthday dinner: Grilled Shrimp with Melon & Pineapple Salsa; Grilled Corn and Tomato-Sweet Onion Salad with Fresh Basil Dressing and Crumbled Blue Cheese; Blueberry-nectarine crisp (my new favorite summer meal)
    T – BLTs & fruit smoothies
    W – Ribs, coleslaw, sliced peaches
    R – Vacation, probably grilling at the condo we rented in Seaside, Ore. So excited!
    F – Vacation, most likely grilling again
    S – Out (second anniversary dinner)
    S – Trader Joe’s asparagus risotto w / extra parmesan and fresh asparagus added

  12. 12

    S: Chicken Cordon Bleu (frozen)& corn on the cob
    M: Grilled Chicken, Lemony Orzo salad, steamed summer squash
    T: Out of Town
    W: Out of Town
    Tr:MarinatedGrilled Sirloin kabobs, veggies & grilled potatoes
    F: Naan Pizzas & salad
    S: Haddock Picatta, green beans & watermelon

  13. 13

    I keep saying I’ll do more menu planning, but just does not seem to work out. So i’ll post some ideas – excited to get my first CSA box of fruit and veggies this week – have fun at Blogher.

    Mon – leftover bbq’s chicken legs and burgers, leftover Broccoli Forest, pea pods and carrots, artichoke (only I ate this but the kids were eager to try, even though they only ate one piece)
    Tues – attempted a pasta bake, did not come out so well so going to take leftovers and bake with better cheese and sauce
    Wed. – chicken wings, cauliflower mash, corn and deviled eggs
    Thurs – if all goes as planned dinner in San Francisco, visiting daddy on business trip
    Fri – if all goes as planned night alone with me and a greek salad (tomatoes and lemon cuke from garden), kids and husband away
    Sat – rebaking pasta, steamed broccoli
    Sun – steak, maple syrup glazed carrots, roast cauliflower

  14. 14

    HI, I just came to your blog from PW… anyway I saw your smores and I have to tell you to try this…

    Ritz Cracker
    Kraft Caramel
    Ritz Cracker

    I don’t buy graham crackers anymore and I turned into a Ritz smore snob. Even if we don’t have the caramel I still have my smores with Ritz rather than graham.

    Try it!

  15. cathy – welcome! and I can’t wait to give this a try – VERY intriguing and it sounds delish…thanks!

    and thanks to everyone for posting menus…you guys are the best!

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