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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 140 Menu

I can’t wait to share my fun weekend at BlogHer Food with you…but at this very moment I’m completely wiped out, so I’m going to take a nap instead. Until then, please enjoy these homegrown tomatoes from Katie at goodLife {eats}. ALL of my tomato plants died this summer…I blame the dirt and a suspected virus. It certainly couldn’t be me, right? Katie felt guilty literally swimming in healthy, homegrown tomatoes, so she carried a bag on the plane all the way from Albuquerque to share with me. Now that’s food blog love if I’ve ever seen it. Thanks, Katie!

katie's tomatoes

On to the menu! You would think a weekend at a food blog conference would have me fired up to cook. Nope, it actually has me fired up to be a better photographer. I may end up playing with my camera all week instead of cooking!

– Homemade margherita pizza
– Salad

– Tacos of some kind – there was a lot of taco talk this weekend, feeling a bit inspired

– Chilaquiles – this was on TWO menus last week and I haven’t even heard of them, so I’m giving it a try. Figure I can incorporate leftover ingredients from taco night. Recipes are welcome!

– Leftovers

– Baked loaded potatoes (Sherri S put this on her menu last week…sounds really good to me for some reason…Nate doesn’t really like potatoes…he’ll have to suffer for one night….aren’t I sweet…should I keep doing ellipses…is it annoying yet…)
– Salad

– Eat out

Butternut Squash Risotto – doesn’t that sound good? I think I’ll add some chicken to it, as well.
– Salad

Your turn! Please share your menu for the week! I love how we’ve had lots of first-time posters lately…please keep those menus coming! As you can see, the more tired I am, the more ideas I steal from you…so, thank you for your ideas!


  1. Great menu for the week, Jane. BlogHer Food was amazing, and I have so many new SupperStarter ideas after visiting with my new foodie friends! Here’s what our week looks like:

    Grilled Sesame Chicken
    Cheddar Scallion Potato Zap

    BBQ Pork Chops
    Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
    Retro Rolls

    Cajun Baked Tilapia
    Sesame Carrot Slaw

    Bacon Waffle-wiches with Pimento Cheese
    Fruit Sherbet

    Black Bean Spinach Straws
    Uncle Ben’s Spanish Style Ready Rice

    Wild Card!

  2. 2
    Vicki Nave

    Sunday: chili and cornbread
    Monday: BBQ Chicken and Black Bean Pizza
    Tuesday: Rice Lasagna
    Wednesday: Broccoli and Cauliflower Casserole
    Thursday: Tacos
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Eat Out

  3. Monday: Seared Shrimp Tacos
    Tuesday: Oven Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes and Corn
    Wednesday: Garlic Rosemary Tilapia with Potatoes and Peas
    Thursday: Basil Cream Chicken and Salad
    Friday: Out to Eat for our Anniversary, Kids get mac and cheese
    Saturday: Chicken Tikka Masala and Rice Pilaf
    Sunday: Left Overs

  4. 4

    Sunday: Chicken burgers, fruit salad
    Monday: Hidden Rainbow Albondigas, rice, Cilantro cole slaw
    Tuesday: Butternut squash lasagne, chicken sausage
    Wednesday: Fish Fillet Pizza Rollout, green beans, garlic bread, dessert
    Thursday: Chinese bbq pork, potstickers, raw veggies and dip
    Friday: leftovers
    Saturday: Spaghetti and Meatballs or soup from freezer

  5. 5

    S: Taco Salad
    M: Baked Penne with Italian Sausage
    T: Margherita Pizza
    W: Date Night
    R: Grilled Chicken Breasts and Broccoli
    F: Mushroom Stroganoff

    Saturday Morning: Blueberry Pancakes

  6. OMGosh! Thanks for mentioning me πŸ™‚ and I HOPE you like the loaded baked potatoes. They were a HIT with both me and my teen daughter. She used Ranch dressing on hers instead of sour cream, with bacon bits and cheese. We will be having them again…it was an EASY and delicious meal with the baked apples.
    Here’s what we are having this week:
    Panini sandwiches, chips and a pickle (plenty of sour dough bread left)
    Taco Soup (basic recipe I use) & Scoop Corn Chips
    Leftovers (Lots of soup left)
    Meatloaf, AuGratin potatoes, baked apples
    Ranch Chicken, corn on the cob and left over baked apples
    Homemade Pizzas
    Not sure yet, maybe left over Pizza

  7. 7
    Portia Westesen

    Sunday: Tomato Soup and Rice, Dinner Rolls, Harvest Pie!
    Monday: Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes
    Tuesday: Stroganoff
    Wednesday: Taco Salad
    Thursday: Chicken and Penne Pasta
    Friday: Out to eat
    Saturday: Cookout with the family

  8. 8

    Hey Jane! Glad you had fun and BlogHer Food. I really want to go next year. Here’s my menu…
    Sunday-Sauteed Onion, Feta and Cranberry Stuffed Pork Loin with Cheddar Smashed Sweet Potatoes

    Monday-Pork loin Paninis, salad

    Tuesday and Wednesday- Hubby fends for himself because I have class!

    Thursday-Baked Ziti with Turkey Sausage

    Friday-Honey Ginger Chicken Thighs with Scallion Rice

    Saturday-Leftovers or Out

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. I had such a blast with you! Wish I had gotten to the party earlier because it was fun and the tacos there were really good. Enjoy the tomatoes!

    I have no idea what’s on my menu. I am crazy and hosting recipe club here tomorrow morning. I’m making the risotto for that because our theme is “Food Network Stars.”

    I haven’t checked the fridge, but I’m sure a run to the store is going to be part of the plan.


  10. 10

    It was nice to finally meet you in person! Hopefully we can get together again. I love Katie too, I am jealous of her tomatoes:) I hope you can get some rest. We are still in CA so I have no cooking plans yet. I will worry about that on Tues:)

  11. i love , love, love tomatoes……………

  12. 12
    Jenn E.

    We ended up going out to dinner last night (Sunday) with some friends unexpectedly, so our menu for this week got pushed back by a day:

    Monday- Crockpot Pot Roast w/ potatoes and carrots
    Tuesday- Beef Soft Tacos
    Wednesday- Chicken Scallopine (from Pioneer Woman)
    Thursday- Out, church function
    Friday- Pizza
    Saturday- Tuna Melts
    Sunday- Chicken Tortilla Soup

  13. Your Blog has inspired me to get back to my menu planning ways – thanks!

    Sunday: Paninis & Crudite
    Monday: Quesadillas
    Tuesday: Butternut Squash Pasta
    Wednesday: Chickpea & Spinach Curry over Brown Rice
    Thursday: Shrimp Kabobs w/ Rice
    Friday: Always PIZZA!
    Saturday: Out, or Leftovers

  14. 14
    Jen Schulte

    Hi Jane – great menu and ideas … love the ellipses (:-)) and the idea on baked potatoes.

    Our plans this week:
    Monday-home made Pasta a Fagioli soup, garlic bread
    Tuesday-leftover pasta from this past weekend, steamed spinach
    Wednesday-roast beef in the crock pot, buttery noodles, green beans
    Thursday-leftovers (soup or roast beef)
    Friday-pick up a rotisserie chicken at the store, with cheesy broccoli noodles on side (+ extra broccoli!)
    Saturday-chicken salad sandwiches or chicken & dumplings, from the leftovers Friday
    Sunday-out I think with the inlaws

  15. I’m trying some new recipes from some new Japanese cookbooks I just got, I’m very excited…and I’ve got a squash risotto on my list too!

    M – Curry Rice(request from Big Brother)
    T – Sweet potato & ground beef saute over rice( it looks better than the translation sounds) & Goya salad
    W – Homemade noodles w/ pesto
    Th – Kabocha Pumpkin Risotto
    F – Wheat Veggie Pizza

  16. 16

    I live by my menu if not working & preparing dinner every night with a 3yr and a 6mth old becomes a task. Our menu starts on a Saturday as we go to the farmers market every Sat morning.

    Saturday: 3yr old – spaghetti, hubby & I went out to dinner
    Sunday: Beef stew with carrots & mushrooms / Served with a green salad, followed by cheese (we live in France)
    Monday: Roasted sea bass /string beans / glazed carrots
    Tuesday: Leftover beef stew with green salad
    Wednesday: Chicken & corn chowder (epicurious) / green salad
    Thursday: Grilled lemon/garlic chicken breast/ cousous
    Friday: Homemade pizza – pancetta & fresh mozarrella

  17. 17

    I’m back to menu planning (the baby boy is 4 weeks now – thank for the best wishes).

    Monday – Green salad with grilled chicken or pork chops and mixed grilled vegetables (eggplant, peppers, summer squashes from our CSA, fresh baked bread
    Tuesday – roasted turkey breast, stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes
    Wednesday – leftovers
    Thursday – turkey and vegetable soup
    Friday – Out to our favorite restaurant
    Saturday – Pizza night – pizza (one pepperoni,cheese and olives and the other whatever strikes my fancy), brownies
    Sunday – vegetable frittata, fruit, toast

  18. 18

    Monday – Greek Salad
    Tuesday – Tomato soup and spaghetti squash
    Wednesday – Pasta, sausage, and zucchini salad
    Thursday – asparagus and lemon pasta
    Friday – leftovers
    Saturday – eat out
    Sunday – dinner at the in-laws

  19. 19

    Sunday- Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    Monday- Teriyaki Tofu with Simple Sesame Noodles from the Pioneer Woman and stir-fry veggies
    Tuesday-Chipotle Lime Shrimp tacos with Cabbage/Lemon/Salt South American Salad
    Wednesday-Sweet Onion & Bread Soup with a salad
    Thursday-Spinach Quiche with fruit
    Saturday-who knows? πŸ™‚

  20. 20

    Menu sounds amazing! Here’s mine:
    Sun-grilled chicken salads
    Mon-orange chicken
    Tue-taco tuesday (guess it’s popular)
    Wed-pasta with roasted red pepper sauce
    Thu-chicken with pesto butter sauce

  21. 21

    Short week for us!

    Su- Taco Salad Made Over ( recipe- so good!)
    M- Steaks with mushroom sauce and Butternut Squash Soup
    T- Chicken in Parmesan Sauce with Roasted Broccoli
    W- Leftovers
    Th-Su- Nantucket!

    Have a good week!

  22. 22
    Nancy Deininger

    sunday – pizza
    monday- salmon with pierogies
    tuesday- chicken chili
    wednesday- beef stew
    thursday- chicken breasts with polenta and veggies
    friday – leftovers
    saturday – birthday party for niece

  23. 23

    Monday – either vegetable beef soup or chili (we’ll see if I make it to the store or not) with homemade bread
    Tuesday – leftovers from the weekend
    Wednesday – chicken quesadillas
    Thursday – salmon, orzo and a salad
    Friday – ravioli with bolognese sauce

  24. 24

    Totally jealous about BlogHer Food, I won’t lie. Glad you had such an amazing time!

  25. 25

    Back from a long weekend in NH. Not sure, but looking in freezer this is what I am thinking.
    T: Southwestern Corn Chowder & salad
    W: Burgers, steamed broccoli & grapes
    Th:Butternut Squash ravioli & greens with apples, dried cranberries, onion & blue cheese
    F: Mushroom & swiss stuffed chicken breast, baked sweet potatoes & green beans
    S: Pick hubby up at airport and go out to dinner
    S: Grilled Tequila Lime Turkey Tenderloins, funeral potatoes (my way) & something green

  26. I’m late!

    Monday: Lamb and chicken kabobs, couscous, roasted veggies, pitas
    Tuesday: Grilled vegetable quesadillas, salad
    Wednesday: Grilled pork tenderloin, smashed potatoes, salad
    Thursday: Tripe (Brother’s birthday dinner – old Italian recipe)
    Friday: Out? Friend in town
    Saturday: ?
    Sunday: Carne asada BBQ during football

  27. 27
    Jane Maynard

    no such thing as late! πŸ™‚

    thanks everyone for another amazing set of menus!

  28. 28

    M: baked potatoes w/ steamed broccoli and sour cream and homemade bread
    T: fresh tortellini with super delicious homemade alfredo sauce and steamed green beans
    W: potato and corn chowder with homemade bread
    Th: rice pilaf with steamed squash and chicken
    F: homemade pizza night! our favorite is tomato, olive, and pepper jack cheese
    S: in the mountains
    S: pumpkin coconut soup with homemade bread

    fall has definitely arrived in our kitchen! I love it so.

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