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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 169 Menu…and Earth Day Meal Planning!

I took the girls somewhere very special a few days ago.  Can you guess where? This photo is offering up a very good hint. Stumped? No worries…I’ll do a post this week. And I promise it will be scrumptious.

mwah sprinkles cupcakes web

Menu time! I’m going completely meatless this week in honor of Earth Day, which is Thursday, April 22! If you haven’t yet joined me on my New Year’s resolution journey, try taking a first, simple step this week…go without meat or processed food on Thursday. I know you can do it!

– Tuscan Bread Soup (from Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast)

– Farfalle with Arugula and White Beans (also from Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast…I kind of forgot I had this great book, so trying out a few of their recipes this week)

– Leftovers

Happy Earth Day! Plan a vegetarian meal in honor of Mother Earth! (Eat Less Meat is all about helping the environment. If you’re new to the blog, click here to read about my help-the-environment-through-food-choices New Year’s resolution)
– We’ll be having oh-so-delicious and very filling Kitchen Sink Quesadillas

– Breakfast for dinner (either waffles or an egg dish)

– Eat out

– Stuffed peppers (we had some amazing stuffed peppers at my friend Julia’s house – she emailed me the recipe, which I will certainly share with all of you. I think I might have even eaten three peppers that night…but who’s counting?)

As always, thank you for sharing your menus! I really do read through them every week for ideas…don’t know what I’d do without you!  Let’s see what you you have planned this week!


  1. 1

    We were supposed to go camping for the weekend, but we got rained out 🙁
    Friday–Rotisserie chicken and pasta salad
    Saturday–Hot Dogs and chips
    Sunday–no idea!!!!!!
    Monday–Chicken Ranch Tacos (
    Tuesday–Italian Crescent Casserole (
    Wednesday–Homemade Pizza
    Thursday–Breakfast, which is the closest we get to meatless around here (probably one of these casseroles:
    On a side note, how do I get my link to work when I make a comment?

  2. I didn’t make half of the stuff on my menu last week because I am lame. I am going to have a few carry overs and lots of leftovers because it’s just me and the kids this week. (not looking forward to single parenting!). Will probably use fruit a lot of the sides because it’s easy!

    Asian Wraps
    Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas
    Veggie Tarts
    Leftovers a lot!

  3. I would love the arugula recipe…I have arugula in the garden and that sounds like a yummy way to use it.

  4. 4

    We’re eating a lot out of the freezer this week, just because it’s there!

    -Hungarian Goulash, crescent rolls, broccoli w/ cheese
    -Stir Fry
    -Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, roasted potatoes and veggies
    -Breakfast Night: eggs, pancakes, sausage
    -If we need something else, homemade fish sticks, garlic noodles, green beans, and cheese bread

  5. I had forgotten that Earth Day was coming up; thanks for the reminder. I’ll take you up on your go-vegetarian-on-Thursday challenge. I think bean burritos sound easier after work, though your Kitchen Sink quesadilla recipe looks mighty tasty. I’ll have to look at it to see how I could modify it for a single person; while I could possibly eat the whole recipe, I don’t think I should!!!

  6. 6

    Fri: Out
    Sat: Pita Sandwiches + Lemonade + Fruit
    Sun: Mediterranean Pork + Couscous + Tomato & Avocado Salad + WW Pitas
    Mon: Hawaiian Haystacks + Fresh Fruit
    Tues: Omelets + Toast + Smoothies
    Wed: Ritz Chicken + Roasted Potatoes + Fresh Fruit
    Thur: Gazpacho + Toasted Pita Bread

    I highly recommend the pita sandwiches for a meatless meal (with homemade pitas and hummus!!). It was delicious and an idea from one of my favorite natural living gurus: Sara Snow. Stop by our blog for the recipe(s).

    Happy Earth day this week!

  7. 7

    M: Steak on spinach on polenta
    T: Beef Paprikash
    W: Lettuce wraps with Pork (or chicken)
    Th: Homemade Gnocci in a vodka sauce w/salad
    F: Poached fish with grean beans and grains
    Sa: out for dinner
    Su: Leftovers

  8. 8

    Well my husband and I are going vegetarian (and primarily processed-food FREE) for two weeks (maybe more) so that will be right in line with Earth Day. We’re on day four and feeling great. I don’t know what day we are having which recipes, but these are on the list:

    Summer Pasta – Whole grain rigatoni with fresh sauteed vegetables, parmesan in a whole grain mustard/red-wine vinaigrette
    Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew over cous-cous
    Veg-Head Sloppy Joe’s made with black beans
    Black Bean and Mango Salad on tortillas
    Leftovers, or kitchen sink quesadillas, or spaghetti night made with leftover veggies and homemade sauce.
    African Groundnut (Peanut) Stew w/baguette

  9. After a weekend of eating out, it’s time to get back to some home cooking!

    Sunday: Grilled chicken salad with mustard, balsamic vinegarette
    Monday: Soba noodles and veggies
    Tuesday: Meatballs with Marainara and Garlic Bread (from the freezer)
    Wednesday: Salsa Chicken & Black Bean Soup
    Thursday: Homemade Chicken BBQ Pizza
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out

    I think it’s going to be a big “make-ahead” weekend coming up. We’re moving in a couple weeks (across town)and we’re going to need some quick and easy meals!

  10. 10
    Jen Schulte

    Are those some kind of chocolate sprinkles?! Will be watching for the update.

    Our plan –
    Monday-out at Friendly’s, a local fundraiser for our church
    Tuesday-leftovers from weekend
    Wednesday-thai ribs in crock pot, rice, green beans
    Thursday-tortellinis, broccoli on side
    Friday-date night with my husband!
    Saturday-steak on the grill (sorry Earth day, but it’s a craving), baked potatoes, salad
    Sunday-some kind of soup and I leave again for a work trip 🙁

  11. 11

    Sun.- Pizza
    Mon.- Tamale Pie
    Tues.- Meatball Subs
    Wed.- Fend For Yourself
    Thurs.- Roasted Chicken and potatoes (sweet and white) and green beans
    Fri.- Baked Haddock w/panko bread crumbs and lemon, peas and carrots
    Sat.- Pasta w/ meat sauce, green salad and good bread
    Sun.- Sausage and Potato Soup

  12. 12

    I didnt cook for my family last week…well because I just didnt feel like it. I mean we ate..but like cereal and stuff. So this week I thought I would step it up a notch for my hubbys sake

    – Chicken and tortellini Salads
    – Pasta con Broccoli with left over chicken
    – Chicken meatballs and italian bread
    – PW Marlboro Man Sandwhiches and potatoes
    – Breakfast burritos with leftover potatoes and stuff in them

    Yum… cant wait for once! 🙂

  13. Sunday: Greek salad with Lemon Caper Dressing – killer! (recipe on blog)
    Monday: Chicken sausage and pepper subs
    Tuesday: Red curry (Trader Joe’s red curry sauce is the bomb!)
    Wednesday: Fish tacos
    Thursday: Turkey burgers
    Friday: Pizza
    Saturday: catering a party so who knows?
    Sunday: Leftovers/freezer raid

  14. 14

    M: Parmesan chicken breasts, rice pilaf, strawberry spinach salad
    T: Swedish meatballs, buttered noodles, peas
    W: Spaghetti with meat sauce, tomato and spinach salad
    Th: Beef tacos with avocado and black beans
    F: Homemade pizza
    S: Battered cod, homemade fries and fresh salad
    Su: Barbeque pork sandwiches, coleslaw, fresh fruit

  15. 15

    holy cow! Cate looks so much like you in that photo! I can’t say I remember you ever puckering up to me, but something about it is just screaming Jane. Miss you guys.

    Um since it’s Sunday night I should post a menu while I’m here…
    M – rice & curry
    T – leftovers
    W – veggie lentil soup
    H – spinach mushroom tart
    F – ribs
    S – almond crusted chicken
    S – Moroccan kabobs

  16. 16

    T-Spaghetti, green salad
    W-Pork loin, twice baked potatoes, vegetable, homemade bread
    F-Shepherd’s Pie
    S-Sloppy Joes, tater tots
    S-Steak, onion, pepper hoagies, potato salad

  17. 17

    1) Beef Bourguignon (see below for recipe)/ Turkish Rice with Fideos
    2) Pork Spare Ribs/ Black Eyed Peas/ Grilled Potatoes
    3) Pasta with Vodka (See below for recipe)/ Romaine Salad with Tomatoes
    4) Chicken Soup/ Crusty Bread
    5)Chicken Breast/(check out recipe below) Turkish Rice with Fideos/ Roasted Asparagus
    6)Pizza with Romaine Salad with Tomatoes OR Can Soup OR other Frozen Entree
    7)Leftovers OR Canned Soup OR Take Out

  18. 18
    Jenn E.

    Monday- Chicken Parm Burgers
    Tuesday- Beef Taco Soup
    Wednesday- London Broil on Grill, baked potatoes, veggie
    Thursday- Hamburgers on Grill, baked chips
    Friday- Pizza
    Saturday- Penne a la Betsy w/ shrimp (from PW)
    Sunday- Out

  19. 19

    Ooof! We have a SUCH a busy week here and I’m not sure when we will even eat as a family, but I have some leftovers around and I’ll say this is the plan–for now!

    Tues-Taquitos, green salad
    Weds-(Leftover) brisket, potatoes, peas
    Thurs-breakfast for dinner
    Sat–not sure

  20. 20

    P.S. I do want to try the Kitchen Sink Quesadillas sometime and may have to declare a “delayed” earth day and do that…:)

  21. 21
    Nancy Deininger

    sunday – out in NYC!
    monday – chicken breast with veggies
    tuesday – pork tenderloin
    wednesday – moroccan chicken salad
    thursday – scallops with spicy tomato sauce
    friday – steak and tofu
    saturday – out

  22. Monday: Out to Dinner for Hubby’s Birthday
    Tuesday: Ranch Baked Chicken and Salad
    Wednesday: Spring Lamb Stew (simply recipes)
    Thursday: Chicken Noodle Soup
    Friday: Crock Pot Indian Butter Chicken and Peas
    Saturday: Chicken in White Sauce and Broccoli
    Sunday: Left Overs

  23. I put up my menu on my blog, along with my feelings about menu planning for the very first time. I’m so glad to find so much support all over the internet! So many of the meals listed above sound so yummy!

  24. 24

    This is my new favourite website. I go through fits and spurts of planning our meals and it does work out better and I waste less veg when I do it.
    M: Quiche and jacket potatoes
    T: Beef and broccoli w rice
    W: Red Pesto pasta and g. bread, salad
    Th: Honey Must Pork chops, asparagus, mash pot
    F: Burgers and corn
    S: Out
    S: Pork Tenderloin, lemon cous cous

  25. 25

    Sunday: lemon chicken (simply recipes), basmati & peas, salad
    Monday: bean soup & garlic bread
    Tuesday: tacos
    Wednesday: big salad: shrimp, avocado, cukes, peas
    Thursday: cheese tortellini, broccoli & salad
    Friday: leftovers
    Saturday: Giant’s game

  26. I’m loving your blog. I discovered it this weekend.

    This week’s menu at our house is all about easiness — hubby and I are both students, and it’s finals season, so we barely have time to eat, let alone cook…

    M – Leftovers of Pioneer Woman’s Sloppy Joes from Friday (SO good!)
    T – BBQ Chicken w/ zucchini
    W – German Pancakes
    Th – Mac & Cheese (I might try to make it from scratch, but we’ll see) or Freezer Pizza (told you we were college students…)
    F – Panini? Egg sandwiches? Egg panini?
    Sa – Maybe stir-fry w/ brown rice? Something to use up the whole wheat linguini I bought last week?
    Su – Dinner at my parents’ (We go every Sunday, if only to do laundry. But the free food and a day off are nice, too!)

  27. 27

    Getting it up a little late today! Shame on me, haha 😉

    Mon: Pasta carbonara with artichokes/broccoli and crusty bread
    Tue: Homemade mac n cheese with some kind of veggie (third time’s a charm, haven’t had a chance to make it yet!)
    Wed: Homemade philly cheesesteaks with fries
    Thrs: “Brings back memories” meal of the week… chili cheese fritos with salad 🙂
    Fri: Meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans
    Sat: BBQ at a friend’s
    Sun: Lasagna from scratch with garlic bread

  28. 28

    I like to plan my menus out but they almost never come to fruition because my week is so hectic and I’m finding that really frustrating!

    Sunday- Beer can chicken, roasted red potatoes, salad with raspberries, goat cheese and apricot vinaigrette
    Monday- Pasta
    Tuesday- Pizza, most likely
    Wednesday- Grilled Chicken with apricot glaze, rice and stir fried vegetables
    Thursday- Chicken salsa stew
    Friday- Sloppy joes, fries and steamed broccoli

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m able to make it to Friday and stay true to my menu!!

  29. 29
    Erika B.

    A little late again!

    Sun-BBQ at a Friend’s. I’m bringing Asian Peanut Slaw and Roasted Potatoes
    Mon-Pizza My Heart
    Tues-Frozen Veggie Pizza, Strawberries, Carrots
    Wed-Take Out Chinese and Cake for a Friend’s B-Day
    Thurs-Cottage Cheese Pancakes, Bacon, Asparagus and Strawberries
    Fri-Scrounging for Leftovers…

  30. 30

    I recognize those chocolate sprinkles! They are from the closest thing I have found to heaven on this earth! Sprinkles Cupcakes!!! Sooo good. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip…mmmmm.

  31. 31

    So I tried the Tuscan Bread Soup. I added zucchini to make it more vegetabley and some oregano for more flavor. Also, I think I would add the bread at the last second right before serving… or else it was more like what my husband called “booger soup” with very soggy bread.

  32. 32
    Jane Maynard

    Nina – so glad you commented – we tried it for the first time this week, too. I am going to write about this recipe and will incorporate your comments into my post. I agree – bread at the END – I don’t think the soup really needed the bread as a thickening agent. and also – small pieces of bread. I’ll just say your husband was in the same ship as mine 😉

    I like the idea of adding zucchini and oregano – yum!

    I DID like the soup…but you’re right, a few tweaks makes it better!

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