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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 174 Menu

This weekend was all about my friend Faye, which is a very good thing. Faye is an amazing pastry chef who creates wonderful delights like this nut tart.

faye's nut tart web

Yesterday I attended Faye’s artisan bread workshop at my local Sur La Table, which I am going to have to share more of with you in a separate post. As for the nut tart, it was awesome and I’m going to hopefully share the recipe with you in yet another post…although I’m pretty sure it’s one I’ll just let Faye make for me rather than attempt myself! I may as well let the artist do what she does best, right? 😉

I need to confess, my menu pretty much didn’t happen last week. I’m too tired right now to even remember what DID happen! Anyway, that explains the multiple repeats from last week. Forgive me!

Baked stuffing-coated chicken with a nice veggie

Black Bean Flautas with Avocado-Tomatillo Sauce (thanks to Jessica for sharing this recipe…can’t wait to try it!)


– Leftovers

– Frittata

– Eat out

Creamy Potato Leek Soup (without any cream – it’s a fab recipe!)

I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for your menus every week! They are wonderful! The blog wouldn’t be what it is without them! THANK YOU!!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got this week! (Good job to me for using exclamation points at the end of every sentence in this paragraph!)


  1. 1

    Friday – leftovers
    Saturday – Son’s birthday party: pizza, fruit kabobs, salad
    Sunday – Homemade Mac n Cheese, rolls, corn
    Monday – Chicken Spaghetti, green beans, fruit
    Tuesday – Hungry Jack Casserole, bacon potatoes, biscuits
    Wednesday – BLTs, calico beans, fruit
    Thursday – Homemade Fish Sticks, french fries, broccoli

  2. 2
    Nancy Deininger

    sunday – out son’s 21st!
    monday – chicken breast with veggies
    tuesday – pasta
    wednesday – burgers on the grill
    thursday – stuffed baked potatoes
    friday – leftovers
    saturday – out

  3. Sunday: Friends are coming over for dinner tonight! Meatballs for the kids; stuffed peppers and baba ghanoush for the parents(yum!)!
    Monday: Leftover meatballs and marinara
    Tuesday: Individual Zucchini, Pepper, & Fontina Fritatta from Goodlife Eats
    Wednesday: Pesto Chicken and Sweet Potatoes in the slow cooker from A Year of Slow Cooking
    Thursday: Chicken and veggies on the grill!
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out!

  4. 4

    Sunday: Chickpea Parmesan (like chicken parm, but with chickpea cakes!) with Mark Bittman’s Double Garlic Kale
    Monday: Pulled Pork, cornbread and broccoli
    Tuesday: Spaghetti and turkey meatballs
    Wednesday: Meatball sandwiches, tater tots(!) and asparagus
    Thursday: Lentil Tacos
    Friday: Breakfast for dinner – pancakes, bacon and fruit

  5. 5

    We are going for another eat cheap week (sort of) and trying to have some grocery money left over from this week to help out with the birthday party next weekend. We’ll see how it goes. In light of that, here is our menu:
    Friday–Leftovers, whatever you can find
    Saturday–Hot Dogs and mac & cheese
    Sunday–Chicken Quesadillas
    Monday–Rachel Ray’s Vodka Pasta
    Wednesday–Shredded Pork Wraps
    Thursday–Salmon Patties and pasta
    I still don’t know how to link in the comments, but I have the Shredded Pork Wraps on my blog

  6. 6

    SUNDAY-Cobb salad, watermelon, french bread
    MONDAY-Baked chicken, stuffing, corn
    TUESDAY-Late big lunch out or Turkey or Roast Beef wraps in flour tortilla, chocolate cake
    WEDNESDAY-Steak, baked potato/sour cream, green beans, homemade rolls
    THURSDAY-Spaghetti, salad
    FRIDAY-Pizza or out
    SATURDAY-Leftovers or Tacos
    SUNDAY-Crockpot roast, potatoes and carrots, leftover homemade rolls

  7. 7

    Sunday – leftovers (made PW’s red curry coconut noodles and have a TON left over!! MMMMM
    Monday – grilled salmon burgers
    Tuesday – simple picnic in the park (sandwiches etc)
    Wednesday – girls night out
    Thursday – greek chicken salad
    Friday – pasta carbonara
    Saturday – BBQ’d someting??? bring on the long weekend!

  8. 8

    Sun.- Chicken Fajitas
    Mon.- B-fast for Dinner (Omelets, toast, fruit smoothies)
    Tues.- BBQ Chicken
    Wed.- Shrimp/Veg Kabobs, Corn on the Cob
    Thurs.- Burgers (reg. for hub and kiddo, homemade veggie for me)
    Fri.- leftovers/fend for yourself
    Sat.- TBD

  9. 9

    Monday: leftover stir-fry
    Tuesday: chicken wraps with homemade tortillas and chips
    Wednesday: big pot of spicy black beans with jasmine rice, tortillas and fresh fixins
    Thursday: leftover black beans thrown into a mexican salad
    Friday: crispy waffles with fruit
    Saturday: garden of goodness lasagna with rolls
    Sunday: grilled chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes with cayenne gravy, and rolls

  10. 10
    Heidi McCarthy

    Sun – creamy tomato bacon tortellini
    Mon – pork chops w/ apples and baked stuffed potato
    Tues – some kind of chicken
    Wed. – left overs
    Thurs – take out
    Fri – beef/cranberry crockpot
    Sat – out

  11. Seared Filet with Mixed Herb Gremolata (Cooking Light) and salad – lettuce, apples, candied walnuts, blue cheese, red onion, balsamic dressing

    BBQ Chicken Pizza
    Crunchy Asian Pasta Salad
    Mango Curry Chicken
    Lettuce Wraps (Steamy Kitchen)

  12. I actually have a menu!

    m: shrimp stir fry
    t: spicy shrimp enchilada casserole
    w: casserole leftover
    th: honey mustard chicken w/potatoe wedges
    f: leftovers
    sa: out
    su: Stinson Beach BBQ

    love the menu’s you have for your week. must check them out..;-)

  13. 13

    Sunday- Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls
    Monday- was supposed to be Chicken Quesadillas, but I have so much turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes that I think we’re changing to leftovers
    Tuesday- Risotta with Ham, CSA asparagus and peas
    Wednesday- Chicken stir fry with CSA green onions and peppers
    Thursday- Crockpot turkey noodles soup
    Friday- Brats, beans, fruit and salad
    Saturday- Pesto Chicken with potatoes or pasta??

  14. 14

    M – Open face ham and cheese sandwiches, salad
    T – Some kind of chicken/mexican risotto
    W – French Bread Pizza, salad
    R – Chicken in White Wine Sauce, pasta, salad
    F – Tacos
    S – Not sure yet – initially planned on a Memorial Day Party, but that switched to Sunday…

  15. 15

    M – Chicken Stirfry with Yakisoba Noodles
    Tu – Chili with Cornbread
    W – Chicken Parmesana
    Th – Meat, Rice, Gravy Thing
    F – Baked Fish w/Shells & White Cheddar Sauce
    S – Home Made Pizzas

    Still not sure what we’re doing Sunday – but given that we’ve got so much to get accomplished before our daughter’s graduation party here at the house – could well be “Fend for Yourself!” 🙂

  16. 16

    M: Chicken Stir Fry w/ veggies and brown rice
    T: Shrip Ceviche tacos from Cooking Light, can’t wait to try these! served w/ black beans
    W: Chicken fried rice and pot stickers
    TH: Foil dinners w/ salad
    F: Out to eat! Woo Hoo!!
    Sat: Turkey abcon and Swiss Quiche, ceasar salad
    Sun: Memorail day grilling, hamburgers, beans, corn on the cob and homemad potato salad

  17. 17
    Jenn E.

    Monday- Beef Kabobs w/ Rice
    Tuesday- Fish and Chips (oven fries)
    Wednesday- Baked Turkey Chimichangas
    Thursday- Beef and Broccoli stir fry
    Friday- Pizza
    Saturday- Burgers on the Grill
    Sunday- Out

  18. 18

    Mon: Thai chicken, brown rice, snow peas
    Tues: Homemade mac n cheese, green salad
    Weds: Chicken Marsala, egg noodles, zucchini
    Thurs: Spaghetti & (freezer) homemade meatballs, green beans
    Fri: Leftovers or pizza
    Sat: Not sure of our weekend plans yet…:)

  19. 19
    Kim H

    This is my first time posting… I always do better with a weekly menu, so here it goes

    Mon: Shrimp Scampi served over angel hair pasta and a side salad
    Tues: leftovers
    Wed: French Dip Sandwiches made in the slower cooker
    Thurs: Chicken Cattiator served over rice with a side salad
    Friday: eat out
    Sat: not sure

  20. 20

    this week:
    shrimp alfredo
    philly cheesesteak sandwiches
    bbq beef and chicken kabobs
    salmon, roasted potatoes, spinach
    pork chops and rice casserole with peas
    mexican lasagna
    eating out

  21. 21

    * Sunday – dinner with friends – I’m bringing the burger buns (Onion Buns from King Arthur Flour)
    * Monday – lettuce and rice paper wraps with sautéed chicken and cashews, rice, grated carrot and cucumber, basil and cilantro. Something for dessert – it’s the last day of school
    * Tuesday – Warm beans and balsamic salad and Vidalia Onion Pie. (the salad is from Weeknight Kitchen)
    * Wednesday – have to see what moves me, the sous chef asked about a spaghetti tart (I wonder what we could come up with for that)
    * Thursday – Black Bean Crock Pot Soup, Brown Rice
    * Friday or Saturday – Alpaca Day – I have no idea yet – we should be shearing alpacas with friends one day and family pizza night the other day
    * Sunday – Vegetable Frittata, biscuits, fresh fruit

  22. 22

    Just got back from a fabulous weekend in Medford with family…now back to the daily grind :/ Why can’t life just be grandma’s cooking and dinner at breweries?

    Mon: Bacon and broccoli stuffed chicken, roasted red potatoes, salad
    Tue: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn
    Wed: Baked parmesan chicken, sauteed zucs, bread
    Thr: Stroganoff, salad
    Fri: Taco pasta bake
    Sat: Philly cheesesteak sammies, oven fries
    Sun: Nachos maybe…still haven’t decided

  23. 23

    Sun – Brocolli Pierogi with walnuts
    Mon – pasta salad, cheese & crackers, orange/apple slices
    Tues – salad, popcorn shrimp, fries, rolls
    Wed – hot ham ‘n’ swiss sandwiches, chips
    Thurs – turkey patties with cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes
    Fri – zucchini fritata, croissants, grits
    Sat – Monte Cristo sandwiches dipped in whole cranberry sauce

  24. 24

    Wow, I’ve totally fallen off the food-blog face of the earth, but I’m trying to get my mojo back. So I wandered over in search of some inspiration and see a link to one of my recipes, ha. Thanks Jane, hope you enjoy the flautas!

  25. M–Baked potatoes w/ mustard greens, New Zealand spinach, asparagus, & garlic scapes.
    Tu–Stinging Nettles Soup; Rabbit, Hunter Style; Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble
    W–Indian-inspired Chickpea Curry w/ Turnip Greens & Radishes, over millet; Kheer; Gin and Tonics
    Th–Potluck party–take a quinoa-chickpeas-mustard greens-sweet potato salad
    Fr–Rice Pasta with any veggies in the fridge or garden; salad

  26. 26

    Very busy this week!
    M: Cold fried chicken
    T: Burgers and corn
    W: Shredded pork tacos
    T: Macaroni & Cheese
    F: Frittata
    S: Pig roast! With homeade baked beans & homemade potato salad, chopped salad, fruit salad, corn on the cob. Cake and ice cream!
    S: Leftovers

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