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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 219 Menu

Daffodils are being sold in all my local grocery stores. I love this time of year, spring is on the way! I know some of you had more snow this weekend…don’t worry, spring really is coming! These daffodils told me so.

Well, last week was okay. As you know, I made spaghetti and meatballs, but that’s about all I cooked all week! I think the pregnancy nausea may be starting to subside, but each day is a surprise for how I’m going to feel. Therefore, I’m still planning a laid-back menu.

– Baked potatoes and, I don’t know, chicken sausage or something (I have four potatoes that need to get used!)

Stuffed Peppers – I still haven’t made them despite being on the menu last week, but I’m really wanting them, so hopefully the stars finally align!

– Leftovers

– Homemade margherita pizza

– Eat out

Orange chicken

– Breakfast for dinner…Yorkshire Pudding, recipe to come this Tuesday!

Can’t wait to see your menus for this week – please share!


  1. We’re really trying to enjoy the spring weather here in FL with bike rides and sidewalk chalk. It’s been beautiful, but we know that the hotter-than-hades season is just around the corner!

    Sunday: Braised Short Ribs (PW) and veggie couscous
    Tuesday: Chicken & Spinach Enchiladas from the freezer (didn’t get to them last week)
    Wednesday: Dinner at church
    Thursday: Grill night – chicken and veggies
    Friday: Chicken Pot Pie from freezer
    Saturday: Date night!! Out to Bistro Aix!

  2. 2

    Where did you find white daffodils? They are beautiful, I have never seen them before!

    • Jane Maynard

      they were just among the bunches at my local Safeway – not even a fancy flower shop or anything! πŸ™‚ We also have daffodils at Trader Joe’s, and once in a while a white one will sneak in there, too. But Safeway had whole bunches of them. And I LOVE the white ones with the orange centers – so fun!

  3. 3

    Meatball Sliders, Homemade Baked Fries (from last week)
    Asian Beef with Sugar Snap Peas, Brown Rice
    Tomato Tortellini Soup, Grilled Cheese
    BLT Sandwiches, Tangy Dill Potato Salad
    Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Banana Pudding
    Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese
    Pancakes, Sausage

  4. I’m so disappointed in our daffodils…they were so beautiful until we had 6 straight days of rain. Now they’re droopy. Don’t think they’ll recover. πŸ™

    Here’s our menu:
    Sunday: philly cheesesteak sandwiches
    Monday: dinner out
    Tuesday: white bean chicken chili
    Wednesday: salmon and risotto: )
    Thursday: chicken enchiladas
    Friday: leftovers
    Saturday: sweet and sour chicken

  5. 5

    Sunday-Chicken burritos w/ Spanish rice,chips and salsa/queso cheese
    Monday- Quinoa Casserole w/ grilled veggies
    Tuesday- Chicken & leftover veggies on grilled pizza
    Wednesday- Crock pot Pot Roast & Homeade sourdough bread & fresh green beans
    Thursday- Eggplant parm & antipasto salad
    Friday- Shrimp Scampi w/ brocolli &garlic bread
    Saturday-Out for dinner/take out :))

  6. Eek. My wife managed to dodge morning sickness and nausea. The only food she lost her flavor for was broccoli. The smell of steamed broccoli made her wretch. Good luck with the stuffed peppers.

    Monday: Soup…thinking tomato and quinoa ( since the weather is still looking crappy in the northeast
    Tuesday: Miso-marinated salmon.
    Wednesday: Chicken and edamame stir-fry with rice noodles (
    Thursday: Thinking pasta of some sort, though it’s still very much TBD.
    Friday: Out.
    Saturday: Dinner at friends’ house. I’m sure it won’t be nearly as good as what I would have made.

  7. It’s funny that you are seeing the first signs of spring, whereas we are finally feeling relief from the heat of summer! With the inkling of cool weather, all I can think about are soups.

    Monday: moosewood’s minestrone soup
    Tuesday: (boyfriend cooking) pumpkin and red lentil soup
    Wednesday: housemate cooking
    Thursday: Peppers stuffed with quinoa (how funny i already planned that before I saw yours)
    Friday: indian takeaway

    Have a lovely week πŸ™‚

    • Jane Maynard

      ha ha! yes, and I am done with soups and can’t wait for salad and fruit!! πŸ™‚

  8. 8
    Angela C

    Sunday:Grilled garlic chicken sausage, baked beans and salad
    Monday: Chicken, black bean & spinach enchiladas
    Tuesday: Hawaiian chicken w/ brown rice & grilled pineapple
    Wednesday: Chicken & asparagus stir-fry
    Thursday: Chipolte chicken panini w/ spinach & strawberry salad
    Friday: Pizza & Movie Night

  9. 9

    Monday: chicken enchiladas
    Tues: Dad’s in charge (I’m out with the girls – yay!)
    Wed: gnocchi with asparagus, salad & garlic bread
    Thurs: out or leftovers
    Fri: Australian rissoles (yummy meatballs), salad & bread
    Sat: lemon chicken, broccoli & rice pilaf
    Sun: out or breakfast or ???

  10. 10

    This is actually my menu from last week, but I thought I would share anyway!

    Monday: Mediterranean Chicken with Potatoes
    Tuesday: Pasta with goat cheese, spinach and chicken
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Spring Risotto
    Friday: Eat out
    Saturday: Barley Salad with Chickpeas and Arugula
    Sunday: Chinese take out

    All of my recipes are here for everyone to enjoy:

  11. 11

    sun: out
    mon: mixed greens with grilled salmon, avocado, and egg
    tues: cap’n crunch chicken (but using Kashi Honey Sunshine), bacon wrapped sweet potatoes(!), green beans
    weds: italian white beans with kale over polenta
    thurs: double broccoli quinoa
    fri: indian pizza
    sat: chicken pot pie

  12. 12

    Daffodils for the American Cancer Society!

    • Jane Maynard

      yes, for sure! I was thinking, when I used to work in an office there was a woman who sold them and we all always bought them for ACS…such a good cause!

  13. Pretty flowers πŸ™‚ My daffodils got pummeled with hail this afternoon so now they are looking sad.

    Monday – Sour Cream Noodle Bake (from The Pioneer Woman)
    Tuesday – Mushroom Soup and Bread (from Joy The Baker)
    Wednesday – Lemon Pasta (another one from The Pioneer Woman)
    Thursday – Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas and Rice
    Friday – Homemade Pizza, not sure what kind yet
    Saturday – Out
    Sunday – Out

  14. 14

    Monday: Soup and bread- ground venison, lots of veggies.
    Tuesday: Cheese, onion, and bread souffles with leftover bread. How can I make this dinner?
    Wednesday: Spanish rice (has carrots, corn, onions, tomatoes!) with black beans and grilled corn tortillas.
    Thursday: Tilapia with lentil and vodka sauce
    Friday: Mashed potatoes, broccoli and frozen chicken cordon bleu.
    Saturday: Pasta/Alfredo/Roasted portobellos. Maybe I’ll do some Jane-style chicken…
    Sunday: Leftovers!

    Thursday: I had a dish lined with smoked tomato puree, then lentils, and topped with salmon at a local restaurant…trying a spin with what I’ve got!

  15. 15

    Trying out a few Indian recipes from a book I picked up at the library this week – “At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple Delectable Dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka”. I’ve never made “real” Indian food (hence the reason I picked a book with *simple* in the title), so it’ll be an interesting experience.

    Sunday: Spice-rubbed Pork loin, Olive oil & rosemary couscous, Steamed vegetables.
    Monday – Meatless Monday: Egg curry, Chard with ginger & garlic, chapati
    Tuesday: French Dip sandwiches, Oven Fries, Fresh fruit
    Wednesday: Tandoori chicken, Chickpeas & mushrooms, Seasoned radishes
    Thursday: Turkey Chappali kebabs, Jasmine rice, Yogurt with spinach
    Friday – Pizza Night: Pepperoni pizza, Green salad
    Saturday: Sweet & spice meatballs, Garlic-scallion noodles

  16. 16
    Amy M.

    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling better! Prayers that it will pass soon. Have a great week.

    Swimming Lessons- Dinner at Life Time
    Chicken with Italian Sweet and Sour Fennel and Creamy Polenta (carry over from last week)
    Crab Cakes with Radish and Squash Slaw. Herbed Rice with Peas.
    Slow Cooker Pork Carnita Tacos with Chimichurri Sauce. Spicy Baked Beans
    Herb Crusted Chicken with Feta Sauce. Browned Butter Orzo with Basil
    Dinner out
    Dina’s Mini Meatloaves (I usually don’t make mine mini:) Plus, I am going to try these with ground turkey

  17. My hubs and I cooked up a storm this weekend, so I’ve gone some leftovers to work through!
    Sunday- Pasta Bolognese
    Monday- Leftover Buffalo Chicken Pizza
    Tuesday- Leftover bolognese
    Wednesday- Spicy Shrimp Pasta Dish
    Thursday- Chickpea Curry
    Friday- Leftovers
    Saturday- Pulled Pork Sandwiches

  18. 18

    Sigh. We were some of the unlucky ones to get snow today. I’ve got spring fever bad! Keeping things simple once again this week.

    Sunday: BBQ chicken salad wraps
    Monday: Pancakes
    Tuesday: Chana masala
    Wednesday: Baked cinnamon yams with cornbread muffins and salad
    Thursday: Egg sandwiches
    Friday: Tomato and spinach tortellini with tuna
    Saturday: Leftovers/eat out

  19. Monday: Sweet & Spicy Chicken
    Tuesday: Loaded Baked Potatoes
    Wednesday: Eat Out
    Thursday: Left Overs
    Friday: Beefy enchiladas (maybe) need to do something with groudn turky
    Saturday: Trout – not sure how were having it yet :/
    Sunday: Crock Pot something. Roast Mabye.

    Now what about lunches?! … We’ve got dinner down, but what does everyone do for lunch? Left overs, ramen, and sandwhiches are getting old πŸ™

    • Jane Maynard

      ugh, I hate lunchtime. I have very little good suggestions on the subject. too many meals in the day to plan!! πŸ˜‰

  20. My menu is up at! I’m going to try and redeem my usually failing grade at making Chinese with your Spicy Orange Chicken recipe. Wish me luck!

    • Jane Maynard

      the Spicy Orange Chicken recipe isn’t Chinese…it’s more of a mild saucy chicken dish…BUT…it IS delicious and will make you feel like a great cook anyway! πŸ˜‰

  21. 21

    I love sharing meal plans to help gather ideas! I am glad I came across your website!
    My menu is up at
    I also am LOVING the daffodils! I actually took a photo of them on a walk and that was part of my post!
    Have a great week!

  22. 22

    Sunday: Taco, chips and guacamole, pineapple
    Monday; Breakfast for Dinner: Egg Sandwiches, pineapple
    Tuesday: Shrimp, Orzo, Salad
    Wednesday: Hubby cooks. Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, potato wedges, green beans
    Thursday: Hubbby cooks. Spaghetti, garlic breadsticks, salad
    Friday: Out with friends, Kids get pizza
    Saturday: Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans

  23. 23

    S: Homemade Pizza & salad
    M: Oven fried chicken, baked potatoes & Bubba’s salad
    T: Unknown; see what looks good at store
    W: Toasted Italian grinders, sweet potato fries
    T: Pasta Primavera, Mango poppyseed salad
    F: Out
    S: Turkey Meatball sliders, spinach salad w/strawberries (?)

  24. 24

    Ahh, the daffodils we had didn’t last long, but maybe it’s time to pick up some more!

    Sunday – Spanakopita
    Monday – Baked potato soup and spinach melts (melts are a hold over from last week)
    Tuesday – salad with lettuce from our first farmer’s market in the area and tofu, pepper, celery, carrots, nuts and dried cherries
    Wednesday – Curried sweet potato and lentil soup
    Thursday – PW’s bacon, leek and potato pizza
    Friday – hotdogs
    Saturday – Dutch baby pancake

  25. 25

    Monday – baked spaghetti/salad
    Tue- homemade mac and cheese/broccoli/pork loin in oven
    Wed- tacos
    Thur- pizza
    Frid- leftovers or out
    saturday – poppyseed chicken casserole (I bought from church sale)
    Sunday – grilled bbq pork shoulder

  26. 26

    Last night – chicken tacos
    Monday – egg, bacon pasta
    Tuesday – chicken stir fry
    Wednesday – out for daughter’s show
    Thursday – baked potato bar
    Friday – homemade pizza
    Saturday – vodka penne

    Happy eating!

  27. 27

    Sunday: Orange braised chicken with herbs, wild rice salad with roasted veggies and sherry vinaigrette
    Monday: Salmon blts on homemade sunflower bread, veggie chips, fruit
    Tuesday: Slow cooker — veggie pot pie with cheesy puff pastry crusts
    Wednesday: Pork cutlets with red peppers, sweet potato gnocchi, greens
    Thursday: Chicken, rice, and broccoli casserole, salad
    Friday: Fend night
    Saturday: Slow cooker — meatball subs, fruit, greens

    The plan for the month is up at

  28. 28
    Mrs. Day

    Spring was here last night. Now it’s a raining NYC day-perfect mood for my day spent at Jury Duty. Weekend was busy with out-of-town guest and parties; still need to go grocery shopping, but I’m thinking the week will go like this…if I don’t have to sit on a trial!

    M-Blackened fish, roasted mushrooms, and sauteed spinach
    T-Fresh pasta with veggies?
    W-Veggie sandwich with goat cheese and soup
    R-Pork and Broccoli stirfry with ginger?
    F-Black beans and rice?
    Sa-Order out?

  29. 29

    Yesterday: Rotini with Chicken Sausages and Salad
    Monday: Grilled Steak Salad
    Tuesday: White Bean Soup (Kitchen Daily) and homemade bread
    Wednesday: Chicken Souvlaki (Cooking Light) and Greek Salad
    Thursday: Homemade Pizza and Salad
    Friday: Grilled Tuna with Avocado Tomato Salsa, Orzotto (Orzo “Risotto)
    Saturday: Something on the Grill, it’s supposed to be 80!

  30. 30

    Sunday – grilled chicken with lime bbq marinade, couscous, asparagus
    Monday – Salad with leftover chicken
    Tuesday – baked ziti with chicken sausage, salad
    Wednesday – Tex-mex crockpot chicken with rice
    Thursday – grilled tilapia, zucchini and sweet potato fries
    Friday – homemade pizza
    Saturday – out

  31. 31

    Sunday: Take&Bake Pizza, veggies & dip
    Monday: Ham & Cheese Sliders (Annie’s Eats)
    Cauliflower Soup (PW)
    Tuesday: Turkey Meatloaf, Homemade Mac & Cheese
    (both from Annies’ Eats, steamed carrots
    Wednesday: Crispy Oven Baked Chicken & Baked brown rice
    (both from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe), steamed broccoli
    Thursday: Leftovers!
    Friday: Some type of meatless pasta dish
    Saturday: Hamburgers on grill

  32. 32

    Happy Monday, Jane!

    Sunday: chicken pot pie with biscuit crust
    Monday: sloppy Joe’s with homemade oven fries
    Tuesday: spaghetti with chicken meatballs in marinara
    Wed: soup & salad dinner at church
    Thurs: pan-fried cod in a corn-bread crust (fingers crossed)
    Friday: oven roasted chicken? (evening plans in the air)
    Saturday: take-out (or that roasted chicken from Friday)

    Busy, busy times here with two kids in two different sports and all that spring throws my way. Love those daffodils, I’m going to try and find some for a dinner party I’m hosting on Sunday.

  33. 33

    Those flowers make me smile.

    Sunday: take out with friends
    Monday: roasted chicken with potatoes and asparagus
    Tuesday: leftovers
    Wednesday: sausage with roasted beet, citrus and feta salad
    Thursday: california burgers with oven fries
    Friday: poached eggs on toast with bacon and melon
    Saturday: supper club

    Dessert: homemade chocolate ice cream and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

  34. 34

    Monday: Spaghetti w/marinara and roasted veggies, fruit salad
    Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner
    Wednesday: Pedicures and dinner out with work ladies
    Thursday: Chicken tacos and white queso nachos
    Friday: Vegas! Margaritaville
    Saturday: Vegas! Delmonico
    Sunday: Vegas! CraftSteak

  35. 35
    Janna M

    Sat – Steak Fricot
    Sun – General Tso’s Chicken
    Mon – Steak au Poivre
    Tues – Chicken fingers
    Wed – Eggs & sausages
    Thurs – leftovers
    Fri – Western Sandwiches

  36. 36

    Monday–Chicken & veg curry, brown rice
    Tuesday-Spashetti with meatballs
    Wednesday-Soup from freezer, some kind of bread or biscuits, salad
    Thursday-Subway or other out
    Friday-possible overnight trip.

    If we are here on the weekend I really want to try that Asain salmon recipe you posted, Jane. Hope your week goes well!

  37. 37

    Monday- steak, salad, hasselback potatoes
    Tuesday- chicken & wild rice soup
    Wednesday- spaghetti pie
    Thursday- taco soup, tortilla chips, fruit
    Friday- leftovers
    Saturday- pizza or other take out
    Sunday-breakfast for dinner

  38. 38

    Sunday: Chicken with 40 cloves of Garlic; rice pilaf
    Monday: Crabcakes & Pinky Pasta (Mad Hungry)
    Tuesday: TJ’s Maui Ribs & Jasmine Rice
    Wednesday: Spaghetti Bolognese
    Thursday: Beef with Peppers (PW)
    Friday: Fish Fry @ church
    Saturday: ??

  39. Hubby’s out of town, so pretty basic this week…
    Monday: Taco Bell
    Tuesday: Chicken and Rice and Corn
    Wednesday: Left Overs
    Thursday: Mac and Cheese and Apples
    Friday: McDonalds
    Saturday: Crunchy Honey Chicken
    Sunday: Breakfast for dinner

  40. 40
    Angie .

    With the fiance out of town this week, my food bill was cut by 60%! I’m liking this…

    Sun – frozen pizza
    Mon – chicken orzo salad (eat the rest for lunch this week)
    Tue – carne asada tacos
    Wed – “unbelievable” chicken w/ veggies
    Thu – leftover tacos
    Fri – leftover chicken & veggies
    Sat – out to eat!

  41. 41

    Here is our menu for this week:

    Monday-mac & cheese with fruit
    Tuesday-orange chicken
    Wednesday-homemade pizza
    Thursday-crockpot king ranch casserole
    Fri-Sun-Husband and two youngest kids on their own while I am down with our oldest for Mom’s weekend at her college….

  42. 42
    Erika B.

    It’s an odd week. No CSA and too much to do. This is optimistic and might degrade to drive thru.

    Monday-Take Out Falafel Sandwiches Yeah!
    Tuesday-Sweet and Sour Chicken (Trader Joe’s), Jasmine Rice, Artichokes and Apples
    Wednesday-Leftover Chicken Dinner
    Friday-Scrambled Eggs with Corn, Rolls, Oranges

  43. A brand new week!
    Nah, nah, nah…. Another one bites the dust….

    M: Spaghetti Bolognese
    T: Lime, Paprika & Honey Glazed Chicken
    W: Freezer night
    T: Mish’s Chicken Pie
    F: Leftover Pie
    S: Stirfry Beef & Noodles
    S: Creamy Tomato, Roast Pumpkin & Baby Spinach Penne

    Don’t forget to check out for some more menu ideas and featured recipes Γ’β„’Β₯

  44. 44

    What a great blog! I’ve been doing menu plans for the week for a while not. It’s satisfying to be able to share them!
    M: Chicken Supreme (chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce) with brown rice and broccoli
    T:Beef Tacos with lettuce, salsa and cheese
    W: Chicken crepes
    T: Either stuffed bell peppers or burritos (some way to use leftover beef taco)
    F: Herbes de Province crusted salmon fillets with roasted onions, zuccini, tomatoes and potatoes
    S: Roasted vegetable and cheese frittata
    S: Take out or soup and home-made flatbread pizza

  45. 45

    Sorry, I meant, “for a while NOW’ not ‘for a while not’!

  46. 46

    I’m recovering from a horrendous chest cold this week, so mine is fairly easy, relying on my husband and slow cooker to do most of the work…

    Sat – take out wonton soup
    Sun – chicken pot pie
    Mon – bbq pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato fries, broccoli
    Tues – homemade pizza
    Wed – spaghetti w/ italian sausage
    Thurs – chicken caesar salad
    Fri – BFD

  47. 47

    Posting super late this week…
    Sun. Homemade Buffalo Wings and Teriyaki Wings w/celery sticks
    Mon. Lemon Pepper Haddock w/green salad
    Tues. Grilled Blade Steak w/green salad
    Wed. Take Out
    Thurs. Grilled Pork Chop (w/Cajun Spices) w/Braised Greens
    Fri. Chicken Stir Fry
    Sat. Fend For Yourself

  48. 48

    Monday – Dinner Out
    Tuesday – Bar-b-cue Pork Shoulder, Black Beans, Greens, & Biscuits
    Wednesday – Rotisserie Chicken, Salad, Strawberries, Biscuits
    Thursday – Dinner Out
    Friday – Herb Chicken and Salad
    Saturday – Bar-b-cue
    Sunday – Leftovers

    Really enjoying your blog. It’s giving me lots of great ideas as I enter the wonderful world of cooking!

    Thank you.

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