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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 248 Menu

My sister-in-law Jessica is with us this week helping out. Which is why I have this delicious raspberry cream cheese croissant muffin for breakfast. She knows how to spoil us!

She also is planning to make dinner for us every night she is here. So, my meal plan was SUPER easy to put together for you this week because Jess had already planned it. Plus she did all the grocery shopping. What an angel!

– Tacos

Orange Chicken
– Rice and Veggie

– Kielbasa and rice

– Hamburgers and homemade onion rings

– Leftovers

– Eat Out

Tuscan Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

Now it’s your turn – please share your menu for the week, no matter how plain or fancy it might be!


  1. Sunday: Leftovers from yesterday’s birthday party!
    Monday: Chicken Pad Thai with bok choy from CSA basket
    Tuesday: Yorkshire Pudding (TWFD) with cranberry sauce….ready for Thanksgiving!
    Wednesday: Dinner at church
    Thursday: Back by popular demand……Carrot Mac and Cheese (Three Many Cooks) and roasted parsnip and avocado salad from CSA basket
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out

  2. That muffin looks yummy!

    Sunday: Chicken Fried Rice

    Monday: Grandma’s Meatloaf, Garlic Scalloped Potatoes, and Brussels Sprouts

    Tuesday: Parisian Chicken, Ceaser Salad and Crusty French Bread

    Wednesday: Beef and Cheese Enchiladas

    Thursday: Beef Stew with homemade bread

    Friday: Leftovers

    Saturday: Fish and Chips

    You can find links and recipes at

  3. that muffin looks fantastic! here’s what we have going on this week:

    Monday: Lemon Poppy Seed Chicken with Green Pea & Mint Couscous
    Tuesday: class for me, Benโ€™s making wings
    Wednesday: Peppercorn Pork with Wine Sauce
    Thursday: Potato Soup
    Friday-Sunday: out of town

  4. 4

    sunday – Ham and mac & cheese
    monday – indian style chicken with rice
    tuesday – leftovers
    wednesday – sausages with peppers and onions
    thursday – chicken enchiladas
    friday – maybe soup?
    saturday – out

  5. Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner — French Toast Sticks with Maple Syrup and Turkey Bacon
    Monday: Egg, Cheddar, and Broccoli Bread Pudding
    Tuesday: French Bread Pizza, Brussels Sprouts
    Wednesday: Garden Tuna Melts, Sauteed Spinach
    Thursday: Quesadilla Night
    Friday: Slow-Cooker Pot Roast and Veggies, Kasha Varnishkas, and Apple Cider Floats

  6. 6

    Sunday: Stuffed Pumpkin – haven’t gotten to it yet, but tonight it goes down!
    Monday: Salmon Burgers and zucchini pancakes
    Tuesday: Roast beef and mashed potatoes
    Wednesday: Plantation chicken (chicken breasts covered with Italian dressing and bread crumbs, bake at 350 covered for 20min, uncovered 10min or until done) and veggies
    Thursday: leftovers
    Friday: Pizza

    • Hey Steph, is the Italian dressing just regular salad dressing like “House Italian”?! I’d like to try that recipe! Also, I have the dry Italian Bread crumbs; is that what you used?!

  7. Aww, Jessica sounds like an angel!

    Mon: Pasta with tomato and garlic sauce, salad
    Tue: Sausage and mash, onion gravy, peas
    Wed-Fri: On a business trip to Rome. Husband’s fending for himself
    Sat: Lamb ragu and sweetcorn polenta
    Sun: Dinner at mum’s

    • Jane Maynard

      she IS an angel. in fact, she’s an angelic workhorse…nate and I keep telling her to stop working so hard! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 8

    Sunday: Pot Roast in the crock Pot
    Monday: Southwestern Chicken Soup
    Tuesday: Sloppy Joe’s
    Wednesday: Verde Enchiladas
    Thursday: Meatless Jambalaya
    Friday: Surf and Turf (steak and shrimp, husband’s choice)
    Saturday: out

  9. 9

    Sunday-spiral baked ham and potato pancakes
    Monday-potato soup using ham leftovers
    Tuesday- chicken pot pie
    Weds-McGriddle meatballs (sausage meatballs with diced pancakes and maple syrup) and breakfast taters
    Thurs-crock pot spaghetti for 6 men
    Fri-going out for dinner sans kids

  10. 10

    Thats so sweet of your sister in law to help you out! Heres the plan for this week. We are doing quite a bit of entertaining this week so hopefully all goes well:

    Sunday: out
    monday: burgers and oven fries, steamed brocoli
    tuesday: chicken fried rice, dumplings or spring rolls from the freezer
    wednesday: daughters bday party at a local habachi place, dessert at our house after—homemade vanilla cupcakes with pink icing, chocolate chip cookies, mini cups of vanilla gelato, homemade lemonade
    thursday: salad, chicken noodle soup w/ baguette, leftover desserts
    friday: buttered egg noodles topped with roasted brocoli, garlic bread and salad
    saturday: family dinner party @ our house—baguette, cheese and fruit platter,crescent rolls, chicken milanese, sliced filet mignon with melted herb butter, mashed potatoes, string beans, big cake and mini tarts and cupcakes from the local bakery

  11. 11
    Michelle D

    Monday: Kung po chicken with brown rice
    Tuesday: hearty chicken soup
    Wednesday: stuffed shells, salad and asparagus
    Thursday: chicken and scalloped sweet potatoes , green beans
    Friday: left overs
    Saturday: Mexican lasagna, salad
    Sunday: ham, cheese and broc casserole

  12. 12

    Sunday – Rib Steak with baked potato and green beans
    Monday = Pasta with tomato meat sauce, pull apart garlic bread
    Tuesday – Italian Beef sandwiches, coleslaw, veggies and dip
    Wednesday – Shrimp in old bay seasoning with potato salad
    Thursday – Sirloin steak, noodles in gravy and peas
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – Local high school band sub with wedding soup

  13. 13

    You’re so fortunate you have family to help!
    Here’s our menu for the week:
    Sun: Zuppa Tuscana, foccacia bread
    Mon: chicken fajitas, pico de gallo, Mexican rice and refried beans
    Tues: mushroom chicken with zucchini (like panda express)white rice
    Wed: pizza monkey bread, salad
    Thurs: red beans & rice, smoked sausage, coleslaw
    Fri: out
    Sat: pork loin with bread stuffing, country green beans

    • Jane Maynard

      I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the family help…no one lives nearby, so they all have to fly in, and several of our helpers weren’t planning on it until the c-section happened. we are lucky to have such a wonderful family on both sides!!!

  14. 14

    I’m so happy Jess is there, but can’t help wishing we’d be there soon too.

    I usually don’t contribute to this, because I’m never prepared. BUT, I have at least a few meals planned this week, so here it goes…

    Sunday: Chimento Chicken with steamed asparagus
    Monday: Kielbasa with sauerkraut and funeral potatoes
    Tuesday: Leftovers
    Wednesday: Beef Stew
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: I think Christian has man-ish plans for chicken wings
    Saturday: Probably eat-out

  15. Sunday – hearty oatmeal (we’re in need of some comfort food)
    Monday – grilled salmon and roasted potatoes
    Tuesday – calzones
    Wednesday – leftovers
    Thursday – potato/leek soup
    Friday – dinner out
    Saturday – white bean and chicken chili

  16. 16

    Here’s my week:

    Sunday: Lasagna’s Cousin – Spaghetti Bake

    Monday: Shrimp Risotto

    Tuesday – I’m out – Family has leftovers

    Wednesday – Pumpkin soup and bread (skipped this last week)

    Thursday – Cobb Salad and bread

    Friday – Out at Halloween carnival

    Saturday – tacos?

  17. 17

    Sunday: Steak, Baked Potatoes & roasted Brussel Sprouts
    Monday: Tacos
    Tuesday: Pizza
    Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner (eggs+sausage+hashbrowns)
    Thursday: Stuffed Peppers
    Friday: Turkey Meatloaf with feta & sundried tomatoes; orzo
    Saturday: ??

  18. 18
    Lynn BB

    Sunday: Chicken parmesan w/pasta
    Monday: Chicken sausage and corn saute
    Tuesday: Chicken fajitas
    Wednesday: Creamy turkey sausage pasta (made ahead!)
    Thursday: Turkey burgers
    Friday: Pork tenderloin
    Saturday: ???

  19. 19

    M – oyakodon and veggie sautรƒยฉ.
    T – bean and veggie soup
    W – stirfry
    Th – tonjiru(pork soup w/ veggies)
    F – shepherd’s pie
    Sa – pizza and if we’re lucky, trick or treating on the US base
    Sun – salad. Bring rolls for church potluck

  20. My menu plan for this week is pretty easy too. We’re still getting meals from friends all week. I however do need to plan a trip to the grocery store and a menu for next week. I’d rather go to the store on a day when I’m getting food so I don’t have to shop and cook all in one day. I’m not sure I have enough energy for that yet.

  21. 21

    Sun – grilled chicken tenderloins, roasted sweet potatoes, grilled romaine with bacon and red onion
    Mon – Parmesan tilapia, wild rice, salad
    Tues – Tacos
    Weds – Leftover grilled chicken in sandwiches, butternut squash soup
    Thurs – Teriyaki pork tenderloin, eggplant, corn
    Fri – Leftovers
    Sat – out

  22. 22
    Angie .

    Sun – Hatch green chile sausage sub w/ grilled peppers & onions
    Mon – Turkey pepperoni calzones
    Tue – Cincinatti Chili (4-way)
    Wed – Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
    Thu – Hatch green chile burgers
    Fri – Ground turkey tacos w/ pico de gallo rice pilaf
    Sat – leftovers?

  23. 23

    Sun: Sloppy Joes, sweet potato fries, carrots/celery
    Mon: Paprika Chicken, spaetzle, broccoli
    Tues: Leftovers
    Wed: Turkey and Bean Chili (Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)
    Thurs: Leftover Chili and paninis
    Fri: Meatloaf, mac & cheese (trying new recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)
    Sat: Leftovers or Out

  24. That muffin looks yummy!
    Sunday: Chicken Fried Rice
    Monday: Grandmaโ€™s Meatloaf, Garlic Scalloped Potatoes, and Brussels Sprouts
    Tuesday: Parisian Chicken, Ceaser Salad and Crusty French Bread
    Wednesday: Creamy turkey sausage pasta (made ahead!)
    Thursday: Turkey burgers
    Friday: Pork tenderloin
    Saturday: ???

  25. 25

    Menu planning was tough this week.
    S- Sloppy Joes and Sweet Potato Fries (didn’t get to this last week)
    M- Bison Burgers and Macaroni Salad
    T- Sheperd’s Pie
    W- Fend For Yourself (I have class)
    Th- Calzones
    F- Take Out
    S- ???

  26. 26

    I am checking out after Thursday this week: so that it is a super short week for me!
    Meatless Monday: Breakfast for dinner: Pancakes and fruit
    Tuesday: Carne Asada and corn on the cob
    Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas, refried beans
    Thursday: Leftovers, what ever can be found in the fridge

    Up at:

  27. 27

    First of all, sorry it’s so late…congratulations on your new baby boy! I’m so happy for you.

    MON: Picnic in the Park. Pick up dinner at a BBQ restaurant and eat at a park. My mom used to do this with us kids once in awhile and I totally forgot about it until I was at the park last week with my 9-month old.

    TUE: Chicken meatballs from Sam’s Club wrapped in lettuce with a drizzle of hoisin sauce.

    WED: Classic beef tacos.

    THU: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Panera brand from Sam’s Club). I don’t live near a Costco (I know. The horror.) thus the Sam’s Club references.

    FRI: Order pizza.

    SAT: Salmon, quinoa, broccoli.

    Have you ever done a call for recipes for quinoa? I’m looking for a recipe for a warm quinoa “side.”

  28. 28

    I was wondering if you could share the recipe for that muffin! It looks delicious!!!

    Sunday, waffles and honey crisp apples
    Monday, meatloaf
    Tuesday, tacos
    Wednesday, spaghetti
    Thursday, chili
    Friday, pizza
    Saturday leftovers

    • Jane Maynard

      sadly, no recipe! it was from one of our local grocery stores. the bread part was croissant, but they had obviously cooked it in a muffin shaped tin – the inside had a cream cheese filling and was topped with the raspberry jelly stuff. it was delish!

  29. 29
    Jane Maynard

    as always, LOVE all the menus…keep ’em coming!

  30. 30

    Last week was CRAZY and the menu went right out the window. I am confident that I can do much better this week! I hope you and Owen and the rest of the family are settling into a routine that makes things easier on you.

    Sunday: Pulled pork BBQ (crockpot), roasted herbed potatoes, turnip greens

    Monday: Leftover pulled pork, leftover turnips, corn on the cob

    Tuesday: Red beans and rice with Kielbasa

    Wednesday: something with chicken as yet TBD

    Thursday: Quick chicken noodle soup (with leftover chicken from Wednesday’s mystery meal)

    Friday: leftovers

    Saturday: leftovers or out to eat

  31. Monday
    London Broil
    Baked Potatoes
    Green salad

    Steak Salads (using last night’s steak) with blue cheese, dried cranberries, green apples, pecans and baby arugula

    Pumpkin Ravioli with pecans, oven dried tomatoes and brown butter-sherry sauce
    Arugula salad with lemon and parmesan

    French Bread Pizza with olives and oven dried tomatoes
    Carrot Salad

    Shrimp and Grits
    Buttermilk Biscuits
    Baked Apples

  32. 32

    Guess I’m not much of a planner…
    But I think it’s a great idea.
    Next week I’m going to plan all of my meals!


  33. Oh my goodness, I’ve been so pre-occupied (my in-laws are here from CA) that I forgot to post my menu!

    Sunday – Alfredo Spinach & Cheese Ravioli, Garlic Knots & Salad with Litehouse Parmesan Garlic Dressing (my new fave!)
    Monday – Sushi Take-Out (MMMM!!!!)
    Tuesday – Hubby & I are driving to Sedona (AZ) for fun (while the in-laws babysit the kids! Heaveeeeen!) so we’ll probably go out to dinner aloooone somewhere (just to take advantage of the time ALONE). ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wednesday – BBQ Steak, Baked Potatoes & Salad
    Thursday – Orange Chicken, White Rice, Asparagus
    Friday – Spaghetti and Meatballs w/ Cheesy Onion bread & Salad
    Saturday – Rotisserie Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Greenbeans

    NOTES: For the Cheesy Bread I’m trying this new recipe! Looks deliiiicious!

  34. 34

    best home made corn dogs –

    spicy hot dogs or regular hot dogs for the kiddos.
    jiffy corn bread mix

    mix the jiffy mix as instructed. Let it sit for a minute, then add a little milk to thin it out.

    place a dog on a skewer
    pour the corn mix over the dog, letting the excess run off
    dunk the dog into the fryer until golden brown
    remove from fryer and let cool a few minutes

  35. 35

    so late, and still planning…
    Sat – fondue night!
    Sun – homemade pizza, salad
    Mon – pork, butternut squash, apples, onions (crockpot), brussel sprouts (pork turned out too dry!)
    Tues – leftover pulled pork sandwiches, melon, veggies
    Wed – don’t know (maybe breakfast dinner?)
    Thurs – Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches (I might give the Tuscan tomato soup a try!)
    Fri – dinner at Nana’s!

  36. 36

    better late than never!

    mon – out
    tues – gyoza and pancakes
    wed – grilled chicken salad
    thurs – sirloin steak with mash and green beans
    fri – lasagne and salad
    sat – chicken pasta bake and salad
    sun – stirfry and brown rice

  37. 37

    Sat – Beef stew, fresh bread
    Sun – french onion soup
    Mon – pork chops, delicata squash, carrots
    Tues – Butternut Squash Risotto, salad
    Wed – orange chicken w/ broccoli over rice
    Thurs – Veggie pizza
    Fri – BFD – with our first duck eggs!

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