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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 256 Menu

Anna has officially taken butter to a whole new level. She’s such a pipsqueak, we figure a little fat will do her good.

The holidays are here. Hanukkah starts Tuesday, Christmas is Sunday…I imagine many of us are running around like crazy people! I hope we can all find some quiet moments this week to enjoy the things that really matter!

I for one am looking forward to making my annual batch of vetebröd, the yummiest Swedish cardamom bread this side of anywhere.

– Pulled Chicken BBQ (in the freezer) sandwiches, topped with coleslaw

– Teriyaki chicken (in the freezer) and rice
– Stir fry veggies

– Roasted chicken breasts (in the freezer)
– Green beans

– Leftovers

– Eat out, or maybe pancakes or something

– Chinese take-out, a Maynard Christmas Eve tradition!

Swedish Meatballs with boiled red potatoes
– Veggies on the side (whatever comes in my CSA bag. Yes, our CSA never stops all year. Gotta love California!)

I can’t WAIT to see your menus for this week, as I’m sure many of you will have wonderful holiday meals (and sweets!) planned. And even if you don’t, I still want to see your menu, so bring it on! 🙂


  1. The bulk of my holiday dinner shopping is done, so I feel like we’re in good shape for the week! I’m looking forward to a pretty easy meal-prep week to get ready for all the family, food and fun that’s coming our way next week!

    Sunday: Baked, Stuffed Pumpkin
    Monday: Stuffed Shells from the freezer
    Tuesday: Turkey Salad sandwiches (from Thanksgiving turkey :)) on farmer’s market bread
    Wednesday: Dinner with friends at our house – Obama Chili, cornbread
    Thursday: Chicken Tinga Tacos (Bitten Word) using up rest of the turkey packet
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Traditional Christmas Eve “snack-y” dinner after church (cheese, sausage, crackers, nut bread with cream cheese/olives, Buffalo Chicken dip with pita chips) with Chicken Pot Pie and cookies!

  2. 2

    So busy last week that the only thing we actually had from the menu was tacos and ordered pizza! Hopefully this week won’t be so nuts 🙂
    Sunday– Hoppin’ John
    Monday– French Dip Roast ( I will post recipe after taking pics)
    Tuesday– Chicken with Spaghetti
    Wednesday– Cheesy Potato Soup and Grilled Cheese
    Thursday– Breakfast, I am hoping my hubby will make his killer waffles!
    Friday– No clue yet
    Saturday– We usually have soup on Christmas Eve. I am thinking I’ll make Lasagna Soup this year.
    Sunday– Our traditional Christmas dinner is beef. This year we have homegrown beef to cook. I think we’ll eat some T-bones with Mashed Potato Casserole for a side.

  3. 3

    My menu was thrown off when the shelves were oddly bare today.

    Su: Corned beef, carrots, potatoes
    Mo: Spaghetti, homemade sauce, salad
    Tu: Chicken and stuffing casserole, asparagus
    We: Squash soup, grilled cheese
    Th: Fish, rice, veggie
    Fr: shop for the holiday weekend…. and figure it out from there

  4. 4

    sunday – steak, baked potatoes, and broccoli
    monday – baked potato soup, salad and bread
    tuesday – tacos
    wednesday – chicken breast
    thursday – lasagna
    friday – out
    saturday – beef tenderloin, potatoes, baked carrots, steamed clams as an appetizer !

  5. Love your princess!

    Sunday – chicken fajitas
    Monday – homemade mac n cheese
    Tuesday – birthday dinner for my boy: make your own pizzas
    Wednesday – leftovers
    Thursday – Adobo Pork Tenderloin
    Friday – dinner out
    Saturday – Prime rib, mashed potatoes, salad, and all the fixings! 🙂

  6. 6

    Sunday – Roasted chicken and brussel sprouts
    Monday – Chef salad with leftover chicken on top and good bread
    Tuesday – BBQ chicken (slow cooker) sandwiches and corn casserole
    Wednesday – Twice baked potatoes (freezer) with steamed broccoli
    Thursday – Order pizza or make grilled cheese sandwiches?
    Friday – ??
    Saturday – Christmas Eve with friends
    Sunday – Big breakfast…then 12 hours in the car…

  7. 7

    Menu = whatever I can pull together this crazy week! 😛

    Can I ask where you buy cardamom? I have never heard of it, but it sounds like I need to! It’s a spice? A specialty spice, maybe?

    This looks like something I would love to attempt for New Years Eve or sometime less hectic.


    • Jane Maynard

      ooo, you need to discover cardamom! it’s really from India and that area of the world, where it is frequently used in savory/curry dishes. But, for some reason, Scandinavians have also traditionally used it in baked goods. It has a very unique flavor that I love!

      I’m sure that you could find it at your regular old grocery store. You can buy it in pods or as seeds (with the shells removed) and grind it up yourself. but you can also buy it ground, which is how I buy it – WAY easier.

      good luck and if you make the bread, let me know how you like the flavor!

  8. 8

    Sun – out
    Mon – pork/apple/cheese meatballs with noodles
    Tues – minestrone soup in the crockpot
    Wed – leftovers for the guys out with the girls for me!
    Thurs – chicken in the crockpot with salsa
    Fri – pizza (getting ready for Christmas Eve)
    Sat – Christmas Eve at our house – lasagna, Rachael Ray’s Christmas pasta,
    and seafood lasagna
    Happy Holidays!

  9. 9

    Anna is a ‘pat’ off the ‘ole pound o buttah’ – she definitely has the family genes!

    We are moving this week so probably not cooking much AND for the first time ever – in 38 years at least – no Swedish Christmas ham – the ancestors will turn over in their graves!

    Merry Christmas…

  10. 10

    Thanks! I’m so intrigued now! I will be on the hunt for it. 🙂

  11. This I just don’t feel like cooking. I think it has something to do with having a cold and being pregnant, but alas I must cook something or other.

    Sunday: TBD

    Monday: Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread

    Tuesday: Vegetable Spaghetti Salad with Roast Beef

    Wednesday: Leftovers or Tacos

    Thursday: Texas Two Step Pork Chops, Dill Potato Salad and chipotle corn.

    Friday: Christmas with the in-laws

    Saturday: Sliders and sweet potato fries.

  12. 12

    Monday – Cafe Borone turkey-avocado melts, tomato soup
    Tuesday – out, we’re taking the Duck Holiday Lights Tour
    Wednesday ~ crockpot BBQ chicken, latkes, oven roasted veggies
    Thursday ~ turkey meatloaf, sweet potatoes

    Friday ~ Swedish meatballs, broccoli, more latkes or mashed potatoes

    Saturday ~ “Carrie” Chicken, roasted Brussels sprouts

    Sunday ~ tuna shells, rice green beans (or out for Chinese, depends on how the toddler is doing, he’s having his tonsils out on Thursday)

  13. 13
    Lynn BB

    Here’s my plan, not sure if it will all come together!

    Monday: Turkey burgers
    Tuesday: Chicken cooked in salsa (crockpot), taco fixings
    Wednesday: Beef Burgundy in the crockpot, mashed potatoes
    Thursday: Mac and cheese, chicken tenders (Trader Joe’s)
    Friday: White chicken chili
    Saturday: Christmas Eve fondue dinner (steak, shrimp, etc.)
    Sunday: Prime Rib, au gratin potatoes, creamed spinach, salad

  14. 14

    Happy holidays everyone!

    Mon: Pasta with spicy tomato garlic sauce, salad

    Tue: Chicken and pepper curry, rice

    Wed: Stuffed cheesy potatoes with baked beans

    Thur: Spicy lamb meatballs, roasted veg and coucous

    Fri: Fish and chips, peas

    Sat: Beef stew with horseradish dumplings, mashed potato (Christmas Eve tradition after a long walk jumping on all the frozen puddles to break the ice) and probably some mince pies and whisky

    Sun: The full works! Traiditional British Christmas dinner

    Canapés and champagne.

    Turkey roll with sausage, sage and chestnut stuffing, roast potatoes, honey carrots, mashed parsnip and butternut squash, rosemary cabbage, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce.

    Christmas pudding and clotted cream (a must in Devon!). I’ve been given one of the Heston Blumenthal whole candied orange puddings but I think I’ll stick with my homemade pudding and save Heston’s for another day!

  15. We’ve contracted a big case of yuckiness…but thanks to antibiotics we should be back up an running soon.

    Mon – bean soup
    Tues- soft tacos
    Wed – stuffed zucchini? Christmas cake from Costco
    Thu – fish, miso soup and sauted veggies
    Fri – ramen with all the trimings
    Sat – Grandpa takes us out to dinner
    Sun – Turkey?

  16. 16

    Shopping is done, gifts are wrapped, cookies are started. I’m ready to celebrate Christmas

    Sunday – Salmon, rice and broccoli
    Monday – Tuna casserole with peas
    Tuesday – Tacos
    Wednesday – Hubbys birthday – out for dinner
    Thursday – Leftovers
    Friday – Leftovers, need to make sure there is room in fridge for food for Christmas Eve.
    Saturday – Whole family in for Christmas Eve. Chick fil a nuggets, shrimp, pierogis, cheese balls and dips, lots of snacks, candy and cookies.
    Sunday – Merry Christmas! Dinner at daughters. Ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies and lots of sweets

  17. 17

    Sunday: Turkey Dinner
    Monday: Breakfast for Dinner, French toast, sausage, fruit
    Tuesday: Turkey noodle soup, rolls
    Wednesday: Hubby cooks. Brats, beans, fruit salad, chips
    Thursday: Hubby cooks. Spaghetti, garlic bread
    Friday: Pizza night
    Saturday: Christmas Eve at my parents: prime rib
    Sunday: Christmas Day here with Hubby’s family: prime rib, baked potatoes, green beans and rolls (Yes 2 days in a row seems crazy- but it’s such a easy meal!)

  18. 18

    As a family who celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah, we are very busy this week!

    Monday: spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
    Tuesday: Family Hanukkah party @ my house: appetizers (pigs in a blanket, chips, veggie tray, cheese platter), salad, latkes, sliced beef tenderloin, chicken milanese,salmon, peas, honey carrots, cookies, pound cake, chocolates, fruit
    Wednesday: leftovers—steak sandwiches w/ leftover beef and latkes
    Thursday: fried chicken sliders on mini pillsbury biscuits, corn on the cob, peas
    Friday: Teriyaki skirt steak, potstickers, garlic string beans
    Saturday: chinese food (i guess this is a common tradition haha)
    Sunday: christmas party @ friends house; im making rolls, chocolate mousse tart, and christmas sugar cookies

  19. 19

    We are not having the most healthy of menus this week, but it is the holidays! I’m going to try some recipes I saved to my Pinterst board. You can see those recipes at .

    S- Shrimp Fajitas
    M- Mexican Pizza (similar to Taco Bell’s)
    T- Chicken Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Topping
    W- 4 Cheese Pasta with Peas and Ham, Bread and Salad
    Th- Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese and Onion Rings
    F- Leftovers or Take Out
    S- Tamales-Our family tradition

  20. 20

    Sunday – cube steaks, mashed potatoes, cranberry balsalmic salad
    Monday – potluck holiday meal with my bunko group
    Tuesday – Pork roast, carrots and onions in the crock pot, leftover mashed potatoes
    Wednesday – Friendship soup and french bread
    Thursday – veggie tacos
    Friday -leftovers
    Saturday – homemade pizza

  21. 21

    We’re traveling for Christmas this year, so we have a lot of easy things leading up to our departure.

    Sunday – out after seeing the musical Annie
    Monday – tomato soup and cheese toasts (on potato rosemary bread)
    Tuesday – black bean tacos
    Wednesday – sesame noodles with spinach and salmon
    Thursday – kale, hummus and pitas

  22. 22
    Angie .

    My fiance has been sick, so it’s been a weekend of soup

    Sat – Italian Sausage Soup
    Sun – Asian Chicken Noodle Soup
    Mon – Chicken & Kielbasa Rice
    Tue – Pork Chile Colorado over Rice
    Wed – Caprese Burgers
    Thu – Kung Pao Chicken
    Fri – leftovers
    Sat – Xmas Eve tradition – Chinese food!
    Sun – Mexican Fiesta with our “Texas Family”

  23. 23

    I am one of those freaks that has my holiday shopping done by the beginning of November, end of November at the latest. Yep!
    One the menu this week:
    Meatless Monday: Broccoli cheddar soup with sourdough bread (repeat)
    Tuesday: Meatloaf with roasted cauliflower
    Wednesday: Chicken and shrimp tacos with lots of toppings
    Thursday: Sausage and lentil soup
    Friday: Out to eat
    Christmas Eve Saturday: Potato soup
    Christmas Sunday: Brunch: Baked French toast and Pineapple
    Dinner: Cornish hens, salad, stuffing, veggie

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