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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 260 Menu

I threw together some chocolate chip cookies last night. I didn’t eat them all. But I should have. The girls woke up this morning, saw the pan and proceeded to beg for cookies for breakfast. Really, I should have taken one for the team and put all the cookies down last night. Now I know. Lesson learned. πŸ˜‰ Also, for some reason, I just couldn’t let the girls eat a cookie for breakfast. Definitely a case of “do as I say, not as I do.” Not that they’ve ever seen me eat a cookie for breakfast, but, well, I’ll admit it may have happened before…

Menu time!

– Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwiches (recipe to come)

– Squash soup (using up some veggies from CSA)

Cream of Mushroom soup

– Leftovers

Bistro Chicken

– Eat out

Stuffed Shells

I hope you all know how helpful your menus are for me (and others) each week. I love the inspiration! So, please keep the menus coming!


  1. 1

    Finally feeling better and it seems like I haven’t planned a good menu since last year (hardee har har). I have been craving soup so I put a couple of my favorites on this week’s menu. Here we go:
    Saturday– frozen pizza
    Sunday– Chicken & Gnocchi soup
    Monday– Butter Bean Soup
    Tuesday– Kobayashi Maru with pork
    Wednesday– Salmon and mac & cheese
    Thursday– Raley Gravy

  2. At 9 degrees I think soup is definitely on the menu!
    Sun.Chicken soup
    Mon. leftover homemade Chinese takeout” fried rice and chicken chow mein
    Tue: Chicken fried steak(suppose to be 40 degrees)
    Wed.: Fish chowder(back to single digits)
    Thur. Out
    Fri: soup and sandwiches
    Sat: Crockpot spaghetti sauce

  3. 3

    I’ll post my menu later because I came here for inspiration!I really need new ideas, stat!

  4. 4

    I had most of my menu planned last week with just a few quick addition today ”” I love when the inspiration flows so easily!

    Sunday: Rosemary-garlic picnic ham aka fresh ham with yukon gold potatoes gratin, roasted asparagus and zucchini
    Monday: Spaghetti and mini meatballs, salad, garlic bread
    Tuesday: Mushroom and ham (leftovers from Sunday) quiche, salad
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Chicken, broccoli, cheddar rice bake
    Friday: Paninis and roasted tomato soup
    Saturday: Salmon and potato bake

  5. 5

    Sunday: Liver and Onions and Mashed Potatoes (My kids won’t eat Lasagne but they will eat liver, go figure!)

    Monday: Spinach and Ricotta Manicotti

    Tuesday: Thai Chicken Curry

    Wednesday: Leftovers

    Thursday: Homemade Pizza

    Friday: My daughter has a ringette tournament so eating out.

    Saturday: Chicken Tortellini with Pesto and Salad

  6. 6

    This week is way less crazy than last week, so there’s more time for cooking. I hope you all have a great and delicious week!

    Sunday: Broccoli and cheese quiche, roasted brussel sprouts, salad w/ white balsamic and garlic vinaigrette

    Monday: Black bean and brown rice casserole (didn’t get to it last week), chips and salsa, salad

    Tuesday: Leftovers

    Wednesday: Veggie, white bean, and noodle soup, as well as beer braised chili, cornbread

    Thursday: Leftovers

    Friday: more leftovers

    Saturday: more leftovers or out to eat

  7. We are getting over the plague. So, we’re taking it easy with dinners this week.

    Sunday: Roasted chicken with cranberry sauce
    Monday: Homemade mac and cheese with veggie purée
    Tuesday: Shredded chicken tacos with leftover chicken
    Wednesday: dinner at church
    Thursday: Hot dogs with homemade hotdog buns (Omaha steak gift)
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out.

  8. 8

    M: Crispy Honey Lemon Chicken with brown rice and broccoli
    T: Bacon Quiche and green salad
    W: Burgers with Balsamic Jam
    TH: Basketball game, won’t get home ’till after nine
    F: Taco Pasta
    S: Chicken Caesar Sandwich (slow cooker)
    S: I’m hosting book club, looking forward to it! Butternut Squash and Pancetta risotto, mixed green salad with goat cheese, pistachios, and orange segments, and homemade rolls

    Jane- I definitely had a cookie for breakfast this morning, and it was perfect with my morning coffee!

  9. 9

    Sunday: Garlic Shepherd’s Pie
    Monday: Salmon burgers and couscous
    Tuesday: Ranch Chicken Parmesan and veggies
    Wednesday & Thursday: leftovers
    Friday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup
    Saturday: Out (possibly Sushi, possibly take out)

  10. 10

    Sunday. Chicken parm with pasta
    Monday pork chops with broccoli And cheese
    Tuesday hole in egg
    Wed pasta with Camembert cheese
    Thur something with ground beef not sure yet
    Friday take out
    SAturday orange chicken (your recipe!) cauliflower

    I just made choc chip cookies too!!

  11. 11

    Sunday – Giada’s Lentil soup
    Monday – Breakfast for dinner (waffles and eggs)
    Tuesday – Crockpot turkey bolognese, whole wheat penne, salad, bread
    Wednesday – tacos
    Thursday – Crockpot chicken pot pie (Real Simple magazine this month)
    Friday – TBD, either homemade pizza or out
    Saturday – Out with family

  12. 12
    Erin Noelle

    I am working late with dinners for most of the week, so I had to make the hubbs decide what he wanted to eat.. We’ll see if he actually makes it:
    Monday: (together) Pork Loin, Butternut Squash, Veggies
    TUesday: Stir Fry
    Wednesday: Hubbs eat out
    Thursday: Southwestern Chicken Soup
    Friday: Chicken Pot Pie
    Saturday: Neighborhood Supper Club

  13. 13

    A super cold week here up north. Definitely perfect for soups and comfort foods (although we are trying to eat a bit healthier here)

    Sunday: cream of mushroom soup (your recipe), pilsbury crescent rolls
    Monday: broiled chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, veg
    Tuesday: matzo ball soup using broth from freezer, green salad
    Wednesday: five ingredient short ribs, cauliflower
    Thursday: waffles, bacon, mixed berries
    Friday: salmon (for us adults because our kids sadly didn’t inherit the fish loving gene), roasted garlic penne, cauliflower, chocolate chip cookies
    Saturday: out, kids will prob order Chinese or pizza

  14. 14

    I know the title of your blog is “This Week For Dinner”, but I’m a bit of a rule breaker sometimes, so here’s my explanation. πŸ™‚ With our usually crazy schedule, I find it hard to “assign” meals for every night of the week. So I always make a list of about 2 weeks worth of meals, buy the ingredients to have on hand, and then play it by ear. We factor into the budget eating out or ordering something twice during this time, plus there’s always a leftover night somewhere. So, here is what I have for the next 2 weeks:

    Enchilada Stuffed Shells (but now I want to try your meatless version listed above!)
    Potato & Onion Soup w/homemade artisan bread
    Fettuccine Alfredo
    Quesedillas (whole wheat tortillas w/vegetarian refried beans & other toppings)
    Breakfast (whole wheat pancakes or whole wheat french toast w/homemade syrup)
    Orange Chicken – the recipe from this site. Yum!
    Tacos/Taco Salad
    Chicken Cheese Soup
    Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki – I think the recipe is from this site?
    BBQ Hot Dogs (nitrate free!)
    Order Pizza (love them with fresh veggies/pineapple)
    Eat Out (usually Chipotle or somewhere similar)

    I try to alternate a “meat” dinner one day with a non-meat dinner the next day.

    Anyway, hope this is helpful! I enjoy this blog a lot – it’s my first stop when I’m planning what to make for dinner. πŸ˜‰

  15. 15

    Our menu always starts on Sunday so…

    Sunday: Buca di Beppo copycat Spicy Chicken rigatoni, salad.

    Monday: Meatless Monday Thin Crust Cheese pizza, salad.

    Tuesday: Leftovers (it’s just the two of us)

    Wednesday: Slow Cooker Parmesan Honey Pork Roast, broccoli, mashed potatoes.

    Thursday: Frozen Pizza and apples

    Friday: Eat Out

    Saturday: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches

    From Thursday morning on, the husband is out of town so I’m pretty much eating whatever I feel like that can be found in the house.

  16. 16

    Sun – pizza
    Mon – baked chicken, broccoli, brown rice and spaghetti squash
    Tues – leftovers
    Wed. – lemon orzo soup
    Thur – meatloaf
    Fri – out for hubby’s bday
    Sat – Sister and family over for sleep over. Something yummy to eat will be made.

  17. 17

    Sunday – Perch,baked potatoes and green beans
    Monday – Tacos and fried rice
    Tuesday – Chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and mixed veggies
    Wednesday – Beef tips, noodles and peas
    Thursday – Spanish rice
    Friday – Chili and cornbread
    Saturday – Nieces first birthday party

  18. 18
    lauren hope

    This is my first time posting a menu! I’m excited!

    Sunday: big salad w/ black beans and pepperoni
    Monday: chicken enchilada soup in the slow cooker
    Tuesday: Cheesy [turkey]ham & rice bake
    Wednesday: leftovers
    Thursday: leftovers or freezer dinner (chicken stir fry or spaghetti & turkey meatballs)
    Friday: leftovers or big salad
    Saturday: away

    Next week’s goal: some seafood!

  19. 19
    Kim 2

    Sunday: Leftover spaghetti

    Monday & Tuesday: Working- hubby will eat his choice of entrees from our freezer

    Wedneday: Pecan encrusted cod, carrots, salad

    Thursday: Chicken Caesar salads

    Friday: Potato soup and grilled cheese on grainy bread

    Saturday: Salmon, green beans, brown rice

  20. Sunday – Potato Soup and grilled cheese (recipe for my soup tomorrow on my blog)
    Monday – Easy Chicken-n-dumplings (using pasta noodles)
    Tuesday – Leftovers
    Wednesday – Crock pot Pork Chops with Gravy This was a HIT the first time around.
    Thursday – Breakfast for dinner
    Friday – Lasagna, garlic bread, salad

  21. 21

    I haven’t posted my menu in a while, but I’m gonna today!

    S- Roast beef po-boys
    M- MYO Pizza Night
    T- Chili
    W- Leftovers
    T- Crockpot Chicken Stew
    F- Tilapia, pasta, salad
    S- Smoked chicken, potatoes, baked beans
    S- Football food- chicken wings, chips & dip

  22. 22
    Lynn BB

    Sunday: Pork tenderloin, au gratin potatoes, asparagus
    Monday: Taco Soup (crock-pot, made on Sunday)
    Tuesday: Chicken cordon bleu, strawberries, potatoes
    Wednesday: Lettuce wraps
    Thursday: Chicken made with Philly cooking sauce, broccoli
    Friday: Turkey burgers
    Saturday: I’m out for a friend’s birthday, will probably
    have chili made for the rest of the family.

  23. 23

    I need a down week, so I’m making my crockpot do most of the cooking this week.

    Sat – shrimp & veggie stir fry over rice
    sunday spaghetti & mb’s
    Monday – Falafels (on homemade pita)
    Tues – Honey Beans & spinach over rice (w/ leftover pitas)
    Wed – Apricot chicken, baked potatoes, steamed veg
    Thurs – African Peanut Soup
    Friday – homemade pizza

  24. Monday
    Chinese β€œSpaghetti and Meat Sauce”
    Sesame Broccoli

    Chorizo-Potato-Mushroom Tacos
    Black Bean and Corn Salad
    Yellow Rice

    Pork Meatballs Braised in Wine and Cider
    Mashed Potatoes

    Cod with Tomatoes and Olives
    Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

    French Bread Pizza
    Green Salad

  25. I so love reading what everyone is cooking. It is my inspiration for weeks to come.

    Sunday: Dinner Out

    Monday: Spicy Pulled Pork, Twice Baked Potatoes and Cilantro Slaw

    Tuesday: Beef and Cheese Enchiladas

    Wednesday: Cajun Oven Fried Chicken, Potatoes Au Gratin, and Creamed Corn

    Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie

    Friday: Leftovers

    Saturday: Steakhouse Shepherd’s Pie

    For links, recipes and more ideas –

  26. 26
    Angie .

    Sun – Greek tacos
    Mon – (crockpot) Tomatillo Chicken over rice
    Tue – (crockpot) Teriyaki Chicken over rice
    Wed – leftovers
    Thu – Italian Turkey Sausage & Tortellini Soup
    Fri – Lemon Pepper Shrimp “Scampi” w/ orzo
    Sat – leftovers

  27. 27

    This week is going to be weak in meal planning.

    Appetizer party

    Salmon, asparagus

    sandwiches…late dinner due to after school activities

    Breakfast dinner

    pizza, salad

    dinner out


  28. 28

    Heh- I have the same dilemma. I know I have snuck a cookie or brownie for breakfast but would never let my daughter do it. I’m terrible!

    Sunday- we had chicken parmesan last night
    Monday- roast bone-in chicken breasts, roast potatoes and green beans
    Tuesday- kitchen sink quesadillas- possibly with chicken if there’s any leftover- and cilantro-lime rice
    Wednesday- turkey meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes
    Thursday- leftovers
    Friday- Trader Joe’s potstickers and rice
    Saturday- roast pork and mashed potatoes w/roasted carrots

  29. 29
    Emma Michel

    My first menu! Let’s see if I can stick to it!
    Sunday: Brother’s birthday – Dinner out with the family
    Monday: Trader Joes Southern Greens with Ground Turkey
    Tuesday: PW Pasta alla Vodka (I add sausage)
    Wednesday: Zucchini Garlic soup w/ crusty bread
    Thursday: Husband out, I will just forage
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Leftovers

  30. 30

    I am loving the inspiration as well. As I just feel stuck at times!
    Meatless Monday: Veggie Noodle Soup
    Tuesday: Carne Asada with guacamole and a side of corn
    Wednesday: Chicken Souvlaki (repeat)
    Thursday: Crock Pot Chili
    Friday: Chicken Tenders with a side of Mac and cheese and some oranges
    Saturday: Panini sandwiches with all the toppings
    Sunday: Out to eat before another week

  31. 31
    Carrie Valdivia

    Menu #3

    Sunday- Panko chicken
    Monday- chicken parmesan
    Tues- Chicken pot pie
    Wed- Chicken tacos
    Thurs- Tomato soup and sandwiches
    Fri- left overs
    Sat- out

  32. 32

    I’m always on the look out for new recipes – so thank you for this. Highlights of our menu this week = sourdough Swedish pancakes, Chili Maple Glazed Pork Tenderloin, Kale Chips, Double Broccoli Quinoa and Date Balls. Check out the rest of the menu here:

  33. 33

    Always love reading menus…so inspiring and helpful.

    Sunday – We had leftover pizza from my son’s 6th bday party

    Mon – 6 y.o. birthday dinner: Hot dogs, french fries (baked) and mac and cheese. Oh, and cupcakes!

    Husband out of town Tues – Thurs

    Tues – Pizza rolls (Pinterest) with steamed broccoli

    Wed – Taco party

    Thurs – Leftovers

    Fri – Not sure but I’m leaning toward Bistro Chicken (recipe on this site!)

    Sat – Sitter booked and we’re going out! (Thank goodness.)

  34. 34

    Didn’t do half bad last week on following my plans even tho my left eye was basically swollen shut from evil allergies…try changing a diaper at 3 in the morning in the dark with one eye! I felt like super woman for a split second. Week 4 I’ll be doing what I call doubles week. I try to cook double or more of everything I cook to stock my freezers up with premade meals cuz it’s easier than spending an entire day in the kitchen (impossible with a 2 mth old!).

    Hope you all have a great week!

    Week 3:

    Mon: Leftovers with Baked Mac and Cheese
    Tues: Chicken Cheesy Wild Rice Soup/artisan bread rolls
    Wed: BFD-French toast(from hm bread mmmm)/bacon/eggs
    Thurs: Broccoli Hamburger and Rice casserole
    Fri: Shrimp and sausage Jumbalaya
    Sat: Roasted Chicken and Veggies
    Sun: Hashbrown Soup (aka quick potato soup)

    • Jane Maynard

      loved your comment…could totally picture you changing a diaper in the middle of the night captain hook style.

  35. 35

    Time to try some more recipes saved to my Pinterest board this week. Here’s the link to my board if you are interested in some of the recipes.
    S- Out of Town
    M- Take Out since I have a late afternoon appointment
    T- Panera Mac-n- Cheese (pinterest board) and Salad with Creamy Pesto Dressing (pinterest)
    W- Steaks and Fries
    Th- Turkey Soup (from the freezer) and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    F- Local Fish Fry
    S- Homemade Mozzarella Sticks (pinterest), Spaghetti and Salad

  36. Tonight: Sloppy Joes (Homemade of course) and garden salad
    Tue: Teriyaki Chicken, and cilantro lime rice ( I saw so many people doing this on their menus I was inspired!).
    Wed: Pulled Pork tacos, and black beans
    Thu: Small group at church. Dinner is always a surprise if I’m not cooking for everyone.
    Fri: Leftovers
    Sat: Be Bim Bop Bowls (I never got to it last week and it’s all ingredients I always have.),
    Sun: eat out for lunch and sandwiches for dinner.

  37. 37

    Sun: Spaghetti Puttanesca
    Mon: Cuban Sandwiches
    Tues: Roasted Broccoli with Shrimp
    Wed: Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders (PW) & tater tots
    Thurs: Baked Ziti (Everyday Food)
    Fri: Grilled flat iron steak & Zucchini and potato Jambot
    Sat: out!

  38. Monday: Made quinoa cakes with roasted parsnips

    Tues: Black Bean Chili

    Wednesday: Cumin Spiced Chickpeas and Carrots

    Thurs: Avocado Pasta
    Friday: Homemade Pizza
    Saturday: Parmesan Baked Orzo

    Sun: Not sure yet

  39. 39

    Monday – leftovers (navy beans or chicken Alfredo) and salad
    Tuesday – broccoli/cheese soup. grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit
    Wed – out
    Thursday – rice, sausage and peppers concoction, salad
    Fri – pizza
    Sat – spaghetti, salad, garlic bread
    Sun – meatloaf, baked potatoes, broccoli

  40. 40

    Monday: Just me and my girls–Annie’s Mac and Cheese, apples and avocado (all the favorites!)

    Tuesday: Crockpot lemon chicken with rice and brocolli

    Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs and pasta (pulled from freezer)

    Thursday: Turkey Pablano Chili

    Friday: Pasta Faglioli soup

  41. 41

    Pizza pasta (crock pot favorite..combination of pizza/lasagna flavors)
    Tuna salad (they each have a preference so some make theirs into sandwiches, some salads, some with pasta, etc.)
    Ham and noodle bake
    Spinach and Mozz. Ravioli (costco frozen bag)
    Green chili chicken bake
    cafeteria style leftovers

  42. 42

    Monday: Skillet Macaroni and Beef
    Tuesday: Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
    Wednesday: Left Overs
    Thursday: Balsamic Garlic Pork Tenderloin
    Friday: Baked Chicken with Smashed Potatoes and Broccoli

  43. 43

    Sun – chicken pot pie
    Mon – roasted tri tip with mushroom pan sauce
    Tue – turkey bolognese
    Wed – mini quiche lorraines
    Thu – broccoli pasta with parmesan chicken
    Fri – out/leftovers
    Sat – lasagna

  44. 44

    Late to the game this week having been confined to bed for the last few days. Now I’ve got my sense of taste and smell back I feel like cooking again.

    Wed – Potato and leek gratin, salad
    Thur – Peppers stuffed with brown rice, beans and salsa
    Fri – Fish of some kind
    Sat – Enchiladas

    • Jane Maynard

      late is totally fine! love the menus whenever they come in! πŸ™‚ glad you’re feeling better!

  45. Give this a try!! Thanks!

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