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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 263 Menu

I’m in Utah this weekend surprising my grandmother for her birthday (she was super surprised!). The mountains are still majestic. The fry sauce is still darn good. And my sister-in-law made me pancakes for breakfast this morning. Life is GOOD. πŸ˜‰

Menu time! I have a few repeats from last week…it was kind of a rough week trying to get work done and get ready for my trip, so I didn’t get to the store and dinners did not go as planned. Those weeks happen, I suppose! Gotta roll with the punches…

– Grandma’s Birthday!
– Nate will be in charge at home with the girls

– Eat out (this is the day I get back, so moving eat out night up)

– Chicken & Broccoli Penne
– Salad and bread


Stuffed Peppers
– Salad

Chicken Soup with Rice

– Leftovers

Time to share your menus for the week!

And…GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!


  1. Sunday: Pork chops & tempura-fried green beans; then, tto a Super Bowl party! I saw this recipe yesterday and absolutely needed to bring it: Cheddar, Beer and Mustard Pull Apart Bread
    Monday: Pork chops a different way: Spicy, dry rub & baked potatoes
    Tuesday: Burgers on the grill with homemade buns
    Wednesday: Dinner at church
    Thursday: Stuffed Shells from the freezer
    Friday – Saturday: Scott/Shelby are flying to visit family. At 33 weeks pregnant, I’m grounded and home alone. πŸ™

  2. 2

    Sunday- Super Bowl Party- we’re brining oreo truffles for dessert (GO PATRIOTS!!!)
    Monday- baked salmon with white bean and tomato salad
    Tuesday- meatball subs
    Wednesday- out for pizza with friends
    Thursday- leftovers
    Friday- chicken potstickers with rice
    Saturday- not sure yet- want to try a new recipe though

  3. 3
    Lynn Alt

    Sunday – wing & crab dip
    Monday – chicken tetrazzini
    Tuesday – hot dogs & kielbasa
    Wednesday – crock pot chicken & dumplings
    Thursday – taco night
    Friday – free for all
    Saturday & Sunday – one will be eat out the other crock pot french toast

  4. Hey-hey! Thought I’d stop by and share a menu, just like old times, ha.

    No assigning days, just what I feel like making depending on how my school and work day went.

    Chicken enchiladas w/ baked brown spicy rice
    Shells w/ shrimp and peas in Alfredo sauce
    Stuffing and roasted veggies
    Veggie fried rice
    Chili dogs w/ frito pie

  5. 5
    Kim 2

    Happy Birthday to Jane’s Grandma!

    Sunday- Leftover shrimp fried rice and tons of “Super Bowl Food”
    Mon-Thurs: I’m away on business, hubby makes a freezer selection each night
    Friday- Black bean and chicken sausage soup, fresh baked rolls
    Saturday-Roasted chicken, stuffing, mixed veggies

  6. 6

    Sunday – wings and salad
    Monday – salmon, asparagus and oven fries
    Tuesday – pasta with broccoli
    Wednesday – steak and roasted Brussels sprouts
    Thursday – chicken curry with rice
    Friday – out
    Saturday – leftovers

    Hey Jane
    I made your stuffed peppers last week . They were great !

  7. 7

    First time posting, but have been following for quite some time:)

    Sunday- Chili and baked potatoes
    Monday- Spaghetti and meatballs
    Tuesday- Bacon, avocado and grilled cheese sandwiches
    Wednesday- really big salad and loaded baked potatoes
    Thursday- leftovers
    Friday- pepperoni and mushroom pizza on whole wheat pizza crust
    Saturday-chicken cordon bleu

  8. 8

    A very Happy Birthday to your Grandma!

    Sunday – Baked Pork Chops, Potato Casserole & Broccoli
    Monday – Spaghetti with Tomato Basil Sauce & Garlic Bread
    Tuesday – Tuna Casserole with peas
    Wednesday – Beef Barley Soup with Crusty Bread
    Thursday – Fried Round Steak, Seasoned Noodles and Corn
    Friday – Rib Steaks, Baked Potatoes & Green Beans
    Saturday – Leftovers

  9. 9

    Sun – wings for apps, crockpot beef over noodles
    Mon. – baked chicken
    Tues – left overs
    Wed – guys have lacrosse – salad for me
    Thurs – Barbecue turkey wraps
    Fri – out
    Sat – out

  10. 10

    Sunday – mini-Thanksgiving with friends
    Monday – Korean beef tacos πŸ™‚
    Tuesday – Leftovers
    Wednesday – Eating out for Jason’s birthday!
    Thursday – Pizza
    Friday – Leftovers

  11. 11

    Feel like I’ve been cooking all day but I’m happy to report 3 out of our next 6 meals are done or partially completed.

    Sunday: A good ol grilled steak, haven’t had a good one in forever, twice baked potatoes and copycat Northwoods Inn Purple Slaw

    Monday: Mexican Potato Skins (repurposed)
    Tuesday: Oriental Chicken Salad
    Wednesday: Chili with fixings (freezer)
    Thursday: Tilapia and sweet potatoes
    Friday: Tacos and rice
    Saturday: Potato Soup with the fixings (repurposed)
    Sunday: Chicken Enchiliads and rice (freezer/repurposed)Β 

    Stop by this week, I’ll be talking about how 3 of these meals were made from leftovers…

  12. How fun! I hope your grandma has a wonderful birthday!

    Sunday – a whole lotta appetizer πŸ˜‰
    Monday – Tuscan Bean Stew
    Tuesday – leftovers
    Wednesday – smoked salmon and goat cheeze pizza
    Thursday – leftovers (if there are any) otherwise scrounge for yourself night
    Friday – Thai Chicken Tacos
    Saturday – date night!

    Have a great week!

  13. 13

    Sunday – Sweet chili glazed salmon on the grill, sticky rice, asparagus

    Monday – Dinner a Love Story’s Bolognese (I made a double batch today and plan on freezing half for another day though it smells so good I’m not sure we’ll have enough left over to freeze).

    Tuesday – Rotisserie chicken, roasted veggies and polenta

    Wednesday – crockpot BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, broccoli

    Thursday – Turkey Taco Salad

    Friday – Artichoke, spinach and chicken pasta bake from the freezer

    Saturday – Date Night!!!

    Sunday – TBD, probably chicken of some sort (trying to keep it lean and not eat too much red meat)

  14. 14

    Hi There!
    First time posting, but been following for a while now
    Sunday: Lasagne with green salad, applesauce cake for dessert
    Monday: Carrot soup with homemade bread
    Tuesday: baked chicken and mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli
    Wednesday: veggie soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (this is our “fright night” with soccer, skating and dance!)
    Thursday: chicken, bok choy & black bean stir fry with brown rice
    Friday:Moroccan vegetable stew (but a sushi appy as well)
    Saturday: Grandma’s birthday dinner out!

    Have a great week!

  15. 15

    Glad you get to hang with your grandma. That’s always so fun.

    I was so excited to plan this week for some reason. Kinda bummed I only had three days.
    M – sloppy joes & salad
    T – quinoa tabouleh and BBQ chicken
    W – taco rice
    Th -sat – eating lots of ramen at the Hokkaido Snow Festival, and my mom’s coming too!
    Sun – gyoza, sautéed veggies & miso soup

    Enjoy the fry sauce(I’ve never understood it, but it’s part of Utah for sure)

    • Jane Maynard

      it was soooo good to spend a little time with her. really glad I went.

      ha ha! nate likes fry sauce, but he always thought I was a little too over the top for it. πŸ˜‰

  16. 16

    Sun – Pork tenderloin with apples, turnips & cabbage; broccoli salad, potatoes
    Mon – out in SF for a film premiere in the Castro, kids with Nana (any suggestions for a good restaurant in the Castro?
    Tues – Pulled pork sammies, fruit salad, broccoli
    Wed – Crockpot minnestrone/alphabet veggie soup, bread, salad
    Thurs – homemade pizza
    Fri – dinner at Nana’s
    Sat – weekend trip to Santa Cruz, so probably out to eat or something simple in (like spaghetti & meatballs)

    • Jane Maynard

      hope your night out in SF was fun and that you found some good food…I’m clueless in the knowing-good-places-to-eat-in-the-city department!

  17. 17

    Er… you misspelled that last line. It’s GO GIANTS!!! Giants… πŸ˜‰

  18. 18

    Sun – pasta with tomato & beef and spinach (dh cooked!)
    Mon – soup with the chicken broth I made this weekend, probably with cauliflower, lentils, kale?
    Tues – leftovers
    Wed – pancakes & eggs w/broccoli
    Thurs – zucchini + ??
    Fri – leftovers or throw together whatever is left in fridge
    Saturday & Sunday – out of town

  19. Saturday – Chicken Ranch Tacos with black beans and Mexican rice (I’m using soft shells and chicken from the freezer)
    Sunday – Crock pot Roast with carrots and potatoes, served with rolls
    Monday – Leftovers
    Tuesday – Zesty Italian Baked Chicken over rice, with steamed broccoli
    Wednesday – Chili with cornbread (Using YOUR recipe Jane!)
    Thursday – Leftovers
    Friday – Pizza or a night out

  20. 20
    Ashley P

    Sunday- we had another couple over for the Super Bowl, so we skipped dinner and had snacky foods πŸ™‚ The other wife brought homemade chicken taquitos, and I made bacon cream cheese bites, BBQ smokies, pizza dip and peanut butter cookies.

    Monday- I was going to make chicken and broccoli divan, but I’m gonna save that for next week since we have so many leftovers from tonight!

    Tuesday- Lasagna cups (with leftover wonton wrappers from last night’s taco cups), garlic bread and green salad


    Thursday- Almond parmesan pork chops, mashed potatoes and garlic green beans

    Friday- pizza with my parents

    Saturday- over to a friend’s house for dinner. I’m bringing the chocolate cupcakes!! πŸ™‚

  21. 21

    A few repeats that we didn’t get to last week but I’ve finalized this week’s menu.
    Sunday: Pizza and Super Bowl snacks
    Monday: Cobb Salads with chicken (need something relatively healthy after today’s food!)
    Tuesday: Bacon-wrapped fish nuggets with roasted potatoes and zucchini
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Chicken, broccoli and cheddar cheese casserole
    Friday: Husband is taking the boys out for some guy time, the daughter is going to the Valentine’s dance so who knows!
    Saturday: Chicken piccata with angel hair and veggies

  22. 22

    Last week’s bibimbap experiment was a great success, I’m going to be making it again soon!

    Mon: Chorizo jambalaya
    Tue: Homemade pizza, salad
    Wed: The Wednesday Chef’sartichoke tart with polenta crust
    Thur: Leftover tart or Pasta with turkey meatballs and salad
    Fri: Oven baked fish and chips
    Sat: Stuffed shells and salad
    Sun: Dinner at mum’s, baking orange and olive oil cake

  23. 23
    Lynn BB

    Sunday: Pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, family favorite sausage dip and tortilla chips for the game
    Monday: Take-out, trying a new sandwich place “Which ‘Wich”
    Tuesday: Daughter’s birthday, out wherever she wants to go
    Wednesday: Pork Chili Verde
    Thursday: Chicken Tetrazzini (from the freezer)
    Friday: Chicken fajitas
    Saturday: Not sure, my daughter’s having friends over for chocolate fondue for her birthday celebration

  24. 24
    Erin Noelle

    Sunday: Superbowl party, I made spinach dip
    Monday: Verde Enchiladas (made last night so they could just go in the oven since we have our first birthing class tonight!)
    Tuesday: Pasta making class
    Wednesday: Italian Wedding Soup
    Thursday: Chicken with Leek and Sun-dried Tomatoes
    Friday: Salmon, Lentils and Veggies
    Saturday: OUT

  25. 25
    Angie .

    FRY SAUCE!! I grew up in western Colorado, and I really miss that tasty, tasty stuff.

    This weekend, my fiance threw his back out really bad, so I’ve had to adjust the menu to items he can eat while laying in bed…

    Sun – Friends came over for the game and brought wings. We also had fruit & veggies platters, as well as nutella w/ animal crackers! yum.
    Mon – Calzones
    Tue – Chicken & Garlic Roasted Potatoes
    Wed – Sliders w/ Mac & Cheese
    Thu – Sopa de Fideo con Pollo
    Fri – Chicken Tacos
    Sat – leftovers

  26. 27

    Not a very exciting menu week – hubby is in Vegas for the week, so it’s just the kids and I~

    Monday: Diner night (dance class & chiropractor)
    Tuesday: Salisbury steak
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Out to eat
    Friday: Diner night
    Saturday: “Shake-n-bake” chicken (never made it last week)
    Sunday: Sunday dinner at my MIL’s

    Have a great week everyone!

  27. 28

    My first menu planning.. Hopefully I can stick with it.

    Sun- Pizza,and some snacks for the superbowl.
    Mon- Beef Stew with garlic bread
    Tues- Leftovers, probably stuffed shells from Saturday
    Wed- School night, leftovers or frozen dinner. I run straight from work to school.
    Thu- School night again..
    Fri- Tilapia and corn bread
    Sat- eat out maybe?

  28. Hope that you had a great trip!

    Sat – General Janna’s Chicken (with green beans) & homemade fried rice
    Sun – Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf & mashed potatoes
    Mon – chicken fingers & couscous
    Tues – Tacos
    Wed – Easy Rotisserie Chicken Casserole
    Thurs – leftovers
    Fri – pancakes

  29. 30

    S- Super Bowl Junk Food!
    M- Chicken Salad Sandwiches
    T- Chicken Pasta
    W- Cube Steak, Baked Potatoes and Salad
    Th- Sausage Pizza and Salad
    F- Take Out
    S- TBD

  30. 31

    Sunday – baked hot wings, carrot salad, healthier spinach artichoke dip
    Monday – Real Simple’s White bean and kielbasa stew and sourdough bread
    Tuesday – Homemade pizza
    Wednesday – leftovers
    Thursday – something from the freezer
    Friday – take out
    Saturday – Leave early in the morning for vacation in the FL Keys!

  31. 32

    Sun – turkey bolognese
    Mon – pasta primavera with baked parmesan chicken
    Tue – rice and bean burritos
    Wed – veggie fried rice
    Thu – egg in a hole or french toast
    Fri & Sat – leftovers or out

  32. 33

    i had the same kind of week last week. i didn’t make it to the store until WEDNESDAY! thankfully, i had a carry-over from the week before, so we didn’t really starve to death… πŸ™‚
    texas ranch chicken casserole with garlic fries.
    crock pot cheesy chicken spaghetti
    3-cheese chicken alfredo bake with steamed broccoli.
    new ones:
    pork chops with mashed potatoes and peas.
    meatloaf with baked potatoes and granny green beans.

    click here to see my blog and link to my recipes:
    so far ALL of my new pinterest recipes have been successful. yeah for new recipes!!!!!!

    • Jane Maynard

      that’s totally my problem right now…getting to the store! I really need to figure it out since I’ve got the planning part down pat!

  33. 34

    Monday-? Leftover Superbowl stuff
    Tuesday-Chili and rolls
    Wednesday-Hot dogs (or chili dogs with the leftover chili) sweet potato fries and broccoli
    Thursday-Potstickers, brown rice and stir fry veggies
    Friday-Homemade pizza night
    Saturday-Eat out
    Sunday-Pesto pasta, bread and roasted asparagus

  34. 35

    Sunday: Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus
    Monday: Broiled salmon, baked potatoes,
    Tuesday: Portobella sliders, potato chips, green beans
    Wednesday: Fettucini alfredo with leftover chicken, broccoli
    Thursday: Chicken pot pies, pears
    Friday: Baked shrimp scampi over noodles, creamed spinach
    Saturday: Baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, corn

  35. Mon: autumn chopped salad from pinterest
    Tues: balsamic reduction pasta with asparagus & mushrooms
    Wed: chicken lime fajitas
    Thurs: out
    Fri: red sauce & pasta with side salad

  36. 37

    Sunday: Smoked Brisket, blue cheese coleslaw (Ina)
    Monday: Taco night
    Tuesday: Pasta All’Amatriciana (Food & Wine)
    Wednesday: Stuffed Peppers
    Thursday: Thai red curry shrimp; jasmine rice; potstickers for kids
    Friday: Grilled Steak & loaded baked potatoes, kale chips
    Saturday: ??

  37. Mon- left over chopped bbq over baked potatoes
    Tue- Pretzel dogs (courtesy of Joy the Baker) and salad
    Wed- shredded bbq chicken over salad
    Thu- My husband and I have to teach piano lessons for two of our staff members who will be out of town. I’m glad I have until Thursday to figure out the logistics of the evening. Who knows what or when we’ll get to eat.
    Fri- Deli pizza with added veggies and salad
    Sat- Barley and Rice salad
    Sun- Eat out.

    Have a wonderful week!

  38. Monday
    Salad with Warm Goat Cheese
    Grammie Luba’s Borscht

    Burgers with Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onions
    Oven Roasted Russets

    Eli’s Asian Salmon(Cook an extra Β½ lb)
    White Rice

    Salmon Cakes
    Oven Roasted Root Vegetables
    Green Salad

    Chard, Goat Cheese and Buckwheat Pasta
    Apple and Carrot Salad
    No-Knead Bread

  39. 40

    Sat – Asian Ribs (crock), green Beans, sweet potato fries
    Sun – homemade pizza
    Mon – spinach quiche w/ hashbrowns
    Tues – shepherds pie
    Wed – deli panini’s w/ broccoli & avocado salad
    Thurs – steak/onions, beans, leftover broccoli
    Fri – BFD – eggs, breakfast sausage, toast

  40. Monday: Potato Rosemary Soup
    Tuesday: Cincinnati Turkey Chili
    Wednesday: Ben fends for himself. I have class. Yay!
    Thursday: Fritatta and roasted vegetables
    Friday: Shrimp Fried Rice
    Saturday: visiting friends for the day! so Ben again fends for himself. poor guy.
    Sunday: appetizers and desserts at church

  41. 42
    Jane Maynard

    loving all the menus – thank you everyone! keep it coming!

  42. 43

    love seeing what everyone’s having. and thanks to this post, I think some pancakes will be on our table tomorrow morn!

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