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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 265 Menu

I love it when I can get a bunny sous-chef to help me in the kitchen on a busy Sunday morning.

Another week, another menu. I honestly don’t know where the time goes. And I know I say that pretty much every week, but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it!

Homemade pizzas, flavors TBD

Pulled pork sandwiches topped with cole slaw

Chicken Soup with Rice

– I’m having oral surgery on Thursday…so leftover soup from Wednesday

– Eat out (I’m anticipating not feeling like cooking much after Thursday)

Tuscan Tomato Soup (again, thinking post-surgery…easy recipe, and easy to eat, hopefully!)

– Breakfast for Dinner

Wish me luck Thursday! I’m a little scared of the recovery…hope I can still eat! Since my menu is kinda, sorta lame this week, can’t wait to see what you all have planned! Bring on the menus!


  1. 1
    Megan Flowers

    Sunday- Dinner out with the Grandparents
    Monday- Dinner out at Benihana`s … I have a birthday certificate that needs to be used before it expires
    Tuesday- Mache Salad with Avocado and Cara Cara Oranges with a Ginger Shallot dressing
    Wednesday- Grilled Chicken Breasts with Broccoli and Potatoes Au Gratin
    Thursday- Shrimp Cocktail and a Wedge Salad
    Friday- Steaks with Asparagus and left over Potatoes
    Saturday- TBD- Shopping Day

  2. 2

    Good luck; hope all goes well with your surgery! Our menu includes some repeats we didnt get to in the last few week.s

    Monday-Split Pizza: Mushroom and onion for adults and margherita for the kids
    Tuesday-Potatoes au gratin, green salad
    Wednesday-chicken cutlets, green beans
    Thursday-something from the freezer
    Saturday- with peas and penne
    Sunday-steak, roasted potatoes, peas

    Also, my kids are begging to bake something so chances are we will whip up a batch of cookies or something this week.

  3. 3
    Heather K Miller

    Monday…Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken
    Tuesday…Big Kahuna Chicken Burgers
    Wednesday…Garlic and Broccoli Linguine
    Thursday…Chicken Haystacks
    Friday…Honey Lime Enchiladas
    Saturday…Breakfast for dinner…Healthy banana pancakes with vanilla cream saue.
    Sunday…Heading to Disneyland so eating out somewhere (hopefully at Red Robin!)

  4. 4
    Kim 2

    Sun- Rigitoni with broccoli & sausage
    Mon-Thurs- Away on business trip-hubby fends for himself
    Fri-Potato Soup & grilled cheese
    Sat- Chicken piccata, brown rice, broccoli

  5. Good luck on Thursday!!!! That stuff is never fun. I’m surprised there’s no smoothie in honor of your surgery. 🙂

    Sunday: Beef & vegetable soup (mother in law making it….yum!!)
    Monday: Mini Italian meatloaves (some to eat tonight, most to freeze)
    Tuesday: Mac and Cheese family is nuts for this stuff at the restaurant. We’ll see how closely it matches up.
    Wednesday: Dinner at church
    Thursday: Shredded buffalo chicken wraps
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out.

    • Jane Maynard

      I think smoothies sound perfect and I’ll have to get nate to whip some up for me! (he’s the smoothie master in our house!)

  6. 6

    Sunday- breakfast for dinner
    Monday – asian steak stewers with rice and broccoli
    Tuesday- Cajun Chicken with linguine
    Wednesday- tilapia tacos
    Thursday- Spaghetti and Meatballs
    Friday- Pizza and a movie night
    Saturday- leftovers

  7. 7

    Sunday – Daughter’s birthday ! dinner at with her in-laws – ribs, mac and cheese and spinach salad
    Monday – tuna steaks with broccoli and mashed potatoes
    Tuesday – mardi gras! pasta with cajun seasoning, sausage and chicken
    Wednesday – pork tenderloin in the crockpot
    Thursday – flank steak with balsamic veggies
    friday – out
    Saturday – leftovers

  8. 8

    Sun: Baked Shells and Cheese
    Mon: Southwestern Black Bean Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries
    Tues: Pancakes
    Ash Wednesday
    Thurs: Pasta with Peas and Bacon
    Fri: Philly Cheese Steak-less Sandwiches
    Sat: Gyros

  9. mon: cheese and cracker chicken / rice / broccoli
    tues: chicken burgers / sweet potatoes with lime butter
    weds: sweet potato, poblano, and chorizo tacos / stewed black beans
    thurs: filet / broccoli rabe
    fri: pasta with cheesy cauliflower sauce
    sat: shrimp w/andouille cream and sweet potatoes
    sun: out?

  10. I’ve got a few meals planned out and the rest we’ll play by ear.

    Monday: Cuban Black Beans & Rice
    Tuesday: Roasted Zucchini and Asparagus with Couscous
    Wednesday: Chile Lime Pork w/ leftover Cuban Black Beans & Rice
    Thursday: Grilled Cheese & Sweet Potato Fries

  11. 11

    Sunday- tacos, cilantro-lime rice and tomato avocado salad
    Monday- leftovers
    Tuesday- veggie calzones
    Wednesday- hot dogs, baked beans and Trader Joe’s sweet potato fries
    Thursday- out
    Friday- shepherd’s pie
    Saturday- lasagna w/turkey sausage and spinach

    • Reading someone else’s menu reminded me that Wed is Ash Wed- so no hot dogs on Wednesday or Shepherd’s pie on Friday! Thanks for the reminder.

  12. 12

    Sa – Cheeseburgers, grilled zucchini
    Su – ROasted chicken, stuffing, mashed, veggie
    Mo – Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup
    Tu – Chicken and broccoli with egg noodles
    We – Polenta with roasted veggies
    Th – Spaghetti with veggie
    Fri – wife’s bday – TBD

  13. 13

    Mon: slow-cooker Italian chicken pasta
    Tues: Meatloaf muffins (, mashed potatoes, green beans
    Wed: Broccoli-cheese soup (P.W. cooks) biscuits
    Thurs: slow-cooker pulled pork tacos, rice
    Fri: pizza – kids, sushi – adults
    Sat: breakfast for dinner (maybe pancakes and turkey bacon)
    Sun: maybe out

  14. I want the recipe for what Bunny is making!

  15. 15

    Monday: Taco Night
    Tuesday: Chorizo Pasta
    Wednesday: Chicken & Rice casserole
    Thursday: Peppered Shrimp Alfredo
    Friday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup
    Saturday: Eat Out
    Sunday: Shrimp Scampi

  16. 16
    Lynn BB

    Easy week again:

    Sunday: Filet and baked potatoes
    Monday: Sub sandwiches (daughter’s request)
    Tuesday: More subs or takeout
    Wednesday: Ravioli
    Thursday: Sloppy joes from the freezer
    Friday: Chicken fajitas (didn’t make last week)
    Saturday: Hopefully out!

  17. 17
    Ashley P

    Good luck with your surgery!

    Sunday- Parmesan Ranch Chicken Tenders, Baked mac & cheese and broccoli
    Monday- Burgers and leftover mac and cheese
    Tuesday- Chicken taquitos, yellow rice and corn
    Wednesday- fast food
    Thursday- leftovers from Tuesday
    Friday- Pizza with my family
    Saturday- Herb Roasted Turkey Breast with roasted potatoes and carrots

  18. 18

    Good luck with the surgery! Hope it’s a speedy recovery 🙂

    Sunday: Shrimp po’boys with roasted cauliflower
    Monday: Lentil-sausage soup with some good bread
    Tuesday: Plain old tacos with ground turkey and toppings (we haven’t had them in forever and the kids love them; broccoli
    Wednesday: Cheeseburgers on the grill with grilled zucchini
    Thursday: Cheesy chicken and rice bake (all in one meal for a late night)
    Friday: Dinner out or I don’t know
    Saturday: Looking for some inspiration 🙂

  19. 19

    While I love the Tuscan Tomato Soup, you might want to think of something different for your healing mouth. It may not be a problem but to anticipate that soup and then to have it hurt would be a very sad thing to endure. Good luck this week!

    • Jane Maynard

      I was just thinking “soup” but after I published the menu, I was thinking the tomato might be bothersome…honestly, I might just make tons of chicken soup with rice and eat that for a few days!!

  20. 20
    Susan in SC

    pasta salad/garlic bread sticks
    crockpot teriyaki chicken/twice baked potatoes/green beans
    leftover chicken on kaiser rolls/cole slaw/raw veggies
    quiche loraine/hashbrowns/fruit salad
    lemon garlic tilapia/cheesey rice and broccoli casserole/honey carrots
    grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
    whatever Dad wants to make-Mom’s night off

    I found this site a few weeks ago and totally LOVE it.

  21. Here is week one of our 2 week plan. Went major grocery shopping today…. Should hold us through the entire 2 weeks… We will see.

    Sunday: chicken lettuce wraps with brown/white rice and edamame
    Monday: chicken pot pie
    Tuesday: lasagn w/salad
    Wednesday: breakfast for dinner – chicken fried steak
    Thursday: spaghetti w/garlic bread and Cesar salad
    Friday: meatball sandwiches w/sweet pot fries
    Saturday: broccoli cheese soup w/bread

  22. 22

    Hope all goes well with your surgery!!

    Sunday – Pork chops, Baked Mac & Cheese and Green beans
    Monday – Beef Tips with Peas and Noodles
    Tuesday – Buffalo Chicken Pizza
    Wednesday – Salmon Patties, Parsley Potatoes and Applesauce
    Thursday – Shortribs and sauce over noodles
    Friday – Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Potato Salad
    Saturday – Leftovers

  23. 23

    Sunday: Sprinkles cupcakes…counts as dinner, right?
    Monday: Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf (from freezer)
    Tuesday: Meatloaf leftovers
    Wednesday: Chicken and Broccoli Bowls
    Thursday: Chicken Sausages and
    Friday: Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken (on sammies) + oven fries
    Saturday: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Good luck with your surgery!

  24. 24

    here’s a link to my menu… but not very many recipe links this week. perhaps i’ll make a few of them into links.

    lasagna, with garlic toast.
    hamburger skillet divan.
    old fashioned oven pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery.
    bbq ribs -in my new pressure cooker that i got for valentine’s day- rice, and corn.
    tomato-basil parmesean soup, with fresh warm baked bread.
    tonight i made a jaw-dropping amazing sundried tomato sauce to top fettucini and chicken.

    apparently i am craving tomato-based recipes… or italian food…

  25. 25
    Jen Schulte

    After a LONG hiatus from menu planning…we’re finally settled into our new home in IL and I am going to be in town for the week, not traveling for work! I always check your menu and replies for inspiration. Best to you with the surgery this week!

    Monday: Now we have a Whole Foods nearby (yum, and yikes, I could spend lots and lots there) – a Whole Foods meatloaf, steamed asparagus and dill-roasted potatoes
    Tuesday: grilled sausage & red peppers over buttery egg noodles, green beans
    Wednesday: Naan / flatbread pizza & salad
    Thursday: Easy Apricot Chicken, rice & more green beans (there are a lot of them)
    Friday: your Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, salad & Spanish Rice
    Saturday: Leftovers and/or takeout
    Sunday: thinking a pot roast in the crock pot!

  26. 26

    best of luck on thursday!

    Monday ~ Pad See Ew with chicken and tofu. This is one of our favorite items to order at Thai takeout, I’m excited to give it a try.

    Tuesday ~ Chinese Chicken Salad California Chicken Café style.

    Wednesday ~ eating out

    Thursday ~ tuna shells, rice, green beans

    Friday ~ reprise of smitten kitchen’s buttermilk roasted chicken with sautéed spinach and mushrooms and a starch. It was that fantastic and I have another two cups of buttermilk to use. Seriously one of the juiciest, most tender recipes ever that requires almost no effort.

    Saturday ~ out for a friend’s birthday party

    Sunday ~ Dinner a Love Story’s Bolognese from the freezer with a hearty green salad

  27. 27

    Sunday: Baked Penne with Chicken & Sundried Tomatoes (Martha)
    Monday: Blackened Tilapia, Spanish rice , salad
    Tuesday: Cheeseburger sliders & onion rings
    Wednesday: French Dip in crockpot
    Thursday: Grilled Cheese & tomato soup
    Friday: Rigatoni rapid ragu (Martha)
    Saturday: out!

  28. 28

    Monday: Pasta with tomato sauce, salad
    Tuesday: Homemade pizza (using the rest of the tomato sauce)
    Wednesday: Stuffed baked potatoes, baked beans
    Thursday: Risotto
    Friday: Burgers and sweet potato fries
    Saturday: Dinner out for a friend’s bday
    Sunday: Dinner at Mum’s

  29. 29

    Sunday: Chicken and Goat Cheese Lasagna from the freezer
    Monday: Hamburger Hot Dish (think homemade hamburger helper)
    Tuesday: Portobello Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries, Veggie
    Wednesday: Salmon, Lentils and Veggies
    Thursday: Mexico!
    Friday: Mexico!
    Saturday: Mexico!

  30. 30
    Michelle D

    Sunday- sweet potato, red onion and kale pizza! Totally awesome! Thanks for the recipe
    Monday- zucchini with almonds, roasted grapes and basmati rice
    Tuesday- veggie burgers with sweet potato fries
    Wednesday- left overs
    Thurs- spicey eggplant stir fry
    Friday- squash soup
    Saturday- spaghetti with veggies and salad

  31. Monday
    Meatballs with Swedish Style Sauce (meatballs taken from freezer)
    Lingonberry Jam
    Mashed Potatoes

    Roast Chicken (shred leftovers)
    Roasted Root Veggies (make a double batch)

    Roasted Veggie and Chicken Tacos
    Corn and Black Bean Salsa

    Ginger Glazed Salmon
    Brown Rice

    Sautéed Mushrooms
    Arugula Salad

  32. 32
    Angie .

    I am LOVING this week. I got ALL of my meals done yesterday, so all I have to do is heat and eat when I get home!

    Sun – Turkey/zucchini meatloaf “cupcakes” with mashed potato “frosting” and roasted carrots
    Mon – Italian Drip Beef sandwiches
    Tue – BBQ pulled chicken tacos
    Wed – Chicken & Rice Soup
    Thu – Asian Turkey Burgers
    Fri – leftovers
    Sat – maybe gonna try a new restaurant that opened by our house

  33. 33

    Sunday chicken gyros
    Monday stuffed portebellos with spinach
    Tues stuffed zucchinis
    Wed ‘pizza” mac and cheese
    Thur leftovers
    Friday probably sandwiches
    Sat new york with family for daughters sweet 16

    Good luck with your surgery!

  34. 34

    I kinda stumbled acroos you site a few days ago. Good Luck with the surgery.

    Mon- French onion Pizza
    Tues- Crock pot baked pasta
    Wed- Loaded Baked Potatos
    Thurs- BBQ Chicken
    Fri- Mystery Lunch Box (leftovers)
    Sat- My Brithday dinner(haven’t decide what I want)

  35. 35

    Sun – Clinton St. Baking Company’s recipe for corn clam chowder and rosemary buttermilk biscuits w/ honey butter
    Mon – flank steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus
    Tue – leftover chowder
    Wed – salmon stir fry with Thai Rice
    Thu – baked Tilapia fish tacos
    Fri – SW stuffed acorn squash

  36. Monday: Mushroom and Provolone Sliders with seasoned fries
    Tuesday: Roasted Chicken with Creamy dijon sauce, artichokes, rolls
    Wednesday: Working late. Leftovers. Sigh.
    Thursday: Chicken and Vegetable fried rice
    Friday: Garlic Pork Chops with Pan Sauce, Caesar Salad, and mashed potatoes
    Saturday: Leftovers
    Sunday: Beef and Broccoli with steamed rice

    We’re going to try to not eat out this week, but it might happen Wednesday as I won’t be getting home until around 9.

  37. 37
    Lynn Alt

    good luck with your surgery – speedy recovery to you

    Monday: beef stroganoff
    Tuesday: Slow Cooker Jambalaya – King Cake
    Wednesday: Cheese Ravioli
    Thursday: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
    Friday: Past-n-Eggs for me; boys have pizza party for basketball with hubby; daughter going to sleep-over
    Saturday: OUT
    Sunday: Most likely breakfast

  38. 38

    Wishing you a good/quick recovery!
    Monday-Chimichangas w/rice and homemade applesauce
    Tuesday-Hot dogs, tots, leftover applesauce
    Wednesday-Thai peanut noodles and stir fry veggies
    Thursday-Homemade pizza
    Friday-Spaghetti dinner (fundraiser at the church)
    Saturday-Eat out
    Sunday- Stuffed burger bundles (my all-time favorite dinner!) mashed potatoes, salad, rolls

  39. 39

    Good luck Jane!

    I’m on restrictions right now in my pregnancy so my mother-in-law is here for two weeks and will be doing most of the cooking. I’m not quite sure what the menu will entail since she’ll be doing the cooking.

    S- Braised Short Ribs
    M- Bourbon Chicken
    T-S- Not real sure… my guess is beans, rice, tortillas one night and a pot roast another night.

  40. 40

    Haven’t been able to post in a while due to craziness around here but I have had plans and managed to mostly stick to them…I’ve found if I only get what I need for the 2 weeks (I plan 2 weeks at a time) then I stick to my plans better!

    Good luck with your surgery!

    Monday: Beef and Noodles/Mashed Taters/Green Beans
    Tuesday: Out-David is going to be off super late
    Wednesday: Taco salads (Family recipe)
    Thursday: Kielbasa/Saurkraut/Mashed Taters/Green Beans
    Friday: Lasagna Cups/Garlic Knots/Salads/Pizza Dip?
    Saturday: Out-Going to be in town for most of the day
    Sunday: Brisket/Beans/Coleslaw/Cornbread

  41. 41

    S – burgers, fries and broccoli
    M – pasta with chicken,leftover broccoli and sauce
    T – raspberry chicken and brown rice
    W – I am out with a friend- take out for the guys
    Th – chili and cornbread
    F – eggplant and steak
    S – out

  42. 42

    Sunday: Ham, cheesy potatoes topped with fried onions, asparagus, rolls
    Monday: Breakfast for Dinner: Puff Puff pancake
    Tuesday: Red Beans and rice, french bread
    Wednesday: Hubby cooks. Stir Fry, Rice, eggrolls
    Thursday: Hubby cooks.Tator tot hotdish, vegies
    Friday: Pizza Night
    Saturday: Turkey Dinner: Turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls

  43. as always, love all the menus – and we still had a great showing despite the holiday weekend. you guys rock!

    also….thank you all for the well wishes on the surgery! it’s just outpatient routine stuff…BUT…still not fun and still thinking my mouth is NOT going to be happy on thursday. fun stuff…so, thanks for the happy thoughts!

  44. 44
    Nikki CB

    Yikes, good luck with the surgery! Our meals this week have consisted of frozen pizza and…I can’t remember….The CBs have been sick this week

  45. 45

    good luck tomorrow!

    Sat – hot dogs w/ sweet potato fries for the boys. I’m going out w/ the girls.
    Sun – Spinach Lasagna
    Mon – Grilled chicken w/ beet risotto
    Tues – linguini w/ shrimp & broccoli, garlic/butter sauce
    Wed – grilled chicken fajitas w/ cole slaw
    Thurs – Squash & apple soup w/ grilled cheese
    Fri – homemade veggie pizza

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