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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 269 Menu

Well, the leprechauns struck again. This time they turned an entire brand new gallon of milk green. Pesky leprechauns.

Really? Time for another menu already? Goodness!

Orange Chicken with rice (didn’t get to this recipe last week)
– Purple cauliflower

Spaghetti and meatballs
– Broccoli

– Leftovers

–Β Aaron & Lindsay’s Chicken Tortilla Soup Extravaganza

– Eat out (pizza with some friends)

– Leftovers

Pasta with arugula and white beans
– Salad

Your turn! Please pretty please share your menu for the week! And remember, it doesn’t matter how fancy or un-fancy the menu is, and feel free to post any time during the week!


  1. After a hiatus from posting here (and writing my blog), I’m back. A belated congratulations to you, Jane, on the baby.

    Sunday: Leftovers, featuring some recent blog posts
    Monday: Chicken, green bean and farro salad with goat cheese. I’m going to adapt the recipe and do this hot (
    Tuesday: Quinoa burgers (via my Pinterest board:
    Wednesday: TBD
    Thursday: Work event, which means The Wife fends for herself
    Friday: Takeout
    Saturday: Game-time decision…we may have visitors for the weekend.

    • Jane Maynard

      glad you’re back! and thanks for the belated congrats, I appreciate it, jared! πŸ™‚

  2. 2

    first to post! that doesn’t happen often!
    back to just the 2 of us – all kids back to work and school
    Sunday – roast chicken with mashed potatoes,corn and salad
    Monday – crockpot chicken enchiladas with salad
    Tuesday – lamb biryani
    Wednesday – spaghetti with meatballs
    Thursday – chorizo stuffed peppers
    Friday – Out
    Saturday – leftovers

  3. Hopefully this is my last week of bedrest and I can start doing the cooking again. I miss being in the kitchen. Although being almost 9 months pregnant, I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy for big cooking plans.

    S- Spicy Dr. Pepper Pork Butt from The Pioneer Woman, but we are making it in the crockpot. Mashed Potatoes and Green Salad
    M-W- Using the extra large pork butt we cooked on Sunday for a variety of meals- burritos, pulled pork sandwiches and some type of macaroni & cheese with pork concoction.
    Th- Blueberry Pancakes are sounding yummy
    F- Take Out- Fish Fry
    S- Hamburgers on the grill (first of the season), Tater Tots and Macaroni Salad

    • Jane Maynard

      bedrest or no, take it easy and relax! πŸ™‚

    • cathy

      Would you mind letting me know how this is. I’m planning to make it this weekend? And how are you adjusting for the crockpot? Thanks.

    • It worked pretty well. I followed the directions except for putting it in the crockpot. It was 9lb pork butt so I cooked it on low for 10 hrs and it was just fine.

  4. 4

    Mon – Out
    Tue – Pepperoni Rollups (new to me recipe)
    Wed – Beef in Three Packet Gravy (slow cooker)
    Thu – Marinated Chicken (Lawry’s marinade)
    Fri – Eggs and Grits
    Sat – BBQ Sandwiches – Kirkland’s smoked pulled pork (thanks for the recommendation!) with Sweet Baby Ray’s
    Sun – Balsamic Garlic Crusted Pork Tenderloin (new to me recipe)

  5. 5
    Susan in SC

    S-Smithfield garlic pork roast, yellow rice, sweet peas and corn on the cob
    M- Leftovers
    T-Homemade Mac & Cheese, ham steak, steamed broccoli
    W- biscuits, sausage gravy and fried apples maybe eggs too
    Th- Anniversary chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans,rolls
    S-Burgers on the grill, baked beans, pasta salad and brownies

  6. 6

    Sunday: Chicken and Black Bean Casserole (didn’t get to it last week)
    Monday: Provencal Lentil Zucchini Soup
    Tuesday: Baked shells with Beef/Sun Dried Tomatoes/Spinach
    Wednesday: Supper Club – We’re in charge of the salad
    THursday: Beef Tacos
    Friday: Salmon, Orzo, Veggies
    Saturday: Pasta with Shrimp, zucchini and basil

    Hoping i get through everything this week! I’m also trying to plan for the two weeks after the baby gets here so that the hubbs can cook and pick things up from the grocery store. πŸ™‚

    • Jane Maynard

      I’m impressed your planning ahead – I never got my act together like that before my babies arrived! πŸ™‚

  7. Here’s mine!

    Sunday: Veggie Tortilla Soup with fun toppings (like goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, homemade baked tortilla chips, avocado and onion)
    Monday: Chana Masala with Roasted Potatoes and Naan
    Tuesday: Homemade whole wheat pizza with tons of veggie toppings
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Quesadillas made with refried black beans, a pinch of cheese, whole wheat tortillas, sweet potatoes, corn, red peppers and kale
    Friday: White Bean and Tomato soup loaded with veggies
    Saturday: Eat out

  8. 8

    Sun: Fried rice (homemade) and potstickers (Costco)
    Mon and Tues: Chicken Barley Chili
    Wed: Kielbasa and dirty rice
    Thurs: leftovers
    Fri: Salmon burgers with avocado (hubby and I are really enjoying these lately)

  9. 9
    Kim 2

    Sunday: Grilled tuna steaks, brown rice, broccoli
    Monday: Chicken pizzaiola, pasta, tossed salad
    Tuesday: Sausage, beans, & greens
    Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, toast)
    Thursday: lasagna (from freezer), tossed salad
    Friday: scallops, sweet potatoes, green beans
    Saturday: Melt in your mouth chicken (, corn, salad

    I think I’ll be making a batch of donuffins this week and maybe some red velvet brownies (found the recipe on Pinterest).

    • Jane Maynard

      so, the red velvet craze has crossed over to brownies, eh? let me know how they turn out – very curious!

  10. After a mega-hectic spring break, I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to cook this week. Hoping to make:

    Spicy roasted shrimp & broccoli over rice
    Chicken salad tacos w/ chili roasted sweet potato wedges
    Cheesy zucchini bake w/ pasta
    Chocolate bacon pancakes w/ sauteed bananas

  11. 11

    Sunday: Oven Roasted shrimp, veggies and Garlic Bread

    Monday: Chicken Salad and chips

    Tuesday: Enchilada Casserole and rice

    Wednesday: Asian chicken noodle soup

    Thursday: Tilapia, saffron rice and oven roasted green beans

    Friday & Saturday: Daddy will be at the deer lease so it will just be me and the baby, so we’ll do frozen dinners or cereal.

  12. 12

    GORGEOUS weekend in Chicago! Difficult to make myself come inside and plan our menu for the week…

    Sun – Grilled chicken and veggies
    Mon – Turkey meatloaf and veggies (TBD)
    Tues – BBQ chicken sandwiches with coleslaw
    Wed – Big salad (using leftover chicken on top) with good bread
    Thurs – 9th Anniversary! Order in…kitchen in closed. πŸ™‚
    Fri – Out to celebrate our anniversary
    Sat – Pizza and salad

  13. Not sure how it’s Sunday again (I think having children puts time into hyperspeed), but here’s our menu for the week…

    Sunday-Leftovers (Pesto Pasta for me, Chicken Quesadillas for my husband and daughter.)
    Monday-Spinach and Feta Pasta w/Mushrooms, Roasted Zucchini, French Bread
    Tuesday-Mojo Grilled Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw and Pinto Beans
    Wednesday-Shredded Greek Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce and Roasted Zucchini
    Thursday-Grilled Burgers, Fries, Corn on the Cob

  14. 14

    Gorgeous, gorgeous weekend in Ohio but none of our weekend meals involved the grill oddly.
    Sunday: Garlic-soy salmon, garlic-herb angel hair pasta and roasted brussel sprouts
    Monday: Kids have want to try Chipotle again (one loves it, the other two haven’t had it in a few years) so no cooking for me!
    Tuesday: Pioneer Woman’s chicken spaghetti (made ahead so the oldest can pop it in the oven while we’re at the youngest’s basketball tournament).
    Wednesday: Honey-soy roasted tofu, naan, curry zucchini.
    Thursday: Southwest chicken chili mac.
    Friday: Fish fry!
    Saturday: Turkey schnitzel with tator tots, homemade applesauce and broccoli.

  15. 15

    Sunday – Granddaughters Birthday Party. Lots of goodies plus cake and ice cream
    Monday – Buffalo Chicken Salads with all the trimmings
    Tuesday – Burgers on the grill and macaroni salad
    Wednesday – Chicken Stuffed Shells
    Thursday – Beef stroganoff
    Friday – Salmon on the grill with roasted red potatoes
    Saturday – Leftovers

  16. We are going to be VERY flexible with the menu this week. My due date is next week and the doctor is hopeful we’ll have a baby this week! That only makes me want to cook more and make sure my freezer is well-stocked! πŸ™‚

    Sunday: Orange beef
    Monday: Pumpkin pancakes
    Tuesday: Leftover orange beef
    Wednesday: Buffalo chicken wraps
    Thursday: Homemade BBQ chicken pizza
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out

    Made several batches of pizza dough and will possibly make some chicken pot pies for the freezer this week.

  17. 17

    The weather isn’t agreeing with my menu. I hope the rest of the week goes better.
    Sun- Freezer Diving (Breakfast Edtion)
    Mon- T-Bone Steaks, baked Potatos, salad
    Tue- Pasta
    Wed- Cat fish nuggets, rice
    Thu- Mystery Lunch Box
    Fri- BBQ Chicken, Mac and Cheese
    Sat- Kielbasa, Scalloped Potatos

    I had been planning the steaks on Sunday, but we got a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

  18. 18
    Lynn BB

    Sunday: Grilled pork tenderloin, mac and cheese, green beans
    Monday: Burgers on the grill (it’s summer in Chicago!)
    Tuesday: Chicken cordon bleu from Fresh Market, broccoli
    Wednesday: Turkey and bean enchiladas
    Thursday: Creamy chicken in the crockpot (freezer meal) some sort of veggie
    Friday: ???
    Saturday: Hopefully out

  19. 19
    Vicki Tunell

    Sunday-Wednesday: Disneyland!!! πŸ˜‰
    Thursday: Oven Pizza and apples
    Friday: Crock Pot Mexican Tortilla Pie, Fresh salsa, guacamole and chips
    Saturday: Green pork chili and corn

  20. 20

    Sun – Out
    Mon – stuffed shells and grilled chicken
    Tues – out
    Wed – steak tacos
    Thurs – grilled chicken salad ( my son’s concert)
    Fri – out with good friends
    Sat – chicken pot pie!

  21. 21

    Leaving for spring break on Saturday so this week is pretty easy, since we don’t want to leave any leftovers behind:

    Tonight was crockpot lasagna, the rest of the week will be in random order:
    Chicken Roll-Ups
    Breakfast of some kind
    Rachel Sandwiches (I believe this is your recipe – we all love it!)
    Order pizza! πŸ™‚

    • Jane Maynard

      love that you all love rachels! I made a few different panini flavors last night (which I will be writing about) and nate said, “they’re good. but the rachel is the best.” they are just the yummiest sandwiches! πŸ™‚

  22. 22
    Ashley P

    I am playing in the put for a musical this week, so I am making a lot of quicker meals, and eating on the go some nights.

    S- grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup
    M- almond Parmesan chicken, couscous and broccoli
    T- Italian chicken tenders, pasta and broccoli
    W- grab something on the way to rehearsal
    T- spaghetti, salad and garlic toast
    F- pizza
    S- we have a double run of the show, so I will eat with the cast. H will eat with his dad, who is visiting for the weekend

  23. My meal plan is on my blog:

    I stay home with my 2 boys and hubby comes home for lunch as well, so I plan for lunch and supper, but some meals are quick and easy.

    • Jane Maynard

      how fun that your husband can come home for lunch – my dad could do that when my parents were first married and my mom looks so fondly on those years. πŸ™‚

  24. I’ve had to get creative on my meal planning now that baseball season is starting. We’ve got two boys on two different teams with two completely different schedules. It’s time for quick meals that can be re-heated or thrown together.

    S- Mac & Cheese and broccoli for the kiddos (left over quiche and salad for mom & dad)
    M- Taco Pie, black beans, and salad
    T- Pad Thai Spaghetti Squash
    W- Crispy Honey Chicken Stir Fry
    T- small group at church
    F- avacado & chickpea salad sandwiches, sweet potato fries
    S- Leftovers or eat out. It’s opening day for baseball season!

  25. 25

    Sunday Italian pork parm sandwiches and homemade potatoe salad
    Monday baked zita
    Tues spinach salad with egg and bacon
    wed steak on grill and asparagus
    Thur coconut chicken
    Friday breakfast for dinner

    Sat family event
    Everyone enjoy their week!

  26. 26

    Sunday: clam chowder, salad, bread
    Monday: Italian baked pasta, salad
    Tuesday: Quiche
    Wednesday: Enchiladas
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Ham & Swiss Croissants
    Saturday: Steak, pasta with mushroom cream sauce

    I blogged about my meal planning system, if you’re interested!

  27. 27

    Monday – pancakes with tuna filling (rainy weather food)

    Tuesday – baked fish parcels with potato wedges and salad

    Wednesday – butternut soup and toast

    Thursday – chicken and vegetable curry with rice

    Friday – Mince and pasta bake with salad

    Saturday – date

    Sunday – Moroccan beef salad

  28. 28

    This weekend we ripped out our kitchen and it’s going to be several months before it’s finished so I’m down to one hot plate and a toaster oven. I’ve stocked the freezer with meals but it’s going to get repetitive very quickly. I need some good ideas for one-pot dinners!

    Mon: Carbonara and salad

    Tue: Salad, rotisserie chicken, roasted peppers, olives and crusty bread (thank goodness for the deli!)

    Wed: Pasta bake with ratatouille (from the freezer) and mozzarella

    Thur: Leftovers

    Fri: Polenta with ragu

    Sat: Chicken stew and rice

    Sun: Dinner at mum’s

  29. 29

    Sunday: Steak and spicy pasta, bread, salad
    Monday: Breakfast for dinner: Omelets, oranges
    Tuesday: Hubby cooks. BBQ pork chops, mashed potatoes, carrots
    Wednesday: Hubby cooks. Lasagna (from freezer), garlic bread, salad
    Thursday: Hubby cooks. tacos, fruit
    Friday: Pizza Night, salad
    Saturday: Boursin Chicken, fingerling potatoes, asparagus (If I can find any boursin cheese- it seems to have disappeared from every store around!)

    • Jane Maynard

      do you have a recipe for boursin chicken?

      not being able to find boursin sounds like a nightmare to me!

  30. Sunday –
    Garlic Cream Cheese and Roasted Chili Stuffed Pork Loin, Rice, and Salad

    Monday –
    Lunch – Hot Dogs, Salt and Vinegar Chips, and Tomato Salad

    Dinner – Roasted Chicken, Potatoes, Brown Gravy, and Carrot Slaw

    Tuesday –Spaghetti and Meatballs (never got to it last week)

    Wednesday –Leftovers

    Thursday –BBQ Honey Pork Ramen

    Friday – Venison Cheeseburgers and French Fries

  31. 31

    Sunday – Grilled flank steak, roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary, grilled romaine
    Monday – sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit and veggies
    Tuesday – breakfast food – eggs, bacon and blueberry muffins
    Wednesday – homemade pizza and salad
    Thursday – leftovers
    Friday – shrimp boil
    Saturday – out

  32. During Lent we forgo meat on Fridays. We have company (of the non fish eating variety) coming for dinner this Friday so I am cooking enough side dishes so no one will go hungry.

    Salmon Cake Sandwiches
    Green Apple Slaw with Dill

    Spiced Mini Meatballs
    Chickpea and Bulgur Salad
    Arugula Salad

    Chicken Soup with Orzo, Lemon, and Dill
    Whole Wheat Popovers
    Baked Apples

    French Bread Pizza
    Cesar Salad

    Friday Night with Friends (and lots of kids)

    Scotch Sours
    Pig Candy (little nuggets of maple glazed bacon)
    Spiced Nuts

    Pinot Noir
    Chopped Salad with Green Apples and Dill
    Rib Eye Steaks with Sautéed Mushrooms
    Cowboy Caviar (Black-eyed Pea Salad)
    Mashed Carrots and Parsnips
    Roasted Russets

    Cookies and Milkshakes with a Splash of Homemade Coffee Hazelnut Liquor

  33. 33
    Angie .

    Sun – Mozzarella-stuffed pesto pork burgers w/ baked onion rings (Alexia brand is amazing!)
    Mon – Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ brown rice
    Tue – Chicken Fajitas w/ queso & chips
    Wed – Sloppy Joes biscuit cups
    Thu – White Chicken Chili
    Fri – Chicken Francese w/ linguini
    Sat – Going to see The Hunger Games!

    • Jane Maynard

      can’t WAIT to see the hunger games. it’s got 100% on rotten tomatoes – unreal! it’s going to be so good…

    • Angie .

      We WERE going to do one of the dine-in theatres with the awesome reclining seats, but they are completely sold out for Saturday already! So… we’re going to a regular theatre for an afternoon matinee and hitting dinner downtown afterwards. Still going to be a great movie. Did you have a chance to read the books?

    • Jane Maynard

      yes, I read the books a while ago…and I even got nate to read them!! (that is no small feat, he rarely reads fiction) so we’re going to go see it together…and thankfully my sister moved her just weeks ago and can babysit for us! πŸ˜‰ have fun!!

  34. 34

    Sunday – pasta & meatballs
    Monday – free for all – we have ballet, basketball awards & pinewood derby all with the same start time
    Tuesday – hamburger & hot dogs on the grill
    Wednesday – pork chops on the grill
    Thursday – chicken breast on the grill (it is unseasonably warm in Ohio so lot of grilling)
    Friday – some type of fish
    Saturday – Ribs

  35. 35

    I think this is my first time ever posting! Exciting πŸ™‚
    Monday – Leftover corned beef, cabbage and potatoes
    Tuesday – Mushroom soup
    Wednesday – Leftovers
    Thursday – Chili
    Friday – Homemade pizzas and/or calzones.

    • Jane Maynard

      yay! I love it when people post for the first time! hope to see you again next week! πŸ™‚

  36. Monday: Spaghetti squash topped with chicken and spinach
    Tuesday: Tuscan Vegetable Bread Soup – Canadian Living Recipe
    Wednesday: Greek Ribs, Greek potatoes and greek salad
    Thursday: Mushroom Stroganoff
    Friday: Rachel Ray’s White Minestrone
    Saturday: Pho
    Sunday: Spinach stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

  37. Monday: for the St. Patty’s day hangover:
    Slow Cooker Guinness Beef Stew

    Tuesday: It’s the Iranian New Year so I’ll be making a traditional Persian NoRouz dinner – Sabzi Polo bah Mahi (Herbed Rice with Fish). The rice is made super easy thanks to the rice cooker and the fish is an easy, baked lemon and dill tilapia.

    Wednesday: Citrus Pork with Egg Noodles and Roasted Apples and Brussel Sprouts.

    Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken over rice

    Shepherd’s Pie

  38. 38

    Haven’t posted menus in a while, but my sister is visiting & we are having fun in the kitchen so I couldn’t resist.

    Tortellini Alfredo w/ bacon, spinach, & oven roasted tomatoes
    Out to Eat
    Southwestern Baked Eggrolls & Homemade corn & black bean salsa
    Coconut Chicken Salad with homemade mozzarella sticks
    Beef Fajitas
    Breakfast (eggs & waffles)

  39. 39

    Sat – BLTs
    Sun – baked chicken pieces, mashed potatoes, sweet corn
    Mon – spinach tortelloni w/ veggies (red pepper, garlic, leftover corn, broccoli, tomatoes)
    Tues – steak w/ onions, beans, carrots
    Wed – spaghetti w/ green salad
    Thurs – orange chicken & broccoli over rice
    Fri – homemade veggie pizza

  40. 40

    Mon- Shepherd’s Pie
    Tues- Chicken Teriyaki, Rice & Steamed Cabbage
    Wed- Pasta Fagioli
    Thurs- Pioneer Woman Pasta w/Pesto Cream Sauce
    Fri- Pizza Night
    Sat- Creamy Crockpot Spaghetti
    Sun- Pioneer Woman Tangy Tomato Brisket

  41. 41

    First Post!
    Mon- EAt out (Thai)
    Tues – Salmon Roll (from freezer), grilled potatoes, onions and asparagus Cook Steaks on Grill
    Wed – Steak Fajitas, salad, rice and beans
    Thursday – Spaghetti with meat sauce and italian sausage, bread and salad (Bake chicken thighs for Friday)
    Friday – White Chicken Chili, cheesy chicken quesadillas, jalopeno and cream cheese poppers.
    Saturday – Dad’s on his own, I’m working
    Sunday – Eat with family

  42. 42

    Mon-Tikki Marsala, Chix Curry, Indian Cauliflower, Cucumber Salad
    Tue-lefotvers for me, cheesey eggs for kids
    Wed-chix sausages on the grill (from trader joes–super easy meal), roasted kale, roasted veggies
    Thur-Calzones made at home–filling w whatever is in fridge, leftover roasted veggies
    Fri-eat out
    Saturday-grill burgers at home?

  43. 43

    Okay first time trying this but okay here goes –

    Sunday – Tacos al pastor
    Monday – Roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans
    Tuesday – Depression era burgers and fries
    Wednesday – Leftovers
    Thursday – Chicken and Rice Casserole
    Friday – Hubby’s birthday we will be eating out….
    Saturday – TBD

  44. I just found your site today. I guess I’m doing this right :\
    Sun – we had sloppy joes, mac & cheese (lunch) and Pork Chops with buttermilk gravy, biscuits, and mashed potatoes (dinner)
    Mon – leftovers
    Tue – chili dogs
    Wed – ham, grilled chicken, and cheese panini rollups
    Thur – some sort of pasta (haven’t thought that far yet)
    Fri – hamburgers maybe
    Sat – no idea yet!

  45. 45

    Just came across your site today. I LOVE weekly menu planning. I’ve enjoyed looking all the ideas.

    Sunday: Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mini Garlic Monkey Bread and Green Beans
    Monday: Savory Onion Soup Shredded Chicken Sandwiches with Baked Chips, Carrot and Celery Sticks
    Tuesday: Spaghetti with Homemade Pasta Sauce
    Wednesday: Chicken Tacos with Homemade Salsa and Salad
    Thursday: Steak House Pork Chops with Festive Rice Medley
    Friday: dinner with in-laws
    Saturday: trying a new burger place with friends

    recipes can be found at

  46. 46

    I just came over from PW. I do menu planning on my blog too! Fun to find a friend!!!!

    PW meatballs
    fried potatoes
    oatmeal chipper skillet
    chicken parmesan
    angel hair with pesto
    spinach salad
    garlic bread
    pan fried pork chops
    buttered corn
    ranch style beans
    beef stroganoff
    grilled chicken
    rice pilaf
    cowboy pie
    cheese pizza

  47. 47

    Monday was a “mongo salad”–spinach and mixed greens with whatever we have in the house in terms of veggies, leftover grilled meat, cheese, with cottage cheese, ranch dressing, and salted sunflower seeds on top.

    Tuesday was spaghetti and meatballs with side salad.

    Wednesday we stopped at a Chinese restaurant for dinner on the way home from work.

    Tonight (Thursday), I’m making sweet and sour pork to serve over brown rice.

    Friday will be hamburgers on the grill, baked sweet potato fries, and roasted asparagus.

    Saturday is going to be a belated St. Patty’s Day meal with extended family. So I’m doing corned beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, and cabbage in the crock pot, hot dinner rolls, and mint brownies with ice cream for dessert.

  48. 48
    Bethany J

    I like the idea of posting meal plans for the week – great inspiration. Found your blog via PW.
    Mon: Cauliflower Spaghetti – a vegetarian favorite growing up
    Tues: Chicken fajitas
    Wed: Pizza Burgers and Sweet potato fries
    Thurs: Reuben sandwiches and fruit salad
    Fri: Pizza of some sort.
    Weekend is a free for all πŸ™‚

  49. 49
    Jen V

    Monday – Turkey Panini & Fruit Salad
    Tuesday – Turkey Breast Roast, Fizzy Carrots and mixed green salad
    Wednesday – Herbed Egg Souffle, Country Potatoes
    Thursday – Tacos
    Friday – Enchiladas, cilantro/tomato rice
    Saturday – Homemade from scratch pizza
    Sunday – Voul au Vents

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