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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 278 Menu

This past week was Cate’s school Open House. They did the coolest thing. A bunch of local food trucks came so people could buy dinner and have a picnic. I loved the idea! It was a great way to support local businesses, it was fun, and oh-so-delicious! Our friends’ food truck Pollo Fritto was there. Their fried chicken is just so darn good.

I was much better about cooking last week. I think my schedule might be getting a little more manageable (knock on wood!). We also ended up throwing a barbecue birthday party for my sister, which gave us lots of great leftovers throughout the week.

Kitchen Sink Quesadillas

Orange Chicken
– Rice and veggie

Bistro Chicken (I rant into someone at the store this week who said they made and loved this recipe, one that I had forgotten about! back on the rotation it goes!)
– Mashed potatoes & veggie

– Leftovers

– Eat out

– Brats & hot dogs on the grill
– some combination of barbecue side dishes (beans and/or potato salad and/or fruit etc)

– Breakfast for dinner! I think omelettes this week!

Your turn, my friends! Get your menus up here! (Sorry, feeling a little bossy today.)


  1. 1

    I’m going to try a bunch of stuff on my Pinterest board this week.

    S- Jambayla (sp?)
    M- Cube Steak, Corn and Baked Beans (husband request)
    T- Bacon,Avocado Grilled Cheese and Strawberry Salad (both from Pinterest)
    W- Smoked Sausage and Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (Pinterest)
    Th- Quesadillas using leftover mixture from stuffed potatoes last night. I’m also going to try whole wheat tortillas (Pinterest again!)
    F- Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta (Pinterest)
    S- TBD

  2. 2

    Sunday- Grilled salmon, cilantro-lime rice and some grilled veggies
    Monday- Town Meeting, so we will grab something en route
    Tuesday- Grilled chicken, grilled bread and salad
    Wednesday- Kitchen sink quesadillas (maybe w/chicken if we have any leftover) and mexican rice
    Thursday-Pasta w/tuna, olives and capers
    Friday- chicken enchiladas- will be trying your sauce recipe
    Saturday- out
    Sunday- cookout for Memorial Day- no idea what we’re bringing

  3. 3
    green thumbs vegan mom

    S: spaghetti, roasted veggies (w. meatballs for meat eaters in family)

    M: Stir fry w. brown rice (meatless)

    T: Tacos, spanish rice, beans (ground beef for meat eaters lentils for me)

    W: Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Veggies (Sweet Potato and veggies for me)

    Th: Red Beans and Rice w. Cornbread (meatless)

    F:Fajita Salad (steak for meat eaters portabella for me)

    S: Leftover night: Red Beans and Rice into Red Beans and Rice Pasta Salad

    S: Burgers Fries and Mac n Cheese

  4. Back to reality after nine weeks of maternity leave! Holy cow! Glad I stocked up that freezer! Also planning the menu on the road back from vacation with what I know we have on hand. Veggies and sides will be determined after we get the CSA basket tomorrow.

    Sunday: Back from vacation. FFY. 
    Monday: Eggplant Parmesan
    Tuesday: Stuffed shells from freezer
    Wednesday: Dinner at church
    Thursday: Italian Beef in slow cooker
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out

  5. 5

    Sunday – Island Pork w/ Coconut Rice, mango (trying this recipe for the first time)
    Monday – Crock Pot Italian Chicken w/ Rotini, Caesar salad, breadsticks
    Tuesday – Teriyaki Chicken, broccoli, brown rice & egg rolls
    Wednesday – Au Jus sandwiches & sweet potato fries
    Thursday – Eat Out
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – BBQ pork sandwiches, coleslaw, new potatoes

  6. 6

    Sunday – leftovers – clean out the fridge!
    Monday – Salmon with fries and broccoli
    Tuesday Kielbasi and pierogies
    Wednesday – buffalo turkey burgers with blue cheese slaw
    thursday – chicken kebabs with pasta slad
    Friday – Tacos
    winging for the weekend!

  7. 7
    Lynn BB

    Sunday: Grilled pork chops w/blue cheese butter, baked zuchinni chips, mashed potatoes
    Monday: Panko crusted chicken, salad, french bread
    Tuesday: Cheeseburgers on the grill
    Wednesday: Waffles
    Thursday: Out or take-out
    Friday: Grilled buttermilk marinated chicken, asparagus
    Saturday: Out for our anniversary!

  8. 8
    Vicki Tunell

    Monday: Chicken Fajita Burgers, Chips and Homemade Salsa
    Tuesday: Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Avocado Sour Cream Sauce and Broccoli
    Wednesday: Crusted Tilapia with Cilantro Sour Cream and Green Chile Mashed Potatoes and Corn
    Thursday: Breakfast For Dinner
    Friday: Chicken Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
    Saturday: Pork Tenderloin Crusted in Aged Jack Cheese with Spinach Salad
    Sunday: Pork Tacos with Guacamole, Chips and Homemade Salsa

  9. 9

    Monday: Marinated Steak Skewers, Corn Salad with tomatoes and red onion
    Tuesday: Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Veggies
    Wednesday: Chopped Salad and Baguette
    Thursday: take out
    Friday: Grilled Burgers and Watermelon
    Saturday: Chicken Milanese, String Beans, Cherry Tomatoes

  10. 10
    Erika B.

    This is what I hope to have time to make and what I shopped for. The order might need to change.

    Sunday-Veggie Frittatas, Soy and Maple Roasted Yams, Raspberries and Peaches
    Monday-Creamy Lemon Pasta, Green Salad with Dill Dressing, Strawberries
    Tuesday-Farmer’s Market Pizza, Roasted Asparagus, Cherries or Apples
    Wednesday-Greek Lentil Soup, Home Made Pita Bread with Yogurt Dip, Blueberries
    Thursday-Leftovers or Out with Family
    Friday-Baked Oatmeal with Apple Compote, Bacon and Peaches

  11. 11

    Monday: Cilantro-lime shrimp tacos, Mexican rice
    Tuesday: Broccoli alfredo linguini
    Wednesday: Pepperoni & olive pizzas
    Thursday: Chicken pot pie

    Making a Southwestern Black Bean Salad for my work lunches and am going to try a new cookie recipe this week too, Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip.

  12. 12

    Sunday: Maple mustard chicken thighs, antipasto salad, and herby cucumber salad. Maybe brownies for dessert?
    Monday: Taco salads with smoothies.
    Tuesday: Pulled pork in the crock pot (three different dinner times for our family this night). Cucumbers, red peppers, and strawberries on the side.
    Wednesday: Chicken rice bowls.
    Thursday: Updated tuna noodle casserole (when the 13-year-old girl who dislikes fish asks for this, I’m definitely making it!)
    Friday: Egg, bacon and asparagus personal pizzas with a side salad.
    Saturday: Date night/Kids FFY.

  13. Monday: Ben usually plays ultimate frisbee so I’m headed to Panera
    Tuesday: Quinoa Pizza Bites
    Wednesday: our third anniversary! going out to celebrate since we didn’t over the weekend as we had planned
    Thursday: Baked Eggs
    Friday: breakfast for dinner
    Saturday: Ben has planned a picnic to celebrate our anniversary!
    Sunday: leftovers

  14. Dinner from the freezer a little earlier than expected this week. Back on bed rest AGAIN until delivery (which will hopefully be sometime this week.)

    Some of the freezer meals or simple options we’ll be using:
    -Orange Chicken w Rice and Green Beans (Costco)
    -Stuffed Shells w Salad and Bread (Costco)
    -Chicken Tacos w Black Beans and Salad (Crock pot)
    -Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Fruit
    -Breakfast for Dinner and Fruit

  15. 15
    Amanda Bacon

    Sunday-Peirogies topped with sour cream and chedder cheese, homemade applesauce, and sauteed greenbeans with garlic and mushrooms.
    Monday-Chicken Stirfry with Rice
    Tuesday-Taco Salad with chips and gauchomola
    Wednesday-BBQ Chicken Quesadillas with leftover chips and guac
    Thursday-Chicken Tenders and Mac-n-Cheese with roasted carrots
    Friday -Leftovers
    Saturday-Eat out and Church

  16. 16
    Jen S

    Yay for a Bistro Chicken comeback! I need to do that myself again soon.

    Our plan:
    Sun – stuffed peppers, steamed broccoli and fresh Italian crusty bread (yum!)
    Mon – leftovers and I am at a dinner for work
    Tues – chicken thighs in Tikka Masala sauce, rice/ naan, green beans
    Weds – I am out of town … FFY
    Thurs – I get back late so pizza likely
    Fri – inlaws here for the weekend – something on the grill!

    • Jane Maynard

      that was a real winner of a recipe, jen – so glad you shared it all those years ago!

  17. 17

    Sunday – Chicken on the grill, parsley potatoes, baked beans
    Monday – Rib steak, baked potato, candied carrots
    Tuesday – Ham slice, fried rice with mixed veggies
    Wednesday – Pasta with chicken and vegetables
    Thursday – Philly steak sandwiches and pierogies
    Friday – Spaghetti with meatballs and salad
    Saturday – Leftovers

  18. 18

    Still trying to figure it out, this is what I have so far:

    Sunday – tamarind curry + spinach + eggs
    Monday – Broccoli & tofu
    Tuesday – Salmon + zucchini risotto
    Wednesday – chickpeas + spinach + ??
    Thursday – leftovers
    Friday – leftovers
    Saturday – family in town, probably out
    Sunday – family in town, probably out

  19. 19
    Kim 2

    Sunday: Pasta with cherry tomato sauce, broccoli
    Monday & Tuesday: Away on business; hubby eats leftovers
    Wednesday: Chicken,sugar snap peas, & basil (Martha Stewart Everday Food- June issue)
    Thursday: Griiled lemon garlic chicken, baked beans, mixed veggies
    Friday: Out
    Saturday: Bow tie pasta with shrimp and vodka sauce, salad

  20. 20

    Sunday – Pasta bake
    Monday – pasta leftovers
    Tuesday – Sweet & Saucy Chicken, roasted cauliflower
    Wednesday thru Friday – Hubby working super late, leftovers and/or easy Trader Joe’s for me and the kids.
    Saturday – out for Memorial Day Weekend

    Also making a new smoothie recipe, a batch of french toast sticks to freeze for the kids for bfast, and frozen chocolate pudding pops.

  21. 21

    Just got our first CSA delivery this morning so I’m trying to find creative ways to use the produce:

    M – Sea scallops with parmesan green beans and couscous
    T – Sandwiches and Kale chips
    W – Borscht with tziziki and crusty bread
    Th – Date night?
    F – FFY
    S – Friend is bringing dinner
    S – Grill! Corn on the cob, beans, and any other fun sides I think of.

  22. 22

    Monday – chinese chicken salad
    Tuesday – tuna shells, rice, green beans
    Wednesday – Borone style turkey melts
    Thursday – panko crusted tilapia, couscous, broccoli
    Friday – take out
    Saturday – out for cousin’s graduation dinner
    Sunday – ???

  23. Sunday – Grilled hot dogs and brats with the neighbors
    Monday – Tacos by request. I’m thinking traditional, with all the sides.
    Tuesday – Panini’s on the grill sound super yummy. I’ve been thinking about an arugula, mozzarella, tomato panini, with pesto.
    Wednesday – I’d like to try a kale and walnut pesto, still looking for recipes. Maybe with a fruit salad.
    Thursday – It’s supposed to be super hot, I’m thinking some cold salads…
    Friday – Grilled veggies (broccoli raab and walking onions), grilled salmon and a nutty couscous side.
    Saturday – We will be in Vail with some friends for Memorial Day weekend, so dinner will be out I’m sure!

  24. Monday – Veggie Stuffed Peppers, Homemade Salsa & Smashed Beans

    Tuesday – Chicken Florentine Pasta & Wedge Salad w/ Zesty Avocado Buttermilk Dressing

    Wednesday – Leftover Pasta

    Thursday – Leftover Fancied Up Salad

    Friday – Grilled Tilapia, Grilled Corn & Mexican Quinoa Salad

    Saturday – Leftover Tilapia

    Sunday – French Dip Cups, Caramelized Onion Dip w/ Asparagus Spears & Wonton Chips & Baked Onions

    Extras – Dr. Pepper Ten Brownies (for small group), Pumpkin French Toast Casserole (for breakfast potluck at work), Chai Banana Bread Muffin Cupcakes (to use up browning bananas), & Creamy Pineapple Dessert (for healthy snacking)

    Links to recipes are posted in my own weekly meal plan on my blog (which I started doing because of TWFD)!

    • Jane Maynard

      so glad you are posting your menu on your blog…and still posting here, too! yay for menus! 🙂

  25. 25

    Mon – Potstickers and stir-fried chard
    Tue – Spaghetti carbonara and salad
    Wed – Baked ‘fried’ chicken salad with roasted peppers, olives and honey-mustard dressing
    Thur – Fennel and lemon risotto
    Fri – Baked fish and chips, peas
    Sat – Going to a friend’s wedding
    Sun – Dinner at mum’s, taking tres leches cake with raspberries

  26. 26

    sunday: roast chicken, rolls, salad, berries
    monday: puff puff pancakes, berries
    tuesday: pasta with pesto sauce (also last one from the freezer) and shrimp, garlic bread, salad
    wednesday: Hubby cooks. grilled cheese and homemade tomato basil soup (last one from the freezer)
    thursday: Hubby cooks. pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans
    friday: friday night pizza night, salad
    saturday: zuppa toscana, bread

    • Happy =)

      Last week the menu went mostly along my planned line…

      Sun: MIL’s Birthday Brunch out
      D: Pizza
      Dessert: CAKE!
      Hubby will be cooking all the meals this week =)!

      I already did the Little ones rooms & have 3 bags of toys & 1 bag of cloths for donation. I know it is late for Spring Cleaning… but, hey better late than never! And, if I can double or triple the bags going out, we’ll all be happy!

      Next week should be back to normal…

  27. 27

    The frig is stuff with mostly leftovers. All I am planning to make is a lasagna(Sunday) and breakfast for dinner(Tuesday). I leave for my parents’ house on Saturday and return Monday. So I have no clue what next week will look like, if I plan it at all.

  28. Monday
    Edamame Salad with Crisp Steak Bits (Mark Bittman’s recipe)

    Roasted Chicken (shred leftovers for tomorrow’s pizza)
    Butternut Squash
    Brown Rice and Chickpea Pilaf

    BBQ Chicken Pizza
    Green Salad

    Dirty Rice
    Bacon and Cheddar Cornbread
    Roasted Broccoli

    Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi
    Sweet Corn and Summer Squash Hash
    Whole-wheat Popovers and Basil Butter

  29. this week I’m trying to eat out of our freezer, so it’s not as creative as usual… but I’ll welcome the space in our little freezer!

    Sunday night – Frito Chili Pie Wraps, roasted broccoli

    Monday – Skinny Chicken Alfredo with broccoli and using shredded chicken from the freezer; arugula/mixed lettuce salad with penne, white beans, sundried tomatoes, and a balsamic sauce.

    Tuesday: Pulled pork tacos, corn and black bean salsa, fajita veggies

    Wednesday: Mexighetti bake with broccoli

    Thursday: Pulled pork and veggie pizza (zucchini, onions, corn, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese); broiled squash.

    Friday: Maybe out?

    Saturday, Monday: Not sure… have a few meals ready just in case:
    Zucchini and corn quesadillas with broiled apricots and peaches.
    Mac and cheese and chicken casserole
    Strawberry balsamic pizza
    Whole wheat pancakes and fruit
    Tuscan soup and homemade bread

    Sunday: Lunch at the arts festival, dinner will be a grilling cook-out with friends… we’re planning on corn and black bean salsa, hot dogs with toppings, and a few sides, fruit and dessert.

    Next week I’ll have a more normal meal plan!

  30. (S) Family Dinner
    (M) Salsa Verde Chicken (using Leftover Spicy Grilled Chicken from Saturday), Southwestern Corn, Homemade Corn Tortillas, Coconut Rice, Homemade Salsa with Tortilla Chips
    (T) Leftovers
    (W) Vegetable Curry
    (Th) Leftovers
    (F) Homemade Pizza
    (S) Chicken & Tilapia Lemon Caper Pasta

  31. 31

    Monday-Cheesy chicken and rice soup (Picky Palate)
    Tuesday-Hot dogs, mixed veggies and tots
    Wednesday-Spaghetti and meatballs with salad and crusty bread
    Thursday-Paninis and soup w/ fruit
    Friday-Homemade pizza night
    Saturday-Eat out
    Sunday-Italian pot roast in the crock pot with rolls

  32. 33

    Monday – chicken nachos, fruit salad
    Tuesday – chili, popovers
    Wednesday – leftovers
    Thursday – pizza
    Friday – grilled cheese, fruit salad
    Saturday – chicken alfredo pasta, veggies
    Sunday – breakfast for dinner (PANCAKES!)

  33. Lot’s of great menus here!
    I’m doing a pantry/freezer challenge this week.
    My menu is on my blog:

  34. I’m late to the game this week.

    M: Was stuffed poblano peppers
    T: Key West grilled chicken
    W: Eggplant romesco with rigatoni
    R: Takeout…The Wife and I each have work events
    F: Clams provencal for The Wife’s 35th.
    S: Dinner with The In-Laws for The Wife’s birthday.

  35. 36

    I’m even later to the game.
    Sunday; Was chicken korma ( great seasoning packet at Fresh and Easy grocery store) Naan bread, rice and asparagus
    Monday: I’m out at Cheesecake Factory eating off their Skinnylicious menu ( the lettuce wrap tacos were great and light) My family had linguine and clam sauce with green beans
    Tuesday: Another meeting for me, hubby likes Van de Kamps battered fish in tortillas with avocado so that is what he will get, easy for me.
    Wednesday: Chili verde in the crockpot.
    Thursday: On your own, hubby gone, kids eat out at school, no one really hungry on Thurs night.
    Friday:I don’t know, I never seem to plan this far. With older kids I never know who will be home, Friday night is usually a “Oh, we will have this” night once I get a dinner head count.

  36. 37

    Sun: Maui Ribs (TJs), jasmine rice
    Mon: Sloppy Joses (Food network), onion rings
    Tues: Yogurt-marinated grilled chicken (DALS), rice pilaf, naan
    Wed: Rotisserie Chicken & Spring Pasta Salad (Food Network)
    Thurs-Mon: away for long holiday weekend!!

  37. 38

    Sat – franks & beans w/ corn on the cob
    Sun – out
    Mon – chicken w/ risotto & Broccoli
    Tues – italian sausage/pasta/veg’s (zucchini/red pepper)
    Wed – rice & bean burritos w/ avocado
    Thurs – chicken legs, steamed veg’s, mashed potatoes
    Fri – out

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