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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 295 Menu

I love it when I get my act together and make pancakes on Sunday morning. And apparently Owen is a fan…he ate an entire pancake in less than 2 minutes and ate three total!

How is it that another week has passed? I swear time is on fast forward.

– Cream of Mushroom Soup

– Chicken tenders and veggies

– Tuscan Tomato Soup

– Leftovers

– Family picnic at Cate’s school

– Take-out after Owen’s 1st birthday celebration! See, time is on fast forward…how is my baby almost 1?!?!

– Chili (didn’t get to it last week, but I know I’m getting bell peppers in the CSA bag this week, so that will be perfect!)

Cate helped plan the menu this week. She did a good job! You all know the drill…get your menus posted on here! We want to see what you’re up to!


  1. Working late has been no fun. I am getting creative with what I can prepare in the morning and be thrown into the oven when the husband and kids get home (not to mention what will still taste good once I get home to eat it 2 hours later!)! On a positive note, my 6-month old is starting baby food. He hasn’t been too impressed except he seems to love roaster butternut squash and sweet potato soup!! Maybe a have a budding foodie on my hands!

    Sunday: Steaks on the grill with with roasted okra and a chili mayonnaise dipping sauce
    Monday: Veggie pot pie over quinoa
    Tuesday: Noodles with or without marinara (depending on personal taste!)
    Wednesday: Chicken and vegetable kabobs with quinoa
    Thursday: Homemade chicken nuggets
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out!

    • Jane Maynard

      I’m so sorry you have to work late – that is such a drag, especially with a baby! hang in there!

  2. 2

    Sunday: Out
    Monday: Cracker-crusted chicken tenders, crudité, apple dumplings
    Tuesday: Pancakes, fruit salad
    Wednesday: Steak, steamed veggies
    Thursday: with salad
    Friday: take out (pizza, garlic knots, wings)
    Saturday: Pineapple shrimp, peanut noodles

  3. Sunday: Cold Sesame Noodles with End-of-Summer Vegetables and Grilled Bison Ribeye

    Monday: Chicken Tikka Masala (using simmer sauce from Whole Foods) with Cauliflower “Couscous” (

    Tuesday: Pork Chops and Long-Cooked Broccoli (

    Wednesday: Linguine with Sardines, Tomatoes and Fennel (

    Thursday: Parent potluck at preschool

    Friday: Chicken Paillards with Parmesan Breadcrumbs, Escarole & Capers

    Saturday: Dinner party

  4. Sunday: start of Jewish New Year with chicken and matzo ball soup, crock pot brisket, fruit compote and lots of desserts
    Monday: dinner at my moms – more holiday stuff – sweet and sour meatballs, challah, roasted chicken, stuffing, veggies, more desserts

    **back to reality on Tuesday: pasta & (turkey) meat sauce after evening yoga and activities
    Wednesday: tuna noodle casserole
    Thursday: kids will have pizza before I dash to back to school night after soccer game
    Friday: considering breakfast for dinner with movie night
    Saturday: have not gotten that far

  5. 5

    My family wishes I could make pancakes! Mine always turn out too thick are like rubber. 🙁 Jello and Pancakes the two things that NEVER turn out for me!

    Sunday-Out to eat to Olive Garden-never ending pasta bowls! So bad for you but oh so good!
    Monday-Stuffed peppers with egg noodles
    Tuesday-French toast and fruit
    Wednesday-Chili and Cornbread
    Friday-Sub sammies with fruit/veggies and chips

    • Jane Maynard

      maybe I’ll have to do a pancake post – I’ve tried so many recipes and my sister and I were talking yesterday about the one my mom always used, it just always comes out and is totally reliable and we end up coming back to it over and over. might have to share!

  6. 6

    Also throwing in an apple crisp some time this week, because its practically fall and it sounds SOO good!

  7. 7

    Sunday – just me at home – ended up eating lunch out with my brother and his family
    Monday – Broccoli tomato thai curry
    Tuesday – Son home for dinner – he has requested hamburgers
    Wednesday = daughter and son-in-law for dinner – Chicken cordon bleu and mashed cauliflower
    Thursday – cod with choppe salad
    Friday – out
    Saturday – Phillies game!

  8. 8

    Mon: Kale quiche
    Tue: Turkey and pepper pie, green beans
    Wed: Stuffed kuri squash, salad
    Thur: Mushroom and blue cheese pasta
    Fri: Turkey burgers, fries, salad
    Sat: Duck ragu, tagliatelle, green salad, walnut bread
    Sun: Dinner at mum’s, taking summer pudding

  9. Sun: spaghetti (crock pot sauce) salad, garlic bread
    Mon: Local restaurant for school fundraiser
    Tues: Spaghetti leftovers
    Wed: Asian chicken legs, mashed potatoes w/ kale, poblanos & white cheddar
    Thurs: Turkey & wild rice soup
    Fri: Homecoming- so either leftovers or concession stand food

  10. 10

    Another happily vegan week in our house:

    Sunday: miso udon stirfry w/broccoli, swiss chard and adzuki beans
    Monday: farro with grilled zucchini and tomatoes
    Tuesday: boca burgers and sweet potato fries
    Wednesday: pineapple teriyaki tempeh stir-fry w/brown rice
    Thursday: leftovers
    Friday: mushroom and bell pepper fajitas
    Saturday: leftovers

  11. 11

    Sunday – T-Bone steak and baked potatoes on the grill with mushrooms and green beans
    Monday – Fish sandwiches with spicy fries and applesauce
    Tuesday – Stuffed peppers, mashed potatoes, corn
    Wednesday – Vegetable soup and pesto grilled cheese sandwich
    Thursday – Ranch marinated pork chops with garlic potatoes and carrots
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – Granddaughters Birthday Party at Sea Base

  12. 12

    I didn’t get to a few meals last week so we have some repeats.

    Sunday: Burgers, sweet potato tator tots, and a roasted beets and goat cheese salad. My burger will have habanero raspberry cream cheese in it with grilled jalapenos.
    Monday: In-laws in town plus cross country meet and orchestra rehearsal = really easy meal of turkey BLTs, roasted broccoli, and fruited curry couscous salad.
    Tuesday: Sesame-ginger-garlic tofu with veggie “fried” rice and a side of roasted garlic green beans.
    Wednesday: Leftovers.
    Thursday: Your cilantro-sour cream enchiladas are looking completely delicious right now so I think I’ll do those with black beans.
    Friday: Lasagna with salads and garlic bread.
    Saturday: Husband is initiating autumn dinners where he cooks a classic comfort food meal. It’s always delicious and I love that he’s such a great cook, but he’s such a messy cook ”” the clean up is awful. But the food will be fantastic!

  13. 13

    Not sure what days yet, but here are meals:

    Pizza, kale chips, smoothies.
    Crock pot lasagna, salad or veggies and dip.
    Roast chicken, baked sweet potato w/ maple sour cream, green veggie.
    Ham-n-cheese crescent roll-ups, fruit salad

  14. 14

    Sunday: homemade pizza and salad
    Monday: grilled chicken, grilled bread, grilled veggies
    Tuesday: whatever we throw together from ingredients from our favorite fresh pasta shop in our old neighborhood in the city
    Wednesday: Leftover chicken chili
    Thursday: out
    Friday: leftovers
    Saturday: out

  15. 15
    Kim 2

    A shout out to Cate for fine menu planning!

    Sun: My birthday dinner out with family
    Mon: Shrimp Caesar Salad
    Tues: Orange chicken, brown rice, green beans
    Wed: Egg & cheese sandwiches on flax seed waffles, cantaloupe
    Thurs-Mon: Upstate NY & Niagara Falls to celebrate our 4th anniversary

  16. 16
    Susan D in Tx

    Sun-grilled tilapia and eggplant, sauteed long beans, achar(Indonesian marinated garden cukes)
    Mon-creamy cagin’ pasta with smoked sausage, broccoli
    Tues-roast chicken, mashed potatoes, easy creamed spinach
    Wed-individual meatloaves(prepped ahead and frozen) petite green peas, easy stovetop Mac n’ cheese
    Thurs-chicken pot pie(leftover chicken and peas) green salad
    Fri-Taco soup and all the trimmings
    Sat-leftovers/family is on their own it’s my 12 hour workday

  17. 17

    monday – lasagne and salad
    tuesday – grilled chicken breasts with gem squash, carrots, peas and mash
    wednesday – out for a goodbye party 🙁
    thursday – homemade burgers with potato wedges
    friday – omelets
    saturday – some kind of pasta (most likely mac and cheese)
    sunday – minestrone

  18. 18
    Angie Marr

    Sun – Steak Gyros (delish! the steak was perfect)
    Mon – Swedish Meatballs (that I prepared Sunday)
    Tue – Kung Pao Chicken Tacos w/ fried rice
    Wed – Sloppy Joes (baked btwn 2 sheets of cresent rolls – idea from Pinterest)
    Thu – leftover (lots of them!)
    Fri – Greek Orzo salad w/ Grilled lemon chicken
    Sat – My mom is coming to town, and she wants “tacos, or taco pizza, or taco salad.” I think we’re going to surprise her with taco calzones 🙂 Something new for her, and she’ll love it!

  19. Monday: Halibut Steaks with Anchovy-Garlic Butter and PW’s Green Bean Casserole
    Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs and Broccoli
    Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner-Apple Cider Oatmeal and Fresh Fruit
    Thursday: Chicken and Rice with Chiles and Lime and Avocados and Tomatoes
    Friday: Panko Cheddar Crusted Chicken Fingers and Oven Fries and Salad
    Saturday: Pan Fried Fresh Salmon Cakes and Corn and Artichoke Feta Garlic Bread
    Sunday: Rosemary and Lemon Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts

  20. I’m keeping my menu simple and since fall is here I’m relying more on the crockpot and looking for more crockpot recipes.
    Here’s my menu plan:

  21. 21

    Must be the change in weather, I’m actually excited about cooking this week again!

    Sunday: Lemon Chickpeas + rice + salad
    Monday: Soup with vegetables & leftover chickpeas
    Tuesday: Salmon + vegetable & grain mix
    Wednesday: Baked turkey-kale-ricotta meatballs + pasta
    Thursdays: leftovers or out
    Friday: homemade pizza!
    Saturday: Rice noodles with soy ginger sauce & greens
    Sunday: chicken adobo w/green beans (filipino style)

  22. 22

    Oops, I’m a day late…

    Mon: pulled pork sandwiches, roasted sweet potatoes, salad
    Tues: chicken taco soup, corn muffins
    Wed: leftovers
    Thurs: meatloaf cups, mashed potatoes, green beans
    Fri: kids – pizza adults – sushi
    Sat: fish tacos, fresh guacamole
    Sun: out

  23. Since confirming our 4 month old has special needs and will require surgery to have a normal life, we’ve been at constant doctor’s appointments. So our menu has been pretty simple and easy to prepare.

    Sunday-Beef Stew, Biscuits
    Monday-Grilled Salmon, Rice, Green Beans
    Tuesday-Spaghetti and Sausage, Garlic Bread
    Wednesday-Leftover Spaghetti
    Thursday-Rare date night 🙂
    Friday-Homemade pizza and salad
    Saturday-Leftovers or simple fare such as grilled cheese or quesadillas.

    • Jane Maynard

      sara, I am sorry to hear surgery is a necessity – but happy the doctors know what to do. many love and prayers coming your way! and lots of hugs for that little baby!!!

  24. 24

    Sat – Sausage & Kale hot pockets. I totally refuse to call them hand pies.
    Sun – venison stew w/ fresh bread. must use some of this venison stash in the freezer!
    Mon – apricot chicken w/ broccoli & rice
    Tues – spinach tortelloni w/ vegs
    Wed – black bean enchiladas!
    Thurs – pasta w/ italian sausage & roasted grape tomatoes
    Fri – pizza

  25. 25

    My husband makes Betty Crocker Buttermilk pancakes every Saturday morning for my boys, before he sends them into the yard to mow lawns and wash cars. They are always delish if you like nice, fluffy pancakes. I am an egg girl myself.

    Sunday: Basil, garlic, lemon rubbed grilled pork chops…yum, couscous, zuchinni
    Mon: Pasta and meatballs
    Tuesday: Leftover chicken picatta. With just three of us home food lasts a lot longer.
    Wednedsay: Cooking light pan seared tilapia with citrus vinaigrette
    Thursday: Fend for yourself
    Friday: Pizza for hubby, he loves Friday night pizza nights
    Saturday and Sunday I am not home….hubby gets to pick!

  26. 27

    Seriously…is time in fast forward???

    Mon: Grilled Hot Dogs w/ bacon-ranch potato salad & classic macaroni salad

    Tues: Chicken Taco Salad w/ homemade salsa, brown rice & black beans

    Wed: Leftover chicken taco salad

    Th: Roasted Tomato Soup w/ grilled cheese sandwiches

    Fri: Dinner & Movie Out!

    Sat: Kalua Pork Egg Rolls, Orange Chicken, Bacon-Pineapple Fried Rice, & Salad w/ spicy peanut dressing
    Having friends & family over to give out Hawaiian souvenirs!

    Sun: Leftovers
    I love party leftovers!!! 🙂

  27. 28
    Kelly B

    Awww….happy first birthday, Owen! My youngest turns one on Sunday, so we’ll be having our party then. I can’t believe how fast a year can go!

    Tuesday: Pad Thai & Crab Rangoon
    Wednesday: Stuffed Shells, Garlic Bread & Broccoli
    Thursday: Chicken & Biscuits
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Eat Out
    Sunday: A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday (all food will be items the caterpillar ate in the book)

  28. 29

    I just found your website and look forward to being inspired by your and your readers’ weekly menus. I don’t consistently plan our menus, but I have found that life runs more smoothly when I do, so I want – no I need – to do it more regularly. When I do plan, I come up with five dinners that we’ll have ingredients for and have (ideally) done some prep for rather than assign a meal to a specific day. Our five meals for the week of September 15 are:
    Ӣ Spaghetti squash gratin/tomato mozzarella salad
    Ӣ Vegetarian meatloaf/braised and glazed cauliflower
    Ӣ Spaghetti squash and spaghetti/steamed broccoli
    Ӣ Black bean and sweet potato quesadillas/corn on the cob
    Ӣ Lima bean parmigiana/saut̩ed spinach

  29. 30

    HOW do you all think of such amazing things to cook, and how do you all have the TIME??

    This is my week –
    Sunday – I’d love to cook a roast every Sunday but I am RUBBISH at it. Plus it’s 2-3 hours of cooking and slaving and stressing and it’s GONE in 10 minutes. I swear my other half eats so quickly he never TASTES food. And my daughter will only eat the meat and potatoes :/ Instead we have jacket potatoes or something.
    Monday – Spag’ bol. Nice and easy, always a winner.
    Tuesday – Other half works late, so for the baby and me I usually do a sweet potato/butternut squash tomato soupy casserole thing with whatever beans/meat/veg I have leftover eg sweet pepper, sausages, courgette, chickpeas, tinned toms, onions, season to taste. The OH has frozen stuff he can bung in the oven when he gets home late.
    Wednesday – Cottage pie. Everyone likes it and it’s another way to sneak veggies in to the OH and the baby!
    Thursday – Bangers, mash and beans. If I’m super organised I’ll bake the spuds rather than boil them. Much nicer mash! “Easy food” because I have to leave for work as soon as dinner’s done. If not earlier! Eating out the door…
    Friday – Frozen stuff. Again, working late so shoving a load of frozen stuff in the oven and serving with salad, chips and baked beans is easy and gives me a night off! And it’s healthy-ish! Fish fingers anyone…?!
    Saturday – OH usually has his 10 year old boy round so he cooks, but being no great chef, it’s normally pizza, takeaway or stuff out of jar eg chilli/sweet and sour/curry Oh, and I’m working again so straight out the door!

    I’m getting SOOOOO bored of having the same thing every week! I look through cookbooks and websites (which is how I found this one) but everything seems too complicated, expensive or doesn’t sound very tasty (sorry! Steamed broccoli and glazed cauliflower? Blurgh!). I need quick, really easy but really yummy things. I can sometimes find 10 mins to food prep early, but that’s not guarenteed!

    Help 🙁

    Libby, Devon UK.

    • Jane Maynard

      I am all about fast and easy, so hopefully browsing through the recipes on my site can be inspiring for you! if it’s a more complicated recipe, I always tell you!

      and never fear…just because you plan something doesn’t mean it always happens! and that’s okay…I feel like step one of mixing it up is just to start making a list of everything you cook and are willing to make on a weeknight, and just keep adding to the list as you find things. use that when you plan each week. and maybe experiment with recipes on sunday when things aren’t as crazy.

      anyway, making food every day can be a drag! hang in there! 🙂 (ps – your comment was so cute!)

  30. 31

    I think I’ll have a nosey through your recipies and try something new once a week…maybe on a Sunday like you suggested 🙂 My approach to cooking new things can be a bit haphazard and I tend to burn things/overcook them/not flavour them right etc, so I’ll make sure I lock the family OUT of the kitchen and concentrate. It’d be nice to ENJOY cooking and eating again 🙂

    Lovely blog, keep up the good work! xxx

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