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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 304 Menu

Good morning! Hope you’re having a better day than my 4-year-old Anna, who I am renaming Debby Downer. Except Debby Downer is too cute a name for what we’re dealing with here. The big question is, how do these kids still look so adorable, even when they are monsters? Here’s hoping for a better day than morning…I need it!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is here! I’m going to be cooking all week getting ready for our FEAST, so I am not planning anything fancy the other days.

– Chicken tenders (from the freezer)
– Veggie (carrots, probably)

– Paninis of some sort


– Happy Thanksgiving!
Be sure to click here and share your Thanksgiving menu!

– Leftovers

– Leftovers

– Leftovers or waffles (depending on how many leftovers there are!)

I know it may be a quiet week for menus, but please still share what you’ve got planned! And, yes, I’m asking you to do a little more this week…be sure to click through and post your Thanksgiving menu on the post from Friday! Thanks everyone!

Oh, and stay tuned Monday and Tuesday for two more Thanksgiving recipes! I love this food-focused time of year! 🙂


  1. Sun: Red beans and quinoa and cornbread

    Mon: Lasagna Rolls, breadsticks, and veggie


    Wed – Fri: what ever the girls and I want. hubby is having dental surgery and is on liquid diet through then any suggestions?

    Soft Food Stage

    Sat: slow cooker potato soup

    Sun: Polenta and Black Beans

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving week and weekend! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh perfect thank you!!!! 🙂

    also just saw I forgot Tues. oops! he is having Chicken, Roasted Potatoes and Veggies. The girls and I will have left over Lasagna rolls

  3. 3

    Sunday – Meatloaf, baked mac and cheese, carrots
    Monday – Chili with cornbread
    Tuesday – Kielbasa sausage and potato casserole
    Wednesday – Tacos with refried beans
    Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving To All
    Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, rolls, pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – Leftovers

  4. 4

    Sun: Lasagna, Caesar Salad
    Mon: PW’s Pot Roast, Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, Salad with Bleu Cheese
    Tues: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa
    Wed: Out to eat since I’ll be cooking Thanksgiving food all day!
    Thurs: Thanksgiving! Yay!
    Fri: Work late
    Sat: Work late

  5. 5

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone 🙂

  6. 6

    Monday: Chicken piccata, mashed potatoes, peas
    Tuesday: out
    Wednesday: Cooking all day…probably out or takeout
    Thursday: Thanksgiving!
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Breakfast for dinner
    Sunday: Rib roast and potatoes, string bean sauté

  7. 7

    I don’t plan for specific days; I just plan 4-5 meals and decide which I want to make as I go.

    Italian Meatball sandwiches (new recipe), salad
    Country Club chicken casserole (new recipe) some kind of potatoe or mac
    Ham and Cheese crescents (new recipe), side dish ????
    Loaded Baked Potato soup, cornbread
    carryover (didn’t make) from last week – French Chicken and Broccoli Supremem

  8. 8

    PS — I LOVE the name Anna. I seriously considered it for my daughter, who ended up Mary Catherine (Katie).

  9. Yes! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! May your kitchen be filled with laughter and not smoke! 🙂

    Sunday: Pumpkin pancakes
    Monday: Baked chicken nuggets
    Tuesday: Individual fritatas with miscellaneous veggies (AKA egg cups, as the 4yo calls them!)
    Wednesday: Chicken on the grill
    Thursday: 1/2 marathon D-Day!!!! Cornish game hens with pomegrante molasses, cornbread, orange-glazed carrots, pumpkin pie
    Friday -Saturday: At my parents’ for the weekend; full turkey dinner on Saturday!!

    • 2wellsmade5

      Can you share your frittata cup recipe?

    • Super simple. I blush at calling it a “recipe.”

      1. Preheat oven to 350.
      2. Grease muffin tin generously.
      3. Beat 4 eggs and 1/4c milk together (I use almond milk).
      4. Add whatever cheese and/or diced veggies you can get away with! 🙂 I take the opportunity to clear out the crisper.
      5. Top with mozzarella or parmesan, if you choose.
      6. Bake for 15 minutes (or until set). I serve with a chili mayo or ketchup.

      Makes 6 standard fritatas.

    • 2wellsmade5

      thanks…gonna try this “recipe” 😉

  10. Monday: skillet chicken w/ apples & cranberries
    Tuesday: butternut squash risotto
    Wednesday: leftovers
    Thursday: THANKSGIVING! duh.
    Friday: Thanksgiving leftovers?
    Saturday: out to eat with family/appetizers for football
    Sunday: breakfast for dinner?

    by the way… there’s a cookbook giveaway on my blog right now through 11/23 if anyone is interested. (hope that inclusion is okay, jane–if not feel free to delete) happy thanksgiving everyone!

  11. 11

    Sunday – flank steak and paprika parsly potatoes

    Monday – hot dogs & brats

    Tuesday – Pasta (dad in charge)

    Wednesday – OUT

    Thursday – Turkey Day

    Friday – Honey Baked Ham turkey sandwiches (we travel so no leftovers )

    Saturday – Out

  12. With a busy week ahead,I’ve planned for ease of use, as well as using up freezer and fridge stash. Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

    Sunday: Ribs (come in their own sealed oven bag, and they smell awesome cooking) (about $4 total with sale and coupons), oven fries, slaw with apple.

    Monday: Smart Taste spaghetti (.50) with marinara (.48), salads and whole wheat garlic rolls (.84).

    Tuesday: “George’s Favorite Chicken,” a recipe adapted from Southern Living years and years ago (chicken (1.67/#), stuffing (.45), cel/car/on, cream of mushroom (.45), wine, and my secret ingredient), broccoli (.33), salads.

    Wednesday: Pizza (a pre-Thanksgiving family tradition) with coupon — and it’s right across the parking lot from where we’re ringing bells, and salad for me.

    Thursday: Turkey (.74/#), stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes (.10/#), green beans and one small “casserole”, sweet potato casserole (.29/#), crescent rolls, cranberry sauce (chunky, of course!), and pumpkin pie (with all sale items). Traditional, and we like it! I’m guessing about $7 for the dinner, with tons of leftovers.

    Friday: Leftovers and additional game food.

    Saturday: As yet undetermined. Possibly enchiladas or cheesy ham and potato casserole from the freezer. Yeah, that’s it!

    These meals for four will cost me about $35, because of specialty items and the pizza. I can handle this once or twice a year. AND there will be multitudes of leftovers for various uses. Yumm! Next week will be a very thrifty menu week.

  13. 13

    Sun- Homemade chilli, rice, fritos and all the fixins!
    Mon- White beans and rice with cornbread
    Tues- Goulash, garlic bread and salad
    Wed- Chicken pot pie muffins, dinner rolls and salad
    Thurs- Shepherd pie and cornbread
    Fri- Homemade thin crust….chicken thai, bbq chicken with slaw and balsamic glaze
    and margherita
    Sat.- Miche purse party-(SIL) Taco bar and margaritas

  14. 14

    Sunday- teriyaki chicken, cheesy potatoes, salad

    Monday- Linguini w/ tomatoes and shellfish, salad, bacon wrapped scallops (some friends just got married and we are going over to their place to cook them up a feast!)

    Tuesday- Roasted pork loin, wild rice, peas

    Wednesday- leftovers

    Thursday- Turkey day for the man, Turkey sandwich for the girl (i’m working the day before AND after Thanksgiving so instead of traveling with him i’m staying in to watch the parade and catch up on housework)

    Friday- leftovers

  15. 15

    Sunday: Kentucky Fried Chicken because I am scrapbooking and my men love KFC
    Monday: Meatball heroes. I froze meatballs last month to use for this busy cooking week.
    Tuesday; Chili and cornbread. Canned chili, homemade cornbread…still going easy on myself
    WEd: Hubby taking kids out for Carl’s Jr. We have great coupons, it is their favorite hamburger place and I will be making pies and getting pretty tired since I work Mon, Tues and 1/2 of Wed.
    Thursday-Sunday…turkey, turkey and more turkey.

  16. 16
    Kim from PA

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sun: Tuna steaks, carrots, salad, clementines
    Mon: Shrimp & vodka sauce over pasta, salad
    Tues: Grilled lemon garlic chicken, mixed veggies
    Wed: Leftovers
    Thurs: Traditional Thanksgiving Feast!
    Fri & Sat: Out

  17. 17

    Sun: Sausage and spinach pasta bake, buttered bread
    Mon: Crockpot ranchero beans, homemade bread
    Tue: Leftovers
    Wed: Pumpkin pancakes, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit
    Thu: Thanksgiving!
    Fri: Leftovers, yay!
    Sat: Out to local Mexican restaurant

  18. 18

    Just a little fyi… When my now 20 year old was just a wee thing she was the sweetest child ever. Most polite terrible 2 I’d ever seen. Then 4 hit. I thought I’d go insane. Our pediatrician sat me down and said, “What most Moms don’t get told is that our female children go through probably one of the largest hormone shifts and changes at age 4 or 5 – even more substantial than puberty in some ways. She’s going to act like she’s PMS – basically – because she is, just not in the same way.”

    I suddenly felt like I wasn’t a horrible mother and there was a reason, and it helped me to be more patient. And it passed – halleujah! It passed – just not nearly as soon as I’d hoped and prayed for!

    • Jane Maynard

      I am so glad you commented, dina! it seriously does feel like really bad PMS with her, that must be it! seriously, so helpful knowing that…even if it doesn’t change her, it does make it easier. thank you!! 🙂

  19. 19

    Sunday: Chicken with Boursin cheese, roasted potatoes, carrots

    Monday: Son has pizza and waxing party with ski team, for the rest of us- Pulled pork sandwiches from the freezer, chips, fruit salad

    Tuesday: Hubby cooks. Lemon pepper fish, rice, vegies

    Wednesday: Hubby cooks. Steak Fajitas, chips and salsa

    Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Waddle 5K in the morning, Lunch at my parents (cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes), Dinner at my sister-in-laws (cranberry sauce, rolls, non-pumpkin dessert)

    Friday: Pizza night, salad

    Saturday: Lasagna bowls, salad, breadsticks

  20. 20
    Lynn BB

    Sunday: Out
    Monday: Weeknight crockpot chili
    Tuesday: Crispy caesar chicken, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts
    Wednesday: Cheeseburgers
    Thursday: Thanksgiving feast with mostly traditional sides
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Turkey Tetrazinni

  21. 21

    There are just two of us so we eat most main dishes across more than one day.

    Mon/Tues:  enchalada casserole with cilantro slaw

    Wednesday/Friday: cabbage cheese soup.

    Thursday: Turkey Day

    Saturday: frozen clams, bread and spinach from the freezer or leftovers 

    Sunday:  dinner at the in-laws

  22. 22

    Sunday – spaghetti and meatballs
    Monday – meatball subs with the leftover meatballs
    Tuesday – Thai curry noodles
    Wednesday – leftovers or pizza
    Thursday – THANKSGIVING! Doing our own this year and I’m really excited.
    Friday – leftovers
    Saturday – leftovers

  23. 23

    Sat – Jane’s Tuscan Tomato soup, grilled cheeses, baked french fries
    Sun – roast chicken, sweet potato mash, veg
    Mon – leftover roast chicken, homefries, squash
    Tues – preschool thanksgiving – sweet potato knot rolls. chili from freezer if hungry later.
    Wed – spaghetti & mb’s.
    Thurs – thanksgiving. classic menu – turkey, stuffing, squash, potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade sweet potato rolls, apple pie & pumpkin pie.
    Fri – leftovers

  24. 24

    Sun- chili
    Mon- bbq chicken
    Tue- pot pies
    Wed- pizza
    Thu- turkey
    Fri- leftovers
    Sat- tacos

  25. 25

    Sun-homemade pizza
    Mon-Lentil soup and cornbread
    Tues-sour cream enchiladas
    Wed-last of the leftovers–maybe as turkey pasties?
    Fri-fish tacos

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