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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 307 Menu

First off, thanks for all the well wishes last week! Everything is all better now (thank goodness!) and we really appreciated your kind words and tips!

The December rush is in full swing and we’re having a lot of fun! We held Cate’s birthday party yesterday and it went so smoothly. Side note: seven- and eight-year-old girls LOVE party games. It doesn’t take much to entertain them! Cate chose an animal theme for her party and decided she wanted a giraffe birthday cake. I was so happy with how he came out. (Click here for my how-to-make-cute-cakes-even-when-you-don’t-know-what-you’re-doing post.)

Soooo…our family has some news. We are moving to San Diego in January! Nate has a great job opportunity in San Diego so we are moving back! We are really going to miss the Bay Area terribly, but it’s fun to move to a place we love and know well. For the next month or so we are going to try to use up food in the freezer, so there may be some random stuff on the weekly menus!

– Chicken strips (we have a bunch of these in the freezer!)

Stefania’s Braised Chicken (I have a few pounds of chicken legs in the freezer)
– Rice and Salad

– Take out (swim lesson night)

– Leftovers from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

–  Homemade pizza ~or~ paninis (tbd)

– Chuck E. Cheese for Anna’s birthday (it’s her family year so she got to choose the “restaurant”)

– Breakfast for dinner

You know the drill…please post your menu for the week, no matter how small or big, plain or fancy!


  1. Sunday: Steak and sweet potato fries
    Monday: Chicken legs in the slow cooker and cornbread

    Tuesday: Steak enchiladas

    Wednesday: Chicken pot pie over quinoa

    Thursday: Leftovers

    Friday: Twice Baked spaghetti squash

    Saturday: Date night!

  2. 2

    Congrats! I love Southern California 🙂

    Sun: Posole & Homemade Corn Tortillas
    Mon: Engagement Roast Chicken, Balsamic Roasted Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, and Shallots & Rolls
    Tues: Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup & Wedge Salad with Mimosa Dressing
    Wed: Chicken Pot Pie & Bacon Braised Swiss Chard
    Thurs: Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti & Garden Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

  3. congrats on your move our friends just moved there over the summer.

    Sun: Pioneer Woman’s Alfredo: with chicken for the meat eaters; so everyone but me :), croissants, and garlic butter green beans

    Mon: Burgers, Mac n Cheese, Fries (regular and homemade black bean)

    Tues: Alexia Sweet Potato fries black bean burritos and Spanish Rice

    Wed: Stir fry Rice

    Thurs: Spaghetti (w. Chicken parm. for meat eaters), garlic bread and steamed broccoli

    Fri: Breakfast for dinner

    Sat: Chicken Parm sandwiches, chips and pasta salad (for me: black bean burger)

  4. 4

    Love love love the cake, I’m a giraffe fan. Shame I don’t have kids to make one for, maybe one day. And good luck with the move!

    Mon: Broccoli and parmesan arancini, salad
    Tue: Duck ragu, gnocchi, salad
    Wed: Nigella’s chicken, chirizo and potato tray bake, roasted peppers and onions
    Thur: Quesadillas using the leftover chicken, confetti salad
    Fri: Fasting, husband can fend for himself
    Sat: Sweetcorn and cheddar quiche, broccoli slaw
    Sun: Dinner at mum’s, might take apple pancake cake

  5. 5

    Sunday steak tips roasted cauliflower roasted pototoes
    Monday shrimp salad sandwiches salad
    Tues pizza
    Wed chicken and mushrooms rice
    Thur omelets
    Friday sandwich night or something quick
    Sat up in the air
    Good luck to you and our family!! Congrats!!!

  6. 6

    Sunday green tomatillo enchilladas, salad, and breadwith Christmas cookies for dessert
    Monday Chicken and creamy rice with steamed green beans
    Tuesday Beef Stroganoff and corn and fuit cocktail
    Wednesday spaghetti and fresh meatballs, french bread peaches
    Thursday meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green peas, and fruit salad
    Fridayhomemade pizza
    Saturday chilli and cornbread
    All nights we have a dinner salad
    Deserts for week include homemade pudding, snowman brownies,banana bread, and fresh fruits

  7. 7

    S – chicken quesadillas
    M – something from Costco
    T РTortelilni ros̩
    W – out with a friend boys eat take out
    Th – burgers
    F – pizza take out
    S – family party lots of yummy treats!!!

  8. that cake is amazing!!

    Monday: Fried Rice
    Tuesday: Crockpot Minestrone Soup
    Wednesday: Healthier Fettuccine Alfredo
    Thursday: Black Bean Quesadillas
    Friday: Meatloaf or Meatballs or something meaty”¦ha!
    Saturday: leftovers
    Sunday: out to eat

  9. 9

    Monday: Chicken & pasta

    Tuesday: Slow cooker pot roast
    Wednesday: Mac n’ Cheese, wedge salad
    Thursday: Brats with peppers and onions
    Friday: out for our high school state champs
    Saturday: pizza
    Sunday: Beef & broccoli, steamed rice

  10. 10

    Wave as you drive by Camarillo, if you take the 101 to San Diego, we are between Santa Barbara and LA.
    Sunday: roast chicken with rosemary, though I am using breasts because they were on sale and I stuffed all the yummy stuff under the skin, couscous, cauliflower

    Monday: Ribs, pineapple, double stuffed potatoes

    Tuesday: Chimichangas, rice beans
    Wed: grilled chicken pesto and provolone sandwiches with crispy potatoes
    Thursday: Chicken soup, bread
    Friday, Sat…hmmm, don’t know, kids coming home from college, parade of lights at the harbor, guitar concerts……we shall see.

  11. 11
    Kim from PA

    Sun- Out
    Mon- Shrimp, garlic, and herbs & pasta, salad
    Tues- Italian Bean Soup
    Wed- Breakfast pizza
    Thurs-Chicken & Brown Rice Soup
    Fri- Out for a holiday dinner & show
    Sat- Scallops, veggie, salad

  12. 12

    here are the meals I’ve planned for the week; I’ll decide each morning what I feel like making:

    spaghetti, salad
    meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
    Cheesy Chicken and Rice casserole (new recipe), broccoli
    Bacon Ranch chicken, veggies
    Papa Murphy’s or Domino’s pizza

    carryover from previous week – French Chicken Supreme casserole

  13. 13

    Our last week before the crazies of the holidays begin!
    Sun- chicken corn chowder
    Mon- red beans and rice
    Tues- meatball poboys
    Wed- red beans again
    Thu- whatever it still left to eat
    Fri- pizza
    Sat- have not thought that far 🙂

  14. 14

    sun: pasta with sunday gravy, sausages, meatballs, salad
    mon: broiled salmon, green beans, parmesan couscous
    tues: roasted sausages, fennel, potatoes, and onion
    weds: roasted brussels and pancetta over creamy polenta
    thurs: individual steak pita pizzas, roasted broccoli
    fri: costco chicken pot pie
    sat: individual bbq cheddar meatloaves, roasted broccoli

  15. 15

    I’m here for inspiration, but had to say congrats on the move! I live north of San Diego – we love this neck of the woods (although the Bay area is a whole different kind of beautiful and culture as well). Best of luck packing, etc!! 🙂

  16. 16

    Week of December 9 to December 15
    Sunday: Sandwiches and soup leftovers
    Monday: Omelettes (mushroom, cheese, bacon) and fruit
    Tuesday: Fend for ourselves; work meeting at night
    Wednesday: Dinner out to write Xmas cards
    Thursday: Pork chops and mashed potatoes
    Friday: Penne with “vodka sauce” (a healthier knock-off)
    Saturday: Huevos rancheros

  17. 17

    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted my menu but I need to get myself on track during this busy time of year! Congrats to you and your family and best of luck with the move.

    Sunday – chicken stir fry for lunch after church and then tonight we had BLTs
    Monday – probably spaghetti; it’s our oldest daughter’s first elementary school Christmas program and she is kind of nervous about it so I think I’ll serve one of her favorites
    Tuesday – chicken alfredo and some broccoli or tossed greens
    Wednesday – something from the freezer that the babysitter can easily prepare
    Thursday – chicken bacon ranch pasta and peas
    Friday – leftovers for hubby and the kids, I’m off to a wine party and taking a cream cheese & jalapeno jelly appetizer
    Saturday – whatever’s leftover from our daughter’s birthday party at noon. I am having a tough time deciding what to make! Any suggestions for party food? There will be mostly adults and a few (probably 3) kids. She has requested PB&Js but I need something suitable for the adults to eat! Will be serving approx. 15 people.

    • megan flowers

      For your party you could pick up some fried chicken and make a pasta salad and fruit salad. Good luck with your party!

  18. 18

    Sun-spaghetti and meatballs salad bread
    Mon-pot stickers, fried rice, green beans
    Tue-chicken and rice, broccoli
    Wed-Salisbury steaks, mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, peas
    Fri-garlic dill tilapia, roasted new potatoes, carrots
    Sat-steaks on the grill, zucchini, baked potatoes

  19. 19

    So exciting about your move! We live in East County and we LOVE living in San Diego! It would be awesome to meet you sometime! Best of luck with everything! My menu for the week:
    Monday-Chili and some kind of bread
    Tuesday-Chicken and dumplings in the crock pot (one of my personal favs!)
    Wednesday-Chicken enchiladas and quinoa
    Thursday-Pasta w/pesto and roasted tomatoes
    Saturday-Church Christmas Party
    Sunday-Stuffed burger bundles, green bean casserole, rolls and salad

  20. 20

    Sunday: Lasagna toss, salad, french bread
    Monday: Son’s Cross country banquet, I’m bring SW pasta salad
    Tuesday: Zuppa toscana, bread
    Wednesday: Hubby cooks. Stuffed pork chops, green beans
    Thursday: Hubby cooks. Ham steam, cheesy potatoes, peas
    Friday: Pizza night
    Saturday: Chili- get the tree!

  21. 21
    Lynn BB

    Good luck with the move!

    Sunday: Crockpot roast, au gratin potatoes, green beans
    Monday: Chicken and broccoli casserole
    Tuesday: I’m at my Bunco Christmas party, the rest of the family will have crockpot chicken tacos
    Wednesday: Quesadillas with leftover chicken
    Thursday: Mac and cheese (from the freezer)
    Friday: Rotel chicken
    Saturday: Not sure yet, will decide while grocery shopping

  22. 22

    Congrats on the move! and the new job!

    Monday – Meatloaf & Pilaf
    Tuesday – Out
    Wednesday – Pasta
    Thursday – Pork Chops in Crock Pot – not sure what I am doing with them yet but that is where I will be cooking them 🙂
    Friday – Christmas shopping with the hubby and the dinner out – kids with grandparents
    Saturday – Chicken & Potatoes

  23. 23

    go here for full menu and recipe links:
    here are the main dishes for the week:
    bacon… er, pancakes and eggs i mean.
    tortilla soup
    hamburger stroganoff

  24. 24

    Sun- Family dinner at MIL…turkey, pork shoulder, smashed taters, corn,stuffing, green beans,.pumpkin pie, chocolate cake and wine
    Mon- Pork Roulade, leftover veggies from last night….cake.
    Tues- Chicken and sausage Jambalaya and corn bread
    Wed- PW salisbury steak, rice, broccoli and corn
    Thur- Chicken and dumpling soup, pecan pie and PW rolls
    Fri- Easy chinesey!
    Sat- Ribs and chicken, corn on cob, baked beans and tater salad
    Sun- Frito chili pie….with all the fixings and apple pie.

  25. 25

    First time on your blog! Very nice! I needed a simple cream sauce for something that I am throwing together this week and decided on yours 🙂

    Here is our menu for the week in Bloomington, IN!
    Sunday – lazy… tacos
    Monday – homemade pizza night – my son LOVES helping make anything but this is a fave
    Tuesday – creamy pasta with Italian hot sausage
    Wednesday – out for Chinese!
    Thursday – chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries, slaw
    Friday – Holiday Date Night!
    Saturday – corned beef, latkes and carrot ring – our final night of Hanukkah celebration
    Sunday – always TBD.

    Enjoy and happy holidays!

  26. 26
    Laura B.

    Last week of planning the menu – my mom gets in town next week, so who knows what we’ll cook up together! Or not!

    Sun. – Birthday dinner out with family
    Mon. – Tilapia tacos, with lime cilantro crema and fresh pico
    Tue. – Sausage, potato, onion, pepper skillet.
    Wed. – Creamy Country Chicken with vegetables
    Thu. – Lemon Garlic spaghetti with shrimp, roasted brussel sprouts
    Fri. – Cookie exchange and appetizer party for me, the guys will be having breakfast biscuits.
    Sat. – No cooking, so probably out for dinner.
    Have a great week everyone!

  27. 27
    Erika B.

    I love Cate’s cake. Adorable! I need an easy week.

    Mon-Take Out Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwiches and Fries (yeah)
    Tues-Potato and Leek Pizza (farmer’s market), Asparagus, Blueberries
    Wed-Creamy Lemon Pasta with Spinach, Cranberry Walnut Bread, Apples
    Thurs-Leftover Pasta
    Fri-Holiday Party
    Sat-Out For My B-Day

  28. I love having to clean out my freezer or pantry because it gets me to be creative!

    Monday – Meatballs, Boiled Potatoes, Cranberries, and Gravy
    Tuesday – Korean Beef and Rice
    Wednesday РPork Chops, Fries, and B̩arnaise
    Thursday – Ham and Peppers Pasta Bake
    Friday – Ribs, Corn Bread, and most likely Carrots

  29. 29

    Sat – roast chicken, mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots
    Sun – chicken quesadillas w/ leftover chicken, rice
    Mon – butternut squash soup w/ apple & cheese panini pockets

    ** JANE – OMG this soup is soooooo GOOD! THANK YOU THANK YOU! **

    Tues – hockey award night for my 5 yr old, pizza party!
    Wed – grilled pork chops, beans, honey glazed carrots
    Thurs – spaghetti w/ fresh bread
    Fri – eggs, bacon, homefries, toast

  30. 30

    I’ve also made that move from North Cali to South Cali! You’re now in my hood! 🙂

    M: Chicken Pot Pie

    T: Slow Cooker Pork Roast w/ tomatoes & mushrooms over whole-wheat egg noodles

    W: Leftovers

    Th: Teriyaki Chicken Bowls w/ broccoli, bell pepper, and brown rice

    F: Grilled Salmon w/ quinoa & black beans and green salad
    Having a Holiday Playdate at our house on this afternoon also! It’s a potluck lunch and I’ll be contributing mini sandwiches (turkey, brie, & cranberry relish for mamas and turkey & American cheese for kiddos), veg platter, and Christmas cookies for decorating. We’re making reindeer cookies with chocolate-covered pretzels for antlers…so cute!

    Sa: Dinner Out
    We are going to the SD Zoo Holiday Show on this night, so we’ll be eating dinner out afterwards.

    Su: Chicken Stew w/ crusty bread

  31. 31

    Monday: Marinated chicken, noodles and sauteed red peppers and snow peas
    Tuesday: steak, yams, and swiss chard
    Wed: Chicken enchiladas, spanish rice and black beans
    thurs: soup and paninis
    Fri: butternut raviolis
    Sat: homemade pizza
    Sun: going out for chinese

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