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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 315 Menu

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I don’t know about your countertop, but mine is stocked and ready to help me make some football-watching fare, including 7-Layer Dip and the decidedly devilish Sweet Chex Mix. Yum! And…Go Niners!

It was SO GREAT to get back into a routine of making dinner this past week. Let’s see if I can keep up the momentum!

– Chicken Masala and rice (using Trader Joe’s simmer sauce, no recipe)
– Roasted carrots

– Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos (new recipe I’m trying)

– Lasagna-Style Baked Ziti (another new recipe)
– Salad and garlic bread

– Leftovers

– Take out

– Homemade hamburgers

– Steak of some kind (the girls have been requesting this regularly for a week!)
– Roasted fingerling potatoes and another veggie (like green beans or broccoli)

You know the drill! Please share your menu for the week with us! Remember, plain or fancy, we love them all! Also, it’s okay to post later in the week, it’s never too late! Have a great week, everyone!


  1. 1

    No Super Bowl fare or even watching at our house. No worries, though, we’ve still got a busy day ahead of us. Here’s our menu for this week.

    Saturday – Veggie Plate: roasted potatoes, sweet and sour slaw, leftover lima beans, and leftover braised red cabbage

    Sunday – Green Bean Yachni over egg noodles, sauteed kale

    Monday – Black beans and brown rice, chips & salsa, sliced raw veggies

    Tuesday – Italian Bean Soup, French bread, salad

    Wednesday – Breakfast or Leftovers

    Thursday – Pizza or Leftovers

    Friday – Mexican food out for my birthday

  2. 2
    Kim from PA

    We are not eating Super Bowl food this evening……but will be watching the game & rooting for the Ravens (not our team, but we have family in Baltimore so we are jumping on their bandwagon this year πŸ™‚ )

    I spent some time last week catching up on Sarah Carey’s Everyday Food recipes on YouTube. My menu this week consists of adaptations of those recipes.

    Sun: Chicken & kale casserole, salad
    Mon: Shiitake, shrimp, & snow pea stir fry, brown rice
    Tues: Caesar salad with sliced baked β€œfried” chicken, sliced oranges
    Wed: Pasta & white beans in tomato broth, green beans
    Thurs: Pineapple & white fish planks, cous cous, salad
    Fri: Scrambled eggs, grainy toast, and fruit
    Sat: Out for surprise B-Day party

  3. Sunday: Burgers, Buffalo chicken dip, homemade fries
    Monday: Enchiladas from the freezer
    Tuesday: Baked egg rolls and fried rice
    Wednesday: Baked potatoes in the slow cooker with the fixins’
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Egg cups
    Saturday: Date night for my birthday!

  4. Sun: SUPERBOWL PARTY: pulled pork sliders and other yumminess
    Mon: Cheeseburgers topped with avo and jalepenos
    Tues: Chicken parmesean with cesear salad
    Wed: Soup & Sandwiches
    Thurs: Panko crusted tilapia and veges
    Fri: family night so either take out or something easy

    Welcome back to San Diego Jane. Hope you are getting settled.

  5. 5

    sunday – making wings to eat during the game! Go Ravens!
    Monday – stuffed peppers with mashed cauliflower
    Tuesday- salmon with roasted baby zucchini and fries
    Wednesday – not sure I’ll be home late
    Thursday – mac and cheese with broccoli
    friday – out
    saturday – leftovers

  6. 6

    Sunday – Superbowl food…Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas, Buffalo chicken potato skins, Chicken nachos
    Monday – Minute Minestrone with baguette
    Tuesday – Tuna melts, didn’t get to last week
    Wednesday – Chicken pasta casserole
    Thursday – Breakfast for dinner, sausage and pancakes
    Friday – Pizza with the works
    Saturday – Leftovers

  7. Monday: dinner with friends”¦ I’m bringing salad & dessert
    Tuesday: Kale Frittata
    Wednesday: Pulled Pork with Ranch Beans
    Thursday: leftovers
    Friday: Kung Pao Chicken Burgers
    Saturday: pancakes
    Sunday: 1970s Style Tacos with crockpot refried beans

  8. 8

    Here comes a menu from Poland:
    Monday: pork goulash with millet and coleslaw
    Tuesday: leftovers from Monday
    Wednesday: boscaiola pasta
    Thursday: orange chicken with zuccini(I was inspired by one of the menus posted here the other day)
    Friday: fishfingers with mash potatoes
    Saturday: home-made pizza
    Sunday: steak, potatoes and some salad

    I will also have a broccoli soup – it is such a blessing to find it in the fridge when I come home from work and I can have it before the dinner is ready:)

  9. 9

    Sunday chicken sliders,potatoe skins,stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs and mini hotdogs yeah Super Bowl!
    Monday Mac and cheese or pasta ( dad having bypass surgery) up in the air
    Tuesday steak bites rice and string beans
    Wed sandwiches daughter has event at night
    Thur homemade pizza
    Friday homemade fried rice and egg rolls
    Sat prob takeout depending when dad gets home

    Have a good week!

  10. 10

    Sunday: Wings, sliders, and fries
    Monday: Prime rib and potatoes
    Tuesday: Chicken and broccoli, spring rolls
    Wednesday: Pasta primavera
    Thursday: Grilled chicken salad, garlic bread
    Friday: Baked potatoes with bacon and caramelized onions
    Saturday: out

  11. 11

    sun: roasted greek lemon chicken, baked gigante beans, salad
    mon: mahi mahi burgers, guacamole, green beans and tomatoes
    tues: salmon eggs benedict, salad
    weds: stuffed peppers, salad
    thurs: proscuitto and cheese stuffed chicken breasts, salad, green beans
    fri: steak & cheese sandwiches
    sat: grilled sausages, peppers, and onions

  12. 12

    Sat- lasagna soup
    Sun- Super bowl party!
    Mon- Sausage and lentil soup
    Tue- Herb de Provance and honey roasted chicken, potatoes gratin and peas w/ bacon
    Wed- leftovers
    Thurs- fish, wild rice, veg
    Fri- frozen pizza, salad

  13. This week starts with much more food than normal for a Sunday. Usually we eat light on Sunday, but with a guest for the game, and the game at dinner time, we have quite the variety of dishes. This will be the biggest cost meal of the week, but will yield lots of leftovers for lunch or to be reincarnated. I’m still trying to low-carb and no-pork my meals, so this is a challenge. But a yummy one.

    Sunday: Beef chili, corn muffins and corn dog muffins, Hormel party tray (coupon stack and price cut at Target!), turkey pepperoni to sub for some in the tray, “tots” (DH is making, as I won’t touch the things), chips and salsa, layered dip, cookies. Phew!

    Monday: Spaghetti marinara, green veg, salads.

    Tuesday: Tamale pie, doctored tomato soup and/or leftover chili from Sunday.

    Wednesday: Pork tenderloin roast (chicken breast for me), mac & cheese, salads.

    Thursday: Homemade pizzas w/whole wheat crust using leftover pepperoni from Sunday, salad for me.

    Friday: Ham and bean soup (using frozen FoodSavered Christmas ham bone), biscuits.

    Saturday: Leftovers or enchiladas made from leftovers, salads, rice for them.

  14. Here’s out dinners for the week:
    Sunday – Crab boil Superbowl party
    Monday – Baked pasta dish, easy with pasta, sauce, ricotta and mozzarella.
    Tuesday – BBQ tofu with a green veggie and brown rice.
    Wednesday – Maple baked lentils with sweet potatoes, fresh bread and a salad.
    Thursday – Taco/quesadilla night. Maybe fish tacos for the adults.
    Friday – Homemade pizza night, looking for a cheese free version for myself.
    Saturday – Dinner out with friends.

  15. 15

    Monday-Homemade Chili and Cornbread

    Tuesday-Roasted Pork Tortas

    Wednesday-Pasta, Salad and Garlic Bread

    Thursday-Chili Dogs and Baked Fries

    Friday-It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno

    Saturday-Take Out


  16. 16

    We had chili and cornbread tonight for supper — nacho chips and queso for the game.

    I plan five meals for the week and make what I feel like that day. DH is making a roast in the crockpot, and is planning pizza one night (not sure what’s got into him! but I’ll take it!)

    spaghetti, white bean salad (new recipe)
    taco salad, refried beans
    chicken and noodles, lima beans
    chicken and rice casserole

  17. 17

    Sunday: Bratwurst, German potato salad, saukraut…hubby requested, I will have a fat free Hebrew National hot dog!
    Monday: Cod vera cruz, rice, steamed carrots
    Tuesday: Baked chimichangas, refriend beans, fruit
    Wednestday: Chili dogs and home made fries, I work late
    Thursday: Chicken Mole, rice
    Friday-sun..home alone, yee haw, no cooking….probably make popcorn for dinner, ha ha.

  18. 18

    Super Bowl Sunday-Lel’ Smokies w/BBQ sauce, Queso Dip & Veggie Tray, Chips, Brownies etc.
    Tuesday-Crock pot Round Steak w/mashed potatoes & corn
    Wednesday-Tuna Steak, twice baked potatoes & steamed cauliflower
    Thursday-Enchilada Casserole
    Friday-leftover Super Bowl snacks
    Saturday-? Baseball tournament

  19. 19

    Sunday: @ a party — but for the potluck I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bowl from this month’s issue of Rachael Ray (all I can say is holy moly!!!)
    Monday: Chicken and Dumplings with Salad
    Tuesday: Leftover extravaganza
    Wednesday: Creamy Meatballs with Rice and Green Beans
    Thursday: Pasta with Broccoli, Roasted Red Peppers & Kielbasa
    Friday: Moroccan Lentil Soup with Torta Rolls
    Saturday: Dijon Pork Chops with Roasted Potatoes & Broccoli

    Have a great week!

  20. 20

    Sunday-Superbowl party
    Monday-Chicken quesadillas
    Tuesday-French toast casserole and fruit
    Wednesday-turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes and broccoli
    Thursday-parmesan chicken and potatoes, green beans
    Friday- pizza muffins- a Friday favorite in our house
    Saturday- swim meet, basketball game- so not sure what we will be feeling when that’s all done.
    Sunday- bowling night! Pizza at the bowling alley

  21. 21

    Sunday – Salsa bean dip w/ tortilla chips, pizza, caesar salad.
    Monday – Rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes, green veggie
    Tuesday – Spaghetti night
    Wednesday – White bean and ham soup, bread
    Thursday – leftovers, or out
    Friday – Pizza night, or nachos – something fun w/ the kids.
    Saturday – Enchiladas

  22. 22

    Mon: Pasta with sausage and leeks, salad
    Tue: Roasted pepper risotto
    Wed: Black pepper chicken curry, tomato pilaf and spicy winter greens from Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Easy.
    Thur: Gammon and apples in cider sauce with colcannon adapted from this recipe
    Fri: Haddock and pea pasta bake, salad
    Sat: Pizza and salad
    Sun: Dinner at mum’s

  23. 23

    Week of February 3 to February 9
    Sunday: Superbowl party
    Monday: Penne with vodka sauce
    Tuesday: Swiss steak, mashed potatoes/green beans
    Wednesday: Beer-battered fish and chips and peas
    Thursday: Chili and cornbread
    Friday: Stroganoff meat-stuffed shells
    Saturday: Going out for sushi

  24. Here’s a link to ours. I’ve kinda fallen off the bandwagon lately and trying to get back on track.

  25. Sunday – I took Chocolate Covered Bacon to my Super Bowl party. Yum!

    Monday: Lemon Pepper Salmon
    Tuesday: Homemade Pizza
    Wednesday: Easy French Dip Sandwiches
    Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas
    Friday: Better Than Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup
    Saturday: Skinny Chicken Pot Pie
    Sunday: Take-out Fake-out Beef & Broccoli (crockpot)

  26. 26
    Ashley P

    Sunday: Super Bowl food!
    Monday: BBQ ranch chicken pizza
    Tuesday: Super bowl leftovers
    Wednesday: out
    Thursday: leftovers if we have some left, or chicken tenders and macaroni & cheese
    Friday: pizza
    Saturday: crock pot chicken & veggie chowder with garlic cheddar biscuits

  27. 27

    Monday – Italian Beef Sandwiches with barbarians
    Tuesday – Dijon pork chops with rice
    Wednesday – breakfast Husband in charge tonight
    Thursday – oven bbq chicken with noodles as side
    Friday – Tilapia sandwiches
    Saturday – out or pizza
    Sunday – out we are going skiing

  28. 28
    Lisa W.

    Superbowl Party: Deep Fried Turkey for sandwich station, Nachos, Ginger-Sriracha Wings, Popcorn, & Chocolate Fountain w/ fruit, marshmallows, honey wheat pretzels, & graham crackers

    M: Cheeseburger Sliders w/ sweet potato fries

    T: Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Chicken Sliders w/ corn & pepper saute

    W: Sausage & Peppers Pasta w/ salad

    Th: Fish Tacos w/ salsa rice & black beans

    F: Movies w/ the girls! Leftovers for boys.

    Sa: BBQ Chicken Pizza w/ salad

    Su: Tuna Melts w/ sweet potato fries & fruit salad

  29. 29
    Erika B.

    Sun-Turkey Burgers, Fries, Garlic Balsamic Spinach, Chips and Dip, Apple Crisp and Ice Cream
    Mon-Pot Stickers (Trader Joe’s), Rice, Carrots with Leftover Chip Dip, Strawberries
    Tues-Out for Chinese!
    Wed-Veggie Frittatas, Choc Crescents (Trader Joe’s), Tangerines
    Thurs-Leftovers or Mexican Garbanzo Bean Soup and Quesadillas
    Fri-Out (I hope)

  30. 30

    Sun- Super Bowl foods…..I’m making a layered trifle bowl salad and a mexican layered trifle bowl salad, pretzel peanut butter sammies dipped in chocolate and team colored deviled eggs! But, the Party will have all the fixins, BBQ and boiled SHRIMP AND CRAWFISH! So, so excited!
    Mon- Homemade pizzas; tomato basil for me and bacon, basil pepperoni for the fam.
    Tues- Shrimp and Grits, french bread and salad
    Wed- Skillet lasagna, LO salad and bread
    Thurs- Shrimp Pad Thai
    Fri- PW salad tacos and tamales
    Sat- Chicken and Waffles
    Sun- Fish and Chips…

  31. 31
    Happy =)

    HI! I couldn’t find the site anymore!

    My schedule changed & Hubby was dealing with dinner… With me filling in here & there. Life hasn’t gotten less hectic. But, I need to get back into making (I want to get back into!) dinner every night. And, eating healthier might be nice too!

    So, I have no menu… But, I am loving checking out everyone else’s! Hope to have my own week up soon!

  32. 32

    Sat – veg burgers/fries
    Sun – balsamic glazed salmon, risotto, steamed broccoli
    Mon – chicken & black bean quesadillas, yellow rice
    Tues – spaghetti & mb’s
    Wed – beef stew from freezer, bread
    Thurs – shep pie
    Fri – homemade “use up the veggies” pizza

  33. 33

    homemade pizza – thanks for the recipes. i’m trying both the sauce and your dough.
    adobe chicken stew .
    baked potatoes with steamed broccoli and chili
    hamburger divan skillet .
    open-faced hamburger phillies *NEW recipe*
    cheddar busicuit bbq
    African Bean Soup .
    two from last week:
    roasted cauliflower soup *NEW recipe*
    cheddar broccoli soup

  34. 34

    As you can see I’m behind but here’s my gluten free (sigh) menu for the week πŸ™‚
    Sun – Super bowl foods (“lil” smokies, chicken nuggets, pizza nachos, veggies & french onion dip, ice cream, pb sauce, caramel sauce – ALL GF and ALL homemade can you sense my pride πŸ™‚ )
    Mon – super bowl leftovers
    Tues – Mexican Quinoa – slightly modified from this recipe
    Wed – Big Salad
    Thurs – Italian Grilled Cheese & Veggies
    Fri – Spaghetti w mushroom ragout (rach ray recipe) IF i can find good dried mushrooms…why are there none in my stores ?
    Sat – Mushroom risotto w marscapone cheese

    • Jane Maynard

      there was a chance owen might have had celiacs…the test came out negative and, I must admit, I was relieved beyond words. I really admire those of you who can get the GF foods to work, even when you don’t want to. it’s great!

  35. That’s awesome that you are back in action and trying a lot of new recipes this week! I try to get one new recipe in each week to keep things fresh, but it’s hard. Any way, here’s my menu for the week (the hot pocket is this week’s new recipe)…

    Sour Cream Enchiladas
    Pretzel Chicken with Brussel Sprout Gratin
    Homemade Breakfast Hot Pocket
    Baked Ravioli with salad
    Homemade Pizza

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