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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 321 Menu

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Tonight we are having green noodles and green lemon bars. They didn’t have spinach fettuccine at the grocery store, so I’m going to try food coloring in the boiling water. I hope it works or so much for green noodles on St. Patrick’s Day!

Cate picked out most of the items on this week’s menu, so hopefully that means she’ll actually eat her dinner every night. Honestly, not holding my breath. Kids.

Homemade pizza

– Spaghetti
– Salad and garlic bread

Chicken Soup with Rice
– Crusty bread

– Leftovers

Bistro Chicken
– Mashed Potatoes and a green veggie

Eat out

– Caprese salad with crusty bread and roasted vegetables

Can’t wait to see your menus! They really are so helpful to look at when planning every week! And whether you are Irish or not, hope you have a lucky day!


  1. S: Pastrami and Gouda paninis
    M: Lentil and chard soup
    T/W/R: Some combination of pesto-chicken soup, takeout and a recipe for the braised chicken and kale that the kitchen at Google HQ serves.
    F: Takeout
    S: tbd. Saturday is always tbd.

  2. love the green lemon bars! today is my husband’s birthday so we don’t really do the green thing but it’s fun 🙂

    Monday: mini meatloaf
    Tuesday: kale frittata with ham
    Wednesday: Korean Black Beans & Rice
    Thursday: out of town/Ben’s a bachelor with the kitties!
    Friday: out of town/Ben’s a bachelor with the kitties!
    Saturday: out to eat
    Sunday: pork chops

  3. 3

    Sunday-Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! We are having Beef Stew (with a splash of Guinness) and Irish Soda Bread For dessert I made a yellow cake and am coloring the frosting green
    Monday”” Ordering pizza. Hubby is home for just a few days from a long business trip and he wants Papa John’s
    Tuesday- Cheesy Garlic Chicken with noodles
    Wednesday- Pork roast with rice and black eyed peas
    Thursday- Spirit Night at a local BBQ place for my kids’ school
    Friday- Shrimp Scampi with salad and garlic bread
    Saturday- Hubby leaves again; kids and I are going to my parent’s for the weekend

  4. Sunday: grilled chicken, corn on the cob and salad.
    Monday: spaghetti with chicken sausage, garlic bread and salad
    Tuesday: Pork chops, mash potato, broccoli
    Wednesday: Cuban ropa vieja with rice and beans
    Thursday: eat out
    Friday: Homemade Cuban sandwiches! First trying this at home…
    Saturday: Pizza night – everyone makes their own.

  5. 5

    Happy St. Patty’s Day! I’m really, really gonna try and eat healthy these next few months to get in shape for summer. No fun.
    Sun: Chicken Fajitas for BF & Grilled Veggie Fajitas for me
    Mon: Steak & Loaded Baked Potato for BF, and BBQ Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Grilled Romaine with Balsamic for me.
    Tues: Sea Bass with Beurre Blanc, Steamed Asparagus, and Herbes de Provence Roasted Potatoes
    Wed: Teriyaki Chicken with Veggie Rice Pilaf & Spicy Asian Broccoli
    Thurs: Out
    Fri: Out
    Sat: Shrimp Po’ Boys & Wilted Spinach Salad

  6. 6

    Sunday – out for indian! (i know it’s not for St Patrick’s – yesterday I made corned beef and cabbage soup
    Monday – chicken with broccoli
    Tuesday – Spaghetti with sausage
    Wednesday – twice baked potatoes with asparagus
    thursday – leftovers
    Friday – out
    Saturday – sunday going to DC with my sister

  7. 7

    Two out of three of us have colds right now, so this week is dependent on how we feel. But the plan is for now…

    Sun. Steak tips, roasted potatoes and asparagus with bernaise sauce
    Mon. Grilled chicken wraps (either Caesar or buffalo)
    Tue. Steak, home fries and fried eggs (with leftover steak)
    Wed. Kung pao chicken with jasmine rice
    Thu. Veggie pasta bake, garlic bread, maybe salad
    Fri. Homemade pizza or leftovers

    Happy cooking to all this week.

  8. 8

    Aww I should have made key lime bars for a green dessert. Oh well next year

    Mon: Red Beans and Quinoa with cornbread muffins

    Tues: Chicken, Springtime Brown Rice (w. asparagus and baby bella mushrooms) (I will have just the rice and some chickpeas added to it)

    Wed: Spaghetti, whole wheat garlic bread, roasted green beans

    Thurs: Burritos, Spanish Brown Rice, Crockpot Refried Beans

    Fri: Baked Potato and Chopped Southwest Salad

    Sat: Pizza Buffet Party for my daughters 7th bday

  9. 9

    Sunday – Granddaughter #2s Birthday Party
    Monday – Meatballs with creamy gravy, rice, green beans
    Tuesday – Beef roast, potatoes, carrots
    Wednesday – Jambalaya with chicken and shrimp
    Thursday – Chicken fried steak, potatoes, carrots
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – High school band sub, Twice baked potato soup

  10. 10

    After last weeks craziness, and my being sick all week, i am looking forward to a bit of normal…
    Sun- meat sauce and spaghetti
    Mon- roasted chicken and veggies
    Tues- smothered beef sirloin steaks and rice
    We’d- oven fried pork chops and potatoes
    Thu- hopefully there are some leftovers
    Fri- boiled crawfish and crabs
    Sat- sliders? Haven’t planned this far…

  11. sun: out
    mon: chicken tikka pita pizzas, salad
    tues: grilled flank steak, mashed sweet potatoes, garlicky asparagus
    weds: jalapeno turkey burgers, sweet potato wedges, salad
    thurs: fish sticks, frozen mixed veg
    fri: pizza night
    sat: homemade turkey hamburger helper pasta

  12. Sunday: Sandwiches and coleslaw after an afternoon at the beach
    Monday: Pasta and meatballs
    Tuesday: Corned beef in the slow cooker
    Wednesday – Thursday: Up in the air
    Friday: Out for Scott & Pete’s birthday!!!
    Saturday: Date night!

  13. 13

    Sun- Homemade fried rice and smoked chicken…..hodgepodge, with leftover wedding food.
    Mon- Red beans and rice, french bread (Meatless Monday)
    Tues- Pork roast with Guiness, fingerling taters, and grilled cabbage
    Wed- Chicken schnitzel, spatzel and Streudel… (World Cuisine Wed.)
    Thurs- Vegetarian Shepherd pie, clover rolls and salad
    Fri- Breakfast for dinner…Irish eggs, pancakes and such.
    Sat- BBQ chicken, baked beans, deviled eggs and potato salad
    Sun- Matzo Ball Soup

  14. 14

    Hey, let us know how the noodles come out!

  15. 15

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Sunday-Corned Beef, Cabbage, Boiled Potatoes w/butter S&P, white jello cake w/green jello
    Monday-Chicken w/homemade noodles
    Tuesday-BBQ’d Pork chops w/leftover potatoes from St. P’s fried, cream peas & carrots
    Wednesday-Tortellini w/leftover chicken, green salad
    Thursday-Salmon patties, broccoli rice casserole, corn for broccoli haters
    Friday-Shrimp, Cheese & Crackers, fresh veggie snacks
    Saturday-Out or BBQ

  16. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! We had vegetarian shepherd’s pie and ‘car bomb’ cupcakes to celebrate the holiday (nothing green, well the brussel sprouts and spinach were green). Any way, here’s our menu for the rest of the week!

    veggie sushi and miso soup
    sundried tomato fettuccine
    roasted corn and tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons
    fajita rice casserole
    broccoli and cheddar pot pies
    vegetarian lasagna rollups

  17. 17

    Mon: Pasta with sprouting broccoli, garlic and chilli, salad
    Tue: Cabbage, bacon and potato bake, green beans
    Wed: Lamb kefta, hummus, pitta bread, roasted peppers, tomato salad
    Thur: Homemade pizza, salad
    Fri: Fasting
    Sat: Pulled pork enchiladas, roasted broccoli
    Sun: Dinner at Mum’s, taking scones, clotted cream and jam for dessert

  18. 18

    sunday: corned beef, carrots, potatoes, irish soda bread

    monday: eggs, corned beef hash, fruit

    tuesday: buffalo chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries, salad

    wednesday: hubby cooks. beef pho

    thursday: hubby cooks. turkey dinner casserole, green beans

    friday: pizza night, salad

    saturday: Pasta of some sort- haven’t decided yet….

  19. 19
    Denise NH

    S:: Out for St. Patty’s day
    M: Ham, scalloped potatoes & carrots
    T: Pork chops, leftover potatoes & carrots
    W: Eggs Benedict (using leftover ham), sliced strawberries
    T: Maple roasted acorn squash stuffed with rice, apples, cranberries & herbs
    F: Grilled eggplant parmesan & pasta
    S: Either leftovers or order out

  20. Monday – Leftover pasta and mini meatloaves
    Tuesday – Pioneer Pie – Recipe from Kayotic Kitchen
    Wednesday – Ham and Sauerkraut Rolls – Also Kayotic Kitchen recipe
    Thursday – BBQ Ribs and French Fries
    Friday – Night Out
    Saturday – Fish Tacos
    Sunday – Chicken Ramen

  21. 21

    Monday: Chicken Pot Pie
    Tuesday: Shrimp and Veggie Fajitas
    Wednesday: Teriyaki Chicken, Sesame Noodles
    Thursday: Burgers and Fries
    Friday: Steak, Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes
    Saturday: out
    Sunday: Lasagna and salad

  22. 22

    My gluten free menu for the week of 3/17
    Sunday – Salad and Lasagna Stuffed Portabellas from

    Monday – Leftover Minestrone Soup

    Tuesday – Italian Grilled Cheese & Veggies

    Wednesday – Roasted Veggie Wraps

    Thursday – Crockpot Beef and Root Veggies

    Friday – Out w/ Family unfortunately not to a GF friendly restaurant 🙁 oh well…they have wine !

    Saturday – Maple Roast Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

  23. 23

    Monday-Taco salad
    Tuesday-Black Bean burgers (or regular burgers for the kids) w/fries
    Wednesday-Quinoa johnnycakes, eggs and turkey sausage
    Thursday-Chicken, potatoes and green beans
    Saturday-Eat out, my little man’s 2nd Birthday!

  24. This is a pork week for us, since I was lazy and didn’t portion out the pork loin I purchased 🙂

    Monday: Pork Chop and Potato Bake and Corn
    Tuesday: Crunchy Honey Soy Pork and Edamame
    Wednesday: Creamy Black Bean Salsa Pork Tacos
    Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner-Chickpea Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs and Fresh Fruit
    Friday: Cheesy Baked Tortellini and Broccoli
    Saturday: Left Overs
    Sunday: Apple Stuffed Roast Duck and Potatoes and Red Cabbage

  25. 25
    Caroline Clarke

    Sunday: Spaghetti
    Monday: Squash Enchilladas with rocket and tomato salad
    Tuesday: Meatballs and mash with roasted veggies
    Wednesday: Cauliflower cheese and spinach
    Thursday: Leftovers frittata
    Friday: Homemade pesto pizzas
    Saturday: Chicken piccata

  26. 26

    Monday- Slow cooker BBQ chicken, brown rice, green salad
    Tuesday РChicken salad sandwiches, crudit̩s, kettle chips
    Wednesday – Taco Salad
    Thursday – Slow Cooker Chicken & Veggies with biscuits
    Friday – Lettuce wraps & spring rolls
    Saturday – Grilled meats, salads
    Sunday – Potluck, still deciding what to bring

  27. 27

    Woohoo. I actually got days assigned this week. It wasn’t till about Friday that realized that I only had 6 meals planned, oops.
    Sunday: Reubens, potato salad
    Monday: Meatloaf, Mashed potatos, Corn on the cob and applesauce (Found some in the freezer)
    Tuesday: Baked Ziti in the crockpot
    Wednesday: MLB
    Thursday: MLB
    Friday: MLB or takeout
    Saturday: Something with Chicken or Fish (Not completely sure of what is going on yet.)

  28. M: corned beef sandwich/cabbage-potato soup

    T: curry chicken salad in whole-wheat pitas/couscous salad

    W: chili relleno casserole/pinto beans/green rice
    Hubs is going out to OR for business… Making his fave before he leaves. 🙂

    Th: l/o

    F: out to fun dinner w/ my 5-yr-old while pops is gone!

    Sa: homemade Spaghettios/garlic bread sticks/salad

    Su: l/o

    M: lasagna/salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette/garlic wheat bread
    Hubs comes home… Another one of his faves

  29. 29

    Sun-Steak Tips and caramalized onions, rice, asparagus
    Mon-Chicken Cacciatore,rotini pasta, green salad
    Wed-Hamburger/mushroom stroganoff, noodles, french green beans.
    Thur-smokey honey mustard pork loin chops, garlic/sage roasted red potatoes, broccoli
    Fri-sauteed Tilapia,quinoa salad with cucumbers, tomato and corn, honey glazed carrots.
    Sat-leftovers(my 12 hour workday)

  30. 30

    Monday–Baked Ziti, Salad and Garlic Bread

    Tuesday–Ranch Porkchops, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green
    Veggie and Cornbread

    Wednesday–Pizza Chicken and Buttered Noodles

    Thursday–Burrito Pie and Salad

    Friday–Bourbon Chicken and “Fried Rice”



  31. I know what you mean about picky kids. My 4 year old will help me shop for meals, and even help me make dinner, then refuse to eat it. So much for what the “experts” say. But then again, most of the “experts” don’t actually have kids 🙂

    Here’s our menu:

    Sunday, 3/17
    Meatball Sandwiches
    Potato Chips

    Monday, 3/18
    Spaghetti and Meatballs
    Green Salad

    Tuesday, 3/19
    Mushroom and Steak Sandwiches
    Fresh Fruit

    Wednesday, 3/20
    Greek Salad with Creamy Feta Dressing
    Warm Flatbread

    Thursday, 3/21
    Black Bean and Rice Bowls with Avocado
    Sauteed Bell Peppers
    Warm Tortillas

    Friday, 3/22
    Mushroom Pizza
    Green Salad

    Saturday, 3/23

    • Jane Maynard

      I got to go on a call with a famous “expert” once and asked about getting kids to eat healthy food…his answer, “just only ever give them healthy food and that’s all they’ll eat. my daughter is a great eater!” he had one daughter and she was like 2 years old. I remember being glad it was a conference call so I could just roll my eyes! would love to follow up with him now to see how that plan worked out 😉

      I do think there is something to be said for offering your kids the healthy foods, but honestly, you can lead a horse to water….

  32. Sunday: Chipotle Pork Enchiladas with Refried Beans and Spanish Rice

    Monday: Fridge Frenzy – cleaning out leftovers

    Tuesday: Leftover Chipotle Pork Enchiladas because they are THAT good.

    Wednesday: Parmesan Tilapia, Sauteed Spinach and Leeks, and Couscous

    Thursday: Spinach and Artichoke Topped Chicken, Italian Broccoli and Quinoa Pilaf, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Zucchini

    Friday: Taco Salad

    Saturday: Korean Barbecue, Kimchi and Ju Mok Bap 주먹밥 (Korean Rice Balls)

    You can check out the recipes at

  33. Love your green festive food! Here’s my menu for this week:
    It’s really short since we will be going out of town. Links to the recipes are on my blog.

    Day 1:
    Restaurant Style Steak
    Baked Sweet Potatoes
    Mixed Greens Salad
    Healthy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

    Day 2:
    Meatball Hoagies

    Day 3:
    Ham & Cheese Sliders
    Chocolate Chip Cookies

  34. 34

    Sat – linguine w/ mussels
    Sun – Guiness Stew, homemade bread
    Mon – Taco casserole
    Tues – goat cheese, caramelized onion, spinach quesadillas w/ turkey soup (freezer)
    Wed – leftover stew, spaghetti for the kiddo.
    Thurs – homemade pizza
    Fri – Tuna noodle casserole

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