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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 236 Menu

Before the girls left for the Cape we went berry picking with some friends in beautiful Pescadero, CA. I’ve already made our jam for the year, so it was no-stress berry picking. And I can’t believe how much fun the girls had. They would have stayed there all day picking berries if we had let them. I need to remember to do this every year, whether we come home with berries or not.

My little family gets back tomorrow night, but then I take off for two days for the BlogHer conference, so it’s kind of a crazy week.

– Last day alone…so I refuse to make plans! 🙂

Kitchen Sink Quesadillas (the girls are really loving these lately – Anna takes hers with black beans while Cate prefers refried)
– Guacamole and chips

Homemade pizza…and I think we’ll give it a try with our new pizza stone on the grill!

– I will be at BlogHer!
– Lasagna for Nate and the girls

– Leftover lasagna

– Eat out

– Fettuccine Alfredo
– Salad and bread

Okay people, bring it on! Share your menus! 


  1. This week seems a tad redundant from last week. The only thing I made on my menu was the spaghetti and meatballs, after that it was sandwiches and take-out. So … this week is what we didn’t eat last week.

    Sunday: Take-out one more time, as I will be at the theater, so it is just my husband and daughter.

    Monday: Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops, Smashed Fried Potatoes, and Caprese Salad

    Tuesday: Memaw’s Lasagna, Cheesy Crescent Rolls, Garden Salad with Homemade Ranch Dressing, and Banana Pudding (The oldest is coming back from youth camp, so I wanted to fix him his favorite meal.)

    Wednesday: Chicken and Waffles

    Thursday: Chicken Spaghetti

    Friday: Beef Fajitas, Homemade Tortillas and Refried Beans

    Saturday: Baked Potato Bar

    You can view more info on this menu at

  2. I hope you enjoy having your family back. Alone time is so nice… but I always miss the bustle of family life.

    Sunday: pulled pork sandwiches & slaw
    Monday: leftovers
    Tuesday: Roasted Red Pepper Pasta
    Wednesday: fresh mussels in white wine & Panzanella Salad
    Thursday: grilled jerk chicken & beans and rice
    Friday: homemade pizza
    Saturday: leftovers

  3. Sounds like a crazy week for you!

    Monday – Ken (my other half’s) meatloaf with Swiss cheese and spinach, side of sauteed asparagus
    Tuesday – “Cook This, Not That”‘s Chicken Parmesan over Linguine with Ken’s Meat Sauce
    Wednesday – Italian Marinated Sirloin Steak with Baked Potato, Strawberry Pie for dessert!
    Thursday – Eggs, Bacon and Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole
    Friday – “Cook This, Not That”‘s Herb Roast Chicken with Chicken Gravy and Roasted Vegetables

    Weekends are usually free for all/eat out/use up days. 🙂

  4. Sunday: Grilled pork chops with sweet potato fries
    Monday: Cheese and veggie quesadillas
    Tuesday: Chicken Thighs with Balsamic & Garlic Sauce (from “For the Love of Cooking”) with portobello mushrooms….didn’t get to this one last week
    Wednesday: Dinner at church
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Homemade pizza with lots of veggies
    Saturday: Out

  5. 5

    I don’t set specific days to my meals, just in case we don’t want it that day and it goes off “schedule”, but here are my 5 meals.

    1. Maple Glazed Salmon, Spring Mix Salad, and Roasted Brocolli
    2. Roasted Chicken Dinner in one pan (chicken, carrots, brocolli) and Roasted Red Potatoes.
    3. Mexican Chopped Salad w/ honey lime dressing
    4. Grilled Turkey and Swiss Paninis, Spring Mix Salad
    5. Leftovers or whatever is in the freezer (aka Popcorn Shrimp)

  6. 6

    Haven’t shared my menu for a while! Here’s what we are eating this week:
    Sunday: Sloppy Joe Casserole
    Monday: Dried Beef Gravy
    Tuesday: Zuppa Toscana
    Wednesday: Homemade pizzas
    Thursday: breakfast
    Friday: Chicken with some sort of pasta. I think I’ll try the new Philadelphia cooking creme

  7. I’m actually super excited about this week’s menu.

    Sunday-Greek Chicken with Parmesan Basil Orzo and Green Salad

    Monday-Chicken and Strawberry Balsamic Salad with French Bread

    Tuesday-Grilled Fish Tacos with Creamy Cilantro Sauce and Black Beans

    Wednesday-Grilled Burgers with Homemade Fries and Fresh Fruit

    Thursday-Black Bean Enchiladas with Green Salad

    Friday-Pesto Pasta with Green Beans and French Bread


    Black Beans-

    Strawberry Balsamic Salad-

    Pesto Pasta-

  8. 8

    Sunday- Tacos, Black Beans and Rice (leftover from last night), and Guacamole & Chips
    Monday- Pulled Chicken (crockpot) Sandwiches, Corn-on-the-Cob and Tossed Salad
    Tuesday- Beef and Green Pepper Stir Fry
    Wednesday- Taco Pasta and Tossed Salad
    Thursday- Breakfast for Dinner- probably blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs
    Friday- Baked Fish and Chips
    Saturday- Baked Chicken and Summer Vegetable Pasta
    I also need to make some more homemade veggie broth this week since my freezer stash is gone.

  9. 9

    I’m new to the site, but LOVED our meals last week that I got from this site…so here I am again. I had fun piecing my week together from everyone else’s menus. Hopefully mine can inspire someone…
    Monday- Grilled pork chops, sweet potato fries, salad
    Tuesday- baked fish, rice, sauteed squash and onions
    Wed- tomato soup, cheese paninis
    Thurs- slow cooked chili chicken for salsa verde enchiladas, black beans
    Fri- penne pasta w/ chicken sausage, broccoli, red pepper strips, onions, parmesan
    Sat- grilled hamburgers, crunchy kale chips, watermelon
    Sun- lunch: roasted red pepper, prosciutto paninis/ dinner: pitas, tabouli, hummus

    • Jane Maynard

      yea! I’m so glad everyone’s menus were an inspiration…that’s what I always hope for! I also just love reading through everyone’s ideas, it’s so helpful.

      welcome and so glad you posted!

  10. 10
    Erika B.

    Sun–Zucchini Casserole, Cheese and Crackers, Green Salad, Raspberries
    Mon-Lemon Roast Chicken, Boursin Potato Gratin, Green Beans with Pecans, Honey Roasted Carrots, Berries (dinner for a friend with a new baby, doubling for us)
    Tues-Leftover Chicken Dinner, Grapes
    Wed-BBQ Veggie Burgers, Candied Burbon Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli
    Thurs-Squash and Citrus Spaghetti, Asian Cabbage Salad, Strawberries
    Fri-Leftover Spaghetti Dinner, Peaches

  11. 11

    I haven’t done well getting my menus posted here lately, but I have been making them! We start school in a week, so hopefully menu posting will become more routine.

    Sun – Leftover Pot Roast
    Mon – Spaghetti with Homemade Meat Sauce
    Tue – Bacon Chive Quiche
    Wed – Salisbury Steak
    Thu – Red Beans and Rice (crock pot)
    Fri – Potato Cheese Soup
    Sat – Tacos

  12. Sunday- hamburgers and sweet potato fries
    Monday- Black bean soup (from ourbestbites)
    Tuesday- Pesto chicken and artichoke pasta
    Wednesday- Pancakes and scrambled eggs or tacos depending on my mood
    Thursday- Bbq chicken and avocado pizza
    Friday- White beans and pasta (from thisweekfordinner)
    Saturday- out to eat, my favorite plan

  13. 13

    Sunday night already?!? The weekend does seem to go by extra quickly in the summer…

    Saturday – Brussels sprouts and bruschetta on sourdough
    Sunday – Mexican grilled corn, grilled chicken tacos with salsa verde and potato packets on the grill
    Monday – roasted veggie melts made with whatever veggies aren’t allocated to something else this week
    Tuesday – chickpea and eggplant greek pita sandwiches
    Wednesday – pesto potato salad and chickpea patties
    Thursday – hot dogs and fries
    Friday – sourdough pancakes

  14. 14

    It’s been a while since I’ve felt excited and motivated to create in the kitchen. But I’m feeling inspired to try some new things this week…

    Check out links to our menu & individual recipes here..

    Sat: Chicken Nuggets
    Sun: Grilled Island Chicken + Mango Quinoa Salad
    Mon: Creamy Lemon Pasta + Fruit
    Tues: Stuffed Pizza Rolls + Baked Zucchini Sticks w/ Marinara Dipping Sauce
    Wed: Hot Sandwiches (Ham, Muenster, Avocado, Tomato) + Chips + Fruit
    Thur: Loaded Nachos + Fruit Salad
    Fri: Mini Omelets + Smoothies

    Other (Snacks/Treats to Try):
    Peach-Strawberry Milk Shakes
    Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn
    Peanut Butter Gooey Balls (using cheerios)
    Oatmeal Cookies

  15. 15
    Traci P

    I had my week all planned, until I read everyone’s menus. The blueberry pancakes sound perfect, especially with the all the blueberries I recently got – so I had to swap something out to include them!

    Sun: Burrito Bowls
    Mon: Spaghetti Pie, garlic bread, salad
    Tues: Blueberry pancakes, sausage, fruit
    Wed: Leftovers
    Thurs: Creamy fusilli with yellow squash & bacon (from Martha Stewart)
    Fri-Sun: Visting grandma & Grandpa, no planning needed

  16. 16

    Tuesday-Left over Rigatoni w/ buttered,Parmesean topped broiled leftover hamburger buns
    Wednesday-Salmon patties, macaroni&cheese, peas
    Thursday-Fettucine w/Alfredo sauce & frozen peas

  17. 17

    Monday: Turkey Mini Meatloaves (Cook Yourself Thin) + Roasted Root Veggies
    Tuesday: Baked Chicken Parmesan + Salads
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Leftover
    Friday: Hot sandwiches + oven fries

  18. 18

    Monday: Tomato gazpacho with buttermilk cornbread(and I’m gonna sneak in some fresh corn in the cornbread too…hah 🙂 )
    Tuesday: One pot dish- rice with chicken, mushrooms and Chard
    Wednesday: Meatballs in tomato sauce served with pasta
    Thursday: A new take on green bean casserole with sliced almonds…yum, looking forward to it
    Friday: leftovers
    Also, I’ll be making some sweet potato pudding for dessert and some cucumber lemon coolers to beat the heat 🙂

  19. 19

    Mon – Pasta with tomato, garlic and grated zucchini sauce
    Tue – Crockpot pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob
    Wed – Grilled corn, feta and potato cakes with caprese salad
    Thur – Chicken and pepper fajitas, green salad
    Fri – Fish and chips
    Sat – Bread and cheese, salad, beetroot hummus, tomatoes
    Sun – Mexican lasagna made with leftover pulled pork and tortillas, ice cream sandwiches

  20. 20

    I am avoiding the oven this week as the AC seems to be acting up – it’s not cooling below 75 and the repair man can’t come until next week- so, we get…

    Sunday: Kung Pao Chicken Stir Fry with Clean out the fridge CSA vegies (A.K.A. Zucchini, Broccoli, green onions, Green pepper, and a handful of carrots- not from the CSA just for lunch snacking- but they needed to be used up!), Rice
    Monday: Pulled Pork in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, CSA beets
    Tuesday: (Crockpot) Roast chicken, CSA vegies (I don’t know what I am getting yet, but I am thinking beans, and probably zucchini for sure), melon
    Wednesday: Hubby cooks. Burgers, beans, CSA vegies, melon
    Thursday: Hubby cooks. Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread
    Friday: Buffalo chicken pizza (on the grill, with leftover chicken from Tuesday), Salad/CSA vegie
    Saturday: TBD, probably a pasta or stir fry to use up some CSA vegies…

    • Dana Dusek

      What does CSA stand for? First look at this site. I saw that our daughter is using this, so I’m going to try it as well. I will adapt the menus to follow the WW points plus program that our T.E.X.A.S. group uses.
      Taking Extra Xcess Away Successfully, support group for weight loss.

  21. 21

    on vacation this week and next! no menu planning!

  22. 22

    Summer vacation just started last week, and it’s so hard to find time to plan. Here we go!

    M – Spaghetti
    T – I want curry or hayashi rice.
    W – chicken, cashew, and pepper stir fry
    Th – broccoli something
    F – sunamono, noodles and tempura. I may refine this after asking the neighbors what goes well together
    S – BBQ a la husband
    Sun – breakfast for dinner. I need to find an eggless waffle recipe for it.

    Oh and welcome home to your brood!

  23. 23

    Sunday – Grilled chicken, roasted fingerling potatoes, grilled romaine with bacon and red onion
    Monday – Pork roast in the crock pot, rice, salad
    Tuesday – Parmesan tilapia, wild rice, salad
    Wednesday – Chicken kabobs with squash, onions and mushrooms, couscous
    Thursday -Roasted vegetable pasta, french bread
    Friday – out
    Saturday – leftovers

  24. 24

    Sunday–Chicken Parm, Cheese Manicotti, Naan with Italian spices
    Monday–Crab Cake Sandwiches, Hash Brown Casserole, Steamed Veggies
    Wednesday–Homeade pizza and spinach salad
    Thursday–Steak on the grill, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli and Cheese Sauce
    Friday–Out to mexican with my mom and sister

  25. 25
    Angie .

    Let’s see – the weather is going to be so miserable this week. The next 10 days show highs between 107-111 degrees. NOT FUN. But we still have to eat, and it looks like a “chicken” week!

    Sun – out to hibachi with friends
    Mon – Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta
    Tue – Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
    Wed – Goat Cheese & Herb Stuffed Chicken w/ mashed potatoes
    Thu – Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ rice
    Fri – Lexington-marinated beer-can chicken with roasted veggies
    Sat – open

  26. 26

    I’ve been on a little hiatus. With swimming lessons for both girls (in separate towns) it seems like we’ve been running ourselves silly and then finding out we’re expecting #3…I’ve been feeling less than stellar and not up to cooking a lot. Hopefully things slow down this week and I’ll be cooking more.

    Monday – lasagna, corn, olive cheese bread
    Tuesday – up the air still, possibly a new recipe from one of my cooking magazines
    Wednesday – leftovers or take-out (I’ll be out of town all day)
    Thursday – BBQ with friends
    Friday – BLTs

  27. 27

    Have a great time at blogher.

    Sunday: barley, watermelon and pea salad with chicken gouda sausages
    Monday: eggs, bacon and peanut butter banana bread
    Tuesday: chicken kofta and cauliflower greek tabouli
    Wednesday: spinach gnudi and roasted broccoli
    Thursday: work dinner in san diego
    Friday: luau supper club
    Saturday: bbq in la with college friends

    Dessert: cookie dough ice cream and chocolate pie

  28. 28

    okay, I’m still new to this menu-planning business, but here’s my best guesstimate of what’ll hit our table this week:
    Tues. some sort of riff on Greek salad to use up some leftovers
    Wed. pineapple chicken variation
    Thurs. black bean soup
    Fri. fish, oven-baked sweet potato fries
    Sat. eggplant Parmesan
    Hope this year’s BlogHer is everything you expect and MORE!!

  29. 29

    sat – panini’s, corn on the cob
    sun – out
    Mon – grilled chicken pieces, pasta salad, corn
    Tues – caprese panini’s, summer squash
    wed – orange chicken w/ broccoli over rice
    thurs – crab stuffed tomatoes, corn
    fri – homemade pizza

  30. 30

    Mon-Rotisserie chicken w biscuits and fruit
    Tues-Pasta w/pesto sauce and roasted tomatoes w/rolls
    Wed-Meatloaf, baked potatoes and broccoli
    Thurs-Tostadas w/rice, corn on the cob and watermelon
    Fri-Homemade pizza night
    Sat-Eat out
    Sun-Turkey burgers w/sweet potato fries

  31. 31

    Better late than never!

    Sun- Chicken Teriyaki & rice
    Mon- Spaghetti & Meatballs
    Tues- Dungeness crab & rice pilaf (kids eat frozen pizza)
    Wed- Sloppy Joes & corn on the cob
    Thurs- Grilled Kebabs (chicken sausage, zucchini, bell pepper)
    Fri- Pulled Pork sliders
    Sat- ?

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