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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 339 Menu + Giveaway Winner

We miss Chuck’s Donuts. When we first moved to our new house, we tried a donut shop nearby that looked promising. Sadly, it was not good at all. There’s another donut shop even closer to our house simply called “DONUTS.” We gave them a try this weekend and they were delicious! Maybe not quite Chuck’s, but close. It will certainly do! Because, you know, living near a good donut shop is of the utmost importance.

new donut shop web

I fly to the east coast with the kids tomorrow! I then turn right around and fly to Chicago on Tuesday to go throw our party SocialLuxe Lounge. It’s going to be quite a week, so please send lots of happy travel vibes my way!

As a result of all this traveling, I have no menu this week. But just because I won’t be in the kitchen doesn’t mean you won’t be! Please post your menu for the week, especially since I am providing zero inspiration!

Also, I need to announce the winner of the Libby’s giveaway! The randomly-selected winner is…drumroll…

Stephanie P, who said “That galette looks gorgeous, as do the trays, thanks for the giveaway!”

Congrats, Stephanie! And thank you, Libby’s!

Now, get posting your menus! 🙂


  1. 1

    I made some progress on my blog post backlog so there are two new stories and several new recipes.

    This month for Sunday dinner:

    June 30
    Orange-glazed pork chops
    Steamed rice

    July 7
    Milk braised pork loin
    Boiled potatoes
    Chili chocolate cookies

    July 14
    Steak Diane
    Baked Potato
    Petite Green Peas
    Dark Chocolate Mousse

    July 21
    Goop 3 (a.k.a. Glenn’s Pepper Steak) over rice
    Peach Pie

    July 28
    Oven-fried Fish

    August 4
    Breakfast for dinner

    August 11
    Grilled Hot Dogs with homemade New England Style buns

    August 18
    Orange-glazed pork chops revisited

    Some other things I’m thinking of trying:
    Homemade sandwich bread
    Breakfast pastries: doughnuts, morning glory muffins, beignets
    Chocolate torte
    Spaghetti Carbonara

  2. 3
    Kelly B

    Sunday – Steak dinner in the Crockpot (steak, corn & baked potatoes)
    Monday РSliders, Saut̩ed Squash, Fruit
    Tuesday – Turkey Boursin Rollups, chips, and fruit
    Wednesday – Pub Potatoes
    Thursday – Asian Spinach Salad w/ egg rolls
    Friday – Eat Out
    Saturday – Baked Beef & Black Bean Burritos w/ Mexican Rice

  3. 4
    Kim from PA

    I have been enjoying making dishes from the magazine “Cuisine Tonight For Two” for the past couple of weeks and continuing this week with breakfast quesadillas, hot browns, & chicken vesuvio.

    Sun: Breakfast quesadillas, cantaloupe
    Mon: Flounder, green beans, coleslaw
    Tue: Hot Browns
    Wed: linguine with a seafood, garlic, basil sauce, & salad
    Thu: leftovers
    Fri: Chicken Vesuvio with roasted gold potatoes
    Sat: leftovers

  4. Lunches:
    1. Eat Out
    2. Salad
    3. Eat Out – use gift card
    4. Chinese Styel BBQ Pork, rice, grilled veggies
    5. Spicy Pan Fried Sirloin Steak with noodles, peas
    6. Spice Rubbed Pork Chops with Grilled Zucchini, rice
    7. Pecan Stuffed Pork Chops, Marinated Zucchini Salad, Pineapple Buckle

    1. Bread, cheese, jam, tea
    2. Red-Currant-Pomegranate Glazed Ham, mashed potatoes, beets
    3. Caribbean Pasta Salad with Tropical Isand Dressing
    4. Salad
    5. Tomato soup, croutons, crackers
    6. Leftovers
    7. TBD

  5. 6

    Hubby won’t be home much this week, so just me and the kiddos for a food fun week. Unfortunately I just started a diet so won’t be as much fun for me…
    Sunday- in laws house
    Monday- pork tenderloin on the grill and potatoes
    Tuesday- Asian chicken on the grill and jasmin rice(my kids love this rice!)
    Wednesday- burgers at the ball field
    Thursday- Mexican out
    Friday- dinner at the swim club
    Saturday- probably put again!

  6. 7

    Th: Fish Tacos with Spanish Rice
    F: Grilled Hot Dogs and Sausage with Pasta Salad
    S: Dinner w/ Friends (44th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing — we had only 60’s appetizers!)
    Su: Grilled Chicken with Pasta Salad
    M: Soba Noodles with Sesame Dressing
    T: Burgers with Green Salad
    W: Buttermilk Chicken Kebabs with Grilled Green Onions and Rice

    Nothing too innovative, but easy!

  7. 8

    Sun: Rotisserie Chicken with lettuce, fennel salad
    Mon: Garden soup with cheesy bread
    Tues: Tacos (not sure with what… fish/ black bean?)
    Wed: Farro with veggies
    Thur: Leftovers
    Fri: Take-out pizza
    Sat: Fish and chips

  8. 9

    We are eating a lot of garden goodies this week. I love this time of the year when we are eating everything fresh from the backyard. Making blueberry muffins, zucchini bread and muffins to help use up some of our stash.

    Sunday – Cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, lima beans
    Monday – Zucchini pizza casserole, cukes and tomato salad
    Tuesday – MIL’s birthday so whatever she wants
    Wednesday – Cabbage and noodles with kielbasa
    Thursday – Ham, potato and green beans and tomato slices
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – Stuffed peppers, noodles, corn and coleslaw

  9. 10

    It’s Sunday already? Where did the week go?

    S-OUT. Went to Santa’s Village for the day!
    M-Salisbury Steak (football practice)
    T-Finally getting to the NEW Cajun Chicken recipe
    F-Hamburgers on the grill
    S-Tuna Casserole

  10. Monday: chopped thai chicken salad [didn’t make last week]
    Tuesday: chicken stir fry [didn’t make last week]
    Wednesday: fettuccine with pistachio-mint pesto & tomatoes
    Thursday: leftovers
    Friday: fish tacos
    Saturday: breakfast for dinner
    Sunday: black bean soup

  11. 12

    sun: shrimp and grits, garlic cheddar biscuits
    mon: chinese lettuce wraps, brown rice
    tues: southwestern stuffed peppers, salad
    weds: grilled veggie paninis
    thurs: out
    fri: chicken fajitas, rice, beans
    sat: broccoli cheddar stuffed chicken, baked potatoes, green beans

  12. 13

    Sat: grilled steaks, wax beans, salad
    Sun: southwest chicken, grilled vegetables
    Mon: chicken and vegetable quesadillas, raw veggies
    Tues: grilled BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, caprese salad
    Wed: grilled chicken, panzanella salad
    Thurs: leftovers
    Fri: take out

  13. 14

    Mon: Swedish meatballs, new potatoes, green beans
    Tue: Chicken salad
    Wed: Stuffed marrow, garlic bread and salad
    Thur: Pasta carbonara, salad
    Fri: Slow cooker BBQ ribs, fries and corn
    Sat: At a friend’s for dinner
    Sun: Dinner at mum’s

  14. 15

    helping my mother move right now, my house looks like an episode of hoarders, and i have no time to really cook much…

    Sat – burgers, corn on the cob
    Sun – roast chicken (crock)
    Mon – avocado chicken salad pita pockets w/ fresh peaches, with the chicken I roasted in my crock the day before and didn’t have time to actually eat.
    Tues – pulled pork (crock) w/ kohlrabi slaw sandwiches
    Wed – tortelloni primavera
    Thurs – eggs, bagels, bacon
    Fri – homemade pizza

  15. 16

    Sun: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Tomato-Cucumber-Feta Salad

    Mon: Cornmeal Crusted Fish Sandwiches, Potato Salad

    Tues: PW’s Tequila-Lime Grilled Chicken, Slow-Cooker Black Beans, Spanish Rice

    Wed: Pork Stir-fry with Garlic Sauce, Rice, & Sesame Cucumber Salad

    Thurs: Out

    Fri: Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls, Iceberg Stack with Pancetta

    Sat: Out

  16. 17

    Mon: Pork Tacos (Cafe Rio Recipe), salad, rice, beans
    Tues: BLT Burgers, green beans, Chips
    Wed: Sweet & Sour Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Peas
    Thurs: Bacon Chicken, Mashed Potates, salad
    Fri: Tamale Pie
    Sat: Daughters 14th Birthday Party BBQ & Pool time!
    Sun: Chicken Enchiladas

    Lots of mexican dishes this week. Guess I feel south of the borderish.

  17. Where are you going on the East coast? We’re heading to Holden Beach in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

    Here’s my meal plan…
    mini taco pies
    cucumber tea sandwiches with creamy artichoke stuffed mushrooms
    ginger tuna fillets with salad
    fried green tomatoes
    mac and cheese with pulled chicken (maybe)

  18. 19

    Yummo… Those Donuts look delish!

    Mon- White beans and rice with pheasant bread

    Tues- White chicken and veggie lasagna rollups, salad and leftover bread

    Wed- Enchilada casserole, chips and salsa…Guac of course

    Thurs- Sesame shrimp and quinoa with spring rolls, fried rice for the family

    Fri- Homemade pizzas

    Sat- Ohana bbq shrimp, ribs and grilled chicken, taters and corn

    Sun- Shrimp poboys, fries and apple hand pies

  19. Just got off the plane from a vacation to Ohio. My 1yo was out of control! The boy doesn’t like to sit still. Oy. Glad to be home!! We’re going to have a low-maintenance rest of the week.

    Sunday-Tuesday: On vacation in Ohio
    Wednesday: Individual pizzas
    Thursday: Egg cups
    Friday: Quinoa fried rice with chicken and vegetables
    Saturday: Out or get together with friends

  20. 21

    I don’t plan for specific days;

    spaghetti, salad, cheesy garlic bread
    Bourbon St chicken, rice, green beans
    Ranch Cheddar chicken, veggies
    Tortellini soup, bread
    Make ahead sloppy joes,veggies

  21. 22

    Yummo”¦ Those Donuts look delish!

    Mon- White beans and rice with pheasant bread

    Tues- White chicken and veggie lasagna rollups, salad and leftover bread

    Wed- Enchilada casserole, chips and salsa”¦Guac of course

    Thurs- Sesame shrimp and quinoa with spring rolls, fried rice for the family

    Fri- Homemade pizzas

    Sat- Ohana bbq shrimp, ribs and grilled chicken, taters and corn

    Sun- Shrimp poboys, fries and apple hand pies

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  22. 23

    No menu, but I hope Tuesday went super well!!!!!!!

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