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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 356 Menu

Hello! Before we get to menus, a quick update on the the banana dessert I teased last week. I need to make a few tweaks to the recipe and then it will be ready for sharing! Also, on a completely unrelated note, the Stanford football game was pretty brutal last night. Nate and I have decided that we are bad luck charms and can’t attend their away games anymore. Yes, we are that powerful. At least I have some pretty hydrangeas to make me happy.

hydrangeas |

How is it time to plan a menu already? CRAZY! I was sick all last week so I didn’t make anything from my menu. This week I will go to the grocery store and I will follow the plan!

– Cilantro Sour Cream Enchiladas
– Rice and beans

– White Chicken Chili

– BLT Pizza

– Leftovers

Chicken Tortilla Soup (my family arrives for a week of Thanksgiving fun!)

– Driving up to Anaheim, eating out on the road

– Disneyland!

As always, thank you for posting your menus! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got cookin’ this week!


  1. That was a real stinker of a football game last night for you. And they rushed the field, which must have added a little insult to injury.

    S: Stromboli (ham, salami and cheese)
    Meatless Monday: Escarole and barley soup.
    T: Penne al forno
    W: Pork chops with apples and onions
    R: Burgers. We should have six inches of snow on the ground by this point, so we’ll do stovetop burgers.
    F/S: Trying to get an adults only evening out with friends on one of these nights. The other is definitely TBD.

    • Jane Maynard

      it WAS a real stinker of a game. second game we went to this year where the opposing team rushed the field. what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger, right? 😉 at least oregon lost today – pac-12 championship is still a possibility. woohoo!

  2. Sorry you were sick all week.

    Dinners this week:
    Sunday – Let’s go Broncos! Game day food is on the menu. Yummy, grilled quesadillas with lots of toppings and lots of fillings. Peppers and onions, grilled chicken, cheese, and beans.
    Monday – Veggie and tofu stir fry with rice.
    Tuesday – Easy noodle dish, maybe crockpot spaghetti, or baked penne.
    Wednesday – Tostadas, I guess that’s pretty similar to Sunday’s dinner, but I love a crispy tostada! Thinking black bean and sweet potato combo.
    Thursday – Hubby’s birthday! It’s all his favorites with grilled steak, mashed potatoes and a green veggie. I’ll throw a portobello mushroom on the grill for me. All this is followed by cheesecake.
    Friday – Some sort of shrimp recipe. Not sure what yet, but the kids and Scott all love shrimp and we never cook it at home! Any suggestions?
    Saturday – Dinner out or grilling with friends.

  3. Sunday: Lettuce cups with shrimp salad and quinoa
    Monday: Shrimp and vegetable fried rice
    Tuesday: Honey garlic chicken in the slow cooker with black rice
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Italian Beef in slow cooker
    Friday: Chuck roast noodle bake
    Saturday: Out

  4. 4
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Lemon butter chicken with fettuccine (from Emily Wells on your Call for Lemon Recipes thread), salad
    Mon-Fri: Traveling….last business trip of the year. Yeah!!!
    Sat: Shrimp burgers, baked fries, coleslaw

  5. I’ve been curious about the banana recipe. Looking forward to the result after the tweaks.

    1. Eat out
    2. Minute Steak, potatoes, corn
    3. Beef soup, cornbread
    4. Sandwiches/take-a-long
    5. Chinese Style BBQ Pork, rice
    6. Salad
    7. Spaghetti

    1. Falafel
    2. Lentil Soup
    3. Hummus sandwiches, sweet potato fries, radishes
    4. Pizza (kids to use a free coupon they earned)
    5. Tomato soup, corn bread
    6. Sweet and sour chicken, rice, peas
    7. Salad

    I love late fall/winter menus. Maybe it is just the fact that we haven’t had some of these for a few months. Maybe the cooler weather just makes them taste more delicious.

  6. 7

    Sunday – Rotisserie chicken, salad and potato salad
    Monday – broccoli cheddar soup and crusty bread
    Tuesday – chicken enchiladas (never made last week)
    Wednesday – salmon with salad and fries
    Thursday – sausage with peppers and onions
    Friday – homemade pizza and salad
    Saturday – out – gong to DC to see son’s play – He’s directing othello!

  7. 8

    Mon – Eat Out
    Tues – Grilled Brats, Potato Salad, Chunky Applesauce
    Wed – Breakfast for Dinner (Pancakes, Bacon & Scrambled Eggs)
    Thurs – Baked Chicken Breasts, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Green Salad
    Fri – Grilled Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwiches on Sourdough, Green Salad, Apples & Caramel Dip
    Sat – Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Broccoli
    Sun – Beef & Cheese Enchildas, Spanish Rice, Beans

    Thinking about making a Black Forest Pie this weekend…

  8. 9

    More cooking this Sunday too! Not as much as last weekend, or perhaps it’s easier food this week. I made my soup, stew and tenderloin…

    Sunday- corn and shrimp soup and rolls
    Monday- beef stew over rice (I think eating stew over rice is a new Orleans thing!)
    Tuesday- pork tenderloin and Mac and cheese (roasted sweet potato for me)
    Wednesday- this crockpot chicken recipe sandwiches (it’s BBQ sauce, and pineapple- so good)
    Thursday- leftovers, there will be plenty
    Friday- homemade pizza, since we didn’t get to it lat week
    Saturday- undecided

  9. We did Disneyland last week. I love when it’s decorated!!

    Sunday-Out for my mom’s birthday

    Monday-Breakfast Burritos with Fruit Salad and Potato Cakes

    Tuesday and Wednesday-Beef Stew and Biscuits

    Thursday-Fajitas and Black Beans, Chips, and Salsa

    Friday-Spaghetti and Meatballs, Green Beans, Bread


  10. 11

    Sat- out
    Sun- shredded pork tacos, salad
    Mon- turkey sliders, sweet potato fries
    Tues- leftovers
    Wed- white chicken lasagna, salad, garlic bread
    Thurs- steak, sautéed Swiss chard, glazed carrots
    Friday- homemade pizza, Greek salad

  11. 12

    five meals planned, no particular day

    Spaghetti, garlic bread, green beans, applesauce (that’s how it was served at my kid’s school and that’s how they like it)
    Taco salad
    Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole, carrots
    Baked Fried chicken, turnip greens, corn
    bean & bacon soup in crockpot, cornbread

  12. Monday: Garlic Caesar Chicken and a crockpot Green Bean Casserole experiment
    Tuesday: Crockpot Pizza Rigatoni and Broccoli
    Wednesday: Penne with White Beans and Pancetta and Salad and Garlic Bread
    Thursday: Breakfast for dinner–Breakfast Burritos, Tomatoes, and Avocados
    Friday: Spaghetti and Italian Meatballs and Salad
    Weekend: Leftovers and scrounging 🙂

  13. 14

    Sun: Pad thai, my son wanted to learn how to make it, I was the sous chef. Made a boysenberry pie with the last of our summer boysenberries!
    Mon: Chicken in Vindaloo sauce, an Indian simmer sauce I found at Target, rice, Naan bread, swiss chard from gardent
    Tues: Grilled cheese with bacon, that awesome cheese I found at Trader Joes, roasted red pepper and tomato soup from Trader Joe’s.
    Wed: pasta and meat sauce, panzanella salad
    Thurs: minestrone soup, I love my homemade one, it has pesto in it, bread, salad
    Friday: Fish tacos, the cheaters way, frozen Van De Kamps battered fish, guacomole and rice.
    That’s as far as I got….

  14. 15
    Lisa W.

    Su: roast pork sandwiches/pasta w/ butternut-pepper sauce
    *leftovers from last night’s dinner party 🙂

    M: cheeseburgers on pretzel buns w/ romaine, red onion, & tomato w/ baked friez

    Tu: Zuppa Tuscana & breadsticks

    W: vodka alla penne/roasted spaghetti squash

    Th: l/o

    F: In-laws coming to dinner–grilled steak & lobster/veg & pasta salad/bacon baked beans/garlic bread/chocolate strawberry cake

  15. I only got to half of my menu last week and I wasn’t even sick! Happens to the best of us. 🙂

    creamy sundried tomato pasta
    ravioli and salad
    deep dish pizza
    broccoli cheddar pot pies
    croq au riesling with brussel sprouts

  16. Monday: Thanksgiving leftovers
    Tuesday: lemony kale pasta
    Wednesday: sweet potato pork quesadillas [so good we’re having them again!]
    Thursday: leftovers
    Friday: out to eat
    Saturday: breakfast for dinner
    Sunday: roast chicken

  17. 18

    Sun: Vegetable Tagine
    Mon: Meatball sliders
    Tues: Avocado spinach pesto pasta
    Wed: Salmon cakes and rolls
    Thurs: Split pea soup
    Fri: Chicken Pillows
    Sat: Pumpkin chili

  18. 19

    It’s my birthday this week so I’m being spoiled, my mum and brother are taking me out in the week and then at the weekend my husband and I are going out for dinner and to see the new Hunger Games 🙂

    Mon: Leftovers, salad, bread
    Tue: Slow cooker BBQ ribs, slaw and mash
    Wed: Dinner out (French)
    Thur: Pasta with tomato sauce, salad
    Fri: Herb crusted haddock, braised peas and fennel
    Sat: Dinner out before going to the cinema
    Sun: Dinner at mum’s

  19. 20

    Hope you are feeling better!

    Sunday – Grandbaby baptism so everyone going out for late lunch after Church
    Monday – Grilled chicken, hashbrown potato casserole, green beans
    Tuesday – Ravioli with red sauce, salad
    Wednesday – Pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn
    Thursday – Vegetable pizza
    Friday – Baked salmon, baked fries, applesauce
    Saturday – Leftovers

  20. 21

    Mon- Red beans and rice, french bread and salad.

    Tues- Spaghetti Hotdish, PW The bread in his words, broccoli.

    Wed- Brined roast chicken, fingerling potatoes, green beans.

    Thurs- Breakfast for dinner

    Fri- Chinese (homemade)

    Sat- Campout food (kids camping with buddies in our front field)

    Sun- Cuban Pork, black beans and rice

    Wish I was going to Disneyland! Have fun!

  21. 22

    Sat — BFD
    Sun — shepherds pie
    Mon — peanut stew
    Tues — grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots
    Wed — gingered carrot soup, grilled cheeses
    Thurs — vermicelli with mussels and roasted cherry tomatoes
    Fri — homemade pizza

  22. 23

    sun: out
    mon: maple roasted fall veggies over polenta
    tues: chana masala, naan, salad
    weds: brussels sprouts mac & cheese, salad
    thurs: out
    fri: roasted cheeseburgers, tater tots, salad
    sat: chicken cutlets, potato gratin, roasted broccoli

  23. 24

    Those flowers are beautiful !!!!
    Here’s my gluten free menu
    Sun – Ina Garten Veggie Lentil Soup – Great reviews online i thought it was just ok
    Mon – Grilled Cheese w Apples & Honey Mustard
    Tues – Leftover soup
    Wed – Beef and Broccoli
    Thurs – Big Salad
    Fri – Slowcooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
    Sat – Almond Flour Chicken Nuggets & some type of veggie ?

  24. 25

    Enjoy your family when they come to town! My family lives far away, too. It’s great when they come to visit.

    Monday: TWFD Chicken Piccata, rice, roasted asparagus
    Tuesday: Citrus Ham AKA Spring Pig Surprise over spaghetti
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Chicken Strips, brown rice, lemony green beans
    Friday: French Bread BBQ Chicken Pizza & salad
    Saturday: out
    Sunday: Homemade Chicken Chow Mein

  25. 26

    Monday-Kale Sausage Soup (bought it at Costco and it was quite delicious!) w/breadsticks
    Tuesday-Chicken stir fry w/rice
    Wednesday-Baked oatmeal, sausage, eggs and toast
    Thursday-Roasted butternut squash pasta w/pumpkin sauce and broccoli
    Friday-Homemade pizza
    Saturday-Eat out
    Sunday-Hamburger Stroganoff with green beans

  26. 27

    Ah, I love Disneyland, have fun! Enjoy a monte cristo or a dole whip for me!

    Sunday – Crab(it’s local dungeonness crab season!), caesar salad, french bread, artichokes
    Monday – Crabcakes, broccoli, green salad
    Tuesday – Crockpot lentil & sweet potato soup
    Wednesday – Taco night
    Thursday – Pesto pasta with baked chicken or stuffed chicken breasts (if I have time)
    Friday – Something easy – pizza, breakfast, take out
    Saturday – Date night for us! Girls with Nana

    • Jane Maynard

      ooo, I haven’t had either of those disney treats – will have to make that happen, I know they’re both famous!

  27. If we didn’t live so far apart then maybe I could blame you for the last three days I spent in bed with a fever and other unpleasantness. I’m getting better but am still not at full strength. I didn’t cook this Sunday so had to do some rearranging of dinner plans for the month.

    November 10
    Catalan Beef Stew
    Mashed potatoes
    Green salad
    Apple Cranberry Crisp

    November 24
    Chicken Pot Pie

    December 1
    Pan-Fried Pork Chops with Orange Gastrique
    Homemade applesauce
    Sweet potatoes
    Butternut squash

    December 8
    Baked Sole (ATK cooking for Two 2012)

    December 15
    Easy Corn Chowder

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