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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 382 Menu

Are you ready to get to the meal planning for the week? I am! Here goes!

weekly meal plan from @janemaynard including FREE printable menu and shopping list

Chili and corn chips

Spaghetti and meatballs
– Salad

– Nachos (Anna’s idea!)

– Egg scrambles (mixed with whatever we yummy additions are in the fridge) and fresh fruit

– Take out night

– Grill night: hot dogs, hamburgers, that kind of stuff

Swedish pancakes (I still haven’t made these…but I am bound and determined to make them happen, so on the menu they go!)
– Fresh fruit

Click here for the free printable of this week’s menu plus the shopping list!

I don’t know about you, but I am soooo grateful for everyone who shares their menus each week! It really is such a great help and inspiration when I plan every Sunday, so thank you for the ideas. You know the drill, please post your weekly menu!


  1. 1
    Kim from PA

    I just read through your blog posts from last week. The fires in SD are scary! Glad you and your family are safe.

    And, I am TOTALLY JEALOUS of your beautiful patio!!! What a great outdoor living area you have created.

    Sun: Cod with lime & olives, mixed veggies, salad
    Mon: Stuffed shells, salad
    Tue-Wed: Business Travel
    Thu: Fish tacos
    Fri: Leftovers
    Sat: Away for Memorial Day Weekend”¦”¦menu not planned yet

  2. 2

    Also, glad to hear you are all safe.

    Sunday – Cod, ranch potatoes, green beans
    Monday – Cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, corn
    Tuesday – Chicken enchiladas
    Wednesday – Breaded shrimp, French fries
    Thursday – Pizza, salad
    Friday – Strip steak, buttered noodles, peas
    Saturday – Leftovers

  3. We are still eating out of the pantry/freezer about 90% of the time. I’m also still trying to keep it simple without making it seem simple. For example, no pb&j (except for the one night when DH wasn’t here and supper was about 40 minutes before bed time) but I am using the crock pot. Salads and pizza are also relatively quick to put together but taste great.

    1. Eat out
    2. Pizza
    3. Chinese BBQ Pork, rice, peas, beets
    4. Salad
    5. Hot dogs, chips, peach slices (lunch at the park)
    6. Spaghetti with meat sauce
    7. Sliced ham, pickled beets, peas, cooked potatoes

    1. Leftovers
    2. Omelette, muffins, sliced peaches
    3. Schnitzel, mashed potatoes, beets, steamed carrots, chocolate mousse
    4. Macaroni and cheese
    5. Tomato soup, corn bread
    6. Salad
    7. Sandwiches – salami and turkey salad, chips, pear sauce

  4. 5
    Denise Fla

    S: Salads w / Chicken and pita bread
    M: Tortellini w / ham & peas in a no cream garlic parmesan sauce and garlic bread
    T: Burgers & oven fries
    W: Leftovers
    T: Grilled chicken, boiled new potatoes and roasted green beans
    F: Grilled Naan pizzas
    Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend.

  5. Here, here! Glad you’re safe and sound in SD. Since we moved to Chicagoland, we’re now in Trader Joe’s territory!!!!!! It’s been 10 long years with no TJ’s. We took the kids there this weekend and they were smitten with the carts (and I with the healthy, yummy choices! 🙂 ). It just made my week.

    Sunday: General Tso’s chicken with purple rice and cauliflower

    Monday: Grilled chicken and Asian green beans

    Tuesday: Italian Beef on homemade buns

    Wednesday: Soft tacos with leftover beef/rice and fresh vegetables

    Thursday: Homemade pizza

    Friday: Leftovers

    Saturday: Out. (the 5yo wants a “family date night” since last week only Mom & Dad got a date night)

  6. 7

    Sun: chicken caprese panini, salad
    Mon: parmasean pork chops, kale/brussel sprout hash, couscous, applesauce
    Tues: grilled chicken, celery and parmasean salad
    Wed: steak fajitas
    Thurs: chef salads, garlic bread
    Fri-Sun: away for Memorial Day weekend

  7. 8

    goulash, carrots
    Chicken Parmesan soup (new recipe) biscuits
    Texas Hash, green beans
    Grilled pork chops, corn, Harvard beets
    Chicken fajitas, Mexican corn salad (new recipe)
    spaghetti, cheesy bread, applesauce

  8. Monday: chicken & broccoli casserole [maybe with quinoa? maybe with rice? maybe with couscous? we will see!]
    Tuesday: black beans and rice
    Wednesday: leftovers
    Thursday: pineapple fried rice
    Friday: our fifth anniversary! we’re planning on a fun day together hiking if the weather cooperates and enjoying some fancy cheese and bread, fruit, maybe some fondue, and homemade ice cream! mmm.
    Saturday-Sunday and beyond: I’m off for vacation to Hilton Head Island with my parents! Unfortunately Ben can’t come because of work, so he’s on his own for the week with the kitties! I’m making him a lasagna and I’m sure he’ll get his fill of man food. Will be interesting to see what he eats. 🙂

  9. 10

    Happy to hear your neighborhood was safe from the fires. My best friend was evacuated for 1 night & my uncle was evacuated twice, but both their homes are safe now…thank goodness! They’re both in San Marcos.

    M: dinner at my brother’s

    Tu: fish milanese/spinach salad

    W: Chicken fajitas/ranch beans/rice

    Th: hubby is out of town so its just me & my lil’ guy. He picked dinner…parmesan Mac n cheese/crispy chicken strips/carrot sticks

    F: out for dinner & movie w/ my 6-yr-old. 🙂

    Sa-Su: grilling something…Happy Memorial Weekend!!!

  10. 11

    I hope you continue to be safe, it must be very scary.

    Mon: Spring vegetable pasta, salad
    Tue: Chicken and pepper fajitas, salad
    Wed: Griddled courgette, basil and goat’s cheese panini
    Thur: Sausage, potato and pepper kebabs, salad
    Fri: Baked fish and chips, peas
    Sat: Potstickers, stir-fried veg
    Sun: Dinner at Mum’s

  11. 12

    Here is my GF menu for the week.
    Sun – Out for my dad’s bday
    Mon – Lentil tacos
    Tue – Salmon & veggies
    Wed – smothered chicken & veggies
    Thu – Beef and veggies in the crockpot
    Fri – Pineapple chicken & quinoa
    Sat – not sure yet maybe out to dinner ?

  12. 13

    Sunday- homemade pizza
    Monday- leftover lasagna and salad
    Tuesday- steak on the grill, grilled zucchini, and baked potato
    Wednesday – salmon, fries and salad
    Thursday- chili and cornbread
    Friday- out
    Saturday- leftovers

  13. 14

    Monday-Chicken alfredo pasta
    Tuesday-Veggie stir-fry
    Wednesday-Grilled Cheese w/fill-ins
    Thursday- Pork Chops, frozen corn/peas, broccoli
    Friday- Baked potato bar
    Saturday-Picnic up the canyon
    Sunday- Grill day! We got a bountiful baskets grilling add-on that sounds cool.

  14. Well, after last week’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week (I finally have pictures of the Fire posted up on my site), I have a menu, and am grateful to have a kitchen to cook in, unlike some of my neighbors whose homes were destroyed last week.

    Sunday-Grilled Hot Dogs, homemade onion rings, watermelon

    Monday-Tequila Lime Chicken, Black Beans, warm tortillas

    Tuesday-Chili and Cornbread

    Wednesday-Baked Potato Bar

    Thursday-Junior’s 2nd Birthday–TBD



  15. 16

    I have a few cousins who live that way, and they are safe and back in their houses! Glad all is well with you and your family!

    Mon – Italian Pot Roast & Veggies
    Tues – BBQ Chicken Thighs & Drums, Broccoli, Potato Salad
    Wed – Slow Cooker Pork Tacos and all the fixins’
    Thurs – Steaks, Grilled Potatoes, Salad
    Fri – Root Beer Glazed Drumsticks, Baked Potatoes, Corn on the Cob
    Sat – Fettuccine Alfredo, Salad
    Sun – Leftovers

  16. Heard the fires were contained, glad you’re okay!

    jerk shrimp sandwiches (kind of like po’ boys)
    sundried tomato pasta
    baked sloppy joes
    broccoli stuffed chicken and salad
    pizza night

  17. 18
    Rachel U

    This looks like a great dinner line up for the week!

  18. 19
    Rachel U

    M- chinese food from trader joes
    T- homemade pizza
    W- yoyo night (you’re on your own)
    T- hot dogs cooked over the campfire when we go camping!
    F- date night!
    S- pulled pork sandwiches
    S- penna rosa copycat recipe

  19. Late, but here it is 🙂

    Monday: Pot Roast with Shallots, Carrots, Lemon and Mint from Michael Simon and Mashed Potatoes
    Tuesday: Spicy Chicken Tostadas
    Wednesday: Polish Dumplings and Salad
    Thursday: Mozzarella Chicken Couscous Salad
    Friday: Potato and Chorizo Masa Boats and Refried Beans and Tomatillo Sauce
    Saturday: Take Out Night
    Sunday: Chorizo Gravy Guacamole Loaded Nachos

  20. I’m trying to keep it simple this week as I realized there are a lot of projects started around the house, but not many completed. I adjusted my menu yesterday when I found a family pack of pork chops – they were cheaper per pound than the smaller packs. Instead of freezing the extras, I added two meals together in the middle of the week to use them fresh. This saved time on my freezing and defrosting them. The Bourbon chicken is from a seasoning packet I have, the salmon was a find yesterday that was marked down,and the cauliflower soup is in the crockpot. I think the Salad is the most complex thing on the list. 🙂

    1. Eat out
    2. Salad
    3. Breaded pork chops, rice, beets, peas
    4. Grilled Peaches and Pork
    5. Bourbon Chicken, rice
    6. Pizza

    1. Eat out
    2. Salmon, rice, steamed carrots
    3. Roasted Cauliflower Soup
    4. Leftovers
    5. Salad
    6. Leftovers

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