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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 417 Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday! Just like that it’s time to plan another menu for the week – oh TIME, slow down! I have a few carry-over items from last week because our leftovers were kind of like the loaves and fishes…which was awesome.

week 417 weekly menu from @janemaynard including FREE printable meal plan and shopping list

– Beef Stroganoff
– Broccoli

– Chicken Caesar Wraps
– Fresh fruit and chips

– Carnitas tacos (my first time to try making carnitas at home!) with rice and beans

– Leftovers

Stuffed Peppers

– Take-out Night

Swedish Pancakes
– Fresh fruit

Click here for the free printable of this week’s menu plus the shopping list!

Last week was fabulous – so many menus shared! Please keep it coming, we all love seeing what you’re cookin’ up!


  1. 1

    Sat — homemade pizza
    Sun — baked eggs over sausage and sweet potato hash
    Mon — chicken tacos, mixed veggies
    Tuesday — chicken tortilla soup
    Wed — homemade pizza
    Thurs — spinach ricotta and feta pie, homefries
    Fri — spaghetti

  2. 2

    Sunday – Italian sausage stuffed mushrooms
    Meatless Monday – Tofu Spring rolls
    Tuesday – Turkey Meatballs over spaghetti squash
    Wednesday – Marinated chicken breast w/broccoli and side salad
    Thursday – Catfish, quinoa salad and baked beets
    Friday – Beef tacos
    Saturday – Ham and Spinach Quiche w/ salad
    Sunday – Crockpot Turkey breast w/ mashed cauliflower

  3. 3
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Salmon, baked fries, coleslaw
    Mon: Breakfast for dinner
    Tue & Wed: Business Travel
    Thu: Steamed ginger scallion fish, brown rice, green beans
    Fri: Parmesan crusted chicken, carrots, salad
    Sat: Soup and salad

  4. Monday: Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake and garlic bread
    Tuesday: Taiwan Bee Noodle Soup
    Wednesday: Cashew Chicken with Bok Choy
    Thursday: Spicy Curry Chicken and rice
    Friday: a wrap with garlic, ricotta, and salami with french fries
    Saturday: Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls
    Sunday: Chinese Beef and Broccoli with rice

  5. 5

    Mon – Turkey Meatloaf, Stuffing, Green Beans, Apple Slices
    Tues – Ranch Chicken Tenders, Cheese Fries, Salad
    Wed – Chicken & Dumplings, Salad
    Thurs – Chili Cheeseburgers, Pasta Salad, Carrot sticks, cuties
    Fri – Homemade Potato Soup, French Bread
    Sat – Pork Tenderloin Roast, Cheesy Potatoes, Broccoli
    Sun – Leftovers

  6. I’m experimenting with a monthly meal plan for January. So far I’ve done pretty good sticking to it, but I’m not sure if I’m going to continue in February or not. We’ll see.

    Sunday-Chili and Cornbread (plus football snacks)

    Monday-Baked Potato Bar with Chili

    Tuesday-Beef Stroganoff, Egg Noodles

    Wednesday-Chicken Tacos, Black Beans

    Thursday-Eat out

    Friday-Leftover stroganoff or tacos

    Saturday-Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

  7. 7

    chicken picatta, spinach casserole
    honey mustard chicken, rice, veggie
    Gorton’s Fish, mac & cheese, coleslaw
    Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger mac (kid’s favorite), cabbage w/ bacon
    Strombolis, onion rings
    Chicken & Bacon Orzo soup, pea salad
    Chicken fajitas, spanish rice

    My husband is on worker’s comp due to shoulder surgery; he’ll probably make some ham salad this week too. YUMMM

  8. 8

    Su: T-Bones w/ grilled onions/salad

    M: day trip to San Diego…heading to Hash House A-Go Go for breakfast, then to the zoo & Balboa Park. 🙂

    Tu: broccoli and cheese soup w/ garlic bread

    W: rotisserie chicken/baked fries/salad

    Th: mini beef & potato empanadas w/ guac/calabacitas

    F: soy chorizo & black bean burritos w/ leftover guac & calabacitas/mango smoothies

    Sa-Su: heading to Anaheim to work a food truck festival

  9. I’m making Carnitas for the first time at home this week too, in a crock pot!

    Here’s my plan for the week:

  10. Hmmm. Beef stroganoff and carnitas seem to be popular. I may have to work them into my menu soon! 🙂

    Sunday: Out to eat with grandparents
    Monday: Homemade ravioli and meatballs
    Tuesday: Roasted sweet potato soup and crusty bread
    Wednesday: Chicken nuggets and cauliflower rice
    Thursday: Bagel dogs
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out

  11. 11

    Tonight- Chicken Spaghetti, oven roasted broccoli, garlic bread
    Monday- Chicken and Black Bean Soup
    Tuesday- Fish tacos
    Wednesday- Grilled Cheese sandwiches and Chicken Noodle Soul
    Thursday- Asian Peanut Noodle Salad with Chicken
    Friday- Chicken, Fire Roasted Corn, and Monterrey Jack cheese taquitos with Cilantro dip

  12. 12

    Sunday – german Fleischkaesse with coleslaw and french fries
    Monday – sweet and spicy again beef with noodles
    Tuesday – onion soup and broccoli cheddar soup with bread
    Wednesday – leftovers
    Thursday – hamburgers with salad and roasted potatoes
    friday – out
    Saturday – leftovers

  13. 13

    Sun – Working on rental house so grab a quick sandwich
    Mon – Corn dog and mac and cheese (didn’t eat last week)
    Tue – Chicken patty corn on the cob
    Wed – Beef and Noodles, m potatoes, green beans
    Thurs – Fried Chicken
    Fri – Pizza
    Sat – Out for a Birthday Party

    My daughters 4H goats are kidding this week for the first time so we are spending a lot of time in the barn watching for babies to be born. Might not follow the menu too much this week!

  14. 14

    Sunday – Pasta w/pumpkin sauce and chicken, Italian bread
    Monday – Whiting, potato casserole w/cheese & bacon, green beans
    Tuesday – Sirloin steak, orzo w/spinach & mushrooms, honey glazed carrots
    Wednesday – Hot Italian sausage sandwiches w/peppers, cheesy ranch potatoes
    Thursday – Pizza, salad
    Friday – Pumpkin(sauce leftover from Sunday) black bean, chicken chili, cornbread
    Saturday – Leftovers

  15. Monday: Rigatoni with Chorizo and Manchego and Salad
    Tuesday: Crab Salad and Olive Cheese Bread and Fresh Veggies
    Wednesday: Fish Fillets with a Chili Sauce and Peas
    Thursday: Shrimp and Lemon Butter Glazed Carrots
    Friday: Prosciutto and Tomato Frittata
    Saturday: Left Overs
    Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner

  16. 16

    Mon: seared scallops, linguini, roasted broccoli
    Tues: chicken quesadillas. Salad
    Wed: teriyaki chicken, carrots, brussel sprouts
    Thurs: tortellini, broccoli, salad
    Fri: pizza, salad

  17. I have some carry over from last week too. It’s hard to cook at home when it is restaurant week in Columbus!

    fish and shrimp stew (or baked potato soup)
    chicken fajitas with homemade chips and guac
    broccoli stuffed chicken with buttered carrots
    seared scallops with salad
    pizza night

  18. 18
    Ari Johnson

    Sun: beef tacos and guacamole
    Mon: pasta primavera
    Tue: ( BBQ with relatives from out of town)
    Wed: tuna with salad
    Thu: Picadillo ( ground turkey with potatoes and carrots) and beans
    Fri: eat out
    Sat: birthday party

  19. 19

    We are having a week of 7 new recipes, most of them lentil based. I have been wanting to try new recipes, recently bought bags of lentils on sale, and was looking for more meatless dishes. I dubbed this the “unofficial Lentil Week” at our house. Hoping a few of these suite our fancy.

    1.Eat out
    2. Pulled Pork Sandwiches, homemade fries
    3. Meatball Curry*, rice, vegetables
    4. Salad
    5. Dad’s Meatloaf with Tomato Relish, Herbed Bulgar-Lentil Pilaf*
    6. Herb Crusted Pork Chops, Lentil-Quinoa Salad*
    7. Sandwiches on Croissants, yogurt, fruit, chips, and Lentil Cookies*

    1. Eat out
    2. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup*
    3. Slow Cooker Lentil and Brown Rice Tacos (meal from last week we never made)
    4. Herbed Lentils with Spinach and Tomatoes*, brown rice
    5. Pizza
    6. Vegetable Lentil Stew*, Grandmother’s Buttermilk Cornbread
    7. Leftovers

  20. 20

    Mon: Pasta with boursin and broccoli, salad
    Tue: Meatballs in tomato sauce with rice, cabbage
    Wed: Potato, cheese and marmite pasties, salad
    Thur: Dinner at mum’s
    Fri: Induction day!

    • ooooo…pasta with boursin sounds like a great idea!

    • AND…induction, as in inducing a baby?!?! good luck! sending happy baby vibes!!!!

    • Yes! Congratulations on the upcoming baby! I meant to comment on your menu a couple weeks ago about stopping menu planning after your baby is born. I didn’t START menu planning until my 1st was born. It was a LIFE SAVER. The menus may not be fancy for a season, but you’ll thank yourself later. Time is precious, and if you plan ahead, you enjoy a little more of it. 🙂

  21. 21

    My GF menu for this week
    Sun – Mustard Marsala Pork Tenderloin w Mashed Pots
    Mon – Pineapple Chicken w Quinoa
    Tue – Sausage/Quinoa/Spinach Bowl
    Wed – Tomato Basil Parm Soup in Crockpot
    Thu – Leftovers
    Fri – Leftovers and out for a wine tasting !!!!
    Sat – Meatloaf & Sweet Potatoes

  22. By the way, Melissa D’Arabian’s Slow Cooker Carnitas are SO good and SO ridonkulously easy.

  23. 23

    I am late!

    Sunday pork chops, roasted parsnips and carrots
    Monday salad for dinner
    tues hamburger sliders coleslaw
    wed stovetop mac with mini hot dogs
    thur omlettes and smoothies
    Friday bbq chicken pizza
    sat out

  24. loving all these menus! keep it coming!

  25. 25

    I hope you share the carnitas recipe soon!

  26. 26

    good luck on carnitas ! ive never made them either. here is my GF menu for the week which includes VACA to NYC !!!! yeaaaaa NYC has so much GF to offer which is awesome for me. i will walk miles and miles to find a GF baker 😉
    Sun – Crockpot Chicken Paprikash w Mashed Cauliflower
    Mon – Balsamic Pork Tenderloin w Asparagus
    Tue – Burgers w Grilled Pineapple (thinking maybe teryaki on top ?)
    Wed – Smothered Chicken and Broccoli or Leftover
    Thu – Leftovers
    Fri – 15 year anniversary dinner in NYC…actually going to the same restaurant we had our 10 year dinner at….aren’t we dorky?
    Sat – NYC – we are seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch as well. I’m so excited.

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