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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week 434 Menu

Happy Sunday! Today is the day I get home from Malawi, but knowing I will be a zombie (yay for jet lag!), I actually put this menu together two weeks ago. I think I’ll be very happy with myself tonight when I don’t have to think about menu planning and can just go to bed. I picked lots of easy meals to ease back into real life.

week #434 weekly menu from @janemaynard including FREE printable meal plan and shopping list!

Sausage, Pepper and Onion Subs
– Fruit and chips

– Mac & Cheese (the yummy Trader Joe’s kind from the freezer section)
– Salad

– Pancakes
– Fruit salad

Chicken Caesar Wraps
– Chips

– Eat out night

– Hamburgers on the grill
– Fresh raw veggies

– Leftovers

Click here for the free printable of this week’s menu plus the shopping list!

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking this week, please share!


  1. Monday: Fish in a Rich Tomato and Onion Sauce and Peas
    Tuesday: Black Bean Soup with Avocado Crema
    Wednesday: Swiss Steak and Salad
    Thursday: Oven Baked Pizza and Salad
    Friday: Kentucky Hot Browns and Salad (I bought a lot of salad at the store :))
    Saturday and Sunday: Out of Town

  2. 3
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Wegmans hoagies, chips
    Mon: Grilled halibut, boiled new potatoes, salad
    Tue & Wed: Business travel
    Thu: Salmon, green beans
    Fri: Grilled lemon pepper chicken, veggies, baked beans
    Sat: Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend!

  3. 4

    Must be the week for the unusual and slightly off. 🙂 My menu is also full of things that are fairly simple, or already made. With the weather not sure as to whether it is going to be warm or cold, I have not fully switched over to my “warm weather” menu.

    1. Kheema: Indiana ground beef with peas, rice
    2. OYO: sandwiches
    3. Chinese Style BBQ Pork
    4. Dad’s Meatloaf with Tomato Relish, baked potatoes, steamed carrots
    5. Meatball Curry, rice, beets, peas
    6. Minute Steak, beets, carrots, peas
    7. Pizza

    1. Soup and Sandwiches
    2. Healthy Slow Cooked Tikka Masala, rice
    3. Salad
    4. Slow Cooker Lentil and Brown Rice Taco, refried beans, rice
    5. Salad
    6. Basic Crepes
    7. Leftovers

  4. 5

    Week of May 17 to May 23
    Sunday: Lobster mac ”˜n’ cheese, steamed broccoli
    Monday: Chili
    Tuesday: Spanish chicken and rice
    Wednesday: BBQ chicken, baked beans, corn
    Thursday: My class at night – family fends
    Friday: My birthday! I don’t have to cook”¦but I’m not sure where we’re eating”¦
    Saturday: Probably a lot of snacking as I prep food for a Sunday BBQ

  5. 7
    Denise Fla

    Clean out fridge, freezer & pantry week.
    S: Out with neice
    M: White castle sliders & corn
    T: Chicken & panzanella salad
    W: Ravioli w/sauce, greens with viangrette & garlic bread
    T: Beef, vegetable & noodle bowls
    F: Leftovers
    S: Carbonara risotto & salad

  6. 8

    i cant wait to hear how the trip was !
    Sun – Pulled Pork in Crockpot w broccoli and coleslaw
    Mon – Pesto Chicken Salad in 1/2 Cantalope
    Tue – Leftover chicken salad on a green salad
    Wed – Chili in crockpot (craving 1 last chili before summer)
    Thu – Moroccan Chicken & sweet pots (new recipe yogurt marinaded chicken – we shall see !!!)
    Fri – Lentil tacos
    Sat – OUT

  7. 9

    Welcome home! We are planning a camping trip this upcoming weekend, so this week’s menu was planned with the intention of putting leftovers in mason jars to freeze, and reheat while camping.

    Sat — crab salad
    Sun — stuffed mushrooms, corn, roasted potatoes
    Mon — butternut squash beef stew (save for camping)
    Tuesday — lentil shepherds pie (save for camping)
    Wed — homemade pizza
    Thurs — turkey chili, corn chips (save for camping)
    Fri — eggs, sausage, toast

  8. 10

    Welcome home!

    Sunday – T bone steaks w/mushrooms, baked potatoes, green beans
    Monday – Salmon, rice, vegetable medley
    Tuesday – Garlic and onion sausage on hard rolls, French fries
    Wednesday – Chicken drumsticks on the grill, corn on the cob
    Thursday – Pizza, salad
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – Hoagies

  9. 11

    Mon – Creamy Linguine w/Zucchini
    Tues – Chicken Taco Salad
    Wed – Pork Chops, Rice
    Thurs – Ravioli Bake, Salad, Garlic Bread
    Fri – Peppered Flank Steak and Salsa
    Sat – Hamburgers, Potato Chips, Carrots & Ranch
    Sun – Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Salad

  10. I’m so impressed that you’ve got a great menu line up and you just got back.

  11. 13

    Sat: hot dogs, veggie platter
    Sun: turkey and spinach tacos
    Mon: grilled salmon, new potatoes, sautéed spinach
    Tues: chili
    Wed: tortellini in vodka sauce, broccoli
    Thurs: leftovers

  12. Welcome back! Can’t wait to hear about your projects. On Friday, we’re going on a week-long cruise around Spain. We just cannot wait!

    Sunday: BBQ chicken on the grill, asparagus, skillet focaccia
    Monday: Burgers on the grill, berries, and salad
    Tuesday: Chicken nuggets
    Wednesday: Noodles with butter
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Pizzas
    Saturday: out

  13. 15

    Sunday: Lemon chicken with rice pilaf, asparagus
    Monday: Pizza on the grill and salad
    Tuesday: Hummus pasta, veggies and dip
    Wednesday: Paninis, chips, watermelon
    Thursday: Maple chicken, couscous, green beans
    Friday: Dinner with family
    Saturday: Baseball game – dinner at the ballpark

  14. 16

    Welcome Home!! My menu is late because I meal plan and shop from Tuesday to Tuesday – just the way it works out around our house. It’s nice to check in here on Sundays though and get some ideas 😉

    Today: Chicken and Rice
    Wednesday: Lasagna and Buttermilk Cinnamon Rolls (both homemade)
    Thursday: Stuffed Shells (your recipe!) and salad
    Friday: Beef Stew and French Fries (both homemade)
    Saturday: Breakfast Muffins and Raspberry Jello Salad
    Sunday: Crockpot Chicken
    Monday: Sweet and Sour Meat with Rice

    The nice thing about my menu this week is that I’m able to use up a lot of things in my pantry and fridge (potatoes, veggies, buttermilk, etc.) before they go bad, so nothing is going to waste. Yay!

    Have a great week! 🙂

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