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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week 441 Menu

Happy 5th of July!

week 441 weekly menu from @janemaynard including FREE printable meal plan and shopping list!

Last week I didn’t follow my menu at ALL. My mom took us to Macaroni Grill on Monday night and we had leftovers that lasted us two more dinners. Then my friend Kristen from Dine & Dish gave me a bunch of her expiring Panera rewards and were able to get 5 entrees, which also fed us for at least 2 more nights. That’s the kind of summer I like, tons of food I didn’t have to prepare! Because of all the unexpected goodies, and because we grilled tri-tip for the 4th, I’m pretty much using last week’s menu. But I already did my grocery shopping so it WILL happen as planned this week!

Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwiches
– Fruit and carrots

Carnitas Tacos
Guacamole and chips

Chicken Pasta Salad
– Garlic Knots

– Leftovers

– Eat out night

– Dinner on the grill! Veggie kebabs + some sort of meat
– Fresh fruit

– Leftovers or Breakfast for Dinner (waffles and fruit)

Click here for the free printable of this week’s menu plus the shopping list!

I know it’s summer and it’s hard to get in the groove, but that’s all the more reason to get your menu plan done! Please share your weekly menu in the comments to inspired all of us!


  1. 1

    Taco spaghetti, salad
    Honey mustard chicken , fried okra
    Chicken quesadillas, fruit salad
    Sausage, baked potatoes , pea salad
    Sautéed zucchini over spaghetti, spinach salad
    White bean soup with bacon, cheesy crescents

  2. 3

    Sat — out
    Sun — Out
    Mon — fish stick tacos, veggies & hummus
    Tuesday — eggplant & zucchini lasagna
    Wed — Homemade pizza
    Thurs — chicken kabobs, grilled zucchini sticks
    Fri — BFD

  3. 4

    Good for you to get so many leftovers out of eating out ! i’m bad about finishing everything on my plate even at a restaurant when i am stuffed. I ate WAY to much junk over the weekend so i’m hoping to get back on track this week. i feel like crap this monday morning so hopefully it will be good motivation to get back to it.
    Sun – Mushroom & Swiss Burgers & Ina Garten French Potato Salad (it was awesome. i switched up a little but one of the best i’ve ever had!)
    Mon – Leftover Hot Dogs & Baked Beans
    Tue – Goat Cheese & Sun Dried Tom Chicken & Broccoli
    Wed – Wine/Cheese/Crackers/Fruit
    Thu – Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
    Fri – Steak & Asparagus & Potatoes
    Sat – OUT – if its not to hot we are going to the Zoo for the day. We shall see. Looks like it might be in the upper 80s which is to warm for me !

    • I know that tendency to finish everything off at the restaurant – that’s what I used to ALWAYS do, no matter how full I was. now I kind of force myself to leave half so I CAN have good leftovers because most restaurants give you so much food, half a meal is often still so filling! of course, there are some foods that I simply can’t resist finishing off!!! 😉

      I’m going to have to remember that ina potato salad recipe!

  4. 5

    For the past two weeks I have not really followed a meal plan. It was more like, “Hmm, that sounds good for the meal in a few hours. Let me write it on the meal planner.” I like your ‘plan’ better. 🙂

    This week I am wanting to be more productive, so I began by ignoring the laundry and making a meal plan. Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

    1. Eat Out
    2. Sandwiches, apple sauce, chips
    3. Salad
    4. Meatloaf, beets, peas
    5. Minute Steak, brown rice, beets, peas
    6. Pizza
    7. Traveling

    1. Leftovers
    2. Lentils with Bulgar Wheat and Caramelized Onions
    3. Spaghetti with meat sauce
    4. Homemade Tomato Soup
    5. Lentil-Tomato Soup
    6. Salad
    7. Leftovers (if we are at home)

    • haha! that is so funny, whenever I have something that NEEDS to get done around the house, I generally just do another less-urgent task. so while my family has no clothing, the house is suddenly beautifully dusted! 😉

  5. 6
    Denise Fla

    S: Ribs, baked potaoes, corn & caprese salad
    M: Meat canneloni’s, salad & garlic bread
    T: Leftovers
    W: Chicken souvlaki, grilled pita’s & tzatziki sauce
    T: BFD- Spinach strata w/sliced mango
    F: Leftovers
    S: Grilled Naan pizzas

  6. 7

    Mon – Using my leftover Shredded Pork from last week, we will be having Chipotle shredded pork tacos
    Tues – Chicken, Couscous & Vegetable Salad
    Wed – Grilled Chicken, Pasta Salad
    Thurs – Grilled Pork Chops & Grilled Vegetables
    Fri – Quiche & Salad
    Sat – Grilled Steak w/mushrooms & onions, Salad
    Sun – Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie

  7. Monday: Egg Sandwiches and Garlic Potatoes
    Tuesday-Sunday: Vacation, I’ll be making lasagna one day, but other than that we’ll play it by ear 🙂

  8. 9
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Shrimp scampi & salad
    Mon: Turkey & swiss cheese lettuce wraps
    Tue: Salmon & zucchini
    Wed & Thu: Business Travel
    Fri: Mahi Mahi burgers, chips
    Sat: Chicken Diane with truffle linguine

  9. Sunday-Kids had pizza, I made hubby and I crabcakes for at-home date night.

    Monday-Veggie Scramble, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Fresh Fruit

    Tuesday-Chicken Burritos, Black Beans

    Wednesday-Beef Stew with Biscuits

    Thursday-Beef Stew with Biscuits

    Friday-Eat out

    Saturday-Something simple!

  10. 11

    Week of July 5 to July 11
    Sunday: Dinner at birthday party
    Monday: Chicken Caesar salads
    Tuesday: Chili and crescent rolls
    Wednesday: Minestrone soup (fresh garden zucchini!) with homemade garlic crostini
    Thursday: Family fends while I’m at class
    Friday: Roasted zucchini baked spaghetti
    Saturday: Chicken with olives/peppers/zucchini on mashed potatoes

  11. Oooh. I have to make some carnitas next week. It’s been a while. Great idea! 🙂

    Sunday: Dinner at a friends….brought roasted potatoes and ATK’s mac and cheese
    Monday: Grilled chicken
    Tuesday: Meatballs and marinara
    Wednesday: Pumpkin muffins
    Thursday: Pasta with butter
    Friday: out
    Saturday: Pizzas

  12. THANK YOU for your fantastic meal plans!!!!!!

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