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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 466 Menu

Happy Sunday! If you’re currently on winter break, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are. We’ve eaten so much vetebrod there’s no way we could be anything but happy.


While I’m sort of skipping meal planning this week, I do know some of the food we’ll be having. All of the grandparents will be in town and it’s going to be a fun week, filled with some cooking, lots of eating, and the Rose Bowl (go Stanford!).

How’s that for a meal plan? 😉 Thank you to the faithful meal planners who posted their menus last week. You guys are the best! Just like last week, please post your menus and provide inspiration for everyone else, since I’m not doing much of that myself. 🙂


  1. 1

    Sunday – fried polenta with Cajun spiced shrimp
    Monday – fried rice with Vietnamese summer rolls
    Tuesday – gnocchi with pomodoro sauce
    Wednesday – chicken tikka masala with Naan and rice
    Thursday – leftovers
    Friday – fresh pasta with anchovies and aglio e olio
    Saturday – leftovers?

    • Kindy

      Your menu looks delicious!

    • Caroline

      Thanks Kindy! My husband is off work this week, and I am working from home, so lots of time to prep, cook, and eat new foods!

    • yes, ditto kindy – so fun and fancy!

    • Caroline

      Thanks! Ended up nixing the fresh pasta on Friday (not enough time), and doing a quinoa asian slaw. Then we were out of leftovers by Saturday, so went with your cilantro sour cream enchiladas (and used leftover thanksgiving turkey that had been in the freezer). Thanks for giving us a place to post our meal plans! It really helps me stay on track 🙂

  2. 2

    Happy New Year To You All!
    Wow!!! I just realized I forgot to post my menu from last week…guess we were all “a little” busy or absent minded or both. None the less we ate good and will move on to this week.

    Sunday – Shrimp scampi, salad
    Monday – Baked chicken, loaded potato casserole, applesauce
    Tuesday – Penne pasta w/sauce, garlic bread, salad
    Wednesday – Leftovers
    Thursday – Out w/friends for New Year’s Eve
    Friday – Pork roast, mashed potatoes, corn, dinner rolls
    Saturday – Hoping for more leftovers

  3. 4
    Susan in SC

    I only plan 5 days. The other 2 are either leftovers, sandwiches, or whatever I throw together.
    Meal plan
    Dec 28th through Jan 3rd
    Chicken tenders, cheesy potatoes, green peas
    Burgers, tator tots, raw veggies and ranch
    Shrimp, rice, green beans
    Baked ravioli, salad, garlic bread
    Pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, honey

  4. 5

    Family gatherings are not over just because Christmas is in the past! My niece is getting married this week!

    Mon through Wed – Traveling to Wedding and back home.
    Thurs – Hosting New Year’s Eve Party for my teenager.
    Fri – Swedish Meatballs, Egg Noodles, Salad
    Sat – BBQ Chicken, Corn, Salad
    Sun – Spaghetti & Meatballs, Garlic Bread, Salad

  5. 6

    It feels nice to be cooking again! There’s been lots of eating out over the past two weeks.

    Sun: Out with friends
    Mon: Beer braised beef with onions, mashed potatoes, & radish toast
    Tues: Roasted trout with almond brown butter, shredded Brussels sprouts with warm bacon vinaigrette, & salad
    Wed: Eating out
    Thurs: We’re hosting a NYE dinner party and everyone is bringing a course. We making short rib and porcini ragu with homemade fettuccine.
    Fri: Hoppin’ John over rice, collard greens, and cornbread.
    Sat: Not sure yet

  6. Enjoy the time with your family!

    Sunday-Shredded Beef Burritos, Chips and Salsa

    Monday-Chicken Stir Fry with lots of veggies

    Tuesday-Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, Potato Wedges, Carrot Sticks

    Wednesday-Egg and Bacon Biscuit Sandwiches, Fresh Fruit

    Thursday-New Year’s Eve/Hubby’s Birthday–something yummy!

    Friday-Rosemary Ranch Chicken, Roasted Red Potatoes, Green Beans


  7. 8
    Vicki Tunell

    Monday: Spicy Pork with Scallions and Peanuts and Ramen Noodles
    Tuesday: Out To Eat
    Wednesday: Chili Dogs and Grapples
    Thursday: Sirloin Steak with Sweet and Sour Onion and Arugula
    Friday: Beef Pasties and Salad
    Saturday: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
    Sunday: Beef Nachos, Fresh Salsa and Guacamole

  8. thank you everyone for posting this week! you’re the best!

  9. Nice Menu, Thanks for your posting

    Amy 😀

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