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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 523 Weekly Menu

Hello again! We’re almost at the end of the first month of 2017 and I am consistently sticking with our dinner meal plan each week. And I am sooooo much happier these days. It’s just better to cook at home for so many reasons and I’m grateful I’m back in the groove! Okay, so let’s get onto the next menu!

Week 523 Weekly Menu with FREE printable PDF of the meal plan and shopping list from @janemaynard

Indian Tacos with Easy Tandoori Chicken and Raita

Chicken Marsala
– Salad

– Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken

– Leftovers

– Breakfast for Dinner: Roasted Vege
table Scrambles + Smoothies

– Eat out night

– Super Bowl: Nachos, 7-Layer Dip, Chips and the like! I think I’ll throw a salad in there, too. 😉
Sweet Chex Mix

Click here or on the image above for a free printable PDF with the meal plan and ingredients list for this week!

Your turn! Tell us what you’ve got cookin’ this week! Thank you! (Oh, and GO PATRIOTS!)


  1. 1

    ham & beans in crockpot
    meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots
    burgers, fries
    BLTs,corn, cole slaw
    chicken & rice casserole

  2. Sunday: Sweet potato carbonara (Inspiralized recipe)…carryover from last week
    Monday: Chana masala
    Tuesday: Chicken Pad Thai
    Wednesday: Sweet potato & tomato soup and grilled cheese
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Husband cooks Blue Apron
    Saturday: Out

  3. 3

    Monday- I’m at a speaking event, frozen pizza for DH and DS
    Tuesday: Pancakes, bacon and fruit
    Wednesday: Baked chicken fajita casserole
    Thursday: Pasta e Fagioli
    Friday: Leftovers
    Saturday: Out for my birthday
    Sunday: Super Bowl party (Also, go Patriots!)

  4. 4
    Kim From PA

    Sun: Bruschetta chicken, salad
    Mon: Immune-boosting chicken soup
    Tue: Orange shrimp (fire cracker) & Asian veggies
    Wed: Baked halibut, mixed veggies, salad
    Thu: Salmon baked in foil, green beans, salad
    Fri: Leftovers
    Sat: Out for Restaurant Week

  5. 5

    My menu is lame-o this week. I’ll be super busy, and the dishes I’ll be cooking are meals that I didn’t get to last week. Also, the Indian Tacos look fantastic!

    Mon: Husband cooks
    Tues: Pork Chops with Apple Chutney & Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower
    Wed: Out with friends
    Thurs: Shrmip & Veg Stir Fry, Asian Sesame Veggie Salad
    Fri: Out with family
    Sat: Mom in laws 70th bday dinner
    Sun: Super Bowl appetizers

  6. 6

    Sun – Country Club Pork Chops with Rice
    Mon – Korvstroganoff with Pasta (Swedish dish)
    Tue – Sticky Pork Bowls and Cucumber Salad
    Wed – Leftovers
    Thur – BBQ Chicken Hand Pies and Broccoli
    Fri – Dinner at in-laws
    Sat – Girls Night (apps and wine!)

  7. 7

    Sunday – black bean enchiladas and rice
    Monday – salmon, rice, yellow squash and salad
    Tuesday- out to dinner with a couple friends
    Wednesday – baked chicken breast with fries and Brussels sprout salad
    Thursday – design meeting for bathroom remodel! So a quick bite out
    Friday- take out – granddaughter’s 1st birthday and one son home to help celebrate!
    Saturday- granddaughter’s birthday celebration!

  8. 8

    M: leftovers from yesterday’s BBQ party just because it was such a beautiful day… Tri tip, ribs, garlic & olive oil pasta, grilled vegs, antipasto salad

    T: shrimp tacos w/ black beans and lime-cilantro rice

    W: chicken sausage-stuffed spaghetti squash with Roasted tomato sauce

    Th: panko pork cutlets with salad and lime wedges

    F: leftovers

    Sa: making a huge pot of chili for Super Bowl Party

    Su: Super Bowl Party! Chili/sausages, brats, hot dogs/jalapeño jelly-BBQ lil’ Smokies/baked crunchy cheese sticks w/ Roasted tomato sauce and pesto/Twix bars and tons of other football munchies from all the guests!

    Who are you cheering for during Super Bowl?

  9. 9
    Denise fla

    S: Roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes & green beans
    M: Blue cheese steak burgers, oven fries & sliced tomatoes
    T: Chefs salad, bread
    W: Soup from freezer (think this is the last of it!)
    T: Chicken Enchiladas & avocado salad
    F: Pizza & salad
    S: TBD
    S: Superbowl party! Go Pats!!!

  10. 10
    Vicki Tunell

    I’m late this week, but here’s our menu 🙂

    Monday: Black Bean Dip with Avocado and Tomato
    Tuesday: Irish Nachos (Absolutely Avocados) with Fresh Veggies
    Wednesday: Pizza and Fresh Fruit
    Thursday: My son is turning eleven! He asked for cheeseburgers with special sauce, curly fries and Jane’s cheeseburger cake
    Friday: Avocado and Chorizo Breakfast Hash and Fresh Fruit
    Saturday: Taco Grilled Cheese
    Sunday: Crab Cakes with Basil Avocado Aioli

  11. 11

    Mon – Chicken Cheese Enchiladas, Salad
    Tues – Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread
    Wed – Chicken Caesar Salad
    Thurs – Sloppy Joes, Carrots, Scalloped Potatoes
    Fri – Chili, Cornbread, Salad
    Sat – BBQ Chicken, Corn, Salad
    Sun – Spaghetti & Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Bread

  12. 12

    Sunday – Oven ranch pork chops, loaded pierogis
    Monday – Crabmeat over penne pasta, salad
    Tuesday – Beef stew, biscuits
    Wednesday – Leftovers
    Thursday – Beef enchilada casserole
    Friday – Baked chicken thighs, potato salad, baked beans
    Saturday – High school band sub & some kind of soup

  13. 13

    S – miso turkey burgers, salad
    M – spaghetti alla carbonara, peas
    T – mini taco cups, toppings, fruit
    W – chicken pillows, green beans
    T – leftovers
    F – homemade pizza
    S – kids’ choice (tbd)

  14. 14

    Sun – leftovers
    Mon – out
    Tue – Breaded pork cutlets, mac & cheese, broccoli
    Wed – Chicken Caesar wraps
    Thu – Beef stew
    Fri – Taco bar
    Sat – out

  15. 15
    Sue P.

    Sun- Leftovers
    Mon- Sweet potato/black bean/kale wraps
    Tue- Black Bean burgers/salad
    Wed- Cavatelli/white beans/spinach/Italian stewed tomato
    Thur-Spinach/onion/sweet potato quesadillas
    Fri- Naan veggie pizza
    Sat- Out!

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