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Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 526 Weekly Menu

We had fun exploring Joshua Tree and Idyllwild this weekend (I love long weekends!), so I’m just now sitting down to plan the weekly menu. Here we go!

Week 526 Weekly Menu from @janemaynard including FREE printable PDF with dinner plan and ingredients list!

Asian Chicken Pasta Salad

– Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwiches
– Fruit and carrots

– Rigatoni with Bolognese Sauce
– Salad

– Leftovers

– Caprese Paninis

– Eat out night

Waffles and Smoothies

Click here or on the menu image above for a free PDF print-out of the menu and ingredients list.

You know the drill! Please leave your own meal plans in the comments! Thank you!


  1. 1
    Lisa Waller

    M: bean & cheese burritos

    Tu: meatloaf sandwiches W/ roasted red pepper soup

    W: lemon-thyme pork chops w/ rice and asparagus or broccoli

    Th: pasta primavera W/ salad

    F: Bunco Party…chicken jalapeño popper sliders, mini pigs in a blanket, roasted red pepper hummus with vegs & pita chips, salted caramel-chocolate chip cookies

    Sa: party leftovers

    Su: soup from freezer

  2. 2
    Kim From PA

    Sun: Tilapia & Cod with lemon and asparagus, salad
    Mon: Bruschetta Chicken, salad
    Tue: Omelets, fruit
    Wed: Ginger scallion bowls
    Thu: Fish Tacos
    Fri: Turkey, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce
    Sat: Leftovers

  3. 3

    Sunday-steak on the grill, fries, and broccoli
    Monday- pizza at my daughter’s- celebrating her birthday!
    Tuesday- salmon, rice, roasted squash
    Wednesday-chicken breast, asparagus, and roasted potatoes
    Thursday – pasta and salad

  4. 4

    Happy Tuesday! I am keeping my nieces for a few days this week, so meal planning was a must! Here is what we are having:

    Monday – YOYO (we went out to eat)
    Tuesday – Vegetable soup, cornbread
    Wednesday – Breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, grits, hash-browns, cinnamon rolls, fruit, pigs in blankets)
    Thursday – Spaghetti, tortellini, salad, garlic bread
    Friday – Baked mac & cheese, deviled eggs, black eyed peas, corn on the cob, salad
    Saturday – Lunch: taco bar at a birthday party
    Dinner: Grilled chicken, baked potatoes & baked sweet potatoes, broccoli, roasted brussel sprouts, salad
    Sunday – Lunch: Baked chicken & rice (x2, one of them will be vegan), green beans, marinated veggies, lima beans
    Dinner – YOYO

  5. 5

    chicken & noodles
    tortellini soup
    brats, mac & cheese, spinach
    skillet white beans w/spinach & sausage
    hot chicken salad casserole

  6. 6
    Vicki Tunell

    Monday: Pita Chips and Chickpea Nachos with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Olives and Cauliflower
    Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo and Fresh Veggies
    Wednesday: Spicy Salami Sandwiches with Provolone and Fresh Fruit
    Thursday: Tilapia Parmesan with Wild Rice and Broccoli
    Friday: Beef and Bean Burritos with Tomatoes and Avocados
    Saturday: Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic and Green Beans
    Sunday: Left Overs

  7. 7

    Mon: Husband cooks- Turkey Roulade with Cornbread Stuffing & Mashed Potatoes
    Tues: Chicken and Black Bean Nachos
    Wed: Sweet & Sour Chicken Stirfry, Rice, Dumpling Soup
    Thurs: Out
    Fri: Margherita Pizza & Salad
    Sat: Spaghetti with White Clam Sauce & Salad
    Sun: Out

  8. 8

    Hi! I’m a longtime lurker. Thanks so much to everyone for their great menus — they’ve provided a lot of inspiration over the past few months!

    Finally wanted to share my own menu. I shop on Saturday mornings, so my menu plan is Saturday-Friday.

    Saturday: Pork chops with rice and peas
    Sunday: Ordered Chinese takeout with friends — so delicious!
    Monday: Turkey chili in the crockpot with carrots and leftover rice
    Tuesday: Chili leftovers
    Wednesday: Grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich for me; grilled cheese for the hubs — with more peas
    Thursday: We have a coupon for a free Jersey Mike’s sub, so we’ll be using that
    Friday: We have a hockey game to go to, so we’ll probably order pizza

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