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Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 579 Weekly Menu

Since yesterday was Mother’s Day I took it upon myself to perform no household duties, including planning the weekly dinner menu. Sadly Mother’s Day only lasts 24 hours and we still need dinner this week. Back to real life!

Week 579 Weekly Dinner Menu for the week of May 14, 2018

– Chicken Tortilla Soup

– Red Beans and Rice (trying a new recipe, will let you know how it goes!)

– Hamburgers

– Leftovers

– Stir Fry

– Eat out night

– Steak
– Roasted Potatoes + Another Side Vegetable (whatever I find at the farmer’s market)

You know the drill – share your menus in the comments! They are a huge help to us all, thank you!


  1. 1
    Greg H

    Sun: leg of lamb stuffed with chard and mushrooms, baked stacks of potato slices, corn pudding, carrot cake

    Mon: fish with snow peas

    Tues: salmon burgers

    Wed: leftovers

    Thurs: leftovers

    Fri: eat out

    Sat: udon noodles

  2. 2

    Sat — out
    Sun — Out
    Mon— Beet burgers, tater tots
    Tues — Rinotta stuffed shells, salad
    Wed — pizza (veggie, pepperoni)
    Thurs — big layered salad, chicken sausage
    Fri – Sweet potato black bean mango salad, wings

  3. 3
    Vicki Tunell

    Monday: White Beans and Sun Dried Tomatoes Pasta with Caprese Salad
    Tuesday: Taco Chicken Bowls with Beans and Rice and Avocado and Tomato
    Wednesday: Crockpot Red Beans and Rice and Salad
    Thursday: Lemon Rosemary Chicken and Spinach Salad with Dates and Almonds
    Friday: Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Cabbage and Guacamole and Beans and Rice
    Saturday: Shepherd’s Pie
    Sunday: Chicken and Rice and Guacamole Tossed Salad

  4. 4

    Sunday- out with the family for mother’s day!
    Monday- salmon, rice, asparagus and salad
    Tuesday- leftover gnocchi with sausage and peppers
    Wednesday- chicken Parm with rice
    Thursday – chopped salad and bread
    Friday- out
    Saturday- leftovers

  5. 5
    Kim from PA

    Sun: I made a chicken shawarma dinner for my mother and the whole family. It was excellent! I used the recipe from “What’s Gaby Cooking”

    Mon: Leftovers
    Tue: Tuna melts on rye, fruit
    Wed: Salmon, salad, and mixed veggies
    Thu: Orange chicken, brown rice, green beans
    Fri: Cilantro lime tuna burgers, chips
    Sat: TBA…

  6. as usual, thank you for the menus!!!

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