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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Week 638 Weekly Menu

School starts this week for us! These last two weeks before school starts have been crazy busy so I am actually craving a regular routine again.

Week 638 Weekly Dinner Menu: Monday - Asian Chicken Salad; Tuesday - Salmon; Wednesday - Roast Chicken; Thursday - Indian Tacos; Friday - Leftovers; Saturday to Sunday - Las Vegas Trip

– Pat’s Asian Chicken Salad

– Lime & Honey Glazed Salmon

– First day of school!
Roast Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Salad

– Indian Tacos

– Leftovers

– Quick trip to Las Vegas to meet up with family!

– More Vegas

Please pretty please share your meal plans in the comments below! We can’t wait to see them and they are a huge help! Have a great week!


  1. 1

    School starts Wednesday for us too! Yayyy!

    Sun — tomato tart, salad, bbq drummies
    Mon — spaghetti
    Tues — refried bean flautas, corn, rice
    Wed — vegan shepherds pie
    Thurs — orange tofu and broccoli over rice
    Fri — sweet potato chili

  2. 2
    Greg H.

    Sun — Collard greens with smoked pork necks; cornbread

    Mon — BBQ beef ribs, kohlrabi gratin

    Tues — leftovers

    Wed — leftovers

    Thurs — grilled salmon; kale & cucumber salad with lemon dressing and parmesan

    Fri — eat out — home opener of high school football!

    Sat — Your shepherd pie recipe

  3. 3

    Mon – Chinese Chicken Salad
    Tues – Linguine w/Mushroom Alfredo Sauce,Salad, Garlic Bread
    Wed – BBQ Chicken Thighs, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw
    Thurs – Steak & Pepper Stir Fry
    Fri – Eat Out
    Sat – Cheeseburgers, Chips, Carrots, Watermelon
    Sun – Tater Tot Casserole

  4. 4
    So Hungry

    Monday: Tuna Melts, salad

    Tuesday: Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo, salad, homemade bread

    Wednesday: Baked Spaghetti, green beans, salad

    Thursday: leftovers

    Friday: high school football game, out to eat-pizza

    Saturday: Chicken Cacciatore, broccoli, salad

    Sunday: Cheese Enchiladas, asparagus, refried beans, salad

  5. 5
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Out after attending an Air Show
    Mon: Homemade pizza, salad
    Tue: Phillies Game
    Wed: Chicken, stuffing, cranberry, and pecan casserole
    Thu: Rachel sandwiches, chips
    Fri: Leftovers
    Sat: Will be grilling with family

  6. 6

    haven’t posted a recipe here is a long while! But, school starts today and I need to back in a routine!
    Monday – Salmon, oven roasted broccoli, rice and salad
    Tuesday – Ground turkey stuffed peppers and salad
    Wednesday- Grandkids over for dinner! Mac and cheese and chicken for them, Chopped salad with chicken for us
    Thursday – Shrimp with pasta and salad
    Friday – Out
    Saturday – leftovers
    Sunday – hamburgers on the grill (last hurrah of summer!) corn on the cob and tomato cucumber salad

  7. 7
    Vicki Tunell

    We are back from a long camping vacation, glad to be meal planning and back to having a stove 🙂

    Monday: Out To Eat

    Tuesday: Seafood Pasta and Broccoli

    Wednesday: Chorizo Breakfast Burritos with Fresh Salsa and Guacamole

    Thursday: Chicken and Rice and Corn

    Friday: Pork Tonkatsu and Edamame

    Saturday-Sunday: Out of Town

  8. you guys rock! thank you!!!!

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