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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Week 642 Weekly Menu

I have quite a few carry-overs from last week’s menu, but I swear I cooked a lot, in fact we have a ton of leftovers to graze on today, it’s awesome. I think there were some game-time dinner changes or something. Anyway, here’s this week’s menu! Be sure to share yours in the comments section below!

Week 642 Weekly Dinner Menu: Monday - Grilled Salmon; Tuesday - Loaded Nachos; Wednesday - Fried Rice; Thursday - Slow Cooker Wine & Mustard Chicken; Friday - Leftovers; Saturday - Eat out; Sunday - Thai Basil Beef

– Grilled Salmon (using this rub recipe)
– Rice and Salad

– Loaded Black Bean Nachos

– Fried Rice

French Wine & Mustard Chicken (new crockpot recipe a friend recommended, can’t wait to try it!)
– Masthed potatoes and salad

– Leftovers

– Eat out

Thai Basil Beef with Carrot Slaw (gonna used ground turkey, FYI)


  1. 1
    Vicki Tunell

    Monday: Wild Rice, Cranberry, and Pepita Salad with Orange Vinaigrette
    Tuesday: Smoked Paprika Chicken Skillet with Peppers and Corn and Rice
    Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs and Broccoli
    Thursday: Oven Roasted Polenta with Sausage Ragu and Zucchini with Chili and Mint
    Friday: Black Bean Salad With Shrimp, Corn, Pickled Onions and Feta and Cheese Quesadillas
    Saturday: Chicken Fajitas with Pineapple Salsa Verde (Half-Baked Harvest) and Beans and Rice
    Sunday: Meat Filled Pierogi and Green Salad

  2. 2

    Sunday – Roast beef, mashed potatoes w/gravy & corn
    Monday – Chicken Alfredo, garlic bread and salad
    Tuesday – Salmon patties & French fries
    Wednesday – BBQ chicken legs, pierogies & broccoli
    Thursday – Leftovers
    Friday – Smoked sausage & ranch potato wedges
    Saturday- Pizza & salad

  3. 3

    Mon – Garlic Lime Grilled Chicken, Potato Salad
    Tues – Chinese Chicken Salad
    Wed – Spaghetti Carbonara, Italian Green Beans, Caesar Salad
    Thurs – Slow Cooker Kahlua Pork
    Fri – Eat Out
    Sat – Sesame Chicken Stir Fry
    Sun – Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans

  4. 4
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Leftovers
    Mon: Tuna melts, coleslaw
    Tue: Seared scallops, peas
    Wed: Pan seared chicken, mixed veggies
    Thu: Business travel
    Fri: Potato leek soup with mini pierogi
    Sat: Asian shrimp salad

  5. 5
    Greg H.

    Sun: eat out (sushi)
    Mon: wagyu beef hamburgers with carmelized onions
    Tues: chopped Thai chicken salad with peanut dressing
    Wed: hamburgers, part 2
    Thurs: leftover salad
    Fri: London broil with smashed potatoes
    Sat: pasta with marinara sauce

  6. 6

    I don’t plan for a specific day

    Smoked sausage, cabbage, noodle skillet
    DH wants to order pizza
    Brinner (breakfast for dinner) eggs, bacon, pancakes, grapes
    Instant Pot Creamy Tomato Tortellini soup
    Daughter cooks

  7. you guys are the bestest! thank you!

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