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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Week 704 Weekly Menu

Well, birthday week was a blast and a success and completely wiped me out! 😉 Now on to Christmas this week! 

Week 704 Weekly Dinner Menu



  • Spicy Maple Chicken (Hello Fresh)


  • Honey Sriracha Pork Tenderloin (Hello Fresh)


  • Chinese Takeout (a Maynard family tradition!)



  • Leftovers


  • Leftovers

Your turn! Please share your meal plan for the week in the comments below! And if you celebrate Christmas, I hope it is a healthy, peaceful and delicious day!


  1. 1
    Kim from PA

    Merry Christmas!

    Sun: Caesar salad with shrimp
    Mon: Egg & cheese on everything bagels, fruit salad
    Tue: Baked halibut, green beans
    Wed: Tomato soup, grilled cheese toast
    Thu: Scallops & lobster, baked potatoes, coleslaw
    Fri: Turkey, pecan & sausage stuffing, and roasted carrots- just my husband & I. No family gathering due to covid.
    Sat: Leftovers

  2. 2
    Bonnie Lawrence

    Merry Christmas!

    Sunday: One-pan chicken kabobs with broccoli & potatoes

    Monday: Chicken noodle soup

    Tuesday: Veggie Lasagna (made by Nancy!)

    Wednesday: Shepherd’s Pie

    Christmas Eve:
    Swedish meatballs
    Spinach artichoke dip with pita chips
    Apple rings
    Shrimp cocktail
    Crackers, cheese, & summer sausage
    Fall kale salad
    Christmas cookies

    Standing rib roast
    Brussels Sprouts Hash
    Parmesan cauliflower
    Mashed potatoes
    Cranberry sauce
    Buche de Noel

    Saturday: Leftovers

  3. 3
    Greg H.

    Overwhelmed by a CSA box this week:

    Sun: Butternut squash and saffron rice casserole with fried chickpeas; roasted asparagus, steamed artichokes
    Mon: Beet risotto, spinach salad, sautéed mushrooms & peppers
    Tues: Korean beef bbq, marinated bean sprouts, inari sushi, grilled bok choy
    Wed: leftovers
    Thurs: Zucchini stuffed with smoked salmon and béchamel sauce; roasted potatoes
    Fri: Standing rib roast, brussels sprouts & bacon, fingerling potato salad, Yorkshire pudding, tossed green salad, cheesecake
    Sat: leftovers
    Merry Christmas!

  4. 4
    Mary Lyn Clements

    One Pan Maple Mustard chicken & potatoes
    BLTs, vegetable
    spaghetti & meatballs, green beans, applesauce
    baked beef stew
    Christmas Eve – daughter and her family will bring lasanga for dinner
    Christmas Day – turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, corn, pineapple casserole

  5. 5

    S – jalapeno cheddar sausages and scallopini potatoes
    M – lasagna
    T – tamales
    W – local takeout – fried chicken (a Christmas tradition in Japan!)
    T – Alton Brown’s Christmas Soup and frozen Trader Joe’s appetizers
    F – steak au poivre, honey baked ham, loaded baked potato casserole, green beans, biscuits, millionaire’s shortbread
    S – leftovers 

  6. 6

    Merry Christmas!

    Monday: Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Mozzarella

    Tuesday: Beer Chicken and Road House Potatoes and Corn

    Wednesday: Carne Molida Tacos with Fresh Salsa, Fresh Veggies and Guacamole

    Thursday: Christmas Eve Take Out–Chinese this year

    Friday: Turkey Gravy and Fruit

    Saturday: Pork Milanese with Arugula Salad

    Sunday: Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Green Beans and Potatoes

  7. 7
    Jamie M

    Trying to use up stuff in the pantry this week. Will do something special for Xmas, it’s just the three of us since LA’s hospitals are full. We don’t even want to get on the road, if there’s a car accident, there’s no doctor available to treat us. Might do take out Xmas eve to help the restaurants.

    Sun- pizza
    Monday- bacon bits and egg spaghetti
    Tuesday- oatmeal with maple syrup
    Wed- macaroni and peas
    Th- egg salad with cranberries and bacon bits
    Fr- ground beef with something
    Sat- soup with diced tomatoes as base, and corn

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