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Monday, April 11, 2022

Week 745 Weekly Menu

I am sick (again) and for real have no idea what we should have for dinner this week. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Here goes nothin!

Week 745 Weekly Dinner Menu




  • Ramen bowls with soft boiled egg



  • Leftovers


  • Takeout night


  • Easter Brunch with family

As usual, your shared menus are the best! Keep it coming and put your own meal plan in the comments below. Thank you!


  1. 1

    Sunday- Spaghetti and Alison Roman’s meatballs
    Monday – Take out on the way to granddaughter’s gymnastics class
    Tuesday – clean out the fridge day!
    Wednesday- going away for the Easter Holiday? Asheville by way of Charlotte!
    Thursday – away!
    Friday – away
    Saturday- away!

    Hope you are starting to feel better!

  2. 2

    I found the post about making the sandwiches in a competition and now I have to make them. Thanks for the laugh!

    I don’t cook much (at all) these days so my meal plan is more like what I’m willing to heat up.

    Bagged salad with home chef (grocery store find) cooked sliced steak or lemon pepper chicken breasts x 2 this week.

    TV dinners ‍♀️

    Frozen burritos baked with cheese and green chili.


  3. 3
    Greg H.

    Sun: Restaurant Week — eating out
    Mon: leftovers
    Tues: Pad Thai
    Wed: Mediterranean sausage casserole; Shirazi salad
    Thurs: leftovers
    Fri: leftovers
    Sat: Steamed fish Chinese style, stir-fried veggies

  4. 4

    This week, we’re doing:

    Breakfast for dinner (French toast)
    Veggie lasagna
    Blackened zucchini tacos
    Good Friday noodles

    Feel better soon!

  5. 5

    M: Pasta, Cream sauce and broccoli
    T: Grandma Pie with Pepperoni and Pink Sauce (pizza)
    W: Sheet Pan Chicken and Sweet Potato
    T: Smoky Sweet Steak and Green Beans
    F: Pork bone in, roasted potato, corn

  6. thank you everyone!!

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