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Monday, October 17, 2022

Week 755 Weekly Menu

This week I’m pulling out a bunch of old recipes I haven’t used in a while. Here we go!

Week 755 weekly dinner menu






  • Leftovers


  • Takeout night


  • Bistro chicken with mashed potatoes and steamed veggie (whatever looks good when I go to the store!)

Please share your own menu in the comments below! I am so grateful for your help and inspiration week after week!



  1. 1
    Greg H.

    Sun: Potatoes au gratin, salad greens with smoked salmon
    Mon: Pasta primavera, spinach salad
    Tues: Rib eye tacos (inspired by another episode of Family Dinner)
    Wed: Seared ahi over salad greens
    Thurs: leftovers
    Fri: Gnocchi with homemade pesto sauce
    Sat: Chinese red chicken over rice

  2. 2

    Sunday – grilled tuna with salad
    Monday- salmon, roasted broccoli, French fries and salad
    Tuesday – pasta with shrimp and salad
    Wednesday – chicken chili
    Thursday- leftovers
    Friday- pizza
    Saturday- out

  3. 3

    I go back to my blog for reference, too! It’s a nice resource to have.

    Korean beef tacos and breakfast for dinner (buttermilk sausage biscuits and breakfast potatoes) are on our menu for the week!

  4. 4

    Monday: Pasta Fagioli and Garlic Bread

    Tuesday: Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

    Wednesday: Chipotle Chicken Chili Chimichanga and Fresh Veggies

    Thursday: Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes and Corn

    Friday: Macaroni and Cheese Pizza and Salad

    Saturday: Stuffing Pork and Potatoes and Green Benas

    Sunday: Chili Nachos and Guacamole and Salsa

  5. 5

    M: football appetizers… Doritos chicken nuggets, Sriracha deviled eggs, & veggies w/ Pampered Chef veg dip

    Tu: chicken mole w/ salsa rice & salad

    W: my son’s football game and I’m working in the snack bar, so probably nachos & M&Ms Lol

    Th: beef lol mein w/ salt & pepper shrimp

    F: we leave for an early Halloween Camping Trip and I’m picking up Lil Caesar’s jack o’lantern pizzas on the way.

    Sa: Halloween Camping Potluck. We have 6 families camping and there’s lots of kids so we have a large buffet…hot dogs, chicken wings, spaghetti, chili, cornbread, garlic bread, chips, green salad, fruit & vegs trays…

    Su: camping leftovers

  6. 6
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Pasta fagioli al forno, salad
    Mon: Leftovers
    Tue: Chicken meatloaf, baked sweet potatoes, peas
    Wed: Baked butter parmesan scallops, corn, salad
    Thu: Cioppino, sourdough bread
    Fri: Cheeseburgers, sliced apples
    Sat: Out at an outdoor sports bar cheering on the Phillies!

  7. Sunday: Leftovers after choir concert

    Monday: Tortellini Soup

    Tuesday: Orange beef with rice and roasted broccoli

    Wednesday: Parmesan Chicken with cauliflower

    Thursday: Sausage calzones

    Friday: Shelby’s 14th birthday dinner!

    Saturday: Out

  8. 8

    It’s gotten *cold* so I’ll be using the oven a lot more.

    Su: chicken pot pie (based on this recipe:
    Mo: cube steak, brussels sprouts
    Tu: baked salmon, butternut squash w/pecans
    We: minestrone soup (meatless)
    Th: l/o pot pie, or grilled wings & a veg
    Fr: asian meatballs, rice, miso soup
    Sa: leftovers

    We have a TON of tomatoes coming out of the garden, so at least one every night with dinner. Sometime this week I’d like to do an apple crisp.

  9. 9
    Jamie M

    On a teriyaki, avocados kick

    Sun- hamburgers (take corn tortillas out of freezer)

    M- lunch: no Mayo coleslaw with celery seeds and lemon vinaigrette, chips and guac
    Dinner: tacos with leftover hamburger meat, corn tortillas, avocado slices, cheddar cheese

    T- leftovers

    W: lunch: salad with baked sweet potato cubes, shredded mozzarella cheese, avocado slices, 50/50 mix lettuce
    Dinner: tofu stir fry with broccoli, red, green and yellow bell peppers, avocado slices

    Th- lunch- leftovers
    Dinner: leftovers

    Fr- lunch: pb&j sandwich
    Dinner: salad

    Sat- order out pizza

  10. 10

    My lunch menu salad with baked sweet potato cubes, 50/50 mix lettuce.

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