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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Week 764 Weekly Menu

Happy new week! Let’s get to the menu, shall we? (Oh, and I finally got the White Chicken Chili recipe published…it’s one of our new favorite go-tos!)

Week 764 weekly dinner menu from This Week for Dinner




  • Indian food night (using whatever Maya Kaimal stuff I have in the cupboard)


  • Leftovers



  • Takeout night


  • Smoked pork butt

Your turn! Share your weekly menu in the comments below. Have a great week!


  1. 1

    Your menu looks great!

    We’re going simple this week with chicken tortilla soup and freezer burritos. I am really digging homemade frozen burritos this year-fairly easy to make and a snap to heat up for quick dinners!

  2. 2

    Sunday- bake at home pizza
    Monday- salmon, rice, asparagus and salad
    Tuesday- stuffed peppers and salad
    Wednesday- pasta with scallops
    Thursday- leftovers
    Friday – take out!
    Saturday- soup and salad

  3. 3
    Bonnie Lawrence

    Our power has been out since Wednesday and the ETA is still a little squishy. πŸ™‚

    Sooo, our menu is a little squishy for the week, too. πŸ™‚ but I can’t wait to make the White Chicken Chili when we get power back!

  4. 4

    I’m looking forward to trying the white chicken chili soon!

    Monday: Mushroom and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chili Rellenos and Black Bean Corn Salad

    Tuesday: Cheddar Ranch Chicken Fingers and Skillet Roasted Broccoli

    Wednesday: Roast Chicken with Salsa Verde and Quesadillas and Black Bean Corn Salad

    Thursday: Beef Bourgignon and Peas

    Friday: Steak Fajitas and Fresh Veggies

    Saturday: Dominican Food Feast–Habichuelas con Pollo y Arroz, Tostones, Bebidas and Salad

    Sunday: Chicken Shawarma and Roasted Carrots

  5. 5
    Greg H.

    Sun: Roasted fish and broccolini with tamarind glaze (saw this in NY Times this past week and I can’t resist), pineapple fried rice

    Mon: Matzo ball soup

    Tues: leftovers

    Wed: Grilled steak, collard greens (with ham, onions and maple vinegar), and roasted sweet potatoes

    Thurs: Chicken with sun-dried tomato sauce over pasta

    Fri: Ma-po tofu over rice

    Sat: leftovers

  6. 6
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Shrimp and garlic rice, salad
    Mon: Leftovers or eggs
    Tue: One skillet brown butter gnocchi, salad
    Wed: Lasagna roll ups, salad
    Thu: Berry salads and corn chowder
    Fri: Chicken cheeseburgers
    Sat: Out

  7. 7

    — miso chicken thighs, asparagus, asian noodles
    — tacos! and salad
    — cauliflower cheese soup
    — pasta, meatballs, broccoli, bread
    — corn and chicken chowder
    — salmon rice bowl, mushroom, edamame (whatever vegs are left)
    — pork chops, butternut squash

  8. 8

    We love chicken chili…yum!
    Also, my hot air balloon ride was cancelled due to weather…boo.

    M: slow cooker Korean short ribs, garlic fried rice, spicy green beans

    Tu: chicken birria tacos, calabacitas

    W: lemon butter baked cod, quinoa pilaf, honey-mustard brussel sprouts

    Th: l/o

    F: my son’s birthday sleepover…cast iron pizzas, popcorn chicken, brownie sundaes

    Sa: Bunco at my friend’s…I’m bringing steak bites w/ yum yum sauce & some sort of cocktail but I haven’t decided yet.

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