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Sunday, July 2, 2023

Week 775 Weekly menu

Hello again! Unsurprisingly, the end of this school year got very busy and we have barely cooked at all over the last month. We officially have a high school graduate! It is hard to believe that Cate was only 2 years old when I started this blog. The time has felt both fast and slow. 

Our whole family is tired of eating out and squeaking by in the dinner department, so we’re excited to get back into the planning and cooking groove. 

Week 775 weekly dinner menu from This Week for Dinner


  • Leftover smoked brisket – maybe some delicious sandwiches?


  • Cookout food!





  • Leftovers


  • Smoked turkey breasts + fixings

Your turn! Share those menus in the comments! 


  1. 1

    Congrats to Cate!

    Monday: Green Goddess Sweet Potato Power Bowls

    Tuesday: Chicken Tikka Burritos with Corn and Fresh Veggies

    Wednesday: Beef and Bean Burritos and Salsa and Fresh Veggies

    Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner–Frittata and Fresh Fruit

    Friday: Bulgogi and Kimchi and Mango Pudding

    Saturday: Winchester Surprise and Sucrocorp Corn

    Sunday: Fish Tacos and Coleslaw

  2. 2

    Welcome back! Glad to hear about all the good things keeping you away from regular planning. We all need that respite sometimes!

    Here are our meals for the week:

    Grilled store bought pizza and caramel peach sundaes

    Make-ahead burritos, corn on the cob, and horchata

    Deviled turkey burgers and summer salad

    Homemade pizza (deep dish pepperoni and thin crust bbq chicken)

    Expect less variety from my menus next week. I cook more on vacation/holiday weeks!


  3. 3

    Sunday – shrimp with pasta and vegetables and salad
    Monday- Salmon, rice and yellow beans and salad
    Tuesday – leftovers
    Wednesday- stir fried cabbage and ham with salad
    Thursday – Out for husband’s birthday!
    Friday – sausages on the grill with potato salad and melon salad
    Saturday- leftovers

    Congratulations on Cate’s graduation!

  4. 4

    Congrats to your HS grad! We just returned from a Cancun vacation to celebrate my best friend’s son’s high school graduation.

    M: Meatless Monday=zucchini crustless quiche & salad

    Tu: 4th of July BBQ…hot dogs/brats/chicken & veg kabobs/deviled egg potato salad/caprese tortellini salad/corn/watermelon/mini berry trifles

    W: cast iron/grilled buffalo wings/fruit salad

    Th-Sun: AZ visiting my MIL for her birthday

  5. 5

    Welcome back. You were missed. Congrats to the new grad.

    It’s been hot here and I’m tired of cooking a lot of fancy meals. DH bought an Instant Pot thinking it would help, so I’ve been trying new things. Some work, some don’t.

    — IP/grilled wings (worked ok)
    — foil fish packets on the grill
    — IP chili dogs (ok, not great)
    — stir fry chicken, vegs, dumplings
    — pork chops, vegs
    — salad or leftovers
    — chicken something

  6. thank you all for the cate congrats! and your menus! and for being so sweet even thought I disappeared again! 😉

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