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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Week 780 Dinner Menu

Hello! We’re a little late this week, but better late than never!

Week 780 weekly dinner menu from This Week for Dinner


  • $9 burger night at Barrel Republic (used to be $5 not too long ago…alas!)



  • Lemony Italian chicken pasta


  • Santa Maria tri-tip with mashed potatoes and salad


  • Leftovers


  • Takeout night


  • Smoked short rib, roasted potatoes and salad (we ended up going to Universal Studios last Sunday, so moving this to this week!)

You know the drill…share your own meal plan in the comments below! Have a great week!


  1. 1

    What fun experiences! And late is better than never!

    Sunday: Spicy tomato grilled cheese & easy tomato soup (Domestic Superhero)

    Monday: Barbecue chicken, corn pudding, and broccoli

    Tuesday: Easy bean burritos (Mind Full Mom)

    Wednesday: Barbecue chicken, Instant Pot “baked” potatoes, and broccoli

    Thursday: Grilled cheese with spinach and pepperjack (My Food and Family) and leftover tomato soup

    Friday: Out

    Saturday: Barbecue beef and some form of potatoes

  2. 2
    Kim from PA

    My menu runs last from last Thu to this Thu.

    Thu: Sweet potato chowder
    Fri: Swordfish steaks, Mediterranean potato wedges, broccoli
    Sat: Walnut crusted chicken, roasted cauliflower & broccoli
    Sun: Sausage Tortellini Soup with kale
    Mon: Tomato soup & grilled cheese
    Tue: Cilantro lime chicken, corn
    Wed: Shrimp & garlic pizza, salad
    Thu: Salmon & cod, peas

  3. How fun!! One question: What is ‘Santa Maria tri tip???”

    Sunday: High school dance competition…..Fend For Yourself!!

    Monday: Black Bean Chili (Smitten Kitchen, p73)…..a double batch has been requested 🙂

    Tuesday: Election Day – poll working….the family is on their own 🙂

    Wednesday: Crispy Oven Pulled Pork with roasted cauliflower (I swear I’ll get to this one this week)

    Thursday: Pecorino Polenta (Smitten Kitchen, p135)

    Friday: Pizza night!

    Saturday: Out

  4. 4

    Short ribs sound so good! Things are a bit chaotic here, I made a plan but we’re already making changes.

    — chicken sndwiches
    — take-and-bake pizza
    — corn chowder (this didn’t happen, we had leftovers)
    — sheet pan brats and roast cauliflower (seems to be popular this week)
    — pulled pork sandwiches, slaw
    — bean and bacon soup, popovers (maybe)
    — ham and broccoli quiche

    For menu planning lately I’ve been keeping a running list of meal ideas based on what we already have, what is seasonal, what we like most. I find that easier than trying to come up with something out of the blue.

    • a running list is how I started this blog! I basically wanted a list to reference and be able to share with my brother it is SO helpful to already have the things you make written down in one place…and I find I forget about dinners we used to make. the blog has sort of become my list, but honestly it wouldn’t hurt for me to revisit that tactic!

  5. 5

    It was a busy week, but I’m happy to have had my dinner menu to keep me on track.

    M: pork chops & mushroom gravy over steamed rice w/ green beans

    T: mahi mahi tacos w/ black beans

    W: Chinese lemon chicken w/ veg chow mein & chicken potstickers

    T: Asian seasoned beef meatballs in coconut curry sauce w/ l/o veg chow mein

    F: leaving to our friends cabin in Idyllwild for the weekend…ahhhh, relaxation

  6. 6

    Sun: leftover slow cooker pork roast with prunes & spinach salad
    Mon: delivery pizza/subs
    Tue: chicken fricassee, mashed potatoes & salad (leftover from previous weekend)
    Wed: broccoli cheese soup & ham sandwich
    Thu: spaghetti & salad
    Fri: leftover soup & smoke salmon rolls
    Sat: leftover chic fricassee

  7. I’m loving the variety, from the Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwiches to the Santa Maria tri-tip. And a takeout night on Saturday is always a good idea for a little break from the kitchen. The flexibility to move your Sunday meal to this week after a fun day at Universal Studios is a great way to adapt. Thanks for sharing your delicious and diverse menu – it’s inspiring me to spice up my own weekly meals! Have a fantastic week!

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