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Monday, March 11, 2024

Week 785 Weekly Dinner Menu

Hi all! I’m so spotty with cooking this month, failing miserably on my new year’s resolution to cook more…so just gonna reset this week! I have to stop letting crazy weeks stop me from cooking, especially since taking the time to cook has been quite meditative and welcome lately. 

Week 785 weekly dinner plan


  • Lemon chicken pasta


  • Roasted salmon, rice and salad


  • Pesto chicken salad sandwiches


  • Leftovers



  • Takeout night


  • St. Patrick’s Day Feast! Corned beef, potatoes, salad, and green lemon bars

Your turn! Share your own menu in the comments below. Thank you!!


  1. 1

    Cooking is SO good for our mental health! Sometimes the sensory nature of cooking can really pop me out of a bad mood. And cooking is one investment of time that gives us something tangible to show for it (though I struggle when things DON’T turn out). May the benefits of cooking keep coming to you, and may you give yourself grace when you can’t get to it.

    This week, we’re eating:

    Mexican pizza
    Chicken yakisoba (Carlsbad Cravings)

    I’m hoping to make:

    Spring grilled cheese with charred scallions (From Market to Table)

    Reuben bowls

    We’ll see if the last two happen….

  2. Don’t beat yourself up!! We’ve all been (or are!!) there.

    Sunday: Dance Competition! Something quick!

    Monday: Spring Green Spaghetti Carbonara (Ina Garten)

    Tuesday: Pork Tenderloin Roulade with Bacon, Apple, and Gruyère (ATK)

    Wednesday: Loaded Twice-Baked Potatoes with green beans

    Thursday: Leftovers

    Friday: Birthday Dinner for Scott & Pete with Grandma!!

    Saturday: Out!

  3. 3

    I feel you on cooking frustration. We all have been there with not wanting to cook–it’s so hard and time-consuming. You’re doing great!

    Monday: Salmon and quinoa bowl with Green Goddess dressing

    Tuesday: Take out night

    Wednesday: Filipino Chicken Adobo, Rice and Salad

    Thursday: Beef Stew and Shaved Carrot Salad–pi day, we’re having key lime pie because it’s easy 🙂

    Friday: Shrimp Etoufee and Orange Olive Salad

    Saturday: Roast Chicken and Radish Salad

    Sunday: Corned Beef and Cabbage and Irish soda bread

  4. 4
    Kim from PA

    Everyone is just where they need to be. All will be good!

    Fri: Cod, spinach, artichokes, & capers with lemon sauce
    Sat: Salmon shawarma, cucumbers with tzatziki
    Sun: Skillet sour cream & onion chicken, roasted broccoli
    Mon: Chicken & white bean stew (from freezer)
    Tue: Swordfish, salad
    Wed: Cauliflower crust pizza, salad
    Thu: Garlic herb tuna steak, peas, salad

  5. 5
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