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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 86 Menu

Is it really time to plan another menu? These weeks go by far too quickly.

It finally feels like autumn! I LOVE FALL. It’s my favorite season hands down. I love everything about it. The weather, warmer clothes, the leaves, the colors and the food. Butternut Squash Soup, here I come!

Butternut Squash Soup
– Whole wheat french bread

– Bolognese (recipe to come!) over whole wheat pasta
– Spinach salad with strawberries & green onion

– Roast Chicken (from Costco)
– Spaghetti Squash
– Potatoes of some sort

– Leftovers

– Chicken Stir Fry
– Rice
– Pick up a few sides from our local Chinese restaurant

– Eat out

Spinach & Pancetta Stuffed Shells w/Asiago Cream Sauce
– Garlic Bread
– Salad

PS: I’m back to ‘normal’ eating. But here’s the healthy eating plan going forward: less sugar (way less), little white flour and MORE VEGGIES. That’s the biggest goal…incorporating more vegetables into every meal. I’m sure I’ll be posting more on that!

Okay, it’s the end of this post…you know what that means…time to share your menu for the week!


  1. 1

    Mon: Pizza Salad with TJ’s herbed Italian cheese bread

    Tues: Parmesan chicken strips with mashed carrots and potatoes

    Wed: Caprese Sandwiches

    Thurs: bean burritos

    Fri: tin foil dinners

    Sat: out and about

    …incorporating more veggies has been on my mind a whole lot lately. Try this spinach smoothie and see if your family doesn’t drink it- and like it!

    2/3 a blender full of baby spinach
    one banana
    handful of ice cubes
    3 cups of pineapple juice

    Blend and drink.

  2. 2
    princess granola

    Tonight I am making:
    Apricot Chicken
    Whole Grain Rice
    Green Beans

    On the menu for the rest of week (in no particular order):

    – Spaghetti or Lasagna w/homemade meat sauce (frozen from last week’s large pot)

    – Egg Foo Young

    – Leftovers

  3. 3

    mon–pulled pork bbq with coleslaw

    tues–leftover bbq pork

    wed–homemade bean soup

    thurs–teriyaki chicken with veggie fried rice

    fri–leftover bean soup

    sat–grilled pizza,with salad

    sun–jalapeno lime chicken tacos with guac, pico, and refried beans

    as usual it will probably change….

  4. 4

    Mon: Tofu stir fry with cauliflower and peppers
    Tues: Roasted carrots (that’s all!)
    Wed: zucchini and white bean ragout over couscous
    TH: sweet potato tian
    Fr: vegetarian chili bake
    Sat: pizza!
    Sun: chard and ricotta frittata with roasted green beans

  5. 5


    Eat out

    Hamburgers, Roasted Veggies and Ice Cream

    Caramelized Onion & Roasted Pepper Pasta (I'm so excited to try this out! Thanks Jane & Kate!)

    Pad Thai

    Eat out or Leftovers

    Roasted pulled pork

  6. 6

    tonight-flank steak on the grill, green beans, fingerling?potatoes
    mon- tuna noodle bowls
    tues-spicy bean burgers, spinach salad
    wed-going out-mac&cheese and soup for husband and son
    thurs-bbq pulled pork sandwiches (crock pot)
    fri-eating out
    sat-dinner party at neighbors
    sun-TBD, some sort of chicken dish


  7. 7

    Mon: Pork tenderloin with stuffing and sauteed apples, roasted brussels sprouts

    Tues: Homemade tuna noodle bake

    Wed: Cornmeal fish sticks

    Thurs: out


  8. 8

    I love fall too– I'm wishing for more crisp, chilly days right now.

    Mon: eating out with family in town

    Tues: Deli sandwiches on rolls, fruit salad, vegetable tray

    Wed: Taco Salad

    Thurs: Turkey/cheese/avocado/bacon wraps,

    Fri: pasta & veggie salad, fruit salad

    Sat: chili, cornbread, broccoli

    Sun: Salmon, herb potatoes, green salad

  9. 9

    I’m still waiting for fall here in Georgia. I’m ready for soup! I’m making a pot anyway–even though it is supposed to be 86 degrees that day!

    Monday: Rachael Ray’s Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

    Tuesday: Veggie soup and crusty bread

    Wednesday: Caesar salad with turkey meatball sliders

    Thursday: Cheesy tex mex casserole, salad and cornbread

    Friday: Eat out for a friend’s birthday!

    Saturday: Day of football watching at our place. We’re making pizzas on the grill.

  10. 10

    -Garlic Mashed Potatoes
    -Green Beans

    -Southwestern Chili

    Wednesday, post dentist visit:
    -Tomato Soup
    -Mashed Potatoes

    -Pasta w/ Tomato Sauce

  11. 11

    I love Fall too! We had a few cool days last week and it got me excited, until I heard we have another heat wave coming through this week:( Soon it will be fall right?

    M: BBQ chicken sammies, potato wedges, fruit
    T: Chili and cornbread
    W: Garlic Chicken Farfalle, salad, bread
    Th: Pork Tenderloin (that we didn’t eat last week)
    F: Taco Bowls, fruit
    S: birthday party
    S: Lemon chicken, rice, veggies

  12. 12
    Jen Schulte

    My plans are:

    Sunday (was) homemade Mac & Cheese, corn on cob (yes it was an all-yellow dinner, not intentional)

    Monday – leftover mac & cheese, steamed broccoli (break the color)

    Tuesday – Pastrami sandwiches on marble rye bread, salad on side

    Wednesday – Taco salads

    Thursday – Teriyaki chicken, rice, artichokes on side

    Friday – out / pizza!

  13. 13

    “Twisted Chicken Caesar Salad” i.e., Caesar Salad with grilled chicken and rotini pasta. (They have this on the menu at Red Robin and we like to duplicate it at home.)

    Out with friends.

    Jane’s BBQ chicken pizza

    Grilled Mahi Mahi salad with raspberry vinaigrette

    Going away for the weekend ”” probably Quiznos or Subway in the car.

  14. 14

    I am trying to eat better too! Thanks for the inspiration! I am usually really good but lately I have been slacking!

  15. 15

    I’m a day late but, here it is…
    Monday: Tortellini with ham and peas, salad

    Tuesday: Quiche and maybe a side salad

    Wednesday: Baked Ziti with Whole Grain Garlic Bread and Salad

    Thursday: Vegetarian Sloppy Joe’s,
    veggie sticks or maybe acorn squash (haven’t decided yet) 🙂

    Friday: Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole

    Saturday: Leftover Night

    Sunday: Maybe Pizza?

  16. 16
    Julie B

    Sunday: Toaster pizzas with frozen vegetables (I too am trying to set a better example for my kids. Pizzas might have canceled it out, but at least I am trying.)

    Monday: Taco salad with yummy cilantro dressing from Trader Joe’s

    Tuesday: Chicken Picatta with asparagus

    Wednesday: Steak with roasted brussel sprouts.

    Thursday: Dinner out for bro in law and my birthdays

    Friday: Tri tip sandwiches at the local High School football game. They are amazing!

    Saturday: I might try to have some friends over for dinner…we’ll see how ambitious I am.

  17. 17

    g. — I am curious about your vegetarian Sloppy Joe’s … please share!

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