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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Week 9: Bonjour, it’s cheat week

I’m a cheater this week… 3 of my dinners come from the last 2 weeks’ menus. SO SORRY! The last two weeks have been kind of crazy, and we were invited to dinner one night. I already have the ingredients, so gotta cook the food! At least I have more pictures this week to make up for my lack of new ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚ So tonight we’re having crepes. I bought some brie and a baguette last night to go with it. Oh, and we’re only going to speak French tonight. Just kidding.

Song of the Week: I’ve been wanting to do an Incubus song for weeks now. Even as I type I still can’t decide which one. I like their music a lot, but I REALLY love the lead singer’s voice. Okay, I’m going to choose now: “Dig” it is. This is probably the most “hard-core” band in the “Song of the Week” list so far, but this song isn’t hard-core at all, I promise. I’ll keep the other 2 Incubus faves in my back pocket for another week.

Have a great week!

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